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Hello lovely people!

Last week at Unite Europe, the Unity roadmap was made public, and it included a highly-voted feature on our feedback site: a Linux port of the Unity editor.  This past weekend I wrote a post on my personal blog about my own thoughts about our experience porting the Unity editor to Linux.  It turned out to be a pretty popular post, and it was amazing to see so many positive comments and reaction from our community, so we thought it would be nice to do something a bit more ‘official’ on the company blog and explain what you’ll be able to expect from our Linux port.

Unity was originally written for Mac OS X, and the Windows port came along in 2009 with the release of Unity 2.5.  Porting Unity from Mac to Windows was already a lot of work, and as you can imagine, Unity has grown considerably in size and complexity since 2009.  So porting to a third platform has been a lot of (very fun) work and taken a lot of time.

There are some of us who have been working on the Linux port of the editor since the beginning (which started in 2011 at an early ‘Ninja Camp’, according to our version control history), but several different people at Unity have helped work on one aspect or another along the way (lately it has been Levi spending the most time on the project, with myself and others, helping whenever/however possible, so buy him a beer if you see him).  Like I mentioned in my personal blog post, a lot of focus during this time has been on dealing with case-sensitivity issues (NTFS is case-insensitive, as is HFS+ by default; Unity doesn’t work on a case-sensitive system — sorry about that!) and native window management / input handling.  But we’re getting there!

What We Expect it Will Do

  • Run on 64-bit Linux (just like with our player, the ‘official’ support will be for Ubuntu due to its market share, and just like with our player, it should run on most modern Linux distributions); the earliest version of Ubuntu supported will be 12.04 (which is what our build/test farm is running).
  • Export to all of the same platforms as the Mac OS X editor (except for iOS; maybe someday we’ll enable exporting to iOS the same way we do from the Windows editor, but not initially)
  • Import all asset types not dependent on non-portable 3rd-party middleware
  • Support global illumination, occlusion culling, and all other systems reliant on portable 3rd-party middleware


  • It will require modern, vendor-provided graphics drivers
  • Some of the model importers that rely on external applications (i.e, 3ds Max and SketchUp) won’t work; the workaround is to export to FBX instead

The Plan Right Now: An Experimental Build

The Linux port of Unity currently lives in an internally ‘forked’ repo.  Our plan is currently to prepare an early experimental build for you from this fork (that is kept more or less in sync with Unity’s mainline development branch) that you will be able to try out.  Based on how that experiment goes, we’ll figure out if it’s something we can sustain as an official port alongside our Mac and Windows editors (the Linux runtime support was also released as a preview initially, due to concerns about support and the fragmentation of Linux distributions, and the support burden turned out to be very low, despite a very significant percentage of Linux games on Steam being made with Unity, so I’m hopeful; we’ll have to see how it goes).

It’s been a really long time and I couldn’t be more excited.  Levi, myself, and all of the other people who have helped with the Linux port over the years (the list is pretty long!) can’t wait to get it into your hands.

P.S. Here are some more teaser screenshots:

P.P.S – We’re really interested in hearing how you will use the Linux Editor — what platforms you will be exporting to, whether you’re interested specifically in doing regular development on Linux or mostly interested in automated build pipelines, etc.

Much love from Unity,

Na’Tosha (@natosha_bard)

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A dream come true, thanks for this.
Thanks for all the effort to bring this great game engine to Linux!

I can’t open Unity, properly, in my machine(I’m using archLinux) because it stuck in “Sign into you account”.
I’m getting this error “Service not available, please try again later.” And yes, I have a Unity account.

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I’ve actually stopped using Unity quite a while ago when I gave up Windows. Been considering trying Unreal Engine as I understand they currently have a working Linux toolset.

I really hope Unity is able to deliver a Linux client. I’d love to get back into it.

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[…] month, I wrote a blog post detailing our plans for Unity on Linux.  Well, I’m back again to tell you the big […]

Please unity every developer wants to work on linux. But we work on Windows pc’s because we can’t use Unity3d on linux yet…

Will there be a 32 bit version? It would be pretty awesome to run Unity on an Android tablet.

Finally I can delete Windows, and stay with the OS that I like, great work developers, Unity editor was the only program that was keeping me from total switch to GNU/Ubuntu :) , bye bye windows.

Unity should not be wasting resources developing for and later supporting linux. Unity should focus all resources on Windows and Mac.

Unity should not be wasting resources developing for and later supporting mac. Unity should focus all resources on Windows and Linux.

Finally, a native port. Been using Unity on Linux Mint using “playonlinux” and get the occasional Unity freeze. Where does one to register for the Experimental build?

YESSSSSSSSSS. Finally I won’t have to run Unity in PlayOnLinux! It works pretty well, but a native editor will be SO nice. I have a game coming out later this year for Android that will be made entirely in Unity on an Ubuntu system. My next game will be so much easier to create if Unity runs natively for me.

P.S. I would be more than happy to be a beta tester for this venture. I’m just excited that it’s happening at all!

