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At Unite Europe 2015, we unveiled our public roadmap. We realize that our users have been wanting more information for some time. To address this, we carefully considered the best format for presenting this information,  then assembled it in a way we hope is most useful to all of you.


For the past 10 years, Unity developed in a more organic fashion with an eye for feature work usually trumping schedules or deadlines. Without having some sense of regularity, a roadmap becomes some distant reality that is hard to subscribe to. Since shipping 5.0 and now 5.1, we are comfortable committing to a more regular rhythm of quarterly releases. In this commitment, a roadmap schedule now becomes a useful tool for everyone involved.


The roadmap is a tool for Unity users to be able to reasonably predict what feature set they could work with/commit to when starting a project in the near term. With that in mind, our goal is to lay out the anticipated and probable work arriving in the next 9 months.

We aware our community has interests in what important things are currently being worked on, and sometimes those timelines are beyond 9 months. Additionally, we are still a finite number of often specialized engineers and prioritization does take place.  Also, taking any feature and multiplying it by 22 platforms and the complexities of making it easy to use for a broad span of users simply take time.

In any case, we’ve organized the roadmap into five groups. First, we will display the next three upcoming releases with specified dates. For the very next release, we’ll also color code to show the confidence of the work item making the final cut and shipping. After trying something out in alpha and early beta, there is always a chance that the feature just really isn’t ready for prime-time. In that case, it could be delayed a version, or even kicked back to the drawing board. Everything of course is case-by-case.

The “Development” work are in-progress with a clear plan and dedicated engineering effort to move it towards release. However, the time at which the work may complete may exceed the 9 months of listed releases or other externalities may prevent us from specifying a particular release. For example of these externalities, we list WebGL 2.0 in “Development” since the technology in the industry is still evolving and we depend on the browser technology to be available in the general public.

Finally, we are left with “Research” which contains all the prototypes, design phase, and other items which are getting actual time, however they are not in any condition to be called earnest development where there is a solid plan being worked against.

We will aim for a weekly update to the roadmap contents, and will look to further refine the presentation.

If you would like to up-vote any listed feature or add a feature for consideration, please head over to

Let us know what you think!

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Where is the new SpeedTree shader located at, please?
On the SpeedTree forum I have read that it is in the making and that it will be provided by Unity.

So, after rolling out IL2Cpp you will upgrade to Mono 4, right? Will the latter be available for the editor only? And will we have to wait for you to release IL2Cpp for all platforms before upgradin Mono? Or just a few?

This roadmap is a brilliant idea. Provided that it is updated regularly, it will nicely reflect what is going on @ Unity at a glance. Also, if you allow the community to vote for features they want most and act by that voting, it will further improve the process of democratizing game development.

I had a look at the roadmap, and I was very VERY pleasantly surprised that *all* of the topics that I currently find a bit lacking in Unity are actually on the list.

Go Unity! I hope you guys can live up to this list. Certainly looks like you have your work cut out for you.

Give Unity 5.4’s Sequencer audio synchronization and timed events for player interaction, and you might just win the hearts of many aspiring rhythm game developers.

Really though, this roadmap is excellent, and I’m glad to see it go public. It gives everyone a better idea of when to expect certain features, making it easier not only for developers who can prioritize their own solutions for the features they need right now, but also for users who want/need to buy assets to fill in for those features, without worrying about whether their most-wanted feature is going to appear in an update next week. (Budgets!)

First of all, thank you for making this great product. The effort really shows, and I think the gamer/coder community is really responding positively.

