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While GDC is a big show with a lot of big game development news and interesting talks, it’s also become a show where a ton of games, especially from independent studios, have a chance to shine. There were a LOT of games made with Unity at and around the show this year. We’ve been trying to compile a list of what we saw during GDC and right now we’re now counting over 140 (!!!!) titles. Holy moly!

This includes everything we saw (that we can talk about) that were part of a booth (GDC Play, IGF, Alt.Ctrl.GDC, Indie Megabooth, Valve, Microsoft, etc.), at an outside event like Mix, or even that we just happened to see at the show from a dev in the hallway. The wild thing is that this list likely isn’t complete as we didn’t manage to hit all of the booths.

We’ve listed them alphabetically so give them a look and if you know of any other Unity made games at GDC that you don’t see on the list, let us know and we’ll add them in!!

Here’s the same list of games, but in text!


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  1. Please Add Support Right To Left Languages in Unity3D.

  2. no coment

  3. E bom

  4. Terrific list. Will look into them further down the line!!

  5. Benoit Fouletier

    March 28, 2015 at 2:23 pm

    Hey Ben from Swing Swing Submarine here, thanks for the mention ;) ! Although our game is called “Seasons after Fall”, not “Seasons after the Fall”.
    It was already mistitled in the GDC reel, but well we’re still very glad to be in the reel!

  6. Hello, I’m getting tons of errors in the Unity console, when simply create a terrain in a blank project.

    Are errors like this:

    “Failed executing external process for ‘Clustering’ job. Exit code: ‘-1073741819’.”

    Already tried everything but nothing fixes it, I already I disabled plugins, changed settings, reinstalled Unity, nothing changes, but in version 4.6 worked perfectly, without errors.

    Could someone help me, my real game project is stopped.

    1. You can turn off automatic lightmap baking in the lighting window.

      There are two checkboxes for precomputed GI & baked GI. Turn both off.

      1. The problem disappeared, but, even so, why this is happening? How totally fix this.

  7. nice games . you can chek some great games here too

    1. Nice art. Good job.

  8. Nice to see our game, Wasteland Bar Fight, got noticed! Awesomesauce :D

  9. That is so unreal! Speaking of unreal, does Unreal Engine have a list like this out yet?

    1. In this world the most important aspect is quality, not quantity.

      1. If quality was all that mattered I’m pretty sure Unreal would still be demanding $$$$$$$ for their ‘quality’ game engine. I have no doubts about the level of quality UE4 is able to achieve. In that regard I feel it ‘IS’ superior still to Unity (although unity is quickly catching up.)

        But you’re wrong. It’s not just quality that’s important, it’s the whole ecosystem the engine provides. Support on over 23 platforms, massive community, an asset store just to mention a few. Oh yeah and it’s all (actually) free. Unreal boast of Quality yes, but they don’t have half of the ecosystem Unity’s got.

        Crytek showed off all of it’s ‘quality’. Here’s where they ended up . Yes they said it’s just false rumours but there’s no smoke without fire.

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