I just built my first Linux box. I’m learning Blender now. When Unity for Linux is ready, I’ll be ready. Don’t spare the horses!

I just read your post and it made me extremely happy to see that hopefully the port to Linux will be ready That means that I will be able to do all my work entirely on Linux as the only reason that keeps me from removing completely windows from my computer is Unity3d not yet available in Linux.

You are doing an extremely great work, and I am quite sure all the Linux community is going to appreciate all the efforts you all are making. It may seem like a trivial issue, but you are making many people happy, and, after all, that is what life is all about.

Thanks a lot!

The Unity editor is the ONLY part of my toolchain and general use software that does not also have a Linux port or substitute. Please, please, free me from the M$ dungeon!

Well, I suppose I’d have to still boot to it to test the windows version, but the main point of using Unity is not having to handle platform-specific code. The lighter distros (Of which Steam OS will definitely be one, once it’s fully worked up) are also much easier to pare down to a minimal functioning build to leave as many clock cycles and as much RAM as possible for chugging through unoptimized code and assets on a machine that, er, let’s just say it stands well back from the bleeding edge.

I would much prefer to do Android and Tizen dev on Linux as both are Linux based.
I prefer BB10 dev on OSX as its BSD based and WP on Windows ect.

In each case terminal commands and OS internals are more in sync and seem to run more smoothly.

I have been waiting for something like this, for linux, for 19 years. Thank you for making the attempt.

Currently using Unity 5.0.4 on Fedora 23 using Wine 1.7.48. I’m impatient to see the native port. Hope there will be a RPM or at least a tar.gz package available :)

Oh.. My.. Word…. The one thing holding me back from using Unity is not going to be a thing anymore? This is great news! Thank you guys so much! I’m sure you have made many people happy!

This is a really awesome step, thank you!

If there is a chance to subscribe for the beta… I definitely want to subscribe. Currently planning to change my workspace to arch linux, so there will be at least one tester on an ‘unsupported’ distro. :)

I am currently using Unity 5.1.1 on my Linux Mint 17.1 (Rebecca) via the PlayOnLinux script.

I am really excited to see a Linux port of Unity, since there are a couple quirks I’m kind of sick of.

I intend on exporting mainly to Linux, Windows, and MAC; In the long run I would also port to Android & iOS.

I love working on linux however due to the unity3d porting limitation i’ve to stick on window.
I love to see how does it work on linux.

So the time to delete that Windows partition finally came :D Thanks for your effort ppl!!

Really too excited to hear the linux version of Unity which I have been waiting for so long.
I have been usingUnity on Mac but it is too high cost to own a mac.
Linux is a much better choice. Windows? I use it for PC games only instead of any productivity works.

I stille have a Windows partition only to run Unity.
You will make me very happy! :)

Even if u guys have pre alpha builds let us know. The linux and Unity community will love to help.

Waiting for this to arrive so I can start working on a project with Unity, hope it happens soon!

I have been developing on Windows for some time but the ONLY reason I have continued with Windows OS (Until recently) was because of Unity3d. With Windows 10 now hitting the market I have decided to bite the bullet and dump it for Linux. I am running Unity3D via Wine which has some issues and is very difficult to tweak. I am sooooo excited to hear you are porting to Linux and I really can’t wait for it. I would port all my projects to all other platforms if possible.

So, are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

This is such a great thing! I know this announce is a month old now, but I really felt the need to express my gratitude for this.

Unity 3D is the only reason I restored the OEM Windows from my laptop…

Can’t wait for it. Unity and Linux will be a nice combination. I love Linux for developing and being able to work with my favorite engine on my favorite OS will make things much easier and faster.

Hi Guys! Thank you so much for your hard work! I’m impatiently waiting and will be surely using the Linux version relentlessly!!! I actually need in order to present my social sciences research in kind of a game-parkour walk style! I’m currently running Ubuntu 14.04 (64 bits)!

Oh yes please, that would be awesome! Unity on Linux is something I’m waiting for. At the moment I dual boot just because of Unity, everything else fully Linux (I use Modo 705 Linux for Asset Creation and Krita for textures).

We are developing a photorealistic 3D scanner, and it would be nice to export our data into Unity. Our development environment is 64-bit Linux 14.04. We could integrate our data into Unity more easily if Unity ran on Linux. Please let me know when it is available.

With Linux having a combined actual global usage of less than 2% – why are you guys spending time on Linux? There are so many other things that need fixing.

Windows is 90%+ share, OSX is almost all of the rest.

I understand that there are a lot of non-business folks or nerds that love Linux, but there are *very few* people that actually *purchase* apps or spend money on the Linux platform.

I only have linux machines , reason is simple, linux is programmer friendly and I would love to have my favorite game engine on linux , and not use wine and other gimmic to get it working … I would be more than glad and I will actually buy a license for that.

I agree with Andrei. I am a programmer too and only reason i am using Windows is because of unity3d Engine. I would love to programm on Linux again.

