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Unity 5 is here. For everyone.

Today is the big day. We’re launching Unity 5 globally.  Today.  Yes, you can all download it now.

There are literally over a thousand improvements in Unity 5 that we’d love to talk about.  My quick blog today is not the place to do that.  This note is being posted just as I go on stage to officially launch Unity 5 at GDC in San Francisco.  We’re live streaming the launch and you will see Joachim, Ralph Hauwert, Todd Hooper, Will Goldstone go deeper on the technical upgrades in Unity 5.0.  You will also see David, of course!  And, there will be a few ‘guests’ from the industry on stage to talk about Unity 5 in their own words.  Visit our website at for the latest details and explanations.  Also — Joachim will post some thoughts later this week once he gets through the craziness of the start of GDC.

While I can’t get into all the technical detail on Unity 5 in a short post, I do want to share with you the big ideas that we think define Unity 5.

  1. It is a graphics powerhouse capable of rendering beautiful, complex and detailed scenes.

  2. The highly extensible and feature rich editor is now 64-bit and is even more robust than ever with additions like our huge suite of integrated audio design tools*.  (* full multi-track audio mixer.  very cool.)

  3. Unity’s industry leading multiplatform support grow with WebGL and improves with better console platform support and the introduction of IL2CPP.  Unity now supports 21(!) platforms.

  4. With the launch of Unity 5, we are launching Unity Cloud Build which is providing an option to developers to boost their productivity and efficiency through the cloud. You can learn more about Unity 5 here.

The business model…. one of the big questions for everyone.  We’re evolving the best licensing model in the business into something even better. We’re adding value and power so that everyone has the creative freedom they need to succeed.  Before I describe our pricing model, I want to take a moment and describe the philosophy behind the new pricing. I know I am on tricky ground in describing pricing philosophically.  For many, I am sure you’d rather just see the numbers.  Here goes.  First, know that our pricing for Unity 5 is as much about Unity and our values at Unity as it is about anything else. This is entirely different than with any company I have worked with in my life.  We did not start with setting a profit goal and working backwards.  We started with two goals and worked forward to our developers.

Goal #1 — One of the founding principles of Unity is the idea that we work hard to solve very hard technical problems so our developers / users won’t have to.  For this to be at all relevant, our best tools need to be a great value.

Goal #2 — Deep in Unity’s culture is the principle of Democracy. The goal is to price in such a way as to reflect our principles.  Democracy is the principle we were founded on, and it means we do our best to put Unity in the hands of developers, Indies or Pros, that may not have the resources to pay for it.  Its about enabling most everyone to create with the best tools we can make.  I won’t get too soppy in this post — but is is an honor for me to work in a company so mission driven and principled.

So, on to the pricing model.  We have two.

Unity 5 Professional Edition

With Unity 5 Professional Edition, we’re adding incredible value for teams of all sizes.  Unity 5 Pro will have same starting price point as with Unity 4 Pro, at  $75/month subscription or $1500 perpetual. Pro customers get all the power of Unity 5 plus:

  • Team License

  • Unity Cloud Build Pro (12-month subscription)

  • Unity Analytics Pro (currently in beta)

  • Game Performance Reporting (currently in preview)

  • Asset Store Level 11 (a new collection of free assets available each month)

  • Access to previews and betas

  • No revenue limit, no revenue share

We think this is a huge value.  Unity 5 Pro provides a huge upgrade from Unity 4, and it comes with a bunch of extra services and a team license, all for the base pricing of Unity 4.  Inflation gone backwards… or, put another way, better value than ever before.

Unity 5 Personal Edition

Democracy is something we believe in. It’s in the DNA of those that work at Unity. It’s one of the things that drew me to the company. It’s also one of the things that is most important to the games industry. So with that in mind, we are launching Unity 5 Personal Edition. Unity 5 Personal Edition provides all the power of Unity 5 engine and editor. To clarify — this is important — it is the same Unity 5 engine and editor as in the Pro Edition.  It comes with all the features including  Profiler, Occlusion Culling, Render-to-Texture, and Post-Processing Special Effects as well as all the big Unity 5 features like Physically-based Shading, Enlighten, reflection probes and much more.

Unity 5 Personal Edition is free.  No royalty.  Free.

Unity 5 Personal Edition is for professional developers, Indies, hobbyists and studios with revenue under $100,000 and funding under $100,000.

You can see a full comparison of the licenses here.

