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We are happy to announce that today Unity 5 pre-order customers and Unity Pro subscribers can download the Unity 5.0 pre-order beta.

Unity 5 brings together an extraordinary collection of new features. Everyone from individuals to enterprise-size teams will be able to create content that looks and sounds significantly sharper and more polished compared to what was possible in earlier versions of the engine. There are major advancements on performance and scripting, and new platform support.

Beta access is a valuable training opportunity for what will be our largest release to date. This huge leap of quality and power comes with many new UI interfaces and scripting changes. As always, we aim to balance this out with workflows that are as straight-forward and intuitive as possible. Joining the beta offers our most loyal customers a head start in learning these new tools and APIs.

For the Unity 5.0 pre-order beta release our Learn team have created a number of tutorials to get you started with some of the new features of Unity 5:

Shading and Lighting

The Standard Shader
Lighting in Unity 5


Intro to Audio in Unity 5: Mixers and Groups
Intro to Audio Effect Processing
Send and Receive Audio Effects
Duck Volume Audio Effect
Audio Mixer Snapshots
Exposed Parameters in Unity 5’s Audio Mixer
Upgrading to the New Audio Mixer Pt 1
Upgrading to the New Audio Mixer Pt 2


State Machine Behaviours
State Machine Hierarchies

You can also peruse the following blog posts and Unite 2014 presentations:

Blog posts
Global Illumination
Frame debugger
Audio Mixer
High-performance physics
New animation features
Physically-based Standard Shader
Future of Scripting (IL2CPP)
Automatic Script Updating for API changes
WebGL Performance

Unite 2014
Mastering physically-based shading in Unity 5
Best practices for physically-based shading
Lighting workflow in Unity 5
WebGL deployment in Unity 5
Physics in Unity 5
Asset Build system in Unity 5
SpeedTree for Unity 5
Audio Mixer
Animation in Unity 5

Our developers are hard at work polishing 5.0 and awaiting your feedback. Please report any encountered bugs in the usual way. More importantly, we look forward to hearing all about your 5.0 beta experience on the forums.


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  1. Hi,

    My Unity 5 Beta (5.0.0b15 ) is crashing just after typing the serial and hitting ok. No idea how to get past this.. Might be hard to troubleshoot :/ ?


    1. I have experience the same situation. Any idea how to fix this?

    2. +1

      Same issue, 64bit Windows 8.1 Pro with 64bit Unity 5 beta. Either allows me to input my serial number and then closes the window and does nothing or crashes with error.

      Seems very odd to have such a large amount of users experiencing this, not well tested for a public beta. That said im so exited to jump in on this and try it out. How long for a rebuild?

    3. See release notes for fix of crash on serial input dialog:

      Workaround is to activate from command-line as follows:

      Delete C:\ProgramData\Unity\Unity_v5.x.ulf (if it exists)
      Run “Unity.exe -serial (serial)” from command-line. This will activate Unity and write license file, so only have to do this once.

  2. Is 2D particle collision support planned for Unity 5?

  3. Somehow you stopped me for playing (Slots Central) a game I enjoy, I was told to install UNIY in order to keep on playing the game, I tried to install unity, but every time I tried the insatllment failed, I have tried to install it now for at least a week, and last night I let it install all night but to no awail, how is it that you in Denmark can ruin games here in the U S A ? Better yet how can I get back to what I was doing before you ruined it for me?

    Your unity has taken all the fun of playing Slots Central, you stated that in order to play ( Slots Central) I would have to install unity, I tried for a week to install, but it always failed, I finally gave up, but now I can not get back to Slot Central games, you have blocked it. so please fix the problem I was doing ok until you came into my computer uhinvited. Jan S.

    1. Unity didn’t change anything. The developer of Slots Central decided to switch over to Unity. You need the Unity Web Plugin, which is not the Unity Game Development System. Hope that helps.

  4. When will the free version be released? Anybody know? Dying to try it out. Also, any idea when the stable builds will start rolling out?