The consumer market share is irrelevant! In my company the market share of Linux is about 50%.

While that may be true for the people you’re selling your games to, this probably isn’t the case for Unity, who aren’t selling games to gamers, but a game engine to developers. I’m sure the percentage of developers using linux is much higher than that of gamers.

It’s also important to keep in mind that a large REASON Windows & Mac are such a large part of the market share is because most of the big software developers aren’t making ports to it. There’s a fair bit of people that only keep using Windows because there’s one or two programs that they just can’t run on Linux. It’s the same for businesses. No business wants to cough up $ on licenses, but the software they need is only for Windows. Unity is showing some great initiative by doing this.

I’m a programmer and I despise Windows. The clunky nature, the hidious amount of bloat and memory usage, and not to mention the utter nightmare with updating software. Linux would make my job significantly easier, and I can’t wait to see Unity In Linux.

Keep up the fine work Unity Team.

I’m currently working on a project where a camera with a proprietary driver sends its data to Unity through a C++ plugin we wrote. The camera only has Windows and Linux drivers, no Mac. The client does not want a Windows client. So, currently, we can only test the program when it’s built. This has led to many problems. We can run Unity in Wine, but then Unity can’t find the Linux version of the plugin, or use the Windows one. If we had the Unity editor running directly on Linux, it would make the whole development process much, much easier.

The number one reason I stopped using Unity; No Linux Editor.

I pretty much refuse to use Windows. Linux is my preferred development platform, as well as being my preferred gaming platform.

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When it will be ready for testing? And how we get it?
Just cant wait to use it finally.

My Unity license is really outdated by now. A Linux Port of the engine would be a reason to invest in a new one :)

I am interested in standalone/android/ios(gotta get a mac)
I am interested in testing the expermental build!

This is great news! :)

I’ve been a Pro customer since Unity 4.0 and while the royalty-free licensing terms and productivity gains are what binds me to Unity, Unity is also the only reason I still run Windows on my workstation while every other PC in my house runs Linux.

The idea of running Windows 10 has become rather unpalatable for me (forced updates, advertising + social stuff built-in, privacy issues), so I am extremely happy to have a native Linux solution.

A big thank you to everyone involved for investing your own time in this port! I hope it becomes official.

[…] modern Linux distributions. You can read more about this news in a post by Na’Tosha Bard, on the Unity blog. In this post you can read about what to expect from the editor, and current plans for an […]

This is great news, long time Unity3D user and I was looking forward to this. Great work Na’Tosha!

In studio environment Linux and OSX would be preferred OS platforms, they play nice and are far more reliable. So it’s obvious why Linux editor is one of most voted features. I’m happy that Unity has finally broaden it’s sights even if it perhaps had to be made to do so by current market.

It would be really awesome as next step to do move to more impartial and more open code editor policy.

When can we expect to test experimental build ?

Is there a decent C# editor on Linux though? i.e. not a MonoDevelop fork… since that is virtually unusable on Mac OS. I’m doing iOS development on Windows just to have an editor that’s not insane.

you can select project / solution file after opening folder with unity project (and having monodevelop project from unity generated )
– no debugger
– have to have mono framework installed for its c# features to work
– similar to sublime + omnisharp

Better than MD on intergalactic scale ( which I still occasionally use it though, but as latest Xamarin studio + unity provided plugin for MD )

Really? Only Linux?? Are you kidding me? What about OpenBSD support?? Or at least FreeBSD? You guys are a horrible example of an evil company.


Linux huh? This smacks of EU meddling. I’d prefer FreeBSD, well not really, Ubuntu is fine too.

Maybe I’ll make a tri-boot Mac Mini Autumn 2014 with Iris GPU & 8 GB RAM even though there is not much work I’d do programming wise outside of Unity 5 anymore anyway but…

Can os X with Boot Camp do tri-boot or just dual boot with Windows and os X?

I’ll have a 1 TB when I buy, with 512 GB as a shared Documents between Windows 10, os X 10, and Linux. Of the remaining 512 GB, 256 GB to Windows 10, 128 to os X 10, and 128 GB to Linux.

What FS should I use on the shared 512 GB Documents – I was thing NT FS but old enough that os X and Linux won’t have trouble mounting it.

Is 128 GB enough for newest Linux? I was going to use Ubuntu as the most consumer ready distro.


You would have to install grub/LILO into logical partition created by os x for windows iirc; then booting into Linux would go by choosing Windows while efi displays bootable partitions; from there should take over grub/LILO / choosing between windows and Linux /
Google this – there most certainly will be some obstacles/ pitfalls

As for ntfs – reading is fine, there might be / were problems with writing;
Generally the fat32 is safest, although doesn’t support big files / like more than 4gb iirc

Hey Lolone,

Thanks, I was hoping to avoid LILO/GRUB but that’s OK.

The fat32 is OK too with the only problem being if Unity did something advanced for build or source control reasons.

