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Today, at the biggest show in the game development industry, we threw the veil off of Unity 5 and announced that it’s coming this year! This release is about combining all perspectives of game development together. We’re adding crazy fancy middleware to Unity, helping you out with your business, optimizing the engine dramatically, creating better workflows and filling gaps where we knew we could do better.

You will be blown away.

Unity 5.0 ushers in the 64-bit era, we’re upgrading PhysX to the newest and most powerful 3.3, and a new multithreaded job scheduler will be introduced so that you can light all the cores on fire.

But the biggest thing of Unity 5.0 is our new physically-based unified shading system (example screenshot below) and the new Geomerics’ Enlighten real-time global illumination engine.


If you haven’t heard of Enlighten yet, it’s the most advanced lighting system the games industry knows and is used for some of the most beautiful games today, across many art styles. For examples, just take look at Battlefield 4 or Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare both.

The lighting workflow is made even more incredible by the first-ever in-editor real-time lightmap previews based on Imagination’s PowerVR Ray Tracing technology. Artists receive near instantaneous feedback on changes to lighting in-scene while lightmap baking completes in the background meaning artists can keep playing and refining without interruption.

Game visuals often get the most glory, but without the backing of incredible sound, the best of game designs falls flat. That’s why Unity 5.0 is introducing a completely overhauled sound system, which is much more robust and has visual tools for sound designers. The entire audio pipeline was ripped out and reconstructed to be more flexible and efficient. The first huge addition to this pipeline is our awesome Audio Mixer providing the power to create highly complex and dynamic soundscapes in game.


There are a load of other improvements as well. Several big changes to Mecanim like StateMachine Behaviors make the tools even more incredible. NavMeshes get an upgrade, SpeedTree is integrated, and a set of 2D physics effectors add important changes that affect a wide variety of developers.

Unity 5 will also introduce our Unity Cloud integration, a big part of our new focus on helping developers succeed beyond phases of game construction and in the crowded and competitive landscape of mobile games. It’s integrated, easy to use, and gives developers the tools to cross-promote their games with other developers via interstitial ads.

But that’s not where it stops, not by a long shot. Unity has long been one of the leading engines for games on the web and it’s a position we take seriously. That’s why we’re finally announcing the work we’ve been doing with Mozilla to get WebGL and asm.js support in Unity. The results are already pretty awesome. In fact, we’ll have a nice shiny playable WebGL demo of Dead Trigger 2 (big thanks to our friends at Madfinger!) at GDC, so make sure to drop by and take a look! WebGL deployment will be available as an add-on in Unity 5.

And, as you’d expect, Unity 5 is available now for pre-order from the Unity Store. You can also feel free to contact your local sales rep. Those who pre-order Unity Pro 5 will also receive Unity Pro 4.

Btw. if you were wondering, the new GUI system is getting really close and it’ll be included in Unity 4.6, which will also be the last major update in the Unity 4 cycle.


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Yeah I really thought they would lower their price given that other engines are starting to seriously target indies. Well, it is their lose.

On a sidenote, a friend of mine just bought Unity 4 a month ago and hence is pretty much screwed. According to him nowhere does it say you don’t get new versions. I’ve checked and this is true, I’ll even bet this is on purpose. Told him to call his bank as they should be able to cancel the subscription anyways, we are both leaving for a $20 engine which is in 64bits (should have been done years ago) and already has working PBS.

well guys… realtime gi from enlighten and physical correct stuff.. thats so awesome … that even beats unreal 4 to hell.. and all u have to say.. “mehehehe C++”

seriously!.. i dondt give a fuck about c++.. i can finally make realtime architecture stuff, like im dreaming of ;)

Any hope for an input overhaul in this release? It’s a real sore point right now. Dynamic remapping/programmatic control is a must. Also: Dynamic detection while the game is running.

Does anyone know for sure if all 3 scripting languages will remain supported. I for example use Boo to script because I know python. I would like to see Unity 5 really embrace and support the Boo user base as much as UScript and C# (Though the Boo examples they have added do help) I would like to see more. Can anyone confirm?

as my one of the citizens in my city (ahmad karami) said, the terrain is a heck of wrecked-feature, and i have a question, will Dynamic GI && PBR will be available in Unity 5? and not to be scheduled to 5.2 and so on? cause that was what happened to the GUI system from, like what 3.x?

I have using Unity3D before and it’s a nice engine. But I moved away from Unity3D last year when I started using Unreal Engine 4 and I will never switch back to Unity3D.

no Terrain Update
no visual Scripting (However much money is available for purchase)
No Nod Based Shader Editor (However much money is available for purchase)(Shader Forge Beta Version)

Unity Terrain system is very Stupid system
Specially Painting System
Just take a look the Terrain Engine of CryEngine Or Unreal(Even Unreal 3 No 4)

Simple question, and will help me decide if I should forgo Unity from here on out. Will they FINALLY fix the coordinate system for importing files from the various 3D creation software. I can attest to this when I was designing and developing a game for Unity a couple of weeks ago and it’s pretty incredible that Unity hadn’t figured out a way for better importing of .fbx files from programs like 3DS Max or Blender.

I found it pretty infuriating to had spent so much time creating a map, only to find out that the left-handed system in 3DS Max is not the right-handed system in Unity and that Unity does not have the capability to internally convert my work so that it could work correctly in Unity.

This is a problem that I’ve never heard occuring in UDK, And being that Unity is going into it’s 5th cycle, I’m a little confused on why it was never implemented. It is exteremly aggrivating to spend so much time, and effort, in creating an asset for your game to find out that the Y-axis of your artwork is the Z-axis in Unity and it’s even more hair-pulling to have to find the “Goldilocks Setting” for your artwork that should’ve been already long-sense been worked into Unity by now.

If anyone knows if this will finally be implemented, please let me know because having all those “shiny” new graphics are useless if the imported artwork will not work properly in the game engine.

What about optimization? Sorry but if Unity developers cant create good tools for working they can give source code. Sorry but I am very disappointed. You create mecanim and its can be good thing but in reality this is box with magic. No control, no events. Only one question why I spend my money? why one feature in unity conflict with other engine, I mean navMeshes and Root Motion. What developers thinking? And Final, When I can Buy Complete Engine? Sorry but I am don’t want pay 1500$ for beta test.

I would like to tell you about some problems. I’m from Kurdistan Country(Boukan City). I’ve found some serious problems with the V4.3 of this engine. I mention them bellow:
When I want to destroy a tree or few trees in an area, the entire terrain will be destroyed! Although the trees on terrain have capsule collider, the Physics.Raycast function recognizes “terrain collider”!
While I have a fire spreading gun, why can’t I destroy the grass on terrain which is designed by photoshop ( in 2D grass texture)!?
When I define an area(for example with 5 meter radius) for spherical wind zone, I expect the wind’s effect on the 2D grass texture as its effect on the trees but the spherical wind zone has no effect on the 2D grass texture! Since I don’t want to use 3D grass model technique, is there a way to create this effect by spherical wind zone on the 2D grass texture?
The changing system of seasons’ cycle doesn’t exist in the terrain.
The changing system of atmosphere doesn’t exist in the skybox.
It is possible for trees in the terrain to design a capsule collider. The question is: how can I design a collider for the detail mesh in the terrain? (if the detail mesh is in a large number). Is there a way to auto design the capsule collider for the detail mesh in terrain like that for trees?
According to the depth only camera – 3D model technuiqe, it’s possible to make dynamic GUI, but do you have any program to design GUI by adobe flash software anyway? and in Unity3d no exist Material Editor,Fracture Tool,…?!!!!