  5. Will there be a beta for the free version of Unity 5?

  6. I installed the pre-order now (32-bit edition) and i did not find the WebGL build option anywhere. I tried downloading beta 9 and 11 as well and had no luck ith any of them.
    what am I missing?

    1. I think there is no support for 32-bit OS : (

    2. I had the same issue… then I found out that you have to be using the 64-bit version of the editor in order to build to WebGL.

  7. Has Unity thought about perhaps doing an introductory 24 hour sale for Unity 5, like it does for some of the assets in the Asset Store? Maybe a 24 hour discount window for anyone that purchases the Pro and a mobile development suite, like the iOS suite?

    I know I’d jump at the change of getting Unity 5 at a 24 hour intrudctory discount!!!


  8. I use DiveSDK on Unity 5.0 bera.But can not use the gyroscope on Android……How can i fix this error !?

    Error line:
     javadivepluginclass = new AndroidJavaClass(“com.shoogee.divejava.divejava”) ;

    1. The error not appear in 4.6……
      I don’t know why appear in 5.0.


    November 1, 2014 at 4:23 pm

    The videos are really great! I’m really looking forward in purchasing Unity Pro 5!

    I was wondering, can I still preorder 5 Pro? If yes, is that going to upgrade my Indie 4 License to Unity 4.x Pro?

    Thanks for your attention

    1. Allesandro —

      I purchased Unity Pro back in June 2014 and Unity 5 Pro was included as a free upgrade. If you order now, in addition to the pre-order for Unity 5 Pro, you’ll be able to unlock the Pro features of 4.x as I’m doing as well.

      Hope this info helps!!

  10. This looks great!
    I got a questions though; Is the “problem” with instanceIDs fixed now? I suppose it is a bug as it behaves very strange on switching scenes, reloading Unity and so on. It isn’t persistent, as it should, and that’s exactly what I wish to achieve.

    1. Aras Pranckevičius

      October 31, 2014 at 7:48 pm

      instanceIDs are not “persistent” and were never meant to be.

      1. Ooh… so I missunderstood their purpose. They’re just existent to compare instances to check whether their the same, right? Too bad for me, I’ll have to find another way around.

        Wouldn’t it be practical to keep them “persistent” (it’s soo close…. they just change when switching scenes ingame) so they would serve multiple ways? It wouldn’t harm their original purpose.
        I probably missunderstood again, didn’ t I?

      2. como

    2. aaaaah i waited for this for a long timel ca”t wait to get my hands on this. :)

  11. Hi
    I want improve unity in large terrain options ( like to cryengine) but with some options to reduce or increase graphic.

  12. Please add some features to rendering large scale terrains.(unity in this case is very weak !)

  13. Quando vai sair a versão para linux da engine unity? a 5 ja funcionara no linux ?

  14. WordPress deployment; how can a webGL game from Unity be placed on a wordpress theme? By wordpress plugin or shortcode? Any steps now to future proof my wordpress website so webGL from Unity can be embedded?

  15. do you have the packages for test PBS?

  16. can you have unity 5 and 4 at the same time, also will there be motion blur?

  17. Does this beta version has all features contained in 4.6 beta? I’m having problems using the new gui. A project that works on 4.6.0b21 does not work on 5.0.0b9

    1. No, 5.0b9 is equivalent to 4.6b20.

      5.0 UI will always slightly trail 4.6 until 4.6 is released.

  18. I just downloaded version 5 and nothing seems to work on my project,

    I got a lot of errors, from Chartboost, Google analytic, and also on GUI

    I eventually got it working and all my animation was not working, so i decided to make a new project from scratch, i made a new project and added a simple box and when i tried to export it to Xcode i got the error


    Such a disappointment

    1. Sorry to hear that the beta gave you a rough time. Please file a report about the failing build for us to take a closer look.

  19. Buying perpetual license can I be sure that I wiill receive updates for about 2 years before Unity 6 would appear?

  20. Hello,
    I installed Unity 5.0.0b9 (64-bit), But when I want to use ‘Network View’ component, I get the following error :
    [**The commponent NetworkView can’t be added because it is not suppored by selected platform**]

    Also when I want to build of the project, This message displays the console again :
    [**’NetworkView’ is not supported when building for Win**]
    (*Note: I’ve attached the component in Unity 4, And now upgraded to Unity 5.)