What about Unity on iOS? It would be a cool thing to have it on the IOS platform, too. Maybe not with all of the features that the Unity for Mac and Windows has, maybe just with the possibility to export it only for iOS; or if it will have all of the features like the others, it would be awesome to choose some options, so it wouldn’t lag or just to not occupy and use so much memory (RAM and/ or Flash). Or maybe it would be great if there was just the MonoDevelop-Unity for iOS. What I’m trying to say is that not anyone has a PC, Mac, Linux, Android, DOS, Amiga or ZX Spectrum and maybe there could be a way to code in MonoDevelop (Objective-C and Swift) or to create a game in Unity, but this things done on iOS.

me personally ? no, why would I; as for others – can’t speak for them
i just joined the multiplatform fun ( it is unity blog, after all )
btw if you are asking question you have the wording in wrong order
cheers, have a great weekend

I know I have written the question wrong but I really don’t understand what was with you when you tried to make the jokes about the other platforms…

For sure iOS would be restricted from such activities, WinRT and Android and others worth their security claims for that matter.

Just a kid made the jokes with DOS, ZX and Amiga starting from my request about Unity on Android. I just took a look at the comments and there were some minor errors: the hour the comments were posted (some minutes difference between each other) and the joke about my name. Nothing more, nothing less. Those b*tthurt kids that think they can have everything just pisses me off. Kid, next time, try harder, maybe you’ll do it better.

What about Unity on ZX Spectrum? It would be a cool thing to have it on the ZX Spectrum platform, too. Maybe not with all of the features that the Unity for Mac and Windows has, maybe just with the possibility to export it only for ZX Spectrum; or if it will have all of the features like the others, it would be awesome to choose some options, so it wouldn’t lag or just to not occupy and use so much memory (RAM and/ or cassette tapes). Or maybe it would be great if there was just the MonoDevelop-Unity for ZX Spectrum. What I’m trying to say is that not anyone has a PC, Mac, Linux, Android, DOS or Amiga and maybe there could be a way to code in BASIC or assembly or to create a game in Unity, but this things done on ZX Spectrum.

What about Unity on Amiga? It would be a cool thing to have it on the Amiga platform, too. Maybe not with all of the features that the Unity for Mac and Windows has, maybe just with the possibility to export it only for Amiga; or if it will have all of the features like the others, it would be awesome to choose some options, so it wouldn’t lag or just to not occupy and use so much memory (RAM and/ or Floppy disk). Or maybe it would be great if there was just the MonoDevelop-Unity for Amiga. What I’m trying to say is that not anyone has a PC, Mac, Linux, Android or DOS, and maybe there could be a way to code in MUI or to create a game in Unity, but this things done on Amiga.

What about Unity on DOS? It would be a cool thing to have it on the DOS platform, too. Maybe not with all of the features that the Unity for Mac and Windows has, maybe just with the possibility to export it only for Windows 3.11; or if it will have all of the features like the others, it would be awesome to choose some options, so it wouldn’t lag or just to not occupy and use so much memory (RAM and/ or Floppy disk). Or maybe it would be great if there was just the MonoDevelop-Unity for DOS. What I’m trying to say is that not anyone has a PC, Mac, Linux or Android, and maybe there could be a way to code in BASIC or to create a game in Unity, but this things done on DOS.

What about Unity on Android? It would be a cool thing to have it on the Android platform, too. Maybe not with all of the features that the Unity for Mac and Windows has, maybe just with the possibility to export it only for Android; or if it will have all of the features like the others, it would be awesome to choose some options, so it wouldn’t lag or just to not occupy and use so much memory (RAM and/ or Flash/ SD card). Or maybe it would be great if there was just the MonoDevelop-Unity for Android. What I’m trying to say is that not anyone has a PC, Mac or Linux, and maybe there could be a way to code in MonoDevelop (JavaScript, C# and Boo) or to create a game in Unity, but this things done on Android.

Yeah, I waited for it so long. Pleaser make it happen! I love Linux and I love Unity3D. The perfect combination

Terrific news! I’ve been using a Linux pipeline for all my animation and graphic design for 8 years now. It’s good to know there’s one less barrier to breaking into Unity now. I wonder, will this also mean more attention will be spent on integration with Blender, the preeminent app for 3d content creation on Linux?

The day the linux port for the editor was announced I was already thinking to switch to another game engine, but luckily I found the announcement and decided to wait. I can’t wait for the release or the beta phase.

I will mainly use it for making games on PC, but maybe I will use it to make games for phones and some apps(I hate GUI programming).

PS: It would be perfect if you could make it work on steamos too.

Glad to hear that. I though you Unity folks will make Linux Unity Editor in the next 2 or 3 years after I vote couple months ago. Not mean to be big headed, but yes I’m vote on that. :) And maybe all guys above me are voter too.
But here we are, the Linux native Unity Editor has finally come (I mean in development) and I want to use it ASAP. When I’m on Ubuntu, I’ve tried Unity on wine, but the performance is horrible and there’s some issue with the AssetStore. From then I’m just keeping an eye for Unity and wait it to release for Linux. As for now I’m using Debian as my primary, and sometimes Centos and Arch. Today Linux are for testing platform while Windows and Mac are the Development platform when using AAA game engine. I want to roll that.
I have a conclusion, is all item in AssetStore will compatible with Linux, or just some of them?

