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You can never have too many shaders. Whether you’re pursuing the elusive goal of hyper realistic 3D graphics or making a cute cartoon game for kids, shaders are definitely on your radar. And the Asset Store is here to help. 

While Unity 5 will make shader programming a breeze, there are still a lot of specialist assets that will come in handy in specific situations. We’d like to show you a few shaders that are currently on the shelves of the Asset Store, have great ratings and stellar support, but are a bit hidden behind the row of top sellers.

Candela SSRR: Advanced Screen Space Glossy Reflections by Livenda

This asset makes beautifully realistic reflections. In other words, it’s a highly optimized advanced screen space ray-traced glossy reflection post effect solution. And very easy to deal with, giving you the final control over the shiny surfaces in your desktop game. Pixel accurate. Pretty awesome. 

Depth of Field Mobile Shader by Barking Mouse Studio

If you’re making 3D mobile games with Unity Pro, you should definitely check this out. Just like a camera, it has an adjustable aperture, so you can intuitively control the depth of field while minimizing memory usage.


Planets by NexGen Assets

This great asset has a diffuse and a specular texture, it can also control the opacity of the clouds and night-lights on the planet, as well as its rotation and halo. Includes shaders for gas giants, stars and galaxies. Indispensable for space adventures!


Mobile HDR by Science Laboratory

Adapting the brightness of your scene swiftly can be draining on both the performance of your game and your development time. This HDR Bloom and Adaptive Brightness Correction tool has a custom inspector and includes full C# and Cg source code access. Save yourself the pain and get it!


Lens Dirtiness by David Miranda

Making a fast paced game and want to give players the feeling that the camera is right there in the dirt? Check out this camera post-processing effect for Unity Pro! Lens Dirtiness also includes lens flares and works on desktop and mobile. It costs less than a pizza!


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I’m totally amazed of the technology that Unity 3D has on it,I can’t wait to use these shaders on mobile projects, Keep doing that great work!

These are cool.

On a completely unrelated note, is there any chance in the future of showing off some stuff about the new GUI system before the 4.6 update?

I quote this: “While Unity 5 will make shader programming a breeze”

I haven’t seen anything in the Unity 5 trailer that shows this, nor I can read anything about it. I would think this is a good selling point since in unity 4 this is without a good 3rd party solution for non programmers a missing feature. Is this a feature to be anounched and saved for the news update blog? And is it a coop with the creator of “Shader Forge”? That once is incredibly nice tbh. Looking forwards about more info on that subject. =)

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