    Is this a bug? Or changes occurred in Unity 5 ??
    Thank you

  21. I installed Unity 5.0.0b9 (64-bit), But when I want to use ‘Network View’ component, I get the following error :
    -> [ The commponent NetworkView can’t be added because it is not suppored by selected platform ]

    Also when I want to build of the project, This message displays the console again :
    -> [ ‘NetworkView’ is not supported when building for Win ]
    (*Note: I’ve attached the component in Unity 4, And now upgraded to Unity 5.)

    Please answer, very important.
    Thank you

  22. Is there any possibility in the future to have dynamic objects cast indirect light to other objects? Right now the potential of the GI system goes to waste on a fully dynamic scene.

  23. I am very excited I get to start working with Unity 5. However, the Lighting tab is missing and all the examples work with this tab. When will we get the build the tutorials are using??

  24. I can’t enter license number on Mac (OS X 10.10). After a few characters, it goes into “beach ball mode”. On Windows it works perfectly. (…and it works great there: The WebGL player is a real game changer!)

    1. Unfortunately, we’re having quite a bit of trouble with the new Mozilla-based browser integration — especially on Mac. It was chosen because it was the only browser that supported running embedded in-process in 64-bit across all platforms. We’re now looking at replacing this with an out-of-process solution but for 5.0 we’re stuck with Gecko.

      I’ll try to reproduce the problem (also the crash-on-paste that ERWAN BÉZIER reported).

      1. It seems that you only have a few seconds to enter the license before it beach ball. If you paste license it goes directly into beach ball. I guess if you are really quick it is possible to enter it – but current high score for me is 6-7 correct characters… has anyone been able to get past the license dialog on Mac? (Mac is the most important platform because it can build for all platforms, only reason for Windows is Visual Studio with ReSharper and Visual Assist)

        1. Hmm, I’ve tried on both 10.9 and 10.10 but so far couldn’t reproduce the problem. Both entering and editing the serial number manually well as pasting it in works. Could you file a bug from the system where it fails so we can see some more details about your configuration? (the bug reporter can be launched manually by opening the “Unity Bug Reporter” app in the Unity installation folder).

        2. I could not paste the code (OS X 10.9) but I had no trouble when typing it.

  25. This is a great way to start the week. Thanks Unity team!

  26. 5.0 looks amazing, but what I really need is 4.6’s new GUI to be publishable with the Web Player for my team’s Kickstarter campaign. Its the only thing really holding us back atm. Unity gods, please get 4.6 released to the public and stable as soon as you can.

    1. Aras Pranckevičius

      October 27, 2014 at 7:52 pm

      The UI team is doing exactly that.

  27. Wow awesome! I thought this day would never come! :D


    October 27, 2014 at 6:08 pm

    Where can I pre-order Unity 5 ? and I will be able to get this beta if I pre-order it ?

      1. Does the Unity 5 beta support console builds or will console deployment be ready at launch?

  29. Perfeect… Insaane.. I love you :)

  30. Just downloaded 5 Beta. Following the video tutorials….I’m not seeing the “Lighting” tab anywhere. Looks like it’s next to the inspector by default in the video but this build I downloaded doesn’t have it ( “Lighting” is also not listed in the Window list.

    1. Nevermind…I see in the forums that the download is beta 9 and the videos are beta 10. I’ll just wait.

  31. when will the full done version come out?

    1. Aras Pranckevičius

      October 27, 2014 at 4:30 pm

      When we fix all the shipstopper bugs and iron out the shipstopper workflow issues. Right now this mostly depends on what kind of feedback we’ll get from 5.0 beta.

      1. do you think it will come out before christmas?

