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Today we announce the launch of the new Learn area of the Unity site. In Phase I this comprises our Documentation, an all new Tutorial area, plus links to our Live Training and Premium Support services. If you have been following the development of this new area, you’ll have seen that we’ve been working on it here in the UK office since last August.

Back then, we imagined an Island Facility called Unity Labs, a remote research base where Unity engineers create game scenarios and test new technologies. We set about creating this world and are shipping the first environment from this world – the Robot Lab, as part of Phase I of the Tutorials site.

The Unity Lab environments host all of our modular content, as you’ll see from this introductory video –

Another part of Unity labs is the Simulation zone, a top secret lab that can simulate any kind of game. Our first simulation is Stealth – accidentally triggered by Ethan, a teenager who strayed from the tour of our facility – you must build the tutorial and help him escape!

This is just the beginning, as you’ll see, we have a great framework here, and I’m excited at the kind of unique resource we can offer to help people get into game and content development. We warmly welcome your comments, so have at it!


Some of you are experiencing a lack of a fullscreen button on your video player, we have a fix for this we’ll be pushing tomorrow or Friday, in the meantime, as far as we know, Chrome does have this feature visible by default, so if in doubt, use it!


We have now switched to Youtube as our video provider, this should mean better bandwidth and device support. We are also working on subtitles and translations, keep your eyes on the blog for more details!

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Hey Richard sorry we’ve been rather on the quiet front! Will get a new blog post up in the next week explaining what we’re working on. Cheers for the interest :)

Hi Guys,

Any update on when the remaining vidoes will be up ? Theyre really usefull – thanks

Will, that’s a fine answer, plenty of specific detail to chew on. Sounds like UT has your guys involved in all sorts of stuff besides outputting content.

I’m not nearly as fascinating as you suggest. I’m just familiar with UT over the years, and how they occasionally stretch employees & promises. You were a civilian user before you joined their ranks so no doubt have observed the pathology in practice. Initiatives sometimes ended up with muddied or partial results.

If a customer doesn’t ask specific questions, they can hardly expect specific answers (my producer half’s philosophy). You’ve been a breath of vitalization to the UT ranks. Hopefully they give you the resources you require to deliver your product in a timely fashion.

Good luck and continued success,

@Brendan.. aren’t you a fascinating one! Okay so let me revisit my previous statement which was in no way intended to be hyperbolic or rash-causingly abrasive ;)

“we’re currently working on new content and updating existing content as well as figuring out how best to expand our team to improve bandwidth, sorry to you and others for this delay.”

1. “we’re currently working on new content..”

David our artist is creating our third environment but his time has been taken up with our Unite asia tour, and modularising the Robot Lab – taking each part and making individual prefabs, as we realised this would be more useful for users to pick apart. Since that, he’s been working on the third environment, which we’re calling ‘The Chamber’, more news on this when its done.

James our developer has been working with our Mecanim team to update parts of stealth that are changing already but also in preparing all the lessons for the yet to be created Animation beginner module – he creates and writes them, works with Dave on implementing appropriate artwork, and I test, record and edit – though this is currently in the writing phase.

2. “and updating existing content..”

we had to migrate to youtube, and prepare our CMS to support it, this took the week after GDC to setup and test properly. We also had to re record two videos, and also added two videos to Stealth series, and re recorded one of them due to a mix of bugs found and forthcoming updates to Unity we want to catch ahead of time.

3. “ well as figuring out how best to expand our team to improve bandwidth..”

When using the word bandwidth regarding a team – I mean its output, not youtube’s ability to stream a video, we all know that’s not a problem. We are looking at what resources we have in our team and other nearby teams such as support, and figuring out what new hires we’ll need. I have also been away at gdc, in asia discussing curriculum and other educational topics and back in the uk working on transcription, translation of existing material, which has delayed this team planning and the creation of new content.

So, now let’s address your plan for us –

“-Just finish the series you started in the Lab, with the assets you have. Half of chapter 3 and then Four…boom you’re done!”