Download Unity 5, play with it, experiment with it, and create something beautiful and lasting.

Today is a big day.  I hope you are as excited about it as we are at Unity.

John Riccitiello

125 replies on “Unity 5 Launch”

Now Im really conflicted. Ive spent the past few months investing time in learning Unity. I was looking forward to buying 5, but now I see its going to require 1500 + 1500 just to remove the splash screen?? My work is speculative but has to look top notch to attract investment, so I need my own custom splash screen.
I would gladly spend $1500 for a perpetual ios + android + desktop version, but the loading screen that says “Personal Edition” is a complete barrier for me, as is the alternative… paying $3000 / 4500.

Shame Unity, I was all ready to give you $1500.

Now, not so much. :(

[…] PDF File Name: Unity 5 launch – unity blog Source: » DOWNLOAD « […]

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It been in my dreams.
But now this is in the reality.
Thank you very much for free Unity!
I’m happy!

[…] quinta versión de este popular se anunció este mismo mes, 3 de marzo, en la Game Developers Conference. Una de las claves de Unity es que el […]

[…] quinta versión de este popular se anunció este mismo mes, 3 de marzo, en la Game Developers Conference. Una de las claves de Unity es que el […]

[…] quinta versión de este popular se anunció este mismo mes, 3 de marzo, en la Game Developers Conference. Una de las claves de Unity es que el […]

Thats Really great, but while it doesn’t have Native Linux support for the editor i’m still planing to use Minko/UE4/Godot.

Hope Linux Native will arrive soon!

I too can’t wait for a native editor, but amazingly it ran straight out of the box with playonlinux!!!! =)

This is entirely my fault, but:

Make game almost ready with Unity 4. Try to import it and compile scripts auto with Unity 5. Does not work at all. Decides to corrupt all the files. 6 months of work down in a drain.

So you didn’t back up your files at all and especially before doing the import?

Can’t really blame Unity for this, it’s a hard lesson you just learnt about taking responsibility for your stuff.

Next time at least make a copy of it somewhere else before doing something risky and look into getting a backup system set up. I’d suggest something like Mozy for you. Look into Git when you can too.

Is anyone else having this problem. spent all day downloading unity5 only to have it freeze when i double click the icon and the small window opens saying choose which license. I can’t pick anything cause it freezes and becomes un responsive. Been trying to download it for weeks and its pissing me off that this is happening. Is anyone else going through this?

Have you created a post on our Forums or Answers about this, it would be easier to help you with the issue there, include operating system too.

Many many thanks Unity. Version 5 personal is the best gift I could have. I’m in love with it

me: oh sweet!! unity 5!!!!
Unity4: Dont leave me plz :'(
me: bite me *Deletes Unity4 for new update*
[A few minutes later]
Me: Hello Unity5
Unity5: Ive got more bugs than u can imagine Kid!!
Me : wtf why so many things no work?
Unity5: cos yolo
Me: just publish my game?
Unity5: No!, how bout i get it to 90% and crash for ya?
Me: k
Unity5: And while im at it ill randomly create 16Gig of data in your LocalLow file…
Me: Theres no space on my laptop for that :/
Unity5: I DONT CARE!!

10/10 would go back to unity4 if i didnt restart my game already.

[…] across a multitude of platforms.  Just over a week ago, Unity launched their latest release Unity 5, which provides a full-featured game engine for free in the Personal Edition. Combine that with the […]

ummm i want to install unity 3d 5 in my mac book pro with OS X 10.6.8
how m i suppose to install it.. please helppppp anbody :)

I love Unity games and m very excited about this launch!!
i saw some of amazing unity 3D games here..which any one can make easily themselves..:
But who is that guy with a mustache promotional images?
BTW great work unity guys you are the best. Unity has become an amazing tool. Thanks so much!

It broke my project, not on convertation, after i made some changed, project setting was dropped to default, many phisics bug in 2d, some characters start fly.

I recently tried creating a new account but the result is the same. In my Mac with Yosemite, the country picker not works so i can complete the form and use Unity 5.

This is great! As far as I can tell you kept all the good stuff from the previous release.

I honestly don’t get why people are complaining, I really like Unity’s business model, and it’s one of the main reasons I decided to work with this particular game engine.