If I’m mistaken, could you do me a favor? Please let me know and help me.
Yours very faithfully

AJ, Holy sht, really??? No one here knew that! Thank you for clearing this up, now EVERYONE will think about moving to UE or CE! What have you done? You should be ashamed of yourself!

Oh, the C++ comments are coming from folks that think: C++ always equals faster when that’s not the case, that and that C++ is more prestigious and makes Unity more ‘top-flight’ like UE4.

Interesting was they said Unity 5 is coming out ‘this year’ and not ‘within the next year’, i.e. March 2015.

Wow! I’m going to have now teach myself shading and texturing to take advantage of this, previously my desired game style this wasn’t needed or even desirable to have anything but the basics.

Wow, some of the comments here. Jeez.
Here’s a couple of reasons why Unity doesn’t and shouldn’t support C++:

1.) Yes, Mono can host compiled C++ code AS LONG AS the result is strictly CIL. But, if you’re hosting C++ code on the Mono runtime you lose the whole benefit of native C++ code (performance wise) and at this point you might as well just use C# with pointers.
2.) After you lose performance, the only real argument left is that it’s handy for those who know C++ code. But if you know C++, learning C# is an ABSOLUTE BREEZE. Then again, learning metaphysics is probably an absolute breeze in comparison to the arcane mess that is C++…

Can’t wait for 4,6 then. I mainly want easy and user friendly way to make GUI, Now it’s terrible.

[…] dias atrás foi anunciada uma grande atualização para o Unity com a chegada da versão 5 do software, que trouxe muitas novidades e avanços, principalmente no uso de recursos avançados […]


You go, girl! That’s perfect little girl’s logic at it’s finest, keep it up!

I find it a bit to early for Unity 5, I also thought you promised the 64 bit as a free update for Unity 4?
Then, before adding any new Features how’s about completing those already in the editor such as a visual scripting solution, an improved terrain editor, some useful controllers and some basic free characters a working day night cycle and weather system?
As a game developer tool, Unity unfortunately mostly relies on the asset store developers, a lot oft features found in other game developing tools are missing.
Also I have spent huge amounts of money on the asset store, but I don’t see that Unity supports those developers in quality and integration. I’ve bought tons of Unity specific trees, now you come up with speed tree? Am I going to buy new trees? Again? This is where Unity lacks the most.
Assets bought in the store are poorly scripted and have loads of errors. With some you can actually destroy months of work done prior to import.
Again, Unity needs to work closer and support asset developers.
It is disappointing to see how bad assets from the store work within Unity and with each other. There seems to be no good code of conduct or quality inspection to guaranty that assets bought from the store actually work out of the box.
I bought a day / night / weather package, that constantly creates errors on import. The developer blames Unity for these errors; and I have not, in two years, ever read a statement from Unity about this problem.
So I think there needs to be a fundamental change or fix implemented on the asset store that ensures quality and integrity of assets sold.
And I think it is on Unity to fix this, before asking me to pay for yet another license fee.
Same goes for assets/tools that should of been part of the editor to begin with.How can you sell us on a terrain editor that has no road and river tool?
Maybe Unity needs to look into which developer makes the best plug in and then choose to integrate the best in future releases.

IDK, but the way this is headed, will drive people like me away to UDK or Cry engine, where the editor seems to be way more complete without 3rd party plug ins.

It all LOOKS nice and dandy etc, but I have one question: DOES IT HAVE A SYSTEM FOR REBINDABLE KEYS INGAME?

I mean, before getting to know the unity, I used to think that all Unity devs were duches, or just incompetent in making design choises for PC. Now I understand, that Unity has made custom key configuration as tedious as possible, and that is one feature that is MANDATORY on PC. It is NOT a choise, it is required to even consider a game on PC be worth anything, and yeah, there is “much optimization for mobile devices” and even “ingame spam system”, but really, why not a feature that UDK has had for who knows how long in multiple forms? Why is is so hard to implement it on the editor. I mean, if you are stupid enought NOT to implement it, you dont have to, but functionality would really much be very welcome. I don’t like having to read the “keycode” from Events, and turning it to integer for saving with the addition of having to use the GetKeyDown (also with converting the stored integer back to keycode), instead of getting to use already saved input functionality with additional positive and negative “axis” values. Why the hell not? Why does one have to override the Unity built in mechanism for basic functionality?


Nice but aside from the visual and sounds aspects, what about the :
-Lip Sync
-Visual cripting
-Entity like doors
-Time of day system… etc.
Sure you can find those as assets but it would be nice to see them integrate in a consensual way…

Edit : “Ultimate weapon” –> “new green energy source”.

GoPro! I’m sad to hear your great products has been clone… Try using “Unity” (non game) research 3D probe to us and for NASA… :)

Are you freaking kidding me Unity? You’re all of a sudden releasing Unity 5 when you’re only on .3 of unity 4? What- did you just want to pull in another $600 from every pro subscription or something? I’m really getting sick of Unity’s business sense..

@power: You’ve missed the point completely. For clarification, please read my earlier comments in this thread.

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The main queston remains unanswered: will Unity 5 Pro be as easy to crack as 4.xx and earlier versions?


Thank you! Please support “Unity”, support all developers from this “Green Planet”…
Ultimate weapon will be born here…please stand by…

If you can script in C++ you should be able to use C# is not that much you have to adjust to.. or you guys are asking for Lua.

I’m sorry no comment about the pricing. No such business knowledge, even officer plug-in at AssetStore is free, company’s rules? maybe…school/college. I can’t take that responsibility of technology supply/food chain.
Creating games is really hard and challenging job… Something like RPG? Using “Basic” weapon earn sp. exp. and credit, buy some useful staff at “store” targeting “Pro”… Hey! How about we cheat? How to cheat skill point & exp. point? Any idea to change variable : FFFF using “Basic” weapon make one-shot KILL!!! Continue next level using “Pro” fight throw game factory? !!!CLASH!!! lol

We are not “tiny” gamers or “small” developers! Add 3D to your skill inventory!
Or playing Co-op! :)

Man, a lot of people complaining about the upgrade – but nobody is forcing you to upgrade. Personally, I can’t wait to dig into it – every new release has been worth it IMO. People who complain about the upgrade pricing obviously don’t own any Autodesk products – where you get 2 or 3 itty-bitty new features (usually bug fixes) for your annual subscription fees that are WAY more expensive than Unity upgrades. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective.

So no UI update that we’ve been waiting for forever, nor nested prefabs. Nice. I don’t see anything here worth upgrading for.

That’s great and all but still monodevelope can not PRINT scripts. How about taking a coder and loaning him for mono so we can print scripts.

Well, then, it is not a bad option. I haven’t used any pro feature yet because all the stuff I do is 2D.

It all depends on how many features come into the free version. But I think as many others that unity should rethink its business model. I love unity and I would like to stick with them but it is really hard to earn money creating games this days and more for small developers.

Thanks UT for this amazing tool!

[…] de la Game Developers Conference (GDC – en ce moment à San Francisco), Unity3D a annoncé la version 5 qui vient clairement concurrencer les […]

Unity 5 Free/Basic (I suppose that what you call indie), is still free for all platforms. Most of the people commenting are disappointed about the pricing options for the pro version largely because the Unreal & CryEngine’s recently announced their super aggressive subscription plans to attract indie developers (Which is probably more attractive than Unity’s current offering). :-P

I for refereing mainly to Windows, IOS and Android in my above question about unity being free.