My interest in using Unity is making game (obviously :)) which is standalone and WebGL
I’m going to export to Windows, Mac, and Linux (obviously)

Just wanted to thank you and the rest of the team for supporting the Linux community.
It’s likely a small number of devs (comparatively) from the other platforms and the sentiment is much appreciated. Hopefully the additional support cost will be relatively low and will help draw more users to Linux :)

I would really use it, linux is my daily OS, been capable of working on Unity without needing to change the OS would be awesome! With surely I will buy the enterprise edition

Ha! I’m good friends with a lot of well known Unity users, and the running gag between us seems to be that I’m constantly running away from Unity. I switched to Linux over a year ago, and I always assumed that was that. But here you are again. Time and time again, every excuse I invent, you guys seem to eventually respond. One of my big ones was platform support “They don’t support all the consoles”, but then you eventually did. Then it was the 2D. And it just keeps happening. Damn you! :D

All I’ve got left in my avoidance repertoire is the C#. I’m a low level guy, me and my C/C++. I’ve worked on commercial games written entirely in Assembly, and written plenty of shaders. I can’t stand the black box of not knowing what’s going on under the hood. Combine that with a clumsy GC language like C#, and maybe you understand why it makes me uncomfortable.

But weirdly, I think JavaScript is fine. Somehow that became the language and the ‘assembly’ of the internet. C# feels like a stricter C++ with a GC to me (that’s bad). But JavaScript, I can do some weird stuff with it. I can define a global structure filled with values (i.e. JSON), and embed function code right in the structure. Despite all of JavaScripts flaws, I don’t think enough people grasp how useful and amazing combining data and code is. How it simplifies things in incredible ways. Games are data. What a waste of time it is writing specializations and initialization code, when all we really need to do is say the green ones jump higher, something we can say with a 6 instead of a 4.

Okay, rant over. :)

You comment is somewhat chaotic and it’s hard to understand what you mean.

There has been some development in Unit programming language from Boo through UnityScript to C#. We know that the programming environment enforces some rules and standards. For example, I have never used MonoDevelop for developing under Unity 3D. It is too clumsy for me. I used, use and probably will use Notepad++. It is light and fast. As an experienced developer (over 10 years), I don’t need extra features that can be found in IDEs. They are even irritating. I know that MonoDevelop is a great tool, but not for me, and for sure not for developing with Unity.

However, regarding the Unity programming languages, it seems that using UnityScript makes no sense now. C# is so popular, easy, professional and versatile that should be enough for beginners and more advanced users. But I feel lack of C++. If you make something really big and complex, C++ should be your choice. Unity 5.x is software mature enough to use C++ instead of UnityScript. Even in Unity Technologies itself, there’s focus on C# and UnityScript seems neglected. As soon as you the Editor for Linux appears, you should do something with that. And I am not sure if you should support the 32-bit version of Unity. But you have stats and you know better. And of course, improve the terrain.

It’s work not for now, but for a longer time. I don’t know if other users agree with me, but for me these things should be considered by UT in the nearest future.

If you’ll release the linux version of unity editor, the editor will be perfect !
I hope it’ll come fast because i can’t wait for it !! Thanks a lot for your work

[…] but it just crashes on startup, probably I messed up somewhere again. But there are some good news: The state of unity on linux. Long story short: Unity will soon support Ubuntu 12.04 onwards. Can’t wait! I’m […]

Can we get a Linux master server too?

I would be my primary build platform (Debian Wheezy) export to Windows as well.

I am waiting for this so long. Must be amazing to get arcadia running on Linux!!!

Best POST of the week – found on – I will be in for Testing purposes – waited so long for this. !!! Unity3d was the last reason i run windows 8.1 in a VM!!! :D

[…] előállítása alatta, ez hamarosan alapvetően változhat meg. A Unity Technologies ugyanis azt tervezi, hogy hamarosan kiadja Unity Editor nevű tervező- és szerkesztőalkalmazása a nyílt forrású […]

IMO the effort put to bring this up will be better spent in any other Unity feature or even bug fixing. Even if it’s the most voted feature this seems to be the typical Internet pool, where only the linux fans vote, because, well, what else will they vote?. Lets see what happens when its released and Unity starts keeping track of the use percentage between mac/windows/linux.

What happens? The users who wish to install on Linux, will install on Linux, those who wish to install on Windows, will install on Windows and those who wish to install on Mac, will install on Mac. Nobody will die. Far from it; all will be happy and there won’t be the forum fights between Windows and Linux followers. Look at the screenshots – it’s really worth to see something like that.

