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We’ve been hard at work stabilizing and optimizing iOS 64-bit support in Unity 4.6 and 5.0 and given that this is of interest to such a large percentage of you, wanted to begin giving everyone weekly blog updates on progress. Our Sustained Engineering and QA teams have really stepped up the pace of testing and releasing in order to allow us to ship both 4.6 and 5.0 patch releases each week which means we’re making improvements and shipping bug fixes at an extremely rapid pace at this point. We highly recommend that all production teams working toward releasing iOS 64-bit titles adopt every patch release as it ships.

All patch releases for 4.6 and 5.0 can be found at

All monthly maintenance releases for 4.6 and 5.0 can be found at

For reference and more context about what is going on with iOS 64-bit and Apple’s requirements, please check out the blog post on iOS & ARM64 here, and our in-depth strategic plan for IL2CPP here.

So without further ado, here’s the status update:

Status of 64-bit/Metal support in Unity 5.0.x

  • 5.0.1 shipped Wednesday, April 1st. This release includes il2cpp and other iOS fixes but does not contain build size improvements.  The first set of build size improvements will be included in the next patch release, 5.0.1p1.

  • Download Unity 5.0.1 at

Status of 64-bit/Metal support in Unity 4.6

Our current release plan

  • 5.0 patch releases are scheduled to be released each week on Wednesdays.

  • 4.6 patch releases are scheduled to be released each week on Fridays.

Last week’s release was accelerated due to the seasonal holidays on Thursday and Friday. The regular Friday schedule for 4.6 releases will resume this week.  Also as a result of the holiday schedule, the first 5.0.1 patch release will be released on April 15 and the weekly patch release cadence for 5.0 will continue from then on.

Some important information to remember

  • It is necessary to update your projects to 4.6 at the very least to enjoy 64-bit support on iOS. 64-bit will only ship in 4.6.x and 5.x releases.
  • Apple has announced that they will require all apps on the store to include 64-bit support with any updates as of June 1, 2015.

  • We are doing weekly releases with all bugfixes. We can’t fix bugs if they’re not reported, so please report any issues with il2cpp builds the moment you discover them.

  • Internally, our developers collaborate on a single version of IL2CPP which is ported to 4.6 and 5.0 -based patch release branches at the last possible moment in order to release as many fixes and improvements as possible in each release. The cutoff date for fixes in each weekly patch release is several days before the release, to give us time to test and approve each release.

About the binary size increase issue

We’re aware of the issue and have been working hard behind the scenes to address increased runtime executable file sizes when using il2cpp, and have made enough progress that we can now begin releasing the improvements. The first set of those improvements in Wednesday’s 4.6.4p1 release with additional improvements to follow.

WebRequest performance and stability

The WebRequest APIs have been a significant cause of performance and instability problems for a number of customers over the past several weeks. We have been, and will continue to, fix every bug and performance issue (as reported to us) as quickly as possible.

We’ll be working on providing these updates regularly on the blog so make sure to check back each week to get a heads up on the latest progress with 64-bit iOS support and il2cpp.

13 replies on “Weekly iOS 64-bit and Metal update”

[…] Thanks to the input from our tremendous community of users, we have shipped many patch release updates for IL2CPP, steadily improving its compiler and […]

Did I miss something, or did Unity miss the Unity 5.0 weekly patch release today as stated in this blog post?

Guys I’ll need to ship on iOS this summer, so I need to upgrade to Unity 4.6.x or Unity 5.x, I’m currently on Unity 4.5.5p5. I’m would prefer go for 4.6.x, but I’m wondering until when Unity 4 will be maintained?? If you guys will soon stop releasing patches that’s definitely not a good choice.

Don T.

Excellent News!

I presume that these fixes and updates will also help with size and bug fixes for WebGL release as well, due to it using the IL2CPP tool in its pipeline?

Yes, the fixes will all come to WebGL as well. The size issues are slightly different, do to differing C++ build toolchains (Xcode for iOS, Emscripten for WebGL). However, most of our size decreases have some from generating less C++ code, so they should apply to both.

Great to see this information about the iOS issues, looking forward to see squished bugs, and releasing my game. Break out the red bull for the Unity team :)

5.0.1 Crashes on iOS for our game. We reverted the editor to the previous version and the build works fine. Only happens in one of our scenes. XCode stopped somewhere during the rendering code with some sort of memory access violation.

We are interested to determine if this issue is specific to IL2CPP and the 64-bit iOS build, or if it is a more general problem. Can you try with 5.0.1 using the Mono scripting backend? Does they same problem occur in that case? If not, we’re likely dealing with an IL2CPP bug then, so please submit a bug report. Thanks.

I think I’m running into the same issue with 5.0.1. I get a null reference exception when entering a certain scene that seems to make no sense (referencing something that’s not even in the scene). I did not get any exception with the same code on an earlier build for Android. I’m reverting now to an earlier build for iOS to test and also going forward on my Android build to 5.0.1 to see if it also applies to Android and not just iOS. I will also try with Mono build for iOS.

Entirely unrelated but: are there any updates on the Unity 5 integration for VR/Oculus Rift yet? I haven’t switched my project over to it yet because I get worse performance in Unity 5.0 with the current package than I do in Unity 4.6.

I liked the Unity 5 initiative, but I did not like something that came along, which are the bugs and incompatibilities, see:

1. Am I required to disable the GI, if I do not, it is impossible to build the project.

2. Changes in the name of some commands, such as GetTriangleStrip and others did break virtually ALL racing games scripts that I used, both free and paid, the automatic command updater can not fixes them, I even tried manually fix the command names in the scripts, but as I’m not a programmer, did not work, so my project is stopped.

At least if the Unity Team update the CarTutorial, updating scripts to make them compatible with version 5 and work perfectly, would be of great help.

But I have no hope that this will happen.

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