I’m a bit messed up. From the comments, should I suppose Unity 5 indie will not be free? If this is the case this is a really bad UT move. Having other options like UE4 and CryEngine much cheaper will make a lot of indies fly away. Please rethink your model.

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Yes! But nope. Not “all of you free users”, please understand “UNITY” Basic license users from differences country, differences economics background, facilities? Part-time student, full-time artist or freelance programmer? Tech-Engineer, skater and motocross mania? But we show deference to Unity, some of us share expansive experience/knowledge at Asset Store, funny inventor research cushion spring with 2 axis sensor for “ass” game control (and vibration? ;) ) but seriously fits all seat! Light weigh small Tablet PC/Smart Phone’s HD display ppi high/clear enough to add-on an optical lens goggles for VR? Design multi platform/compatible gameplay with Ocullus Riff and make it popular? We are working hard for strongest game market’s benefit! Don’t drop that Bomb to us! Show Unity & users some respect!!!

SWEET~~if you are Pro license user, I can smell a super weapon(plug-in) is on deck… :)

Seriously what is all the freaking fuzz about from all of you free users seriously don’t you guys think it would be a good time to actually show interest in Unity by either subscribing or purchasing a full license… i am a subscriber a i don’t freak out about the pricing because the pricing as it is now is good enough for government work… but more seriously it shows how far Unity has come since the day they made a free version… you guys only want, want and want but you wouldn’t even consider giving back to Unity… that is double headed in my opinion i think you should be willing to give Unity a freaking break They have been there for Indie Devs since day 1 whereas UE and CE literally tries to get better sales by saying one price and the when you least expect it you receive a huge bill from them!

I’m sorry but i’m ALL IN for the new Unity version and i am saving up like most of you free users say you can’t because of bla bla bla excuses. i can perfectly understand it may take some time but come on it isn’t exactly Unity’s responsible to make you guys make the games you want to create now is it???

Whoa! Unity is stuck WAY back at mono 2.6.5?!?!?! The current stable is 3.2.7. That needs to be fixed. Is that on the roadmap?

I cannot be happy about yet another version that adds a bunch more fancy shmancy graphics effects when there are many fundamental flaws in Unity that have been languishing for years upon years they simply will not address. The Input class is a prime example. Read the forums. You’ll find they’ve completely ignored this integral part of the engine for well over 5 years. Simply put, Unity does not support cross platform joysticks to any degree of competency. What support it does provide is flawed and broken and would have been unacceptable in any real game 20+ years ago. Really? Should a user be expected to have to QUIT the application and restart it because he unplugged his joystick or his wireless controller went to sleep?? Every single release gets new fancy features like Beast lightmapping, physical shaders, navmesh systems, Mechanim, monetization platforms, new features out the wazoo!… EVERYTHING but fixing core bugs. I’m sorry but I’m beyond tired of this. I’m a _very_ patient man. I’ve waited over 5 years for them to fix this and was even promised a fix by a staff member a month before 4.x was released, so I bought the upgrade. Guess what? Absolutely zilch has been done. But it shows where their priorities are.

It’s either you’re 12 years old, or you’re a psychopathic sadist who takes pleasure in talking about the joys of using illegitimate software on the publisher’s website. Good luck publishing a title with your cracked version.

Guys, just a thought, did you really think people talked about prices are seeking FREE stuffs?

Come On~~~ cracked ALWAYS FREE versions are out there since 1.x ~ 4.x, it never stop to be cracked, if these guys are so shamed only want everything free, they won’t be here.

So, Stop insulting others, okay?

In the licenses comparison page, you can see difference between current 2 versions, there are only 3 questions will be critical.

First, I believe many INDIES will need only more 2 or 3 functions of PRO, and they are just very BASIC needs for an App, such as SMALL SIZE of build, BASIC performance of BASIC functions. In this situation, INDIES must to pay 100% price for about 5% ~ 10% need. INDIES here just want to ask some different case to pay for these 5% ~ 10% needs of PRO. How come you guys can NOT stop insulting this?

And stop those RICH MAN thought! A PRO + iOS + Android version price is all 1 guy’s need for living 1 SEASON even more than (3 ~ 4 months) in other places on the planet. Maybe they can get loan for 1 or twice time for 1 SEASON foods, bills, house rent, medical care…. but, every 2 years again? Even can not get rid off from last loan.

If you think “POOR guys must DIE”, please just say it out if you dare, but don’t insult them.

Second, buying a PRO and skipping 1 or 2 versions will be a possible case, but that could work only the situation on MAC / PC platforms. APPLE don’t let you do this on iOS devices!

I have tried that thing after I bought previous PRO JUST BEFORE 2 months ago from the release news of 3.x. But when the APPLE keeps updating their OSX, iOS, XCode, older U3D will fail to build any APP out for new XCode, and APPLE will ask developers to stop using older XCode later or you will get a REJECTION. It always happened at the time on newer U3D just released and U3D JUST STOP SUPPORTING older U3D version. (coincident?)

And you know iOS version must pay TWICE PRO, not ONCE!

Third, those developers have to pay the same price to get PRO from the date it just release to the last date before next version, that’s fine for iPhones, Computers, or some other things in real life. Because you will got support as long as others, and your devices won’t stop work so soon if you use it discreetly.


As I said, U3D stop working and got supported if new XCode had been released.

If other licenses have no such problems, it’s okay with current selling strategy, but at least, please adjust the iOS part.

At least, Unity Pro 2, 3, 4 has helped me a lot in a tight-deadlines and tight-budget projects a number of times. C++ or C# is not the issue, the issue is can you solve the problem efficiently and quickly? Can you meet the client’s demand within a time-frame/budget?

When you call a gardener to tidy up your home, you don’t teach your gardener how to use your favorite tools in the shed (some folks love STIHL). But, you simply call him with a simple instruction “Tidy up my garden, please” and you pay when the job is done.

Same goes with simulation, other 3D development. The focus should be on the problem at hand first, not choosing the tool first. Unless, if you are extremely comfortable with C++ and Unreal Engine 4 workflow and able to meet tight deadlines easily, then it is a good choice IMHO. Love the new subscription model!

With Unity, again, I have no issues with Mondevelop. As long as it allows me to type my code just like in Notepad++, I am content. It solved many problems.

I’m not advocating “Don’t use Unreal” go on, learn it. Life is a life long learning. I’m planning to learn UE4 as well. But I am not letting go Unity 5 just yet, as presently I can do things a lot faster in Unity to meet clients’ requirements. (Further note, most clients also never complaining about 32/64 bit, when they get what they want, they are happy, then I am happy).

I was just about to pre-order Unity 5 for a game/simulation we are planning when I saw the Unreal announcement and subsequently, the Crytek one as well. Now I’m rethinking and considering all the options, i think Unreal has won me over even though the learning curve is steeper. I will still be using Unity for some projects and prototyping, but I ill not buy the Pro versions for sure. Not at the current prices at least.

as someone who has been following software for decades, you guys are the most exciting thing i’ve experienced. every few months you completely blow me away with the new amazing features you add! unbelievable. people complaining about the price should shut it and realize what an amazing tool and community they’re buying into! bravo guys!!

Olivier, idiots will be idiots, greed will be greed. It’s just the world we’re living in, don’t sweat it.

Just reading some comment about people requesting coupon to get discount on the asset store.
Come on guys, The asset store is not a shopping centre!!
You buy these assets to save development, scripting and asset creation time.
You are not doing Unity a favour by buying these asset just for the sake of buying them,(I hope you not)
It is a service for you to benefit from not the other way around.