I see some commenters around here have really short term memory. Unity was born on OSX (A unix based operating system.) With the mission to democratise game development (i.e. giving every developer, regardless of what platform they developing on or platform they’re targeting, a fair chance at writing awesome games). In order to fulfil this (and to leverage a substantial op-port-unity :-P in the game dev market) Unity was ported Windows in version 2.5 (2008). Windows currently accounts for quite a number of Unity users (Don’t have the exact figure, but I know it’s pretty huge).

Fast forward to 2015, (after a ton of requests and petitions and possibly death threats), Unity follows through with this announcement and amidst all the excitement, some of you guys think it’s unnecessary? I imagine if this was 2007 and the announcement for the windows version had been made, it would have been met with some protest. I also Imagine that some of ye revolters present on this thread are windows users, who wouldn’t have been on this thread if some bad a$$es at Unity Tech did not port the engine over in spite of those protests.

Having developed on all three major operating systems I have an appreciation for all of the entrenchments and dogma that their respective fangirls and boys hold so dear to their hearts. People here who’d not touch any linux box with a 10 foot pole have some really ill informed positions about the OS. It’s a tall order and I would want to go into that now. But for what it’s worth, Linux is a fully qualified development environment. I dare say you’ll be hard-pressed to find an OS more suited for a pure, unadulterated software development experience.

So dear OSX and Windows and fangirls & boys, I understand your concern about what this means for bug-fixes and the rolling out of new features. But try to think of Unity not only as an awesome tool to bring your ideas into fruition, but also a mission to put that tool into the hands of every developer out there, regardless of what platform they develop on and what platform they develop for.

Thank you,
– Started working with Unity on windows.
– Had a full-time job which required me to develop on a linux box & had a personal linux workstation
– Switched to MacOS for Unity development (Also as a middle ground between Windows & Linux. If Unity was on Linux, I probably wouldn’t have)

The road to porting and keeping active ports for many compilers / OSes is one that leads to better understanding of the underlying code, cleaner code, most likely case sensetive support for OSX (required for Linux), etc.
The code is going to improve because of this port, and while yes, some time will be spent on this than on other things, it may end up preventing or cleaning up bugs to do it.

I’m currently using Unity under wine/wine-mono on an Arch system and would love to run that 100% natively instead. I have not booted into Windows in ages, even though our game is on Windows/OSX/Linux.

What I’m looking forward to as much as the editor, is to set up Unity on a build server, perhaps along with our Steam/Humble/Itch deployment scripts.

Those sweet font renderings on Unity’s interface.

I’m willing to switch to Linux just for that.

[…] details about the Linux Editor are available on the Unity website or the Na’Tosha Bard’s […]

i was between use windows or leave unity 3d, in the meantime i decided to leave unity to keep using ubuntu as my main OS but i miss the power of unity but windows is not my thing lately

so this news are a relieve to think that i will be able to work fully on my preferred OS

i pretend to use unity for linux,windows and android which is what im currently doing with other technologies

This is incredible! I’ll be able to match my build target (SteamOS) on my development machine. This is really going to streamline developing games for Steam Machines.

I read your comments: “Death for Windows”, “Remove Windows”, etc. Well, Bill Gates won’t be glad :). He thought he was the owner of the IT world and was able to force you to pay much for his products. But the monopoly is finished up.

This is great news. But I think I can see through it. I know Na’Tosha and friends had been working on porting the standalone player to linux. But guys at UT have always maintained that a Linux Editor was not quite feasible and the short and long term in spite of the number of votes it had on Feedback.
Question is: Does the Unreal Editor Port to Linux have anything whatsoever to do with this announcement? :-D

A lot of. As soon as UE4 became free, many people started to be interested in this game engine. I myself started to use the Epic product because it uses C++. The Linux market is really huge though the stats say 2% only. However, Linux is very popular among developers, not just typical users that just buy computers with Windows and use them for the Internet only. Making the Editor for Linux is a very good and wise step for Unity 3D. Maybe some day big companies will wake up and see how many Linux developers exist in the world. The more big companies will be port their software to Linux, the better Linux itself will be.

Linux is now the most popular OS for both server and end consumers (due Android, not Ubuntu). Android/Linux is having a new momentun for consumer.

I would probably switch for full Linux for my Unity development. But i totally can see studios using it as both server-side pipeline helpers and allowing some team members using Linux (artists on Mac, programmers on Linux and some on Windows).

Curiously, Microsoft is now in a huge campaing for cheap/free Windows…

No Linux, no fun. No windows, no problem.

Soon I will have one less problem to worry about.

Thank you so much.

Linux was my only OS until I decided to give Unity3d a try, that’s when I had to install Windows. I’d be really glad to get rid of it. So my use will be mostly exporting to Linux, windows and Android. If I have to switch to another platform for building, I can live with that. What I really want is a functionnal editor inside Linux.

Which version of the Editor of Unity will be ported to Linux? Only Unity 5 (Pro and Free) or also Unity 4?

While I’m not from Unity Tech, so take this with a grain of salt, but I think most likely it’d be only 5.x series to be updated.