The ‘series started in the lab’ and Stealth, the project that is in chapters are two different things. The lab is an environment we’ve been using to teach the modular stuff, of which there is a fair amount left to do, however, we’re currently prioritising finishing stealth – the chapter 3 and 4 stuff you mentioned.

“-Bandwidth? You’re on Youtube… If it’s good enough for TED conferences I’m guessing you’ll be okay. next…”

Covered above, but if it turns out you were joking about the misunderstanding, my bad for laying it all out!

“-The Modules require new content? Why? Again, finish what you started. It was a good start.”

By ‘new content’ I refer to needing to finish the modules that have no content, such as animation, navigation, architecture – not replacing existing stuff. We know it was a good start, and we will finish it.

Hopefully this is enough transparency to show you we are doing our best and we do genuinely care about providing high quality learning material for Unity users.



@Will… ever consider a career in politics? Do feel free to speak plainly, as hyperbole can cause rashes. Has your project been defunded? Unity has never been particularly committed to the educational side, but the hopes were high that that proclivity had changed.

How bout these simple milestones:
-Just finish the series you started in the Lab, with the assets you have. Half of chapter 3 and then Four…boom you’re done!
-Bandwidth? You’re on Youtube… If it’s good enough for TED conferences I’m guessing you’ll be okay. next…
-The Modules require new content? Why? Again, finish what you started. It was a good start.

Great start, but will the rest of these be published? Or has the burst of educational enthusiasm faded?

nice work. i’ll be using the tutorial. i played the full game and i quickly got frustrated by the broken camera. i couldn’t see a thing. how am i supposed to evade something i can’t even see? you need to let the the mouse move the camera around a little or show more of the area. also the lack of a loud/fast and quite/slow footstep noises when running and sneaking around throws me off. i guess it really doesn’t matter because its for training but just a suggestion.

This is one of the Best tutorials ever!!! I am an animator and a gamer by heart and this makes me so excited just to jump in and play around and creating awesomeness!!! :P Great job guys and waiting patiently for the rest of this tutorial.

Will, I read you have a book out also? Is there some place I can purchase this from online?

Thank you Unity!!!!!

Videos work great on desktop, but with iPad i’m getting a dark overlay with “a buffering animation” although the video seems to work fine underneath, anyone else having this issue? Would love to get the videos working also on mobile.

Nevertheless this is a great resource, Thanks you Unity :)

Wow, this series is so well put together and and easy to follow i was happy as i followed along. that is until I hit a wall when the tutorials only went up to Chapter 3 Segment 1 “Camera Movement” and was in near panic thinking I broke something or was gonna have to buy the rest. Then i realized that not all the tutorials are online just yet.

From what I have so far, Doing what your showing, but not with the provided project files, and adapting it to my own stupid little learning project, i have learned a lot about how some thing are done and i’m even noticing that this artist here is starting to also become a bit of a programmer. Even adapted one of your scripts to make doors open in my scenes rather then turn off laser grids.

thanks for the awesome tutorials Will. I look forward to the rest and finishing these.

PS: these tutorials coupled with your Book “Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials” has really helped me out a lot.

I’m just about to start using Unity, since everyone keeps on about how good it is. This is the ideal starting point for me. Not patronising or overly complex, just clear demonstration. Perfect. More please.

Hello! I’m currently learning Unity and these tutorials will be a great help – except none of the videos load and they return a page not available error for … I’ve tried with a few different internet connections/browsers.
Just wanted to let you know!~

Are we able to have suggestions/requests for tutorials? If so could you guys create a 2D game development series to create a complete game project?

James Griggs – Absolutely! This was one of our long term aims for the site. Hopefully, at some point in the future, we plan to have a playlist feature where each user can save their own playlists to their account. For example, let’s say you wanted to teach a class where your students were already familiar with C# but haven’t yet used Unity. You could make a playlist for them that missed out Variables and Functions and C# vs Javascript but kept all the lessons about the API.

