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Xsolla Unity SDK – a customizable in-game store for desktop, web and mobile

, May 21, 2015

We’re excited to announce a new service partner on the Asset Store: Xsolla!

For almost a decade, Xsolla has been providing payment services to some of the biggest names in the game industry: Valve, Twitch, Ubisoft and Kongregate, to name only a few. With the introduction of the new Unity Asset Store product, the Xsolla solution is now available to Unity developers everywhere!

Global payment solution, monitoring and marketing in one

The Xsolla Unity SDK is transparent and customizable; it supports more than 700 payment options from all over the world and comes with a sophisticated monitoring system and marketing tools. Plus, all transactions are protected by a robust anti-fraud solution.

1,2,3 Go! You’re up and running across your platforms

Thanks to straightforward documentation and extensive support, you can integrate the Xsolla solution in a matter of hours. Use it across Web, desktop and mobile!

“The Xsolla Plugin allows you to seamlessly integrate a fully functional virtual store right in your game. It’s super easy. With Unity 5, developers can build bigger and more advanced online products. It’s a great time to explore the multiplatform possibilities of Unity and expand products beyond smartphones and tablets to PCs and the browser-based market. You can get a high quality reliable in-app store running in a browser window with Unity 5 and the Xsolla Plugin. It’s never been easier”.

Alexander Agapitov, CEO & Founder, Xsolla

The Xsolla Plugin:

  • A reliable solution from a trusted provider
  • Complete in-game store management toolset to manage items, virtual currency, and subscription billing
  • Integrated tools for promotion of your in-game products
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • 24/7 anti-fraud protection and customer support
  • Automatic localization of UI, payment methods and currencies
  • Full multiplatform support across desktop, web and mobile

49 replies on “Xsolla Unity SDK – a customizable in-game store for desktop, web and mobile”

Thank you, Unity developers for sharing your feedback, it’s very important to us and we’re not just saying.

As Ernest mentioned earlier, we are about to roll out an update to the SDK. In the meantime, we’ve created an open board where you can post any suggestions you have and we will consider each and every one of them.

Xsolla Unity SDK will be constantly upgraded – not just once – and you tell us what you need at

Thank you guys!

How will you be communicating the news of the updated SDK? What page/service should we watch for news? I agree with the others that it sounds next to useless currently given the need to exit the app and set up lots of custom server integration by hand … but if you had a solution that was everything you described that would be great.

Hi Ben,

We will post an update here definitely and also a detailed description of all the bugs fixed will be posted on our blog:

The estimated date of the SDK update is Thursday, June 11.

If I’m not mistaken, what most developers here want is a solution that integrates with their game inside their game. Not something that requires you to shift focus to a new window taking the user outside the game, breaking the experience.covet fashion cheats

Hello CovetFashion,

we’re working on the fixes. Thanks for sharing, we are addressing this issue now.

Thank you everybody for the feedback and comments on the Xsolla Unity SDK.

We appreciate all of your input, especially the harsh criticisms as it will only help us to understand your needs better.

As a quick update, our development team is working hard to implement many changes to the SDK within the next few weeks which will address many of your concerns. Thanks again and stay tuned for the big update.

This post is pure advertising for an external web service.
THIS IS NOT A UNITY SDK, it only sends the player out of the game to his internet browser!

Hi Atomicjoe,

we’re now updating the SDK and it will be available within the next couple of weeks. We’ll try to fix most of the issues you and other members brought up but, like I mentioned before, we cannot get rid of web interface completely as Xsolla solution is something that browser-based games can use. We’ll post an official list of all the updates to the SDK shortly as a sneak peak!

Ok I have to take issue with this sdk on the asset store. It’s not an sdk at all. It simply loads a web page. The Unity team need to take a serious look at this and ask if this is really the kind of thing they want to be championing. Maybe the EA way is slowly creeping into the mix after all because this is a huge waste of time.

Ugh, another third party, “learn our crappy sdk and when we update it, it’ll break your game” addon.
Seriously? Click on a button and it sends you to a browser based store page???? Does Xsolla or Unity understand what “IN-GAME” and “MOBILE” mean???? You NEVER break the submissive experience by having a store that leaves the game!!! Great way to get people to leave a bad review and uninstall your game forever.
On the upside, the paragraph from the CEO of Xsolla made me laugh. Clearly he has no clue how in-game purchases on mobile work and what “seamlessly integrate” means.
PHP? SQL? No thanks. How about you make an ACTUAL cross-platform Asset Store Package which include a store template and a ‘fill in blanks’ prefab in the Inspector? Do us all a favor and hire Unity programmers that know C# experience and have cross platform experience then start over from scratch.
Sorry to be so harsh but I’m tired of clunky, sloppy messes offered up as “easy solutions”.

Hi Dave,

we’re now working hard on making upgrades to the SDK taking all the feedback we received into consideration. However, please, note that Xsolla Unity SDK is something that web-based games (including mobile browser games) can use so we cannot eliminate web interface completely, and this is a huge part of Unity games now!