[…] de pelo menos 2 anos após seu anúncio, finalmente a Unity 5 foi lançada durante a GDC e algumas mudanças na licença da engine vieram junto: Agora ela é free para todas […]

great work unity guys you are the best. But can you provide an offline installer rather than online installer.(just A request)

Today I downloaded the Personal edition & tried to launch it for the first time. But when Unity 5 asked to select a country out of the list, I wasn’t able to select one, and could not proceed at all. Is this just me or are there other ppl experiencing the same?
My system is: MacBook Pro with Retina display, Mac OS X 10.10.2 Yosemite

I have the same OS (Yosemite) and the same error. I have an account from two years ago. The problem is that the label to choose country does´t work (and doesn´t show my registered country) so there are not possibility to complete the form so there are no access to Unity.

[…] talking about how the Unreal Engine 4 is free for everyone to use (turns out Source 2 and Unity 5 are free now too!). After that, the podcast went down the movie and television rabbithole. From […]

This could be an April Fools 2015 joke, but it’s true!
All the features that an indie developer could dream of are available for free now.
I remember I was asking how many and what features will be in free version.
And, now, here You go – You’ve them all here. Almost all.
It’s absolutely stupid to complain. Thanks, Unity T.!
I understand that there is a strong marketing behind this decision.
Anyway – thanks for Your efforts and job! I’m upgrading to 5 at the moment.
Yeah, I hope its all true because now I’m launching Unity 5 for the very first time..

when i install the update, should the old version on my computer uninstall itself or i have to uninstall myself ??? … if i have to uninstall myself the old version, then how because i had made some game using the old version..

I installed Unity 5 this morning. I don’t think it did anything to my Unity 4 installation.

I don’t know why Unity still not put Dark Skin in Personal Edition, while Blender, Unreal Engine, and other free software had a Dark Skin…

splash screen “Personal Edition” means what I will use 4.6 for a while:) I can’t risk my time and show it to my client. 75usd X 3 is not bad deal, but I can pay what for all year… as I am not programer.. at moment what would be 50% of all my unity income….

[…] 可透過 Unity 的部落格了解其他新消息。 […]

Hi Unity,

I really like the new animated splash screen a lot, but can you guys please remove the “Personal Edition” beneath the logo? It’s just a request, thanks :)


@Complainers: SOME (and no, not all) of you guys sound like a bunch of spoiled little cry babies who can’t even see how cool it is that you can get an extremely great 3D game engine *FOR FREE*. I mean, come on, games engines used to be licensed at millions of dollars.

[…] For more features and information, check out this blog post by the CEO of Unity Technologies, John Riccitiello […]

Hi, this is exciting news! However, I can’t find if the personal edition allows video playback. I know one of the big limitations of the free version of Unity 4.x was no video playback ability. Can you play video now in the Personal edition of Unity 5? Or does video playback require the Pro version? I don’t mean net streaming either, I mean playback of local video assets such as .mov files or what have you.


public MovieTexture movTexture;
void Start() {
GetComponent().material.mainTexture = movTexture;

MovieTexture is a Pro/Advance feature only.


It was one of the first things that I tried :P


does anyone know how to get to the textured scene in the editor? It only let me choose shaded and wireframe and such on unity 5. I cant add any terrain textures. please help

I’m growing traumatized with Unity monetization sudden and radical changes. In the past I bought an indie licence a couple months before it being set free. On February I started a 12 months subscription commitment to Unity and Android Pro to discover now that – effectively as it seems – the only think I’ll get for those $150/month is dark skin and optional splash screen.

We all are smart and glad to support and fund well our technology makers so they can keep their development going, specially when we used the technology successfully.
But, as a Unity user, I feel more toyed than a Supercell player. Those changing pricing policies signals inadequacies of the model. And now the appeal is the ergonomics of dark skin and the shaming of “personal”?

Unity is marketing that “5% is not free”, but I honestly like that business model more**. Even if 5% could be more than $4500 (Android and iOS together), it’s still a small and fair commitment. They don’t try to hold me back in any fashion in the hopes of getting their sustain. A game project is very unpredictable and a revenue of $90.000 isn’t as easily expected as we would like. I guess most of us would have that in common sense. Using UE you can have to spend a lot, but at least there’s no huge gap between free and selling a liver upfront for some weird blackmail. For that matter I almost liked it better when Unity itself was divided into packages. Now the investment holes are reversed. UE is better for start ups, and Unity more suitable for big developers.

