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Archive: December 2014

Let’s Play Together: Building Games Communities

Sharing Is Like Alchemy One of the biggest pleasures of my career has been the chance to be part of the passionate dedicated fan communit... Read more

December 29, 201412

Calling all VR enthusiasts: target the Oculus Rift with Unity Free

Great news! The Unity Free integration for Oculus is now available. The Unity Free integration for Oculus gives you access to the exact sam... Read more

December 23, 201424

R&D Christmas update

The end of 2014 is coming, and so we thought that it would be good to let our users know about the progress we are making in adding iOS 64-b... Read more

December 23, 201441

Indie while Expecting: The Story of Glyph Quest

Can you charge for a game you made with the free version of Unity? Yes. YES! Making money off games is always hard, of course. But with Unit... Read more

December 17, 201429

Unity at the EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference

In the last week of November the Unity QA team attended the EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference in Dublin, Ireland. I attended to talk abou... Read more

December 16, 201411

Sharing and learning with the Toronto Unity User Group

When Adam Proctor of Uken Games started the Toronto Unity User Group in August 2013, fifty people arrived for the first meetup. Just sixteen... Read more

December 15, 20141

Inspiring girls to make their own games: Game Girl Workshop at ISEA 2014, Dubai

The lack of female game developers has been getting a lot of press lately. As co-founder of Game Girl Workshop I’ve been working since 2010 ... Read more

December 12, 201425

Building a User Group in your area

User groups are a great way to meet local developers in your area, share tips and techniques, demo your projects and possibly find work at l... Read more

December 11, 201423

APM Music – A whole new world of music on the Asset Store

Introducing APM Music! For over a decade, APM Music have been the go-to music resource for AAA game publishers and developers, providing a c... Read more

December 2, 201443

Art Avatar at Centre Pompidou

Centre Pompidou in Paris, France is an amazing world-renowned modern art museum. We are stoked to partner up with one of its current exhibit... Read more

November 28, 20144

The Sound Engineer and the Asset Store

Eric “Dok” Wager is a French sound engineer with almost twenty years of experience in music and French cinema. Currently, he provides intera... Read more

November 27, 201421

4.6 is Released with Source for UI System!

Today, we are delighted to release the awesome Unity 4.6, which contains our new UI system as the headline feature. The release cycle has in... Read more

November 26, 201458

Sustained Engineering Plan For Unity 4.5 and 4.6

Great news! The 4.6.0 public release is going live later this week. When that happens, the default Unity version will become 4.6.x. Subsequ... Read more

November 24, 201423