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With the Unity 5 release drawing ever closer, it’s time to update you on how it will affect the Asset Store!

If you use Asset Store assets

Unity 5 is a major release with, amongst other things, a completely new audio system, the physically-based shader and an updated physics engine as well an API tidy-up. As we’ve introduced so many major improvements, Unity 5 is not, alas, totally backwards compatible. That’s why we’ve introduced a system whereby, when Unity 5 imports a Unity 5-incompatible package, it will try to automatically update that package so that it works with Unity 5. For Unity 5 users, this means the majority of your assets will continue to work smoothly.

Many Asset Store publishers are working hard, using the Unity 5 beta builds, to make their packages compatible with the Unity 5 release. In the event that we encounter Unity 5-incompatible packages, we’ll flag this in the Store. You’re of course welcome to download them anyway and tweak them or work around any minor issues you may encounter.

If you’re an Asset Store publisher

Unity 5 changes the way the Unity Editor handles Asset Store packages. Therefore, in preparation for its release, we’ve introduced changes to our submission processes, for an easier and friendlier workflow.

If you’re planning to submit assets, you’ll need to read the new Asset Submission Guidelines before uploading them to the Store. Put briefly, you’ll no longer use the downloadable Asset Store Tools to manage your asset and it’s presentation in the Store. Instead, you simply manage your assets using our Package Manager web interface. All you need the Asset Store Tools for is the actual upload process!

Additionally, if you prefer to maintain your package in multiple editions for different versions of Unity, you can now do so. The Asset Store will then automatically display the version of your package that’s relevant to the user in question. Learn more from the guidelines!


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Good afternoon!

I can’t be registered as the seller.
The message is displayed that such (my) login is already used.

What to do? You will help?

Hi guy’s,

Something is wrong with the asset store since today i cannot load it anymore and i cannot access my assets anymore!

I hope this will get fix soon.

regards peter

I recently added assets for Unity 5 of my already available assets, but now think I made a mistake making asset package again for unity 5, as I already have packages for Unity 4.6 , so now when I update package, I have to update both packages separate. (or have I done it correctly already) seems strange to have the same package twice on the asset store. Confused
I don’t want people who have purchased 4.6 version of the asset, to have to pay again for the Unity 5 version of the asset, (also I believe the asset will upgrade fine to Unity 5) what should I do
Please can someone make clearer and what I can do if I have gone about it wrong?

Hello, I am trying 2 days now to upload something to the asset store. I am using the latest asset store tools v 4.0.1 and Unity free v 4.6.2p2

I have gone to the publisher’s page and created the draft package, filled in all the required fields and put in the graphics needed and then I went back to Unity editor, called the Asset Store Tools and Package Upload.

I then selected the folder where my project is and selected the models that will be used for preview, then I press upload.

Nothing happens, I don’t get any indication of something uploading or that the process has ended.

I have searched around for problems and so I have unchecked DX11 support as others have suggested but not luck. Please help me.

I am having the same issue. I was able to submit 2 packages… but when I click submit on two of my other packages, it just does nothing. It is failing with both Unity 4.6.3 and Unity 5.

The “Version changes” text-field on the draft page is too little to be useful. Please make it resizable.

Hello. I had submitted updated package and it has been accepted. Today I have tried to download the package in Unity 5 but there is only old version. I had mentioned in the description of the package that it compatible with Unity 5 and has new PBR textures but it turned out that they are not available now and it looks like I lie to the customers.

I had made some mistake during uploading or it will be available later?

Link to the package:!/content/17424

There was some error during uloading. On the second try evertything turned out fine, but file uploads only when unity window is in focus.

Did you notice the post on the forum about the Apple patch (iOS8.3beta1) that *might* fix the lingering “hiccup”?

[…] 先日、Unityのブログ で「Unity5は古いバージョンと完全な互換性がないから、AssetStoreに出品してる開発者は対応してね」というアナウンスがありました。完全な互換性がなくなったことを踏まえて、今まではできなかった「Unity4用のAsset」と「Unity5用のAsset」を同時にStoreに置くことができるようになったとのこと。 […]

Cool! finally multi-version support is allowed ;) and i wonder will you in future kill asset store tool and allow uploading unitypackage via web page? or there are some cases that require external tool for uploading alone?

