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Valentine’s Day is coming up. This is a day for bestowing your Loved One with roses and expressing your feelings. The Unity Engine has not forgotten Valentine’s day. Here’s some output we found in the editor.log this morning:

Dear User,

I love you! I realize that I don’t say these words often enough to you, but it’s the truth! Without you, I would be nothing. We have known each other for many years, and though we’ve had our ups and downs, I really feel that we have grown together.

It’s true; we do have our differences. Sometimes we want to do things each our own way, and if I feel that you’re too demanding when you keep asking for more performance, I simply black out. It gets both of us very frustrated when it happens, but with better communication I know we can overcome any obstacle.

I love how we go out together, talk to other users in the Community and get inspired for exciting new projects. We’re certainly not a couple who always stay cooped up in our room without seeing anyone else. I enjoy it so much when we participate in game jams or meet with our friends at Unite.

It’s important for me to stay attractive, reinventing who I am. I can’t wait for you to discover the new me, when 5.0 is released!

Dear User, you are such an inspiration for me.

Love you always,


How do you feel about Unity? Which parts do you love and which parts would you really like Unity to change? Are you planning to stay in the relationship or will you break up? You can send your Love Letter or Break Up Letter to the Unity UX Team at, and then we will make sure that the Unity Engine receives it. Unity would also love to have a song or a poem or even a piece of art from you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Unity UX Team

30 replies on “A Love Letter from Unity”

Dear unity,
I love you, but conversation is not always the best. You speak in coding language and I speak design language.
Most of the times I can’t understand you and that affects our relation.
Maybe one day you will speak a more easy language and we can finally make a duet.
Thank you for existing and continue to change for the better.

Dear Users,

The engine is overwhelmed by all your comments, letters and poems. It has been the best Valentine’s Day ever! Thank you SO much.

Kirsten Grønborg, UX Researcher
(on behalf of the Unity Engine)

Hi sweetie,

It’s me. Going by all the comments, I get the impression that you’ve been seeing others. That makes me sad, but I’ll suck it up. Anyway, you don’t reply to my letters (why offer a contact form if you’re not gonna use it?), making me feel like I’m the stalker in this… well, is it a relationship? I would like to think so, but maybe I’m just a creep. I saw this other girl, she’s pretty epic. Also much less demanding on my wallet. My friends tell me to try her out and let you go, and that you’re a gold digger. But don’t you worry honey, I don’t listen to them. Just give me a bit of attention every now and then? It gets so lonely in these winter nights…

I just played with Robot Kyle since it’s rigged and I wanted to learn animation. Maybe I’m naive but, drilling down to the inner transforms was quite tedious.

Why did a double-click not work? Can’t I just hit right arrow and down to quickly select the transforms?

I got the start of a walk going, tedium is expected, what I didn’t expect was the added tedium of having no shortcuts to add transforms to the animation.

PS. I was inspired by Monty Oum! May he rest

Overall, I love you! I especially love moving my game objects around to create my layout in real time and editing my animations with your tools. I love your tutorials and spent months watching them over and over. I love that you have a free version for the little guys! I love your 2D options and that 3D objects can be mixed in. I love how well the game simulation.

My wish list? Building for android can be buggy. Some of your android plugins cause errors when you build for iOS or need edits. I also wish for an easier input from touchscreens, much like you have for mice. I use a plugin, but that’s limited as some of its features don’t work.

i really love unity, unity, unites me to my dream: be a game developer, unity unites me to a great community, unity unites me toa funny moments with that game engine, i love unity

If only you make your overall graphics improved and make it easier to program the shaders, I love you more.
I’m in hope that you make it, That’s why I haven’t cheated on you, sweetie. :)

Unity unites me with you
unity unites me with a great amazing community
unity unites me with virtual as reality
unity unites me with character that never be happened
i loovvee you unity….

Dear Unity,
I’m really not sure where to start from. It’s been such a long wild ride and we’ve both grown a lot since the early days. We met back in 2008 when I was kicked out of school because I couldn’t afford tuition fees. It was love at first sight. You see it was a very depressing moment for me and I really just needed someone in a time of sorrow. But you did more than just that. You became my friend, I felt like I could trust you even though I had been with XNA prior to meeting you and she’d let me down.

As time progressed I got to know you better. I came to accept your imperfections but most of all I admired how keen you were to listen to my feedback even though you weren’t always keen to implement them. Still you kept me delighted with your new features. Much as I wanted to commit to you in the early days of our relationship, I could not afford your bride price :-D . Nonetheless, I told all my friends about you. I couldn’t stop thinking about you and dreamt of the day I would be able to pay your bride price.

After we had one successful kid on the play store and won a few awards, I started considering settling down and starting a family and we finally did in December last year :-D and I have no regrets. I really look forward to our years together especially with your new version coming out. I know you’ve still got some issues to sort out, but I’m patient. I also know we don’t get to spend a lot of time together lately because of my new job, but don’t worry because that will change soon.

You’ve inspired me in many more ways that you can imagine. Thank God I found you. Life without you would have been nasty, brutish and short :-P.
I Love you Unity.

Unity3D: You have a great engine, great tutorials, and I like you. But I’m not in love with you. I want to commit, but I can’t commit to you. Be careful, if you don’t start treating me better, I will jump ship when anyone better comes along.