Update- Unreal allows me to install it on as many systems as I need– unlike my Unity Pro which caps me to 2 installs (I only need 3 installs to cover all my work environments guys— COME ON!!! Why do you force your legit/legal customers to hack our Unity to get the extra installs we need. Why do you assume your paying customers are guilt criminals and force such a constraint– the people hacking it NEVER HAVE THIS ISSUE– just your paying customers get punished!!!). The more I think over the pros and cons here…

[…] ett blogginlägg går David Helgason, vd och grundargubben bakom Unity Technologies, på hårt för övertyga oss om […]

Only a Fracture system is missing . A fracture system that we can blow up every thing can enable us to create great games.

Let’s not forget that unity3D has democratised game development,
Unreal which seems to offer a better deal than unity are just reacting
to Unity’s success but where was Unreal and CryEngine when you as an
Indy wanted to develop your game a few years back!?
It was not $19/month was it?
It was only for big studio who could afford it.
Unity Deserve their success because they have really democratised game development for all, let you built you game for all platform for free.
Why do you indies on small bugget want to buy unity PRO if you know you cannot afford it in the long run.
As far as I know you can design a successfull game with the Free Version, and when/if you are successful and want screen effect and all the fancy features than go PRO?
Until then just keep trying? You don’t need pro to design the next “Flappy Bird” or “Angry Bird” do you? If you do and you are successfull than go GO and design the next “Last of Us”
Think about it, stop complain and get back to work!

Hah! How about concentrate your develop/marketing make $ first? Or free Pro license for your AAA quality “Flaqpy Bird2”? Do you wish cheaper rubbish game market? Top3 game engine for 5USD/month? You guy are make me Laugh!

Hah! How about shut your mouth and concentrate your develop/marketing make $ first? Or free Pro license for your AAA quality “Flaqpy Bird2”? Do you wish cheaper rubbish game market? Top3 game engine for 5USD/month? You cheap guy are make me Laugh!

I love Unity because it has both online and offline licensing and the latter is so easy to crack!
Kudos Unity team!

My only concern is how will Unity Technologies answer their monthly subscription, now that both Unreal Engine 4 and CryENGINE 3 are available with licenses under $20/month, and Unreal Engine 4 is even releasing the full source code?

I wonder this, because while Unity is a much more straightforward engine with a wide range of platform publishing options right out the box, the advantage still lies strongly with Unreal Engine 4 and CryENGINE 3’s offerings.

(Oh, and I get the strong feeling those tons of “C++ please” comments are done by the same person under different names, spamming this comment section. Don’t do this, folks.)

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@SERPIN I don’t know what’s your problem? U3D don’t make me to buy pro (actually I bought every Pro from 1.x to 4.x)… And Just suggest people don’t curse or “fxck” here will MAKE U have to answer me?

You have your own need to use your version, others have their need and to say something here for making good solutions.

You don’t care your quality of app or money, that’s your business, just go home to mind your own things.

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Goodbye Unity! Or maybe not?

According to my comment here and over the last few days, I too am one of those quibbling about the price flexibility of Unity. I have been taking a look again at some of the competitors and have seen some really drastic and positive changes in this direction. I mean 19$ +5% is something that got me really interested and thinking about, if Change, then now! UE4 looks really good too. BUT and here comes the biggie and my suggestions to everyone. I have been intensively learning Unity for just over a year now and have been purchasing assets at an alarming rate, just to get as much undermy belt as possible. Before I started with Unity I also did look at the different engines out there and decided for my personal liking and abilities that Unity was the choice. I have never regretted this choice. All of these engines have their advantages and disadvantages overreach other but at the end of the day you have to commit yourself to one of them and get good at it and not keep yoyoing. My point here is that I will be staying with Unity no matter what, because I have already invested so much time and money into it. For others that want their c++ you have other engines, for those who love the ease of the asset store and Unity stay here. For completely new beginners your choice lies in your willingness to learn c++ or not, How you prefer your licencing and how you personally work and think. The choice is a individual as choosing and buying a car. Unity! I am here to stay but be cautious of your competitors and WOW us with some amazing stuff.

Awesome. Just awesome.

The only thing that I don’t like is that Unity will still rely on PhysX, which is proprietary. If it gets accelerated in hardware, it will work only on nvidia cards.
Really, consider this (not necessarily for 5, but for the future): physics in games are currently used with caution, because calculations are expensive. If Unity, a global-reaching engine, can provide its users with a physics engine that runs on any graphics card (OpenCL-based, for example), then Games can take advantage of increased effects, and even base some gameplay elements on heavy physics calculations.
I know changing the entire physics engine is a huge task, but I believe that, nowadays, you guys lead the market. Such a change would create so many creative oportunities it could be nearly revolutionary.

All good, all nice, but no Mono update. It’s way past time to update it and stop using antiquated .NET Framework 3.5. Cannot integrate a lot of stuff, such as Kinect, properly, because of that.
Go back to the feature planning and come back with this. Give some time and think about the programmers, not just artists.

Stop complaining like little idiots.

You can do anything you want with the actual scripting languages.
The price…the price is a good one, thinking about how fast unity development goes, and how well it goes.
And at the end, those who complain and post stupid comments are nothing but noobs , noobs that are unable to do a thing ..even with the UDK CRY or GameMaker.

Only feature I searched for was an update from the Mono 2.6.5 runtime, but no dice :(
The wait continues.

First off let me say that I have been using Unity for roughly a year and a half. And I absolutely love it!

I will have my very own Android game ready for launch within the next few weeks, done entirely on the free basic version of Unity. And it would be fantastic to shell out the 3000$ plus taxes (or 150$/mo) for the pro version, in order to tweak my game into perfection.

But let’s be honest here – the chances of my game making enough revenue to justify a purchase like that is next to nothing. So I will have to do with no profiling, no batching no occlusion culling and what not.

And so I can partly relate to those who flame the release of Unity 5. I mean, the news mail said “Unity 5 – Now is the time to buy” And if you follow the link they will slap you in the face with the 75$/1500$ price tag at every corner. Which to me indicates that most of those nice features won’t be in the basic version, but I might be wrong…

Don’t get me wrong! I love the guys n girls at Unity! I love em for revolutionizing the gaming engine industry and bringing game development to the masses. I love em for their great service when things go down the pipe. And I love em for allowing me (a guy with a very limited 3D programming skill set) to make my own game from scratch within a 5 week period, without paying a dime for their great software and services. But most of all, I love em for being the underdog…

I have tried other game engines, but always came back to Unity because it just felt more like home…

But the sad truth is that, that may all change in the future…The competitors have shown their teeth, and Unity needs to step up!

There is nothing wrong with the 4500$ FULL PRO and 0$ Basic subscriptions. I actually still think Unity has the edge there. Free to try/use basic features, and if you buy the full version, it’s yours to keep, royalty free. You can’t really beat that…

Unity just need a second PRO option, like the ~15$/mo and 5% royalty of the competitors. For those of us that don’t have 4500$/255$mo plus taxes for the full 3 platform package. Those of us that would rather pay a small monthly price and lose some revenue just to get started. And once(if) we get up and running, will be able to shell out the 4500$ for the whole deal…

Anyways, cuties to everyone @ Unity for bringing us #5 :)

[…] If you want to see some of Unity 5’s new features in action, check out the demonstration video that Unity put out. You can also read Unity’s Blog and find out more. […]


I second that! And with totally free Unity you’re free to roam around in a sea of indies with tons of already available inexpensive stuff in the asset store which you can buy regardless of which Unity license you have and don’t have to pay nothin until you’re ready. Exactly!

