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Many games don’t achieve the success they deserve, and that’s a real shame. If your game is underperforming, analytics can help you understand why that’s the case, so you can make informed decisions to dramatically improve its performance.

Informed game design decisions can keep players playing longer and spending more. If players spend more time in your game, it’s a fair bet that it’s because they like it. This also makes them more inclined to recommend it to others, potentially creating a virtuous circle.

It’s for these reasons that we’re now making powerful, easy to use analytics services available to Unity developers everywhere. Our current release is just the beginning – we first want to make sure we are delivering simple, high quality analytics to those developers who may not have the time or resources to use other solutions or to build their own. Over time, we’ll be rolling out more research, data, and analytics related products all with an eye towards the larger goal of democratizing game success. With better analytics and data, we strongly believe all developers will have an opportunity to build games that players love, and to find players that keep coming back.

Check out the (free) beta

How it works

Unity Analytics gathers data from your game and transfers that data to a cloud-based datastore. From there, our advanced segmentation technology processes and analyzes the data, which is then delivered to the Unity Analytics Dashboard for you to inspect.

Getting started

The web-based dashboard is your analytics command center. It’s the place where you monitor simple game performance metrics. As you gain greater knowledge of your game and become more familiar with Unity Analytics’ tools, you can set up custom metrics to help you pinpoint exactly where you want to make changes in your game.

The open beta dashboard comes with handy explanations and tips built into the interface to make the process of familiarizing yourself with workflows and tools as intuitive and simple as possible.

Here are a few tips to help you understand how you can make a start on using your Dashboard to understand your game’s engagement, retention, and monetization performance.

Your Dashboard will tell you the number of daily active users (DAU) and monthly active users (MAU).  DAU is the number of players who played at least one session on a given day. It is used to evaluate the “stickiness” of your game.

MAU is the number of unique players who played at least one session in the last thirty days. It’s a useful metric for measuring the growth of your game.  DAU and MAU are indicators of Engagement, the extent to which your game is constantly drawing people in and keeping them glued.

Another metric to examine in your Dashboard is the retention rate, the percentage of new players who return over a specified period of time after their first day in the game. Standard retention rates are calculated for 1, 7, 30 days. The retention rate indicates how frequently your player returns and engages with your game.

As your player population grows and retention rates are solid, you’ll want to consider boosting your monetization. The Dashboard provides ARPDAU and ARPU information. These are metrics you can use to gauge and boost your revenue stream.

ARPDAU is the Average Revenue Per Daily Active User. It is calculated as the Total Revenue for a Given Day / Number of Active Users that Day. For many games, an ARPDAU of $0.05 is a good first benchmark.

ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) is calculated as Total Revenue / Total Number of Users and describes your average earnings per user. The benchmark for ARPU varies widely depending on the type and genre of your game.


Sign up now. The beta is free to all Unity developers! We currently support Unity WebPlayer, WebGL, Windows,Windows 8.1, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8.1 applications, with support for additional platforms upcoming.

After signing up, if you have thoughts and experiences you want to share or features you want added, please stay in touch. At this time, the best place to request new features is the discussion area in the Unity Analytics forum. If you run into any difficulties, you can also send a note at!

Unity Analytics (formerly Playnomics) is a new member of the Unity family, but our industry-leading technology has been under development for five years. Game developers across the world rely on Unity Analytics tools to provide the very richest data insights in an easy-to-digest, actionable format.



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Hi Unity Team,

I tried Unity Analytics Beta with test project, it’s so easy to setup and integrate with games. integrating Unity analytics is easy then ever I used analytics tool like flurry and fuseboxx, even it’s just very tiny size packate of 50KB unity package and near about 215kb in assets without any complex resource files for Android and lib file for iOS, it just have one jar file for android and one mm file for iOS.

But still, I have few questions and suggestion about it.


1. During beat unity analtics is free, but what about final price or price plan. I read unity planing to keep it free for unity developer but it’s yet not final it should be free or paid. Few analytics tool are provide free support under some condition, (like FuseBoxx analytics tool is free up to 25K daily user after that game publisher has to display fuseboxx ads once in day to each user)
2. As Unity3D Licence any one can use Unity Free to publish game if annul turnover is lessthan $100,000, so unity analytics has any revenue base licenace term?
3. I also goes through UnityWrapper code about how Unity Analytics work, I found Unity analytics used WWW class based data send to Unity could Server, so it’s support event tracking offline? (like I have virtual currency to buy items in game, if user has enough virtual currency in game then user can purchase item even he/she offline, but at that time we can’t track user choice to identify user group intreset so at that time if unity analtics should save analytics info somewhere and send it to server when internet available…?)


1. Geting App ID is little tricky like getting it from genrated code of Integration Guide step 3, it also should be some where else like Bellow Project Name at project tab or Matric Monitor
2. it’s should support Test data with Test Segmanet from Unity3D editor to validate what are getting analytics which we want, some time getting analytics data from live game.

Thanks to read a long comment and realy sorry for my poor english.

~Thanks ‘n’ Regargs
Ranpariya Ankur (PAHeartBeat)

Hi Ranpariya,

Thanks for your post!

