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For a few years now, we’ve seen some fantastic work by the community to support itself – fantastic content on the asset store, a vibrant and welcoming forum and answers presence, and some great tutorials. We know there is a ton of great learning content out there, and we’d like to find a way to aggregate it, and give credit by linking back to the best content we find.

What we’re looking for.

Do you have tutorials of any kind related to the world of Unity – Artwork, Development, Marketing and other related topics? Then we would love to hear from you! Email us with subject line ‘Community Learn’ at the below address – learn-email3


What will your post look like?

Because we will be curating to ensure quality, we’ll present your content alongside our existing topics in the Tutorials area of the Learn part of our site, which gets actively promoted by our social media channels. We’ll also be providing an author photo, biography and a link back to your site. One of the first members of the community to get involved is Emmy Jonassen – aka Indie Game Girl, a marketing specialist who wanted to share her fantastic content with you all. Community-post

So what are you waiting for? get in touch today! We can’t wait to see what the community can bring to the Learn resource.

7 replies on “Community posts on ‘Learn’ – Teach Us!”

Great news, I hope to see some Intermediate, Advanced tutorials, talking about practical experience, performance wise, level design, scripting design patterns, or anything. I’m a newbie and I can’t wait to learn more awesome knowledge from Unity community. I finished all tutorials from Learn long time ago, I wish a lot more tutorials will come soon. Thanks for sharing!!!

That is a great idea!
There are many people out there that wrote incredible articles about Unity. It would be very handy to have access to them in the same place!

Well Will you know how I feel about educational content.
So I’ll be sure to submit some posts / tutorials / videos as soon as I’m able

Hi Will!

I’m planning on starting a serie of video tutorials in spanish because there’s a serious lack of material in my languaje. Is non-english material allowed? I think it could be a good idea to filter by languaje and be some kind of central repository for the community.


Great initiative! I just sent an email with my contribution. Looking forward to (hopefully) being part of the ‘Learn’ section :)

Funny you should mention this. I should be uploading an updated version of my (admittedly rather old) Tic-Tac-Tut tutorial within the week.

All the coding is done. I just need to set aside enough time to rewrite the documentation.

I’ll also be including an early version of another project I’ve been working on that aims to demystify computers and programming in general, though that may have to wait until the update planned for when Unity 4.6 hits, with its shiny new GUI system.

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