A follow-up. Its the same business model many of the colleges and trade schools are trying. Just about everywhere you look there is a new game development program popping up. Knowing full well the odds are tiny that you will successful in the industry at this point. With all that said. I still want to try, but I will keep my main career going while i do it :)

All of the engines are banking on the fact that huge numbers of developers in their mom’s basement will grab their mom’s credit card and sign up with a dream they will never have to leave their moms basement if they can simply make a game that hits big. Knowing full well 99% will never make anything successful and probably 50-85% will never make anything at all. Its business and its smart business. Unity is banking on the 1% that will make something good or the people who have the funds that at least think they can. Unity just has to decide if they want to lose that group of people to the artificially low costs of the other engines. I am in the 99%, but I don’t live in my mom’s basement :o)

I am guessing you are not familiar with the Unreal feature set? It has an amazing visual animation blending system and smooth asset pipeline. Also Scaleform UI, an amazing terrain system, and a data structure for levels that allows for a much easier time working in a team environment (even just two indie devs trying to work on the same Unity scene file is insane and because Unity can not load multiple scenes at once into the editor it also makes it VERY hard to split work).

All that said, I agree with what you are saying. I think the bottom line is this is great for all us devs because the competition just got very fierce and it should only help us all in the long run. I do want Unity to do well though, but I strongly feel at this point they need to adjust their pricing and business model a bit to stay relevant. Part of that would also to get better at feature parity. They should take some of those dollars and purchase Asset Store technologies that help them do that (and then be able to better integrate them into the editor because only they have the source code).

“Please just show a little respect, not only for these guys, also for U3D team.”

Oh will you stop whining already?
Does Unity MAKE you buy the new version?


Bite me.
How’s that for an early-childhood expression?

Although you are right about the overhead of switching between native an mono, I’ll give you that.

But I still believe that UE’s and CRY’s pricing are a bit too aggressive. Think about it. In case of UE you pay US19, download the source and binaries and you’re ready to go. As for the 5% EPIC gets that’s just 50k from 1 mil! And CRY… As unpopular as it is already I don’t believe EUR10 price tag can pay for much.

Still, Unity give their tool set for free and as far as 2D games or mobile games go, basic licenses are very much functional and usable.


BTW, For iOS and Android Game developers, an app which is FAT & SLOW and can NOT call native plugin version with a BIG UNITY3D LOGO may not be a good promotion for U3D pushing. Other people will think “I’d better use other engine.”.

And to the “fxck” always people here, please don’t “fxck” anything here again!

If you can use Free version for your purposes, that’s fine, congratulation!

But other developers here may had paid a lot money for U3D from 1.x to NOW, many many time, resource, efforts have been involved! They may not ready to die for U3D, but must already change their life to dedicate in, and they are not you, they have some other purpose not the same as yours.

Please just show a little respect, not only for these guys, also for U3D team.

Developers just want a solution, not argument here.

[…] ray tracing will incorporate an effect on game developers in the nearer term with yesterday’s unveiling of version five of the common Unity game engine. Unity 5 will leverage Imagination’s […]

[…] ray tracing will consist of an affect on game developers in the nearer term with yesterday’s unveiling of version 5 of the common Unity game engine. Unity five will leverage Imagination’s […]

[…] in ray tracing will contain an affect on game developers in the nearer term with yesterday’s unveiling of edition 5 of the well-known Unity game engine. Unity five will leverage Imagination’s […]

Just the other day, I was asking the guys over at Unity – where’s the built in coffee maker and the Red Bull dispenser? Who writes code without those? :-P

Point is, everybody wants Unity to do that cool thing Unreal & Cry Engine does. No one is considering the dozens of things Unity allows you to do that the so-called top 2 engines don’t (e.g. Mechanim, Seamless asset pipeline, etc…). I just want you to point out to me any awesome AAA game that some indie has made with Unreal or CryEngine for mobile (or some other platforms). I found this very impressive.

Then again, if unity does not meet your needs, a switch is never a bad idea. It is a free world after all.

Again correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel the new pricing decisions that have been made by Unreal and Cry (after decades of elitist, bourjois $$$$$$ pricing models ) was definitely influenced by a market that has largely been activated and dominated by Unity.

@Serpin: Even with AOT, CLR languages still have quite limited low-level capabilities. That can be a big issue when fixing a performance bottleneck.

Plus, ignoring C++, there are still good non-CLR, C-linkage languages which would be nice to be able to use for a significant portion of game code. This is currently infeasible to due to repeated overhead and boilerplate of marshalling in and out of Mono – these costs are NOT eliminated by AOT.

As a side note, I’d strongly recommend enrolling in a basic writing course. It can help one avoid sounding like a young child, which tends to happen with cliche’d early-childhood expressions such as “or marry them if you love them so much”. Without taking such care, you’ll find that very few professionals will be willing to take you seriously. Cheers.

Also, all of you idiot trolls there stop calling MONO “scripting language platform”. C# code can be both JIT’ed AND AOT’ed just like C++ (which you can already see in iOS mono).

Stop bullshitting and get the heck out of here. Go use your UT and CRYEN or marry them if you love them so much.
Unity team gives you polished awesome tools for free and doesn’t even ask for anything back until you make over a 100k bucks. Is this so hard to understand?


For fcks sake who the hell makes you BUY Unity Pro? I’m planning on releasing a FULLY FUNCTIONAL MOBILE version of my game using Unity Free and it works PERFECTLY!

Shut the fck up and get back to work!

[…] Read | Permalink | Email this | Comments […]

Agreed with others here– Unity should look into a competitive pricing model like the top two engines now have. Unity still has work to do to catch up– like where is a built in visual scripting system? While we have uScript (which is powerful and damn amazing), that is an extra cost .(why don’t you just buy uScript so all your customers get to use it?)

Anyway, I think I might be switching to UE4. More powerful and established, awesome visual scripting system, I get the full source code, amazing UI system, and no extra costs for mobile support. Kind of a sad day…

[…] in ray tracing will include an impact on game developers in the nearer term with yesterday’s unveiling of version 5 of the popular Unity game engine. Unity 5 will leverage Imagination’s […]

[…] in ray tracing will include an impact on game developers in the nearer term with yesterday’s unveiling of version 5 of the popular Unity game engine. Unity 5 will leverage Imagination’s […]

[…] ray tracing will embody an impact on diversion developers in a nearer tenure with yesterday’s unveiling of chronicle 5 of a renouned Unity diversion engine. Unity 5 will precedence Imagination’s […]

@HASSELL, Just to give some context, I’ll tell you a bit about where I’m from. I live in Ghana, West Africa. It is a peaceful country, but that’s about where it ends. Jobs don’t pay super great, Average standard of living is not great, the economy is pretty bad now, and I personally am not on the privileged side of the class divide. Interest rates on Loans are very high (I took one last year). Sure there people here who are in worse circumstances, But I feel I’m a good enough example to show that it’s possible.

If unity tech lowered the entry barriers any further,
1. believe me, people will still complain. Case in point , dropping all basic mobile licenses?

2. people will have a good excuse to make crappy games to sell cos it costs them nothing and they don’t exactly care about quality and a good revenue strategy for that matter. (Even at this price point, people make crappy games with unity)

3. Unity tech might not be able to pay for the awesome engineers, third party license fees (Which they keep adding with every new version, and still manage to keep the prices the same by the way…) & Iterate faster with new and awesome features. I dare say if we payed more, unity might have say…. acquired a company like Scale form and bolted on some quality GUI solution.