  32. Thank you for your speed on this! I have a really important question and please respond this.. I have a big project which is created in U4 and developing for last 18 months. However i’m getting memory crash in editor because of the 32-bit limitations. So i wanted to upgrade the whole project to U5. Should i do that with this Beta release or should i wait for the final U5 release? My project will be release in 5-6 months but as i said i am getting memory crashes and i can not scale up the project anymore. Please respond. Thanks!

    1. The same problem, Volkan. I have a big project, too (80 GB), and big problems with memory and crashes because of running out of memory. I use Windows 8.1 64 bit. 32 bit Unity is slow. I download Unity 5.0 and upgraded one of projects to see what happen. Unity 5.0 is quicker and not use so much memory, but not everything works as should. So be careful. Today, I will be testing Unity 5.0, so I will know more.

      1. Thanks for your reply Tomza. Yesterday i’ve upgraded the copy of my project and everything works fine. However my main concern is the posibility of any major change just before the final release of Unity 5 which can broke my project.

        So, Unity STAFF; Please light us?

        1. Could you tell me something about performance when you use such a big project? What operating system are you using? I use Windows 8.1 64 bit and when I try to go into Play Mode, I’m forced to wait very long to be in runtime. I had not such a problem when I used Unity on Windows 7 32 bit. When I have a small project opened in Unity, the runtime comes quickly.

        2. I’m using Windows 8 x64 on 8 core CPU, 32 GB ram and 7970 GPU. If i work (change code on scripts) on actual level scene the editor crashes instantly when compiling new code (C#). So i’m making logic (code) changes on a dummy(almost empty) scene for a long time.. And yes, it’s not so practical.

        3. I forgot to mention; game’s performance is great in standalone build because the code is highly optimized. It’s a topdown strategy game with almost 1M tris running middle-conf machine with ~60 FPS.

        4. But when you click Play, do you wait long to be in runtime? I’m forced to wait 30 min or more? it’s too long I think. Do you experience such a delay?

        5. Actually i can’t even play an actual level scene in editor. When start Unity and load level scene and press play it gives memory error and crash. This is why i continue development on empty scene.

        6. That’s really bad! I switched among scenes and I experienced an Unity crash too. I hope Unity 5.0 will be more stable in the future.

        7. I tried my project(40gb) with Unity 5 beta and first time it gave me the message do you want to convert it …. I pressed yes and that it crashed after awhile with bug window , now when I try to start my project again with Unity5 it crashes immediately with no error msg. I think the most important thing on a good engine is memory handling there is no need to load everything up into memory at once it should be streamed and same goes for levels they should be streamed this would ensure always the same amount of memory used no matter how large the project is. I don’t know if you guys have the same thing but my projects in unity 4 keep getting corruppted one time it works fine no errors next day cannot find scripts only thing helps to do the project from scratch which is more than frustrating.

    2. Tristan Bellman-Greenwood

      October 28, 2014 at 1:07 am

      Make a Unity 5.0 fork of your repository and go crazy. That way, if something goes wrong everything is still intact.

      1. I’m using private git but if you have 60 GB project folder and making daily code work, it’s not that easy to make this as u said.

        1. Exactly! But you can copy your project and test Unity 5.0 to see if everything works OK. If something goes wrong, you will have the copied project. I am doing the same now and my project is bigger than your :).

      2. ebellisimo

  33. This is super awesome news :D Thank you Unity!

  34. Can’t buy 5.x upgrage in Russia through local resellers. One of them has no such option in their pricelist and the other one has, but can’t execute the order.

    I’ve already paid for 4.x to 5.x upgrade unfortunately to the second reseller but can’t get my serial key. Is it some kind of sanctions or what’s the problem?

  35. Will the 4.6 version stop being beta now? I’d like to use it but am not confident with beta releases

    1. You should use the 4.6 beta. I’ve used it and already made two releases without any problems.

    2. you should use 4.6. I’ve used it and published two releases without any problems

      1. Please don’t tell someone they should use a beta just because you personally didn’t come across a problem with it. There are plenty of problems – some of which slowed down my development. I would advise caution – check out the list of unresolved issues and then decide if they are relevant to your game. Also, keep in mind that a lot of problems are not going to be listed.