Bottom line, you’ve been inattentive and self-absorbed. A, B and C:

A. 15,000 votes (and counting) can’t be wrong:You need a Linux editor. My OS is MY choice, not yours – so NEVER AGAIN tell me “Just use Windows or Mac”. You don’t have to like Linux (god knows it isn’t perfect), but Linux is a programmer’s OS, so you can EXPECT that many of us coders will like it and never give it up, not for anyone, and certainly not for you.

And don’t serve me Wine, I’m already using that. It’s enough to get by – for now. But you don’t run under Wine, you hobble, riddled with bugs and problems. I’ve drunk enough.

You’ve already done the hard work – porting the engine itself. Your editor runs on your engine, your engine runs on Linux, and nearly everything else is Mono (inherently cross-platform). I don’t have to look at your code to know there isn’t much left. I’ve DONE cross-platform development many times, so you can’t fool me: I know full well you’re only making excuses and being stubborn.

B. Some people like bondage and discipline, and that’s fine. But NOT in MY build system. I need someone who can play nice: Play nice with my command line, play nice with MY choice of editor (and babe, my editor ain’t MonoDevelop or Xamarin), play nice with my external build steps and build scripts and MY build servers, and overall just play nice with my build needs. So when you strap my project into an IDE-specific project format every time we build…well, it has been fun, I won’t lie, but I need something more. And preferably, something more…standard.

C. You’re vain. Instead of truly being someone better, improving your core being as I explained above, you only ever focus on your accessories. Visual animation flow-charts, physics-based shaders, proprietary CI-hosting, advert API…they’re all nice, wonderful things. I do like them. But I don’t need them. I don’t need any of them. What I need is an engine and editor that meets my needs instead of fighting them (again, like I explained above). But you’d rather just dress yourself up in accessories and call that improvement. That don’t impress me much.

I want to love you, I do, but I better not touch. You have some truly great features. But as our song goes: you’re poison, running through my veins.

You want me to spend thousands of dollars to commit. I’d love to for someone who’s worth it. But right now honey, you ain’t worth it.

(I can’t believe I just wrote that…)

Dear unity,
we have grown over the years and i am excited to see the new you, but lately I’ve been very flustered with you because you can’t make your mind up on what you want from me. Sometimes I write a script and you love it and then later down the line you hate that very same script. I know we aren’t perfect, so I will continue to forgive you because you have inspired me to be the person i am today. I can’t live without you.

Your user,


Thanks but I hate to break it to you on this of all days but…

I’ve been cheating on you. Sometimes I go out with Tim because he tickles my TXAA. Other times I’ve just been feeling like I’ve got low esteem and hang out with anyone who’ll give me a callback.

Hope you can forgive me.

Unity you’ve been good to me. I learned coding and modeling just for thee. Its just great that you are free. Please cook up some more precise mecanim humanoid masks for me.

Thanks for you wonder letter. I love you too. There isn’t any other 3D engine that makes me feel like you do and I look forward to many years together.

I do hope you understand about my temporary fling with that other engine. If we’re being honest, I owed to myself and you to see if it was a better match. It wasn’t.

Ed Lyons,
Just so I understand: you’re idea of mutual respect and communication in the face of being written a love letter, is to demand improvement?

It is software after all, I know, and bugs you can’t directly control are infuriating, but this was a fun little post.

Dear Unity,

It’s been great you’ve managed to pull together a new WYSIWYG UI that works for me. You’re getting bigger with your new 64bit editor which is great. You’re new lighting model sounds amazing and you’re rigging and animation system just gets better and better.

You’re new multi-threading task system should make you a stellar performer and you already have built in access, all be it a bit clunky to the power of the GPU.

You’re even willing to get down and dirty with IL2CPP and really push it to the metal.

You’re easy to use, and there when I need you.

But and this is the thing you are becoming high maintenance, I know it’s not a lot but I’m starting to think you’re outgrowing me financially.

The trouble is I’ve been seeing another game engine, it’s early days but she’s really hot and open and already has a lot of you’re new features. As well as some amazing tricks and tools to play with.

She is also well a lot cheaper, yes she’s not perfect as well but I’m thinking that maybe it’s time for us to go our separate ways.

I’ve been seeing that other engine you mentioned too, on the side (whose name rhymes with ‘feel’). But I found out her beauty is only skin deep. She leads me on but only disappoints me with the hoops I have to jump through. Whereas Unity is the easy-going wholesome girl next door.

(What the heck did I just write?)

In case if you are wondering, i believe that game engine he mentioned is the unreal engine. It cost 19 dollars a month, but i don’t know if it has a pro version. Whether that engine is cheaper or not depends on whether you are developing games that will make you very little/no money (in this case, unity), or some big console quality game that will have sales that go off the charts (Unreal would maybe be a little more practical in terms of pricing, however, if you’re in it for the long run, one big payment would eventually end up being cheaper than 19 dollars a month, every month.)

However, price is not the only factor.

You also have to account for the different languages, different pre-built functions/variables, different communities, sometimes even personal preference, etc.

I’d love unity to respond to the bugs that I’ve spent hours of my time reproducing and producing minimal test cases for.

Like any relationship, it comes down to mutual respect and communication.

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