** With those sexy blueprints (not as much as Quest3d, but still) and better communication/support, if only UE was more Android friendly and stable…

I hate the splash screen, i wanna put my own splash screen to the game and not just jump in from unity splash screen to the menu ,and second important thing is that i can’t publish paid apps with the personal edition only Free apps with ads, i am not struggling to progress with my coding itself with unity, but with my final products done using it.

[…] 3. Третье поколение Enlighten встроено в движок Unity 5, официальный релиз которого состоялся как раз позавчера. Примечательно, […]

This is amazing. The entire suite available for free for us indie developers. Looking forward to growing up soon so that I will pay for the pro version soon.


[…] Confira a nota de liberação oficial aqui. […]

[…] Read more about Unity 5 launch HERE […]

I’m noticing that the new splash screen says personal addition, it would be awesome if you guys considered removing that… I think it cheapens your branding. Instead make a cool unity opening logo that make both yourself and the developer look like a pro. You’ll probably get more converts that way – from other engines, too!

[…] ask for them. The difference between the free and paid tier has been eroded completely with both versions containing all the same features and editor. This is a big step for Unity as there was a definite rift between the paid and free versions, […]

1. Awesome!, The right thing to do. Unity is awesome and now with multiple render targets, it makes a huge difference.

2. Why stop there? UI skin and loading screen? really?

3. The new loading screen that says “Personal Edition” is actually going to kill it for me. I didn’t mind the old loading screen, that just says “Unity”, but the new one just lets everyone know that you’re not “pro” — and not just unity devs who know the deal, but now EVERYONE! — It cheapens my game.

so my option is to spend 4500 and buy pro, which is prohibitive for me as a hobbyist (who hopes to publish something some day!) or move to other options like unreal.

i would gladly spend maybe 1500 for a perpetual ios + android + desktop (or even a loading screen that doesn’t say “Personal Edition”) even with a 100k/yr limit, but 4500 is too much. (esp now the US exchange rate is in the tank!)

Completely agree! I would gladly spend $1500 for a perpetual ios + android + desktop version.
The loading screen that says “Personal Edition” is a complete barrier for me, as is the alternative… paying $4500.

Shame Unity, I was all ready to give you $1500.

Now, not so much. :(

The changes sound great, but as others have mentioned, why not release control of skin color? If asset developers had more control over skin color, we could make our products look more professional.

Some history:
– Unreal Engine is the only way you can make Awesome AAA games if you don’t have $$$$$$ to build your own engine

– Unity introduces an easy-to-use game prototyping engine that costs either $$$ for indie or $$$$ for pro

– Unreal doesn’t care. it’s still the world’s most awesome game engine.

– Unity Drops Indie license and makes basic version free (By this time it’s a proper game engine)

– Unreal introduces free trimmed down version of Unreal Engine without source code access called UDK

– Unity introduces $75.00/mo subscription licences.

– Unreal introduces $19/mo subscription licences for full blown unreal engine 4 + source code access on GIT (plus a 5% revenue share when you make your first $50,000)

– Crytek introduces $9/mo subscription license for cry engine 3. (and then has a financial Crysis, Pun intended :-D )

– Unity Introduces Personal edition license with Unity 5 which has all the features of unity pro and the ‘Powered by Unity’ splash screen we’ve all come to love :-P

– Unreal introduces $0 subscription for full-blown unreal engine 4 + source code (plus a 5% revenue share when you make your first $50,000)

– Fill in the blank ________________________________________________________________________

Any plans on adding “Personal” license option to Unity 4.x?
Would reeeeally appreaciate that…

[…] their popular Unreal Engine Platform into the wild for developers to use at no cost… Unity 5 will see all features free to developers as well when it is released… and let’s be […]

[…] followed suit on Tuesday with their announcement of Unity 5. Although a paid Professional version still offers a few development niceties, […]

Why monodevelop expand blocks on mac, its old old old bug, and you not fixed it with Unity 5, i can’t work on mac because its expand all my blocks on every save, it’s blow my mind !

Amazing Unity, can’t wait to see more great stuff from Unity 5. Btw, thanks for Level 11, got all 4 awesome assets for free :) can’t wait to see what offers from Level 11 next month.

I just hope we can finally have a nice guide on porting to Android TV, am I able to request a tutorial for Android TV and a 3d platformer here? I’m so excited!!