There are so many other ways of making money to support your Indie Career. I won $5,000 in a competition ( using a game I developed with the free version of Unity. Check out challenges on You might find something you can do.

The point I’m making here is there is always a way out.

How much will these functions cost on iOS & Android: static batching, LOD, custom splash screen ? and optimization of built out app version (NOT FAT & SLOW)?

I will pay for them as an “INDIE version”, other pro functions I never use them from v1.x.

[…] without the need for plugins. The new engine will make use of WebGL and be released together with Unity 5.0 later this year according to the […]


agree C++ is important for some people
even Unreal Engine changed from Unrealscript to C++ and everyone is changing there
game engines language to C++

Unity 5 is so expensive
Unreal Engine and CRYENGINE is so cheap

Unity Technologies need to do something or else no one gonna use Unity 5

@stimarco: Nobody ever said the C++-based scripting must be done *through* Mono. On the contrary, the whole point is to *bypass* Mono. So, no, the fact that a Mono-based API exists most certainly does *not*, as you erroneously claim, prevent a C++-based API from also existing.

Heck, there *are* engines that, for example, support both Lua and C++ scripting, even though Lua and C++ are not directly link-compatible and require separate Lua-based and C++-based interfaces. It works fine. So again, Mono’s limitations have absolutely no relevance to the feasibility of a C++ API since it obviously wouldn’t even be done through Mono anyway.

In fact, much of the process of maintaining a separate-but-similar set of bindings can likely be automated without too much trouble, especially since C# is so easily introspected. Heck, since Unity’s underlying engine itself is written in C++, not Mono, I wouldn’t doubt if there’s *already* plenty of automation happening when generating the Mono API/bindings.

Regarding another of your points, C++’s suitability as a scripting language is completely irrelevant:

First of all, people do have legitimate use-cases for it regardless of C++’s downsides. For example, optimizing hotspots in Unity games by porting the offending bottleneck to C++ is *not* uncommon in the real-word Unity games that make real money. But the problem is it all still needs to make an unnecessary round-trip through Mono, complete with careful marshalling and boilerplate. And that severely limits how much you can take advantage of it, in terms of both processing power and developer time.

Secondly, a C++ API doesn’t imply *only* C++ anymore than Mono implies only C#: Just like Mono implies *any* CLR language can be used (I currently use Nemerle for Unity projects), C++ implies *any* C-linkage language can be used, such as D, ObjC, or even Rust or Go (target platform permitting, of course, but the appropriateness and pros/cons of all that is up to the developer to decide).

Regarding your comment about Unity already offering C-linkage through the full-source option: That’s only relevant to AAA studios. The vast majority of us don’t have such budgets, so for us, that “option” isn’t really an option at all.

@koblavi: Nobody ever said C++ was necessary for performant games, only that it would be a big, very welcome help, especially when creating a game that actually *does* need to push performance boundaries on more than just rendering and audio. Most games these days don’t do that, and that’s fine. That’s where using Mono for scripting really shines the most. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t also games – and not just AAA studios, but indies too – which *are* pushing beyond what Mono-based scripting can reasonably do.

In any case, nobody should be mistaking the questionable literacy of certain C++ advocates as an excuse to categorically dismiss their claims.

Great but please fix the performance problems in Unity 4.3.x before! We are waiting since 4 months now.

Unreal Engine 4 is 19USD a month with source code
CRYENGINE is 9USD a month
Unity 5 need to be 5USD a month or else im sure nobody gonna if its 1500USD.

remember UE4 and CE is more powerful than Unity 5

unity 5is top 3

[…] in ray tracing will include an impact on game developers in the nearer term with yesterday’s unveiling of version 5 of the popular Unity game engine. Unity 5 will leverage Imagination’s […]

[…] full WebGL support (no more browser plugin requirement), a 64 Bit Editor (finally) and much more. Official News Post/ Features Teaser […]

If you really want INDIE to pay for performance things, would please just separate licenses into 3 levels, such as BASIC, INDIE, PRO?

BASIC (FREE) for students or evaluation which did not need build it for commercial use or doesn’t really need NORMAL performance function.

INDIE (50% ~ 70% off to Pro) for Indies who only need functions work in NORMAL performance and not FAT & SLOW on mobile devices’ versions. Actually, the tons of Pro version for Indies are useless, they even can not hire more people for making game with those functions. (3D arts, many programmers, effect arts…etc.) Totally waste if they buy the functions they never use from U3D 1.x to 5.x.

PRO for whale developers who have at least USD 100,000 ~ 300,000 budget for 1 project only, how expensive how glory functions whatever you wanna add in and rising price as you can wish.

I will appreciate if you did this, or…. you guys agree to transfer functions which will help app did not become FAT & SLOW to BASIC version.

I love U3D since I met it, and I love to paid for PRO if I had earned enough money for it, but I need to keep my money for food and project, too.

As an INDIE, it is not easy, especially in the country which people did not get high income everywhere.

Well, after seeing the new UE4 offer yesterday I’m totally blown away, I’ve even forgotten all the fuzz about Unity 5. I never was a big fan of monthly license payments but getting Unreal Engine 4 + full source code and of course deployment to any mobile platform for only unbelievable $19 a month… wow!!! The 5% royalty is fair. That way you are no longer restricted to UnrealScript like in UDK but can get seriously up to the deepest levels of the engine.

I know, Unity is more intuitive to work with and its easier to get stuff done but I always wondered if I should go to Pro as a rather lazy hobby programmer not having much time.
Well, for just 19 bucks a month I don’t need to think anymore….

Now Unity it’s time for better monthly rates, too… but decide quickly!

What about the “new UI”? After first promising it would come with the release of Unity 3, then 3.1, then 3.5, then 4.?– now you are saying Unity 5 (or then 5.1, then 5.5, then 6…)???

Congrats on this amazing milestone. Yesterday’s announcement was the incentive I needed to start my Pro subscription. Keep up the good work.

[…] in ray tracing will include an impact on game developers in the nearer term with yesterday’s unveiling of version 5 of the popular Unity game engine. Unity 5 will leverage Imagination’s […]

[…] in ray tracing will include an impact on game developers in the nearer term with yesterday’s unveiling[5] of version 5 of the popular Unity game engine. Unity 5 will leverage Imagination’s […]

[…] without the need for plugins. The new engine will make use of WebGL and be released together with Unity 5.0 later this year according to the […]

Lots of great features there, very excited about WebGL – this is huge news!!! Can someone please explain what “early access” means in relation to WebGL?

>”WebGL is available as an early access add-on with Unity 5…”

[…] in ray tracing will include an impact on game developers in the nearer term with yesterday’s unveiling of version 5 of the popular Unity game engine. Unity 5 will leverage Imagination’s […]

[…] in ray tracing will include an impact on game developers in the nearer term with yesterday’s unveiling of version 5 of the popular Unity game engine. Unity 5 will leverage Imagination’s […]

Koblav, you may be able to take a loan out, some people cannot. You may have time to work in a coffee shop, some may not. I am just asking unity to make it a little easier, that’s it, just be able to pay it slowly without getting a Bank involved with high Interest rates. Just don’t assume everyone on this planet is in the same position, situation, finances, possibilities etc. as you.

[…] in ray tracing will include an impact on game developers in the nearer term with yesterday’s unveiling of version 5 of the popular Unity game engine. Unity 5 will leverage Imagination’s […]

Congratulations on this release!
Just one question….
How much of these awesome features will be available in the free version?