There are three things I would like to have; one easy, one hard, and one in between. Excuse me if I don’t know if this is already in mono 5.9, but I would really like to have the column numbers too. They are necessary, not just nice. Also, I would like to have the single thing Unreal Engine has that Unity is not giving me right now, free visual scripting. Yes, I code all of my apps; and yes, I know I would quadruple my productivity if I had this in Unity. Unity is my first and only game engine. I would be a happy man, if it stayed that way. Actually, Unity “is a graphic powerhouse now”, so the only thing that is keeping lots of people from working with it, because they don’t know, or don’t want to code, is visual scripting; in my opinion anyways. I would stay away of node land, and instead do something easier, less confusing for newcomers and coders alike. Something like Scratch comes to mind. Color coded, big fonts, instant error checking. The third one, better examples in the Unity documentation. This saves the headache of plunging into the forums, just to understand the documentation. Does not happen often to me, but if you see it as a whole, in all of the commUnity; this would save thousands of work hours.

Again, keep up the wonderful, elegant work, you rock.

Don’t know about the Mono 5.9 question (I would assume you would have those column numbers in it), but Visual Scripting is on the Roadmap in the Research section and work on better documentation examples is ongoing at Unity.

Awesome roadmap. Kind of jealous, and I like the way you laid it out including the “at risk” and “delayed”.

September for the next feature update? Oooh, that’s going to be a tough wait. Excited, though!

When will transparent shaders be able to receive shadows? It’s a really big downside in Unity.

Monodevelop 5.9 ?

Where/When is the Visual Studio Community integrated installation package instead?

Ok, that blog information is news to me. Still, that sounds like it’s more of a 3rd party issue than a core roadmap item for Unity, whereas Unity has to do its own Monodevelop integration for all non-Windows users that aren’t running VS…. though it wouldn’t surprise me if somebody does a VS Code integration for non-Windows users.

As for VS partnering with other engines, I see nothing unfriendly about this. It’s simply good business.

Disappointed to see that you keep rolling out new features on top of a troubled core. The editor is lacking some very basic key functionality and most of its library would gain a lot from not being private/internal.

Awesome news. I understand the unnecessary pressure you put upon yourselves by posting that. Big thanks from me! So.. ehm.. is realtime indirect bounce light shadowing in there?

This is a great resource to have access to. I’m always interested in seeing more communication on where the engine is headed. That said, I’m sad to see nested prefabs continue to languish in an unspecified state of development. This is one of the largest shortcomings of efficient design and iteration in Unity, imho, and something that regularly costs us time.

In the roadmap for 5.2 under Perf: Culling Groups it lists “Crowd simulation (more on this below)” but there is no mention of Crowd simulation on the rest of the page or on the Unity Feedback section.

“NavMesh Surface component describes a volume where the navmesh will be build, you can have multiple volumes, in any orientation

I read that as working for 2D.

I don’t see any runtime curve editing for animation… :(
(modify keyframes from existing animation at runtime)
One dev on the forum told me that was a feature planed.

[…] Finally, Lucas also had the pleasure of announcing an exciting bit of news. Unity now has a Public Roadmap! We know it’s something that you’ve wanted for a while and we’re all very happy that you now have it. For more information on that roadmap, we suggest you wander over to our blog post all about it. […]

Exciting stuff. Thanks for making us salivate.

Will any of these items make it to 4.6 (4.x) or is IL2CPP the last big feature?

How come we don’t see native integration to the Gear VR listed on the roadmap. I thought that this was going to be a thing? Are you guys are going to only focus on PC & Console VR?

Can we have a link to each respective feedback item next to the roadmap feature list? This way it is easier to find the official Unity endorsed version and vote for it.

MonoDevelop upgraded to 5.9!
Nested prefabs!!
2D sprites masking and lighting!!!

Man, Unity’s future is so promising.

I’m excited about the Linux Editor portion too!

I’ve been somewhat painfully using it under Wine for about a year now. it works okay but there are some serious hickups.

My 2c is that they really only need to put out a 64bit version on Linux if that saves them any significant amount of work and testing.

Unity3d 64-bit runs on linux already with POL. No WGL ShareList wine version, but runs quite well on my arch box.

This is really good. Even taking into account all the caveats described in the post it really does help to give developers confidence during (sometimes) very long development projects to know what is on the horizon.

Thank you!

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