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Sometimes, it’s hard to put a finger on what makes the Asset Store so special. Is it the relief that you feel when you find out that “there’s an asset for that”? Or just the breathtaking diversity? For me, it’s that Asset Store is a real ecosystem, with assets battling for dominance in their respective niches. This constantly drives the quality upwards while keeping prices down.

Reading this thread about rock models on Polycount got me wondering: How many rock assets can we have on the Asset Store? I counted around 75, from hot lava to weathered pebble asphalt.

And that’s not counting assets like this one:

Hard Rock Title (Steve Vai style) by Alchemy Studio – Matteo Bosi

Here’s a little selection of a few assets that really, well, rock. They deliver rock solid quality for prices that range from zero to forty dollars. Check them out and start your own fascinating rock collection or, you know, use them in that awesome game you’re working on.

Better Rocks and Cliffs by Quantum Theory786639a8-7555-4219-9a6f-4e6a665fcdf1_scaled

With the tagline: “Tired of iced cream scoop rocks?”, Quantum Theory delivers a step up in quality with ridiculously realistic textures and pixel perfect shading. Each rock has a unique surface variance.

Rock and Boulders by Manufactura K4 (Michael O.)55f11288-734f-423b-a2a8-ef02752fb381_scaled

The demo included in this package is only missing dramatic music to be the perfect opening scene for an epic adventure. This detail oriented package has huge boulders, small pebbles, stones covered with snow, five skyboxes and even a few trees.

Rock Pack 01 by Alex S.


Working on a next gen Rock Simulator? Get your main heroes from this package! This affordable asset has seven rock models and three tileable textures. You can customize everything to your heart’s desire, since .ztl source files are also a part of the deal.

Cave Rocks Kit by Chad Travis

Mysterious cave? Check. Stone corridor leading into darkness? Double check. A strange device with a potentially deadly light beam? So much check! If you’re making a dark adventure game, don’t miss this highly original package. Warning – you might get inspired!


Rock cliff or cave by Allegorithmic


Allegorithmic sells literally hundreds of different textures on the store for a few dollars. It’s really easy to just slap this on your models and tweak all those parameters until perfection. In the end, you’ll have your own unique pet rock.

Rock Pack – Freebies by Nobiax / Yughues


This is exactly what it says, seven free models of rock, with seven prefabs and their respective colliders. It can be a great placeholder art for prototyping or an alright final solution for any budget-conscious project.

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@Kristyna Paskova, Overall I’m happy with the assets I’ve purchased.

I find it very useful when an asset comes with a simple demo scene. Not all of them do and not all of the ones that do bother to mention it in the asset store description.

Some of the assets I’ve purchased are fine but the demo scene is broken (e.g., an incompatible/obsolete shader), which is also bad. As an asset purchaser, it would be nice if there was a standard way to know if a demo scene was included and what versions of Unity it was tested on.

Less of this — I read the UNITY blog to see how UNITY is progressing not to be marketed to — thanks.

When this blog becomes quiet… is because the new version is coming… it was that way since 2.6.

Thank you for the reply, so I’m waiting for the new blogs to come every day and watch every hour, so I appreceiate your work on everything, I prefer the devs to work on stuff instead of bloggin about it really, but I wouldn’t mind someone on the unity side to just tell us what’s going on. we don’t need deep technical stuff, just a little info on what comes next. so we can make sure to be ready for it when it comes out.

I don’t really care for asset promotions on here, I can go directly to the Asset Store for that. I would prefer more tech posts, but particularly feature presentations of Unity 5 as well… your communication spiked a while ago and now it’s getting too quiet again. There is so much you could show.

You guys gotta ge some more love to Unity blog posts. 4.6 and 5.0 announcements will come in due time. Personally I prefer the devs work on 4.6 and 5.0 rather than be blogging about it, that way it gets released faster :)

It’s a blog. They can post about assets they like or don’t like or how rocks smell or even how good rock soup is. I don’t care. I don’t have to read this. Would I like a super new tech article? Yep. Do I like rocks? Yep. I might get annoyed if there’s a post tomorrow on grass, then clouds, then whatever.

Maybe this is to show how nice rock simulator would be done with Unity? Where is the post about goat models?

In the end, it’s a blog. I’ll read the topics that interest me and ignore the rest.

What caught my attention of this post was the “Steve Vai” style song. I didn’t realize that was a genre. It deserves to be. :)

Yes, we love your tech blogs and it would be wonderful if we can get more info about Unity 5.0 – I htink all developers are anxious to find out more

Ads for job positions, ads for some random medi-quality asset store entries (the asset gets already so much unnecessary “uber-mega-deal” front page ads)

This blog slowly degenerate into a marketing show :(.

Really guys.. if you don’t have anything interesting to say, just don’t say anything! We already got enough useless “look how awesome our asset store is” – blog posts.

I might be in the minority here but I appreciated this blog.

I’m working on a top down procedural scene generator for my game and I’ve been buying a lot of rock and tree type assets lately.

Anyway, keep up the good work!

I have to agree with james. They have been doing substantially better then in the past. If people fail to see that then they are just blind.

@CHENIX – That’s a load of garbage!! I’m sorry but I had to say something the Unity guys have churned out information and time again upped the quality of their engine. Also they are very open about what they are doing. Every blog post does not have to be some in depth tech paper. You guys complaining about this blog post should be ashamed. Seriously ridiculous.

The lack of professional articles about the Game Engine, new features, road map and such,
inevitably reflect the lack of enthusiasm that UT has for it own game engine.
Although I do most of my work in Unity, these days I keep coming back to Unreal site just to enjoy the much love and respect those guys have for their product and community.

Would love to hear about the progress with 4.6, or more in-depth information on Unity 5 PBR shaders, speedtree, ballpark release date, etc.

In particular, I am shifting over to maknig PBR textures – aside from some material from GDC, there isn’t a whole lot of information on the upcoming unity 5 PBR system. Would love to hear some in-depth information regarding the unity 5 pbr shaders. Is there a PBR terrain shader? Are the PBR shaders viable for next-gen mobile devices (ala tegra k1), etc.

Kinda preaching to the choir with these blog posts about rocks in the asset store.

oh unity please stop search for money :@@ i begin mad , we wanna see unity 5 speed tree scene or AAA scene or that f***n machine you provided it before :@

I’ve been waiting nearly a week for a dev blog, can we please get more technical blogs? or any info about Unity 5.0 or Unity 4.6?

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