Oh to the c++ ranters… go tell that to the 50+% of people who’ve successfully published unity games to several platforms. Keep calm and just write efficient code!

The licenses are up there I agree, but if there’s anything that three guys in a basement working at a 1:10000 chance of creating a successful x-platform game engine know better than all of you, it’s sacrifice. They did a lot of it, surely you can do a bit of it too. If you need to get those licences but don’t have the money, take a Job in the coffee shop across the street from you. Save some money! Take a loan! and quit complaining already!

These hard working guys at UT don’t haven’t got it all right. But they’re sure doing pretty damn good at this democratization business. surely some appreciation is due.

[…] in ray tracing will include an impact on game developers in the nearer term with yesterday’s unveiling of version 5 of the popular Unity game engine. Unity 5 will leverage Imagination’s […]

“In response to all the c++ negativity. Unreal 4 is not udk the same as unreal 3 is not udk. There is no c++ access in udk. To get it you have to pay ££££££££’s to get the full engine and its source code so stating unreal is a better engine because its got c++ is daft as its not really comparable.” This changed today.

Seriously people that are complaining about pricing etc just knock it off. You sound like all the people that drive us nuts who think all our games should be free and not have any advertising. UNITY IS AWESOME and the fact that it appears to be getting better, faster and adding access to a feature set that would be utterly beyond most, if not all, indie developers reach is something to be very, very thankful for. So give up the 4 pizzas a month and pay the 40 bucks and quit crying, because I don’t want them to slow down or cut back features because they think we won’t pay a reasonable fee for it. Thanks everyone at Unity for making such a great product and keep pushing forward.

My update from further up. Now on my second day of not purchasing any assets saved already 54 Euros. I had been buying assets on sale and non-sale assets for over a year now, nearly every day. Unity please offer an asset coupon that we can all buy on the asset store for each 25, 50 ,75 or 100 Dollars. That would help as I just can’t save and that would help me to save for Unity.

INDY, I am with you. The pricing policies at Unity are a big repellent for me. I just recently spent $3k on Unity, still without the ability to do custom splash screen on Android, and I was convinced by the sales people that the upfront payment is much more affordable in the long run. I paid for Unity more than I paid on all software and operating systems in my life, combined.

This is bad news.

In response to all the c++ negativity. Unreal 4 is not udk the same as unreal 3 is not udk. There is no c++ access in udk. To get it you have to pay ££££££££’s to get the full engine and its source code so stating unreal is a better engine because its got c++ is daft as its not really comparable.

same with cryengine. Indie developers only have access to lua and some god awful documentation to go with it. Good luck making anything other than nice looking landscapes with that.

Not saying any engine is better than the rest. Ive used them all and they all have their pro’s and con’s but paying the full developer licence for some insane fee is the only way you’ll ever get c++ access in any engine.

WebGL? I’m not sure I understand, are Unity lead us to 3D web development with Oculus Rift? Which platform?

Finally, to clear up what appears to be some confusion:

“Mono” is an Open Source version of Microsoft’s “.NET” technology.

The .NET technology is, at heart, a common runtime and set of libraries to handle lots of common functions, like file handling, networking, reading XML files and so on. Loads of these functions are just as useful on other platforms, so Microsoft have tacitly supported an Open Source community version called “Mono”. (As far as I’m aware, Microsoft don’t formally contribute to the Mono project as a company, though individual employees at the company may well do so.)

Programs written in Mono aren’t compiled directly into machine code, but into an intermediate language called “MSIL”. This means any language can be supported by .NET in theory: just write a compiler that compiles to MSIL. MSIL bytecode is then compiled to the target computer’s native machine language, which has the advantage that you can optimise for a very specific environment if necessary. (In theory, the same .NET application should be able to run on Intel or ARM processors without even a recompile.)

The Mono Project – to give it its full name – is Microsoft’s .NET, minus the Windows-specific libraries, as those make no sense on non-Windows systems like GNU/Linux, *BSD or OS X.

MonoDevelop is a code editor that happens to be written in – and aimed at – programmers targeting either the Mono or .NET platforms. It is not itself a part of the Mono Project.

OMG! Great work guys, you continue to add amazing quality and value to Unity! And you continue to show you care about the community with price and features. Nuff Said!


There’s nothing in the Unity 5 press release that suggests Unity 4.x will suddenly stop working completely the moment Unity 5 comes out. If Unity 4 does everything you need it to do, you don’t need to upgrade until you absolutely need to do so.

For those demanding C++ support: read up on the language first.

C#, Boo and Javascript.Net are all supported as *scripting* languages because Unity uses the Open Source “Mono”* system to provide *scripting language support*. If the Mono system doesn’t support C++ as a scripting language, Unity cannot support it either.

(Never mind that C++ is a low-level programming language that’s a bizarre hybrid of portable assembly language and OOP. It is most emphatically NOT a scripting language, so asking for it to be supported as one is just weird.)

Contrary to popular belief, Unity DOES support programming and extensions written in C, Objective-C and C++, depending on platform. However, you will need to pay a lot of money as it requires a full source code access license and its associated customer support package.

It is actually very good value if you really need that kind of control, but that level of access is as far above “Pro” as “Pro” is to “Indie”. You’re literally getting access to the code used to actually *build* Unity, as well as access to the development team and support people who understand intimately how Unity’s plumbing all works together.

[…] without the need for plugins. The new engine will make use of WebGL and be released together with Unity 5.0 later this year according to the […]

Now that really pisses me off. Bought Unity4/iOS/Android Pro just a few weeks ago. Thank you Unity for making me pay twice now. Some investors want to see their ROI?

Hi, UT!
Congratulations for all the new version’s great features, specially WebGL.
One doubt: is WebGL going to support Mecanim and BlendShapes. And NGUI is going to work on it?
I can’t wait to test it.


[…] based shading, real-time GI, and real-time lightmap previews In his post on the company’s blog, Unity CEO David Helgason describes the biggest changes in Unity 5 as being those relating to […]

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[…] Read | Permalink | Email this | Comments […]

Pfft. The users complaining about c++ don’t even know how to take advantage of c++ in the first place. They all follow the first sheep to speak and join the complaints.

Just checked my upgrade price for unity 5 from unity 4.

it turns out I qualify for the discount price which is an unbelieveable $600.

THANK YOU UNITY. $600. This is incredible they listened to us from unity3 to 4 and now I have reason to have faith in my future purchases(excluding asset store, since they dont refunds anymore).

Guys please appreciate whats going on here. There is always critisim when a new release comes out and I understand but this time its implausible even if you just purchased unity 4.

Thank you!


Unity will never be in top 2 game engine

First ofc you know unreal engine 4
sec ofc cryengine
3rd we all know unity 5

when unity add c++ in Unity
i am gonna attach c++ tatto in my ass

wow unity 5 after reading comments realized i have to get my dick working on c#

will there even be C++ in unity???
how about after im in my coffin????
hell no??

Unity = Justin Bieber

[…] komt er dus een vijfde versie van Unity uit en dat is voor ons interessant omdat het nóg mooiere games zou moeten opleveren. In de eerste […]

Thanks for 64bit editor. Really impressive updates especially compared to unity 4.

I don’t know which feature is more motivating. They’re all amazing. Thank you Unity.

Only one rant though. Please be cautious with the pricing this time. I bought 4 under a year ago . Most unity users don’t make any money let alone to pay off the license and spend a year on a project. Not saying lowering too much, $999 for upgrading from 4 or just a pricing it a little lower would encourage users, bundles etc… But its worth every cent regardless of what happens.