Its should be Unity 5.0. It’s a mature and professional tool. It makes no sense to use Unity 4.x.

Thank you so much for this! Developing on Linux is a lot easier in general, having all the proper development tools and libraries at hand. Ubuntu is totally fine as you can install multiple Linux based distros on your PC easily and even if you don’t like the default look & feel – You can change everything to provide you with the fastest and personalized experience ever.

I guess I’ll be using unity for a long time if this happens. :)

AWESOME news. With the coming of Windows 10 I’m not willing to upgrade to that platform and will stick with Windows 7 for the time being. Unity coming for Linux would make me hop to that platform a lot more sense. I’m only wondering if the Linux version of Unity will be able to compile for Windows and Mac as well like the current Windows version can.

esto es realmente bueno.
Unity está volviendo por el camino del que nunca debió salir!!!

“It will require modern, vendor-provided graphics drivers”
What does this exactly mean? Will the open drivers also be supported when proper OpenGL 4.x support is ready for them? What about Intel (full open driver), or cards not anymore supported by AMD, Nvidia, where the open driver is the only way (and in some cases, is already better than their vendor-provided pairs when it was still present)?

I think it’s a code phrase for “You have to have nVidia GPU with official nVidia drivers from nvidiat(dot)com, *pkg(dot)run kind, not nouveau BS”

I think it really means “we’ll test on the official drivers from each vendor” (as far as I understand, that is: closed binary drivers for NV/AMD, and the open source driver for Intel). If the open source NV/AMD drivers work, then great, but we’ll not be spending much/any time in trying to get them work.

Haha, opensource drivers work better on wine than nvidia’s proprietary drivers using unity3d (no window refreshing bugs)

Good, I was worried I was going to be stuck on Windows anyway because my NUC (NUC5i5RYH) only has integrated graphics.

Yeaaaah!!! finally, as I can participate in the testing of the engine ? I have a Latin developers team work. I use unity in linux with wine.

Sorry for me english

Now I can switch from windows to Linux when I develop.
Glad to see that unity listens to their community members.
Way to go.

I use Linux as my main OS, so I’ll be using the editor to work on any client projects and exporting to whatever platform they require. Our internal projects are typically both standalone and mobile, so Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. Having to VNC into my Mac Mini to build the iOS build is a minor inconveniece.

I’m definitely looking forward to this as it’s also the last piece of software for me that requires Mac or Windows. I do use it under Wine, but things like lightmap baking falls apart since it only works with the 32 bit build and runs out of memory on big scenes.

Thanks a ton for all your guys’ hard work even on non Linux stuff! And thanks Na’tosha and Levi for advocating for all of us Linux people :)

While this is great and all, it’d be great if you Unity folks could focus on something more important like Terrain, which is a joke nowadays.. Really, it’s garbage :(

I agree, the terrain should be improved. My customers didn’t like the terrain I made with Unity.

More important to you.
Lobby for your desired features without harshing on what’s important to others.

This is great to hear! I have a crappy tablet with broken proprietary drivers for Windows and OS X, and it only really works on Linux with the open-source drivers, so I use Krita and Blender on Linux exclusively- glad to hear I won’t need to dual boot to use Unity! More power to y’all :)

This is by far the GREATEST news we got this year!

I develop in Unity for Android and iOS platforms, using the GPG addon.
Will Google Play Games plugin be supported as well in the linux editor?

Can you check this Natosha?

Thank you Unity team!

guys <3,

cant wait to get out of OSX with my outdated OpenGL drivers and overpriced hardware! Looking forward for this! :D

Waiting for it. Many of my friends recommended unity but I can’t tolerate windows more than 5 min, developing in it is very far. Hopefully I can try unity very soon.

(From the linked article:)
>Installer will (most likely – it’s one of the things we didn’t do yet) just be a .deb package.

Please keep it that way! We Linux users LIKE our package managers. And in the Linux world, installers are a clunky pain that smack of hasty porting by windows developers who don’t (care to) understand linux.

What a complete waste of time! Clearly, nobody in unity management knows how to say NO. The editor still sucks in many ways and y’all are farting around with Linux instead. And for all you useless Linux fanboys out there, GET A REAL OS!

Why don’t you tell everyone how you really feel?
Seriously. A little hate filled, aren’t you? Not sure how you can see this as a bad thing, and no, the editor does not suck. Does it have limits? Sure. It always will. That doesn’t mean it sucks.
You are also free to use another.

Bryan I guess what you are not clearly seeing here it is also the long term plan of having a Unity editor working on a Linux Kernel environment.

I think the team behind Unity have a long term vision when it comes to cross-platform compatibility, and you know Linux Kernel it’s.. quite used ..nowadays, do not just think about Linux OS ;).

I think everyone here uses Unity3d, so we all had to install what you call a “real OS”, we all wereforced to use it… And yet, many people want to use linux instead… Call it what you want, it’s still the best OS for many of us, and I’ll be really happy to uninstall windows when Unity3d is compatible.