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[…] association said that a new Standard Shader will make materials in games demeanour unchanging in any lighting […]

[…] Source 2. „Шокиращата“ новина е, че както Unreal Engine 4 и Unity 5, Source 2 engine ще бъде напълно безплатен за […]

[…] for free. I don’t want to go into too many details here, so feel free to have a look at the official blog if you are interested in reading the business end of […]

Though UE 4 has better graphics than unity 5 yet unity is a better choice for multi platform devs and mobile developers. I hope unity will grow even better and there will be soon AAA games out of unity!

First of all: it’s xmas for developers. Unity, UE4, Source 2 all practically free. And many other smaller engines are also dirt cheap. Good times!

But this taking punches against Epic with lines like this: “Unity 5 Personal Edition is free. No royalty. Free.” Kinda rubs me the wrong way.

Why? Well, no source code access, practically no support, no team license, 100k cap, no beta access, no future platforms (what the hell happens then?). Yeah, “free” indeed. ;) If you want to put tools side by side comparison and take some punches, at least have the courtesy to do so with the correct versions: UE4 vs. Unity _PRO_ . And remember also, that Epic still offers customizable licenses, i.e. no royalties, IF you want and believe in your game so much, that you don’t want to go the royalty route.

[…] In response, rival Unity Technologies announced that the newest version of their game engine is free as well. This is great news for game developers. Two free engines at anyone's disposal. Have fun! Adult […]

Good to know … just started the 12 Month Subscription Plan 5 days ago … and now that:

The Form for “Transferring to the flexible Unity Pro subscription plan” doesn’t accept any pdf’s to finish the application!

I originally purchased a perpetual Unity Pro license for 4.x. Then I purchased the perpetual Pro 5.x license when it was available for pre-order. Now a number of people have been asking in the comments section about the process to get a refund on the Pro license for 5.x. The two answers I saw state to look at the FAQ but I do not see any item in the faq addressing refunds of Unity 5 licenses or the information is not clearly / easily found.

So what I would like to know is:

1. Can I get a refund on Unity 5 Pro so that I switch to Unity 5 Personal Edition.

2. If I do so and at a later time I decide to re-purchase a Unity 5 license:
a: will there be perpetual licenses available or only monthly (which you currently anyway force to yearly) ones?
b: if perpetual licenses will still be available, will they be at the pre-order price or what price?

3. Even though I originally had a license for Unity Pro 4.x, the minute I pre-purchased the 5.x license, the my license changed to “5.x” under my account. If I were to get a refund on my 5.x license, what would happen with my 4.x license, since I don’t seem to be able to find this one anywhere in my account anymore. Basically, I still run Unity 4.6 for some things and I want to make sure that returning the 5 license does not all of a sudden kill my ability to run 4 in Pro mode, since I originally paid for a perpetual license for it.


1. Look in the ‘Licensing and Activation’ section of the FAQ – specifically for the question “I pre-ordered Unity 5 Professional but I want to use Unity 5 Personal Edition, what are my options?”

2. We have no plans to stop selling perpetual licenses. There’s no guarantee that we won’t change the price in the future, but we do not today have any plan to change it.

3. The refund should restore your Unity 4 Pro license.

Cool now has a stupid bug preventing compiling my game in this version 5.

I tried with a clean project, with no asset and plugin, 0, nothing, nothing with him, if I’m going to create the terrain, appears an error rainfall on the console. And it shows a trillion “jobprocess.exe” in the task manager.

“Failed executing external process for ‘Clustering’ job Exit code:. ‘-1073741819’.”

And the same sentence with other code numbers also.

Here’s a screenshot:

Note that it is a clean project, with nothing in it, I just create a new terrain and starts errors.

I’m sorry, Mr. Riccitiello, but it is not this way you will be able to block the success of the Unreal Engine.

Windows 7 64
Unity 5 64

Hi, I am not able to reproduce your error. Do you have a log file handy? Also, is there space left on the partition used for the cache (see Edit->Preferences->GI Cache)?

also, how is it that you log in then you come into this page, in order to commen to you have to leave your email details again, then i check if i’m logged in or not it says log in, when i try i’m looged in already, then i come back and still not logged in…

[…] in the words of John Riccitiello on the Unity 5 Launch blogpost […]

First, I love Unity and I’m really excited about this launch!! Already downloaded it and been geeking out about it with my friends.