Very cool :)
Congratulations on the start and I wish you all the best building new content and expand its reach :)

this is great. I also wish there were a download option in different resolution. I got a two monitor system set up to take avantage of unity tab and dockable feature . Working with dual monitor make thing easier. I use my tablet to watch most tutorial video while working with multi program.

This is really great stuff. Are we allowed to use these tutorials and assets to teach our own classes?

Indy – I thought that was the dog’s name? but anyway, I spoke to our video host about these issues this morning, its problematic currently in Firefox due to issues with firefox playing back certain formats, this is being addressed at the moment, but in the meantime our best playback experience seems to be with Chrome. Thanks for the feedback – we’re looking into what download options to offer too btw.

It would have sense to officially allow to download video’s WebM files or show them in new, bigger window.
Now video is 720p, but player has small size. So I set fullscreen. But when I switch to Unity video comes back to small window.
When I download video file I can play it in any video player, in any window size (like native 1280×720) and switch between video and Unity in convenient way.

lols i just finished all of them. some were just reviewed for the fun of it. I am guessing stealth is the equivalent of Unreal’s UT series ( Complete game with game play examples).

Even though they were all beginner i still learnt something. I wonder what the other 2 levels will teach because i don’t know a damn thing about rendering or graphics

We do plan to localise our content, which includes a subtitled option, we will add this as soon as possible though it may take some time.

I have a favor to ask of Learn Unity staff
I’m not good at English
In a video file I need English transcript(Caption)
Do you have plan to support English transcript in a video file?

There is no content available for areas that are greyed out, we haven’t had time to stock them with content yet, sorry for the delay.

Thanks for the entire UT team for bring this. Developers will benefit a lot, interm Unity3D will climb a new level.

This looks good, awesome, fantastic. I haven’t dived into any of the projects yet. But I’m am certainly looking forward too. Thanks very much Unity Team for giving us a new means of learning Unity. In return, I’m sure you’ll be seeing some awesome games from the new developers who use these new tutorials!

Hi James, that’s understandable , I guess it’s just wear I am at in unity at this time. But still great work and I am sure I will learn even more in unity with the work you age all done.


Indy – We don’t know for sure when they will start and to avoid potential disappointment I’m not going to try and guess. There is still work to be done on the beginner difficulty and it would be nice to have that at least mostly finished before we move on to intermediate and advanced but I’m confident that it won’t take too long. Sorry for the unsatisfying answer!

Chris – Sorry we don’t have anything on delegates or events just yet. We’ve been concentrating on the beginner difficulty stuff to start with and we felt those were more intermediate topics. We will be getting to them when we can but there’s a lot of stuff to cover and we’re only a small team! Thank you for your patience.

I’m really curious about topics in difficulty: intermediate and advanced :) Can you say when this part will start?

Great work Will, if its anything like your book then it’s going to be great. Will have a look when I get home :/ I hope you managed to get Delegates and events into the code tutorials.

Robert – thanks! :) really cool to hear..

Jaime – hard to say, this is an ongoing project from a small part of Unity! we hope to deliver what we can when we can of course – we’re not going to just abandon this now, we’re working on some assignments right now.

As for question 2 – you are one of a few users that presumably is missing the fullscreen button on our player – sorry not sure why this is but our video host developers are looking into it right now – could you please email me with some details (your location, connection and a screenshot of the player not showing fullscreen button) – this would really help us fix it quicker!! My mail is will at unity3d dot com.

Hi, I have two questions:

1. By when do you think all of the content will be published?

2. Is there any way to make the video screens larger or fullscreen? It’s hard to follow what is going on in the video because I can’t read any of the text.

Nice work guys! I think this is an excellent step in the right direction for Unity. What better way than for Unity to both train users and spy potential development issues? 2 birds with one stone, great quality too!

Awesome! I’ve been looking forward to this for a while now – can’t wait to dig in and see what you folks have been hammering away on in your secret lab ;)

Great job. Will have to go through the project later. the stealth demo of it looks pretty clean and concise.

Question: Is there going to be any links or references to older project tutorials. There were some good coding nuggets in those that I think people could still learn a lot from. I see them on the Asset Store, so maybe that is good enough.

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