  36. Great work. Well done! Thank you!

    I cannot see the familiar old naming convention like Unit 5 Free and Unity 5 Pro. Does it means since Unity 5 we no longer have a free (Indie) version?

    1. Aras Pranckevičius

      October 27, 2014 at 4:18 pm

      The free version is not going away. But this 5.0 beta is not “public” – it’s for preorder/subscription customers only. We haven’t decided yet whether we’ll do a completely public 5.0 beta yet – we might or might not (if we don’t, then free license users will have to wait for final 5.0 release).

      1. Mehran Taherimoud

        October 27, 2014 at 5:59 pm

        Thank you Aras

  37. Great news. I’m waiting for final version of Unity 5.

  38. Great news.
    But I heard this beta does not include New UI Tools.
    When Unity5.0 released, does it include New UI Tools?
    I am waiting for New UI Tools long time from I watched “Unity5 Feature Preview”.

    1. All of the UI Tools from 4.6 up through beta 20 (4.6b20) was merged to this pre-order beta.

      5.0’s final release, will include all of changes from 4.6.

      1. Thanks!
        I will cheer UI team :-)

  39. Would bugfixes from Unity 5 go also to Unity 4.x?

    1. The simple answer is “it depends”, because not all bugs in 5.x are in 4.x or vice versa.

      Where it makes sense we do our best to cross over, but the underlying code is also diverging so not always simple to do.

      Lastly, we do listen to the bug reports for 4.x and if it’s fixed and 5.0 and reasonable to back port, then we do.

  40. Unity 4.6 beta was working slowly on my Windows 8.1 64 bit and crashed because of being out of memory. I’m in the middle of a complicated project and my employer is impatient. I downloaded Unity 5.0 and during the installation I had a msvcr110.dll problem, but i installed Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable and Unity 5.0 started.
    Now I am upgrading the project. I don’t want to see out of memory problems any more!

    64 bit editor – I want it!!!

    I have a pro license and ask you Unity Team to think about any solution to make Unity running on Linux with using Asset Store. Soon, OpenSuse 13.2 will be released soon and I wish to run Unity 5.0 on Linux to test it. This is my dream.

    But, I’m glad at least have Unity 5.0 64 bit. Listen to Unity users, Unity Team – only good can come from them.

    Good ideas for next Unity versions!

    1. I had a msvcr110.dll problem, but i installed Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable and Unity 5.0 started.

      The VS2010 runtime dependency (brought in by the embedded Gecko HTML engine) slipped through the net and is being fixed.

  41. Rajpreet Dhillon

    October 27, 2014 at 12:02 pm

    Excellent. I really appreciate all the tutorials being released at the same time as the beta. Downloading now.

  42. Very nicely done. But “‘NetworkView’ is not supported when building for Win.” ?? Can someone make sense of that?

    1. I believe that is a known bug that is in progress of being addressed.

      1. Thanks a lot, Alex! Other than that I am DELIGHTED!!

        1. Has there been any progress on this bug fix, or is Unity 5 still not supporting ‘NetworkView’ ?

  43. Great news and congrats!!!.

    Does Unity5 work well with Oculus?

  44. Richard Griffiths

    October 27, 2014 at 10:01 am

    Well done on getting this out for pre-order/sub beta. Looking forward to evaluating it with our game and third party assets =).

    Thanks guys!

  45. Congrats guys!
    Feels awesome to finally use it after all these months you teasing us with all these new features! So exciting to see all the new options to try and also test Web GL publishing!
    The window does crash when pasting the serial on OSX but after that it’s all good :)
    Quick question tough: do you allow releasing games using this beta?

    1. Aras Pranckevičius

      October 27, 2014 at 10:05 am

      Yes, if the beta works fine for you – go ahead and release the game if you want to. Some games already did that:

      1. Great news! I assumed games might have been allowed to be released with Unity 5 because of a tight relationship with UT and being part of the closed-beta program, glad to hear I was wrong!
        Feels like christmas :)

  46. Aaaah I waited for this for a long time! Can’t wait to get my hands on this. =)