But mostly, I want to know, who is this mustache guy in the promotional images? He’s really handsome and I hope he’s some sort of ongoing mascot for Unity5. I want to draw fanarts of him but I don’t know how to refer to him even, other than “that guy in the Unity5 launch materials” lol

Between Unity 5 and Unreal Engine 4, I was getting real excited. Both let you develop games for Linux, which I love. But what’s disappointing is that neither provides Linux-native versions of the development tools after years of people asking. When’s that going to change?

[…] Here is the release from their blog: […]

[…] other news, as the Unity 5 free version now has all of the pro features and has a more robust physics engine, I’m switching over to it from Gamemaker Studio. This […]

Awesome stuff! Can’t wait to get home tonight and fire it up. Thanks for the free upgrade!

[…] Quoting from the Unity 5 announcement: […]

[…] симметричный ответ от Unity — их движок теперь тоже условно бесплатный, но зато без […]

[…] Here is the release from their blog: […]

And you still can’t change the color of the editor without paying money…you have got to be kidding me.

Unity, I’m sorry you have to deal with comments like this. Not all free users feel this way, I’m one of them.

I want a full refund,

I spent my money on buying unity 4 then the upgrade to unity 5, just to see how everyone will get the same updates for free.


[…] at GDC 2015, Unity officially launched Unity 5, the highly anticipated successor to the extremely popular game engine Unity 4. During the talk […]

[…] at GDC, Unity announced that Unity 5 is now available. This was hardly unexpected, as Release Candidates have been […]

keep up the awesome guys! can’t wait to see what the community does now that there aren’t any limits on pro features! love you guys!

I just want to say thanks. So, thanks! No, really. THANKS! This news just made me sillier than I already am, and I’m gonna giggle for the rest of the week ^_^

Awesome news, I really appreciate your commitment, but why is there no Customizable Splash Screen in Personal? It’s one of the most annoying misses since Unity Free in 2009.
I would have wished for you to not to give the profiler but do away with that.

[…] at GDC 2015, Unity officially launched Unity 5, the highly anticipated successor to the extremely popular game engine Unity 4. During the talk […]

Incredible, you guys really think about us users and devs! I use Unity 5 since the start of the beta, and I can say it is a REAL improvement. There were prefabs in my project which consisted of around 60 middle-heavy gameobjects. Moving/rotating this combined prefab around in Unity 4 got the Editor to painful 1-3 fps. In Unity 5 it is moveable/rotatable just like a basic cube, no lag at all. And all that power for free from now on for all indies is quite the contribution to gaming, great one Unity!

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” It comes with all the features including Profiler, Occlusion Culling, Render-to-Texture, and Post-Processing Special Effects….”

I really cannot believe that you guy have opened up the platform to this extend.
Thank you guys, thank you so much.

Wait up, I am going to go to sleep now and wake up tomorrow morning and probably realise that Today was just a dream come true…

Providing all game designers/developers with a game engine/editor as powerful as Unity 5 for free would have been unbelievable just a few years ago.

Thanks to everybody at Unity for all your hard work in delivering Unity 5, and for making it available for free.

Unity has been closing the gap with AAA engines over the last couple of years, in terms of features and rendering quality, but still has some crucially important advantages over them (in my opinion), including;

-C sharp scripting,
-Asset store (e.g. models, textures, animations, particles, music, sound effects),
-Easy to use, extendable editor,
-Multi-platform support (21 platforms and counting),
-Mobile performance.

The new Audio features look fantastic too!

So thanks again to everyone at Unity, and roll on Unity 5.1! :0)

I can only say congratulations for not only creating the most awesome game engine out there, but also being the most awesome company I’m aware of (at least when it comes to bigger companies).

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again and again: Unity FTW!!!

Wow! Thanks, I can’t believe you really put all engine features into the personal Edition! I’m very thankful, and you made a great job still making Unity Pro attractive:) Greatest respect!

Well done, i like that Unity listen to the community, many people were looking for making fully featured free version.

So what happens to people who paid to upgrade their Unity Pro license but don’t need any of the new services? Can they get a refund and just go to the personal edition that now has all of the features that Pro used to have?

I think the battle lines are drawn now. UE4 is the powerhouse engine that needs a powerful computer. Unity is for indies to avoid royalties and get a larger userbase. Choices choices.

Well you can exercise your right to use UE4 and not Unity!

It’s a good time to be a developer when there are multiple fantastic free options out there.

Very nice! Way to keep to your mission statement! I think I’ll keep my Pro subscription though (I need that dark skin, :P).

[…] For more information on Unity’s news please see this blog post. […]

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