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Today, at our GDC Education Breakfast, we introduced new education R&D initiatives and launched a grant program for secondary schools that will dramatically help teachers secure approvals, implement and deliver interactive application and game development courses. The new program will include no-charge educational licenses with all the features and power of the Unity 5 engine and editor; a 40 page Professional Skill Standard cross-referenced to academic standards like Common Core, Next Gen Science Standards, 21st Century Skills and STEM clusters; and a 200+ page Curricular Framework that covers the entire professional pipeline from design and development, through deployment.   

With this innovative new program, we are committed to removing barriers for secondary institutions and supporting teachers to realize high quality outcomes in the classroom. While students are fascinated and excited with art, design and technology; educators will appreciate Unity as a vehicle for delivering important academic material like physics, math and programming logic in an engaging, multi-disciplinary, team-based, project learning environment.

Mike Preble, Instructor at United Technologies Center in Bangor, Maine commented, “I have seen the value of teaching Unity in my classroom.  It has increased the level of engagement and interest in every student that walks through my door.  The day I received Unity’s curriculum framework and skills standard, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and I could do what I love: teach.  My work became validated and my students gained the ability to be learn comprehensively at a faster pace.  The standards-based Curricular Framework provides a base of knowledge and understanding that is unprecedented in my world, which is incredibly valuable in every sense of the word.”

Tim Lawrence, Executive Director at SkillsUSA and Delegate to WorldSkills added, “Unity’s work in the area of curriculum development and instructor resources will enhance student learning and achievement both nationally and globally. Perhaps the most exciting part of Unity’s work is the alignment with academic standards.”

Of course, post-secondary educators and institutions are welcome to the Professional Skills Standard and Curricular Framework. Based on feedback from many of you, we are confident you will find them valuable too. Through this initiative, our ultimate goal is to generate more excitement with younger students, driving them to pursue programs at the post-secondary level and into rewarding careers.

Along with the announcement earlier this week of the Unity 5 Personal Edition, individual students, faculty and staff now have easy and open access to Unity for their personal computers, and a seamless workflow with educational licenses in their school labs and classrooms.  Given our commitment to investing in educational communities, this is only the beginning.  Watch for more exciting announcements from Unity in 2015.

The program and both foundational documents were showcased this morning and are immediately available.  For your no-charge electronic copy of the Professional Skills Standard, the Curricular Framework or to request a secondary school software grant, please contact us.

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[…] We’re announcing a new secondary education program! – Unity Blog Today, at our GDC Education Breakfast, we introduced new education R&D initiatives and launched … […]

[…]  We’re announcing a new secondary education program … […]

[…] We’re announcing a new secondary education program … […]

I fully respect this move and we have been using your engine to deliver this knowledge to much younger children that you aim at here.

We would welcome the opportunity to refactor your educational materials to a more EYFS and beyond stage of learning. (They love Allegorithmics tools for example)
Details of our current educational licenses are on record. :)
Smart move.

Hey I’ve contacted the guys (I’m not a student, but a self learner) and I’m yet to receive any e-mail.
I though you guys don’t mind giving this learning material to normal people?
I understand if you don’t it’s fine.

I just wanted to say thank you to everybody that helped set this up. After filling out the form, the Unity folks got back to me very quickly and our school is excited to get started!

This really feels like you are disregarding the working professionals who cannot go back to school or inner city kids who have no-chance at going to school.

Why not a Unity certification program instead of this and then certify instructors so they can teach anywhere. Only the ones who can go to these schools will have access to this right? Seems like it is the exact opposite of the core Unity message of democratizing game development. Did I read this too fast and misunderstand?

I don’t think they are disregarding anyone as there is a personal edition with all engine features and it’s free for the ones you mentioned. Check the download page.

Of course there is a personal version. I’m not talking about the engine. Honestly I think Unity is one of the greatest companies on the planet. And been here since Unity was OTTEE. I’m just trying to think of ways to certify and train people that is outside the “norm” of secondary schools.

I’m not a teacher but I remember fondly all the teachers I’ve had in the past and know a few teachers too. This is good news for them and their students.

Remember those tree leaves pressed between wax paper? A teacher now using an improved version and much more intuitive to use version of the Unity editor / terrain system and data from google maps could survey and plot all the botany on school grounds or during field trips in a program their class created using Unity. No need to restrict to botany either. They could expand the detail of their local model each semester which the new students in their classes as the prior students graduate.

One has to be careful that science classes are learning the intended subject matter in creating such programs and for that Unity needs improvements and integration between the editor UI and terrain system as an simulated ecology system. The teaches and students shouldn’t be doing that.

They shouldn’t be thinking of Unity as a way to create games or learn how to program in the sense that I learned how to program. That would be a failure. That needs to be restricted to computer science classes. Unity mustn’t turn every class into a computer science or art class.

The editor must present the ability to interact with students and teachers in a way that is relevant to the subject matter they are teaching or learning. Of course, such a system will take a long time (in terms of our lifetimes – one should think of those old 5 year plans they ask you of in job interviews) to evolve and involve much back and forth between Unity and the education community. The education community, as they have done for so long, need to share knowledge models to raise all the boats.

What teachers and students should be doing is describing where water flows based on physics, mineralogy, topology. Where they expect botanical and animal species to live based on the soil, the topology, the climate, and so forth. And if you think it’s restricted to country and suburban schools you are wrong. I can remember as a child in downtown Chicago gathering dead flies from window seals and feeding the neighborhood spiders. That will be fun for them.

The new Unity Editor for the terrain system needs to create terrain based on such inputs as principles to teach students and teachers so that schools of all levels can describe the local terrain to the best of their ability and then watch the students learn as they create several models such as the current weather, drought conditions, flood conditions, glaciations, and so many other possibilities for their local environment. They will become intuitive experts at efficient and safe utilization of the ecology.

Every school district has it’s own criteria for what constitutes proper education and it can be far too political so Unity as an editor and an engine needs to address that with the facts of physics, mathematics, and language grammar.

Personally, I feel Unity reject using it’s own resources to recreate the Chinese Civil War, the American Civil War, WWI, WWII and so on. The market is already flooded with those style games and it makes Unity become too political. That doesn’t stop Unity from developing an historical time line editor but it definitely shouldn’t be hosting that data, unpaid, or promoting the truth of one data set over the other.

Unity and improved mobile hardware will give students real motive to pay attention in class and correctly implement the themes being taught so they can get out of class with their handy work and take walking surveys.

It almost makes me want to be a student again.

Is there a reason why you’re just not giving a link to the Professional Skills Standard? I would like a detailed explanation of what is expect of me. So, for now there is no curriculum meets your specific standards yet? I would like a list of all the education centers that meets Unity’s Professional Skills Standard if any.

I am already a college graduate and dont have a schedule that would allow me to show up to school in person so online education is what works best for me. My first education on unity was actually on Udemy which had courses about Unity before Unity had live training.

Sounds really interesting, how about people that are willing to teach Unity? For example, currently I’m working with Unity but I’m thinking to teach it as well but I’m not working on a university, school or institute. How about having a teaching degree but doing it on free-lance basis or just for fun or extra income. Can people like that have access to it as well?

This is a terrific idea!

I am a student who loves being creative, and I Unity since I learned about Unity Game Engine, I have tried their tutorials and accomplished a lot with it. What I really want is an online C-sharp program that will teach me how to script behavior components for my GameObjects, Menu, and so on. I think if Unity were to produce a site like CodeAcademy; an online source that teaches coding, a whole lot of users, both new and old will learn to love what they do in a much better and easier way!


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