I see no evidence of the Xsolla platform working “in-game”. Their link to an “in-game demo” takes you to an ordinary html webpage, with ordinary web elements, that open up an ordinary (albeit pretty) web shop.

If I’m not mistaken, what most developers here want is a solution that integrates with their game inside their game. Not something that requires you to shift focus to a new window taking the user outside the game, breaking the experience.

So my question is this:

Does Xsolla offer an option that works inside a Unity game? And if so, can Xsolla show a working demo?

We are currently in the process of reworking the Unity SDK with this exact model in mind. Once we have something tangible to show we will provide an update covering the details. Thanks for your input!

hi, this is point needed from beginning.

I know we will make revolution with your solution but unity solution as I said before we really want it inside unity don’t want external calls. It’s possible and simple.
I created paypal integration inside unity and know all is possible with unity.
I have great ideas and just waiting for your unity all in one package. Thank you very much :)

I still say give us a skeleton script to modify to our needs, don’t tell us: “Write all your PHP from scratch. Look at our documentation to figure out how. If you get stuck on anything, too bad, we can’t help you with anything beyond sending you back to the docs”

Our Backend API is really simple and doesn’t require much PHP and MySql knowledge to implement however we unfortunately don’t have an SDK for PHP yet.

Also, in our documentation, we have examples in PHP and CURL for every API call that we have.

Where is unity documentation?

how can I easily make new project I want to use unity not website or something similar.

so after I import plugin (I don’t see xsolla sdk plugin dll or something like that there), and create profile on xsolla web portal what I will do ??

I didn’t found it. I don’t want server side script, I just want unity documentation and to do things in unity alone. is that possible??

for mobile
It would only make sense if the Unity Web Player support mobile browsers
does unity web player work with Firefox / Chrome for android?

is conntent suitable for the store as far any utility goes?? I have not been a developer? any interesting info nessasary to develop or publish?

Hi Stratos!

Payouts can be scheduled according to the customer needs. We do have a minimum threshold, but it’s really low!

I had a look at Xsolla site and it seem to integrate with a lot of payment platforms. I’m curious does Xsolla integrate well in Asia markets such as China’s Alipay/UnionPay?

Yun, yes. We do support local payment methods in Asian region, such as Alipay/UnionPay in China.

The last time I tried to use Xolla they told me I had to create PHP scripts as part of the installation process and that they could not provide me with an example of the PHP so I had to figure it out myself.

That is, of course, unless I install their kit via the command line using tools no web host will possibly give their customers access to.

So it seems using Xolla REQUIRES that you be an expert in PHP and know how to setup your own response scripts without any help from them. I tried, I failed, they shrugged, I lost interest… now Unity is telling us all “Oh they are so wonderful. it’s only 1,2,3…”

1. Install the plugin.
2. Learn PHP, SQL and network administration
3. Create a server side response script to integrate payments into the database you created yourself and to manage refunds, order and order status tracking and product delivery / redownload


Hi Jacco,

Indeed, you do have to have very basic PHP and MySQL knowledge to implement Xsolla backend API. You can find detailed instructions on how to do so in our documentation at, or get help from our integration team if you have any questions.

I still say give us a skeleton script to modify to our needs, don’t tell us: “Write all your PHP from scratch. Look at our documentation to figure out how. If you get stuck on anything, too bad, we can’t help you with anything beyond sending you back to the docs”

If it’s really that simple to integrate with you then why is it impossible to create a sample PHP script instead of giving a few snippets here and there and entrusting it to us to figure out how to put it all together into a working system?

To be honest, dealing with you thus far it seems you intend for people who earn a living as website administrators or website developers to integrate you with Unity projects. Anyone else “who cares about you? If you don’t have the skills, go away”. That’s how it feels.

Most of the kits I sell are PHP kits that integrate Unity with WP so I do have “some PHP” experience but I can’t make head or tails of how to integrate with you which is why I gave up in the first place. I was hoping this blog post meant you had done something to simplify that process but I can’t yet tell if that is so.

So let me ask you straight: Do you provide sample / skeleton PHP scripts that show how to integrate with you, allowing us to modify them as required rather than having to open up notepad and start from scratch?


I have submitted your request for a skeleton script to our technical department, and they will look into this. Thank you very much for your feedback and suggestions on how to make things easier!

Thanks for commenting on the actual state of this “SDK” Jacco. The wording of this article “1,2,3 Go! You’re up and running.. ” is clearly not the case.

Thanks Jacco, you just saved me hours of frustration :)
To XSOLLA, comeback when you have something 100% INTEGRATED in Unity. Otherwise, don’t waste our time.

Where can I use this plugin? Almost every mobile stores, online game sites, deskop platforms etc require their own payment system and they not allow to use 3rd party solutions.

Hello Janos and Frank,

when it comes to AppStore and GooglePlay, they indeed have restrictions on what payments to use. However, for browser and client-based games developers are free to choose what they want to use. Please contact our tech team and we will walk you through the details:

Steam itself works with third-party solutions, and they use Xsolla for certain regions.

Yeah, I’ve actually used Xsolla a while back at one of my projects. It does all the taxes and other stuff. Pretty neat.

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