[…] without the need for plugins. The new engine will make use of WebGL and be released together with Unity 5.0 later this year according to the […]

Well I am starting to rethink even using Unity.
I have paid thousands for assets and not once do you get a thanks or maybe a small coupon code, no nothing.
If you could pay 75 dollars a month and then at the end when you reach 1500 dollars and Unity would then belong to you, then I would have done that a long time ago.
Or why not have asset vouchers that you can buy on the asset store. These you could purchase from time to time on the store when you have a little extra cash along with other assets that you buy as well and then at some point when you are ready you can cash them in for your pro license.
Paying 1500 or more in one go is tough for many, when you don’t really need the pro at the moment. I have already paid once for a pro licence but got bummed on ebay and Unity took too long to inform me and my money was gone. So I am NOT too much in a hurry to buy this again.
I most probably NOT going to purchase any more assets now until I know what I get in Unity 5 and I am really rethinking even using Unity as their philosophy for Indie is dying quicker than you think.
If they really wanted to support indie users (novices like me) then don’t make your purchasing policies dam right out of reach for most of us. I could actually write a whole lot more about all this, but don’t want to push it either. Maybe I’ll be back and Unity will keep my custom. That all depends really on what they do at launch date. Somehow I get the feeling that nothing will change or happen. Pity that we can’t just all stop buying assets from Unity until they actually help us.

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@HAIM, MonoDevelop the editor was updated, not the Mono runtime, which is now over 4 years old.
Unity really needs to update the Mono runtime. Hopefully this will be in a 5.x update, although I won’t hold my breath.

Otherwise great to see the new PhysX and improved lighting! Two of my most requested features :)

[…] Unity Technologies today unveiled the 5th major version of their game engine and toolkit at the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco. Unity 5 will bring a large selection of new features to game developers so that Indie Devs in particular can spend more time building a quality game experience and less time focussing on the underlying engine. […]

Super excited for this update, but I have some question about several things that weren’t addressed by the reveal video :

1. Will the improved audio lift the single audio-listener restriction?
2. Is Stock Unity Networking being improved?
3. Can you tell us more about the multi-threading changes?


Just before introduction of monthly subscription i payed 1500$!
And i cant use my license with subscription!

And new version? Again?!

I have no good words for you

WTF? again new Unity? Unity 4.3 is’t even finished..
It’s gonna be same with Unity 5.3 and Unity 6 release.

Why don’t add Industry main language “C++”. C#,javascript and Boo is limited..
Even Unreal Engine 4 have C++.

And it cost USD$2500 per game doesn’t matters which platform.


NO C++!!!!!!!!!!

Luke, Dear lord I don’t believe you just said that the monthly option was more affordable. Have you even read how that works?

First off say you want to get just Unity Pro. That’s not a monthly cancel anytime deal it’s a 12 month lock in.

If then after 6 months, when you finish writing your game, you choose to add the Android Pro plug-in. You are now effectively locked into another 12 month contract but, this time it’s twelve months of both pro and the add on starting when you bought the add on.

If you later added iOS then guess what. Yep that’s right you are now locked into a new twelve month contract starting when you grabbed the iOS add on and also now including both Pro and the Android add on you bought earlier.

I looked at this thinking it was like the Adobe cloud subscription, where you get all their products for a flat monthly fee. Nope. This makes Adobe’s deal look positively saintly!

Awesome updates Unity! :)

I’m a long time Unity user since the 1.x days and boy has it come a long way since then!

I’m glad to see the 64 bit editor coming.

I’m also looking forward to hopefully, in the future getting a Linux Editor at some point… Unity 6 maybe? :)

@HAIM This is a common and understandable confusion. Zordon isn’t talking about MonoDevelop, but the mono framework itself, which is somewhere in the 2.x stage even though you get to edit your code in MonoDevelop 4.x.

BTW, it’s not really fair to dev. who upgraded to iOS PRO from v.1.x to now, even NOT any dollar discount for long time support.

Is there possible for INDIE dev. which has only 1 license or less than 3 licenses to upgrade iOS and Android license in lower price? Or adjust some Pro functions to non-Pro functions? Such as Static batching and native plugin? And my money earned by U3D iOS these 3 years even can NOT offer 1/2 of 1 iOS Pro, but I just bought it for BASIC performance functions and non-error build for new XCode.

Actually, Indie doesn’t need tons of Pro functions but critical in performance.

We are just have no money to upgrade every 2 years, but not bad skill for design game. The other non-engineer guys won’t understand it is about money if they saw a bad performance product without PRO version.

And in my situation, I even can NOT make others believe Unity3D is a execellent engine and to join the group, to pay license, if they don’t see a product performed well with non-Pro version. They even will laugh at me to involve so much in Unity3D and always try hard to make others want to dev. with U3D. I can NOT get offer for a job if I say I will use the “non-performed well” engine, nobody will believe it is just about money problem, they will think that’s problem of dev. guys who are not smart to design a good product.

[…] The speed of the technology is impressive (close to Java or C++) but setting up the toolchain required to generate asm.js is not for everyone. Mozilla’s second GDC announcement addressed that through a new collaboration with the popular game dev toolmaker Unity. A WebGL export target has been predicted for a while but it is now confirmed as an “add-on” in the forthcoming Unity 5. […]

I hope all the Options and features that planed and showed in the demo implemented to the Engine at last ! i love unity , and am using it since 2006 , i hope finally we got an Ultimate Solution ! and Kick UDK , Unity is Simple to Use , Handy and much more user Friendly but lacking some vital features , makes it difficult for big projects to come out , and i mean really big projects , we have 2 projects that we are just hold on development ! we are waiting for this day and its really great ! unity i hope the best for you , and in a one word , Unity 5 will be “UNITED Game Engine” ideal for any kind of dev.

It all sounds very nice, looking forward to it, but does any of that “optimizing the engine dramatically” involve exposing a native version of the scripting API (Ie, C or C++ linkage)? Under-the-hood optimizations are great, but my ability to really take advantage of them is limited (and hinders my programming workflow) if all of my non-VMed low-level code has to be needlessly marshalled twice (first into Mono and then out of it) every time execution for an individual GameObject crosses the Game Script vs Unity Engine boundary.

Also, what about pricing for non-game uses? Unity is not only fantastic as a game engine and game authoring tool, but IMO it also doubles as “What Flash should have been”. As such, there are non-game uses I’d love to employ Unity for, but the steep non-game pricing makes that difficult to pull off. I know other people who are facing the same dilemma, too.

Nonetheless though, congrats on v5, and I look forward to using it.

INDY, I hope you’re not complaining about the price. This is why Unity introduced the more affordable monthly option — It’s the approach I’m taking and it means I will always have the latest upgrades!

Hi, great news, all those features look awesome ?

Some questions ? :)

– Do PBL shaders will be easily extendable ?
– Does speedtree interaction will only works on terrain ? or single tree in scene too ?
– Anything on “Nested Prefabs” ? One of the most wanted feature after the new GUI I think.
– Can you give more details on those points please:
“New AssetBundle System”
“Ambient light scene render settings”
“Improved LOD Groups”

Thanks a lot and good work to all Unity Staff

And again about 2 000 $ for every license with mobile AddOns.
10/10/2007 Unity 2.0
09/27/2010 Unity 3.0 (new licenses after 3 years)
11/13/2012 Unity 4.0 (new licenses after 2 years)
midst 2014 Unity 5.0 (new licenses after 1.5 year)

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