To be honest, it’s still a little unclear to me how maintaining multiple versions really works. In the guidelines it says:

“If you are unable to make your package compatible across Unity versions, but prefer to maintain your package in multiple editions for different versions of Unity, you can choose to upload your package using multiple versions of Unity. Always choose the same package in the Package Upload tool to upload to. In the Publisher Administration interface multiple unitypackages will be automatically uploaded for your package assigned to different versions of Unity.”

So … does that mean when I upload “Package A” first with Unity 4.6 and then later, I use Unity 5.0 to upload an upgraded version of that same package “Package A”, the upload with Unity 4.6 will still be kept but people using Unity 5.0 to browser the Asset Store will automatically get the new version? That would be quite nice :-)

Another question: Is it ok to already upload packages for Unity 5 or do we still have to wait until Unity 5 is released to the public?

Yes. That is exactly what it means.

You are very welcome to start uploading and submitting Unity 5 editions of packages where there is also a Unity 3.x/4.x editions available. Unity 5 exclusive packages will not be accepted yet.

I had submitted a new package using the Asset Store Tools on February 1st. Will this still go through (it’s status is “pending review” – unlike a few times in the past when it got stuck in “Draft”) or do I have to re-submit using the new approach?

In the package details, I can already see the URL but it doesn’t work, yet (the preview does work):!/content/29230 … that’s expected as the review isn’t through. I just want to make sure this doesn’t get stuck (as packages previously did quite a few times).

Have you consider anything that would help enforce the single license per seat for asset store purchases? This is widely abused (anecdotally – I know for a fact that some of my customers are abusing it).

If this could be enforced, then the price per seat could come down, as currently developers have to compensate for how abuseable the system is by increasing their prices.

This is great news! We’ve been waiting for some publishers to make some changes to their assets before we can make the jump to Unity 5.
This should make life simpler for consumers and publishers

What if we have something published on the store, but we don’t have pro for the beta? Would you consider releasing a very limited version of the beta? Say like the free version with trial and new features disabled?

Awesome news wrt multi-version packages! :)

Now with regards to the auto-updating of packages deemed incompatible: How is this determination made?

Specifically, I keep 4.3 compatibility for consoles, but test with .5, .6 and 5 for forward compatibility. Is there a scenario where I risk my package being auto-modified because I uploaded it with 4.3?

Should I be re-uploading the exact same package with 5 to avoid modifications?

Ok – sounds like I may be fearing nothing then. The point is that I put in 5 compatibility a while ago, but still push with 4.3. It sounds like this will not be a problem – that the package won’t be auto-modified and potentially break beyond my control?

Further, do you plan to have a “Unity 5 compatible” stamp or similar in addition to the package published Unity version? While the latter allows us to indicate to the end user that the package will work on whatever version they’re stranded in, it could also potentially worry users on 5 that the package may not have been upgraded.

I realise that we could just put text to indicate this in the description, but was wondering if maybe this multi-package-upload stuff adds labelling which I would be opting out of by only pushing the package once? It would be quite silly to need to re-upload the same data twice, but in order to nuke said doubt from orbit, it’d still be worth it from a publisher perspective.

So happy to see a strict support for 4.x content, really hoping content devs are good about keeping old stuff posted through it.

Will the new asset store be faster, too? The current asset store is a real pain to navigate because it’s dead slooow.

Will 4.x packages be auto updated to be used in 5.0 ?

Or should I upload a new package that supports 5 ?

There will be no automatic modifications to packages on the Asset Store. The automagic happens on import, where Unity 5 will do what it can to migrate code from obsolete APIs etc. When downloading a 4.x published package in Unity 5, the Asset Store will warn you if that package is likely to be not entirely compatible with Unity 5. Known incompatibilities include scripts (to the degree the auto-updater can’t upgrade them), baked lightmaps and baked navmeshes.

They will not be auto updated, but you will be able to download 4.x packages using Unity 5 and Unity 5 will try to fix any incompatibility when importing. Chapter 8.3.1 in the Submission Guidelines tells you when you need to also upload a Unity 5 package.

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