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Following hot on the heels of the PlayStation®Mobile (PSM) public preview, we’re proud to announce the full official release of the Unity for PSM build. Hurrah!

Tell me it’s free

Yep, the extremely good news is that, for the first time ever, anyone on the PSM Developer Program can publish their Unity content to PlayStation®Store and target PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita) completely free of charge.

There’s no dev kit; there are no fees. What’s more, the PSM build option works with both the free version of Unity and Unity Pro so developing and deploying your PS Vita game need never cost you a dime.

What do I get?

Amongst other things, the Unity for PSM build option features In-App Purchase APIs, so it’s easy to bring free-to-play content to the PlayStation®Store. Plus, you can use the Unity for PSM build option to distribute to the new entertainment system from Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE): PlayStation®TV.

If you’ve already downloaded the public preview, you’ll also notice that we’ve been busy fixing bugs, boosting performance and adding on-device script debugging.

Sounds cool, how do I get hold of it?

Download a dedicated version of the Unity engine with the PSM build option here (we’ll be integrating it in the Unity product cycle A.S.A.P.). Note that to deploy to PSM you have to register with SCE – it’s quick and simple. The PSM build option is only available for the Windows version of Unity.

How does PSM deployment differ from Unity’s PS Vita build option?

The PSM build option is designed to provide quick, simple and free access for development on a standard retail PS Vita.  Unity’s existing PS Vita build option, on the other hand, gives you full native access to PS Vita and full access to PSN. As part of your PS Vita dev kit, you also get a comprehensive suite of performance and native debugging tools, Visual Studio integration and Razor CPU/GPU performance tools.

Why target PS Vita?

If you’re thinking about making the leap to console development, targeting PS Vita is a great way to familiarize yourself with PlayStation® controls and conventions. What’s more, porting your existing mobile games to PS Vita is extremely easy!


* PlayStation is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.


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  1. Call Sony Helpline

    August 5, 2014 at 12:09 pm

    I tried setting this up today but no luck, any tips? Am currently on hold on the sony helpline but taking forever to get through

    1. There is some detailed info on SCE’s site : “Unity for PSM” Overview
      And the Unity PSM Forum can be helpful.

  2. Liking the sound of this. Free you say? I’m in!

    Sara @ simpleNewz

  3. Thank you Unity!

  4. Does integration with the main version of Unity mean I can finally build from a Mac?

    1. No, that’s a separate thing. The reason why a Mac can’t be used is because the PSM Tool Set (which is maintained by SCE; similar to an SDK) currently only exists for Windows.

  5. excellent !! thank you unity guys !

  6. One more platform to publish to. You guys are spoiling us. this is way too much!

  7. This is very exciting news. You guys have been rocking it lately. Keep up the great work.

  8. Our game never worked on the Vita, hope this new version works. Btw, it’s based on Unity 4.3?

    1. Yes, Unity for PSM is currently based on Unity 4.3.4 – but we are working on integrating the PSM support into the ‘main’ version of Unity. Eventually it will become part of the regular release cycle.

  9. Super groovy!
    ..that confirms it..gotta get a vita!
    Unity is #1!

  10. Unity is the BEST

  11. Riccardo Arena

    June 20, 2014 at 12:22 pm

    Hey, any news regarding PSM assistant in Japan?
    It’s not available yet on the market :(

    1. It should be available now – I was able to update the Unity DevAssistant on my Japanese PS Vita a couple of hours ago.

  12. Great work guys! /

  13. This is great news that its out now and there are some nice additions in it too compared to the previous version, great work everyone

    @Jonathan: Sonys toolchains (which is the core required to even dev for PSM) don’t support anything but Windows from what I recall so you will need Windows, either a real one (through bootcamp) or in VMWare Fusion / Parallels.

  14. Will the ability to publish to PSM be coming to Mac at a later date or will it have to always be on windows?

  15. Can’t wait to get my games released on my number one gaming device :)
    Expect some releases very soon from me guys !

  16. Wow! That’s really a wonderful news for all game developers! Now even those just starting and students can try themselves in Unity developemnet and publish their games for freee. I think it’s a huge step ahead for all gaming industry!