[1] Unity Analytics will be free during beta. Post-beta pricing has not been finalized, but there will always be a free tier of analytics available to all Unity developers (regardless of whether or not you have a Pro license).
[2] If the user is offline, data will be cached on the device, and events will be sent to the server once the user has an internet connection available.
[3] App ID is now under the name of your App :)
[4] You can view events from the Unity editor on the integration page. If you’re having issues and are not seeing any events, please let me know and we’ll look into it.

Hi Angelo,

Thanks to you and your team to provide kind and fast reply, no no no it’s not just reply to our question / confusions but it’s a perfect answer and awesome support to Unity Developers, I am really thankfull to you guys.

1. I found you guys change application spesific page and now we can get appID from application specific page. it’s too fast update for developers support realy hats-off you guys.

2. As prespactive of game / application publisher, Monteizaion / analytics is very improtant to make game successfull and I glad to here Unity analytics cache events to device when user offline and sent to to could at time of internet available. you guys rocks.

3. About pricing It’s nice to hear about there will be always free tire, it would be helpfull for indie develoeprs as-well-as samll startups, you guys are also taking care about indies it’s to impresive to every game programmer / developer.

4. here I have on confusion as you answered on topic 4, we can also see unity editor events in unity analytics. I just have fear about live analytics data and test datas are not combine. last day when I checking Unity’s analytics code i found you guys are getting mobile provision profile info for iOS device, so I think there are some provision to not match it with live data with test data, but I don’t find to option get it seprate..

Any way it really impresive tool, it’s to small, to fast and seems acurate..

Hi Angelo,

I have one more request about. I think name of funnel and funenel discription should be editable after create, right now it’s not editable once it created.

Thanks for the suggestion – we’ll work on making the funnel description editable (funnel name may require a bit more work), so keep an eye out on your dashboard for an update soon!

Regarding your question about keeping live data separate from test data, our team is thinking of the best way to implement this, so rest assured that we are aware of the importance of this feature :)


I tried it out and went trough the demo, worked fine. However I was a bit disappointed about not having already standalone support. I wanted to try it out on our Oculus Rift demo and check how long people spend there time in a particular scene. That way I could check which scene is the most popular as a simple Analytics test ;)

[…] Announcing the Unity Analytics Open Beta – Unity Technologies is looking to be successful. Now they will start their own Unity Analytics Portal, which is designed to help game developers to better market their games. […]

Hi Arturas! Unity Analytics is different from Google Analytics in that we are designed specifically for games (Unity built games to be exact!). As such, we’ve focused on building features that game developers care about, like the Funnel Analyzer which helps developers identify where players are dropping off in their game.

For our current release, we talked with over 200 developers to understand their pain points with analytics, and our plan is to continue talking and listening to the Unity community so that we can use that feedback to build the very best analytics tool.

We want to keep the conversation active, so please feel free to post your feedback and feature requests in the Unity Analytics forum:

Thank you!
-Angelo (Developer Relations, Unity Analytics)

Hello Unity Team, this is great service. Thank you for it. It is easy to implement and help a lot smaller teams. As I understand this will be paid service. What is the expected monthly price?

Thank you, Marek.

Hi Marek – So awesome to hear implementing Unity Analytics was easy! As Angelo (Unity Analytics team member) mentioned, post-beta pricing has not been finalized yet, but there will always be a free tier of analytics available to all Unity developers.

Are there any plans to build forwarding client messaging to other URLs? It would be quite a hassle to work around such a limitation when needed.

Hi Emil – Could you please elaborate more on your question and I’ll check with our team. Thank you!

A forward would basically let me send all the game traffic to my own URL, optionally react on it there, and then from this server push it onwards to the Unity cloud.

The solution we’re currently using is Google Analytics based, but with our server in the middle, we can get the most out of the available data – without needing to ship new builds.

Is there a reference to all method calls available (for advanced/custom metrics)? I can’t seem to find that in the website.

Great news! I would also like to know whether it is going to be free forever or only during the beta. Thank you for your reply!

Hey John and Indygandhi – Unity Analytics will be free during beta. Post-beta pricing has not been finalized yet, but there will always be a free tier of analytics available to all Unity developers.

The beta is free to all Unity developers!

Great news but will it be free forever ? or just during the beta….

The App id is generated by the Unity Analytics website and is used to link your app to the project you create in the dashboard.

You just have to copy/paste the generated code (it’s not a sample app id)

Thank you very much for the answer. I thought that it was sample app id. I checked by adding another project to my dashboard and it gives the app id in the code snippet. I think this should be made more obvious.

I also thought it was a sample ID. It is OK to have it generated in the code automatically, but my suggestion is to make the ID available elsewhere as well for reference. Such as in the Metric Monitor page, underneath the app title.

Hey Ricardo,

We’ve now put the AppID on all application-specific pages, located under the application name. Thanks for the feedback!

Hi Emiliza,

Thanks to provide such option toget app id from application specific page, it now easy to get appID, option for getting it from integration guide it was tricky, but now you guy give us to at applicaion specific page to it’s became esay to find out it…

Thanks a lot guys…

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