Unity3D (5.0.x, not 5.1) works almost flawlessly on linux already. If you don’t need to build on android/ios then it will be fine for you

“Linux fanboys” pressure has made much good for you and you don’t even know that. You have you beloved Windows cheaper (and now even the upgrade for free for OS) and some Microsoft technologies are or will be for free. The IT world is changing because of Open Source. But you are probably too blind to see that.

Have a nice day with your beloved Windows.


I’ve been using Unity3d under wine simply because, even after having been a huge windows user since 3.1, I can no longer tolerate “new” Windows (ie, from Vista up though and including 10). But Unity3D under wine, while workable, has always had some issues, and setup has been an obscure pain, so I’m thrilled to be able to use it natively under Linux.

I don’t use Ubuntu of course (Debian testing + KDE, with an eye on Arch – Ubuntu/GTK/Nautilus are all waaay too mac-like for my tastes), but hey, if it runs on Ubuntu, it should run on other Linux fine, better than wine, so I’m good :)

If it were possible to make this generate and submit WinRT builds (doubtful, but understandably so), I’d even be able to get rid of my space-wasting Win8 partition!

I bet you’ll see this alone put a small dent in Windows market share ;) A lot of developers have been wanting to switch from Win->Lin, but feel they can’t, simply because of the lack of tools like Unity3d.

Oh My God!!!
Removing windows from notebook…. hahaha
SahPorra me fez chorar…

I’m really looking forward to this port! I have a couple of friends of mine who said that the main reason they are not developing in Unity alongside me is because they can’t do it on Linux (Ubuntu more specifically).
Now, I’m hoping that the integration with Blender remains transparent to us all, right? Since Blender is already on Linux.

Cheers! And keep up the great job guys!!

I’ve been on Linux for most of my time, and although I’ve been wanting to try out Unity several times I was always disappointed to know that I couldn’t get a good development experience on Linux. So this is excellent news for me. :)

This is really great.
I hate software mono-platform, I want to choose to change from time to time without feeling tied to a platform.
I started using Unity3d on Windows, now I’m on mac, linux but I used a lot and if there was one thing that restrained me to use it seriously was the lack of Unity3d.
At last I can choose when I want to switch to Linux.

I chose Unity3d because of its multi-platform support, no other graphics engine supports exporting to so many platforms … and the fact that it has made it possible for everyone (even those who do not could afford) to start developing video games (you were the first to give your editor for free).
The fact that the editor has finally support a multi-platform full is very positive.

Thank you again.

It’s a very good news thank you! I plan to use it on a Kubuntu system and to export on Android, Desktop and WebGL. Windows will be required to export and build for Windows Store/Phone, but a lot of work can be done on Linux.

The Windows port is good, but it’s pretty hard to debug a game on Linux. With a Linux editor, it’ll be easier to debug and bring quality game to this platform.

Really really great news! I can’t wait to finally say goodbye to windows. Thank you so much!

Al fin, una de las razones por las cuales uso Windows es Unity 3D. esperó que esto pase pronto para tener todas mis herramientas de desarrollo en Linux, junto con Pycharm.

Yo pretendo exportar a Android y Steam.

This looks awesome! Seriously makes me consider switching to Linux more, however, Oculus support on Windows will probably keep me from switching for now.

Another step closer to removing Windows from my PC. This is excellent news, thanks very much!

I deal with targeting standalone, WebGL, iOS, and Android platforms and my team makes heavy use of continuous integration with Jenkins (we’ll hopefully be looking at Unity Cloud Build in the near future :)). Our CI build machines are a mix of OS X servers and Windows VMs but it would be awesome if we could employ our Linux servers as well!

maya support linux
blender support liunx
that software that support phote editing and creating texure support linux
steam os will be on the rise as developer can use steam os for game develment
unity 5 will soon support linux so soon the death of windows will come

Great work!

We are going to use it on android for 2D games and linux standalone for advergames.
We were waiting for the linux editor is a really great advantage reducing the development cost here in Colombia


Finally i will be able to remove my win partition! Thanks guys, hope to see your linux’s editor very soon! (It would be possible apply as alpha / beta tester?)


Can’t believe it! My dreams r coming true! Thumbs up!

So finally I can ban win from my pc ’cause Unity was the only reason for holding it…

Thx so much!

Another portion of awesome news!
Finally We won’t need to Install Wine and fix random errors like missing fonts and etc.!
I’m using Ubuntu x64 on MicroSD and for me this small article is like a ray in the cloudy sky.
Making Unity for Linux will make it available for people who can’t afford commercial OS, like students and people from poor regions. Also It will make it portable.
Thanks, Na’Tosha and Unity T.!

I’m interested in following platforms: Standalone, WebGL.
I’m interested in testing of an experimental build!

Bring it on :D I can’t wait to test. Will there be a specific place where us linux-folks can report stuff back to you?

YES! Unity is the only reason I’m currently using Windows as my main environment. Sign me up!!!

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