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Drumroll please, Unity 5.2 is ready for your downloading pleasure!
Check out Unity IAP, now available in Unity 5.3!

The big news in this latest release is the Services Window which provides easy in-editor access to Unity Ads, Unity Analytics, Unity Cloud Build and Unity Multiplayer with no need to integrate a single SDK.

There are updates from the services teams below, as well as all you need to know about three new build options and all the other goodies in the Unity 5.2 bag of treats!

Boost your revenue with Unity Ads

Unity Ads is growing at an incredible rate to the point where it’s rapidly becoming one of the world’s most widely used mobile game advertising networks. To find out why more and more studios are turning to Unity Ads, check out how Seriously boosted ad revenue 250% in Best Fiends without any drop off in retention.


Automatically build, install, and test your apps

Unity Cloud Build optimizes your game development pipeline by automatically creating builds for multiple platforms at once, and making them easy to download and share. It’s streamlined so you can focus on the fun part: making games.

Synapse Games says Unity Cloud Build “has sped up the build process from 45 minutes of engineering time per build to essentially…. zero minutes.”  Set up is easy; try it now!   

Improve your game’s performance

If you’ve launched a game and you’re not using Unity Analytics, the chances are that it could be performing way better than it is. You’ll never know unless you try, and when Ultrateam used Unity Analytics to inform their design decisions they got a surprise: “The result was stunning. I didn’t think a simple change like this would have such a huge effect.”


Get multiplatform multiplayer networking

Use Unity Multiplayer to take the pain out of making networked games. The underlying engineering framework is the same whether you’re looking to deploy to mobile, desktop, Web or console. Try out the Unity Multiplayer Relay and Matchmaker Server Services free of charge today.

Even more VR

Picking up where Unity 5.1 left off, the Unity 5.2 release adds further support for VR developers in the form of a Project Morpheus build option. This means Unity comes with a highly-optimized VR/AR pipeline you can use to deploy to Oculus Rift, Gear VR and Project Morpheus out of the box.

Even more multiplatform

Unity 5.2 also brings you Windows 10 and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) build options. A UWP app can run on any Windows-based device, including phones, Xbox, and PCs!

Native Visual Studio Integration

In further Microsoft-related news, Unity 5.2 comes with a much tighter Visual Studio integration for a vastly improved coding and debugging experience on Windows machines.

The Unity installer will offer to install Visual Studio Community 2015 and Visual Studio Tools for Unity (formerly known as UnityVS). Everything just works out of the box!


The full low-down

Check out the Unity 5.2 Release Notes to find out what else is new. We’ve added multiscene lightmap baking, support for 3ds Max’s biped rig, Occlusion Culling improvements and more…


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  1. Bloody Brilliant Guys.
    Bloody Damn Brilliant

  2. No Roslyn compiler integration , what a pity !
    Most of my old 3D games are written in and I want to port them to IOS without conversion to c#.
    The best build process I have planned is
    c# and—–Roslyn——>IL——> … (online or offline) ——-> app package

  3. I had 5.0 configured to use VS, but whenever I double clicked a script in the project window, It would open a new VS window, rather then just a new tab inside the existing VS window. I switched back to Mono for this reason.

    Is that fixed now in 5.2. Will unity just open new tabs in existing VS window?

  4. so no MONO in unity 5.2 ???????

    1. Monodevelop is still in Unity 5.2, you are given a choice to install VS during the installation process.

      1. can I still pick the Mono? In 5.2 version?

  5. Not spam serious I’m lnokiog for a programmer I don’t get my computer till like march so I need a programmer to help me make my idea come to life they can be noob or pro but prefer if its through unity because I’m learning on unity if seriously interested pm me

  6. I’ve installed, super hyped to be able to use VS instead of MonoDevelop.

    But after installing, I have no idea on how to make it open the scripts in visual studio instead of monodevelop.

    Is there a tutorial or something available?

    1. For using the Visual Studio extensions you would want to import the asset package to your project then use the Unity Visual Studio Tools menu to generate the project files then open in Visual Studio to get it to register the program as your external editor. If you don’t want to use VS tools then you just go to edit > preferences > extrnal tools and choose it as your script editor.

  7. Unity improve day by day but Unreal4 now available free and it is much power full and better game engine then Unity5 so unity has to improve their quality like Unreal4 otherwise lots of Unity user in future shift in Unreal4 like they already start to doing it.

    1. I disagree, Unreal has it’s audience but Unity has it’s own great qualities that makes it different from Unreal. Also, Unreal isn’t really “free” because as soon as you release your game you’re going to have to pay a 5% royalty to unreal.. forever. Also the help and support as well as tutorials on Unity software is much more widely available and in my own opinion much easier to use (being C#, not C++) and in my own experiences doesn’t crash anywhere near what Unreal has for me. To each their own.. but being that you’re commenting on a unity blog.. a lot of people reading this probably favor unity a lot more :) but enjoy whatever works best for you.

  8. Hmm, it looks like the 2D Tile Map Editor is still not yet ready for release. Hopefully it goes out soon. :)

  9. 一阳二阴,变化无穷,可攻万物,可成万事。

  10. Hi there guys! 1.: I love Unity and thank you for this huge opportunity you give to indie devs like myself! I hope that soon I will be one of those whose product’s example will encourage others to choose this awesome engine with your insanely cool asset store! 2.: I’ve tried to update from 5.1.2f1 to the current one (5.2.0f3) the second time – but nothing happens (on Mac OS X 10.10.4)! I mean Unity reports post-install that it is still the 5.1.2f1 version, and after launching the editor it wants to update to 5.1.3… I hope it’s some user error or what, but I thought I had to report this glitch. Please let me know if I’m doing anything wrong – yes, I have not tried to update to 5.1.3 yet because of laziness, later this day when I’ll have enough time I’ll give it a try.

  11. Great to see the Visual Studio integration. I had recently switched over to the Visual Studio Community 2013, and the editor features have helped with workflow. Plus the dark theme is easy on the eyes.

    One nice change is that you no longer have to import an extra package to your project, which often had to be ignored in version control because of system specific files:

    “The biggest change is that you don’t need to import the VSTU Unity package anymore with Unity 5.2. Unity will detect if it’s installed, and if so, load it for you. From that point on, VSTU will handle the generation of the project files for Unity, and opening files from Unity will open them inside the VSTU solution.”

    Also, if you had VSC 2013 installed, 2015 will install separately. So once you’re up and running with 2015, you can uninstall 2013 (note: this seems to take a while to uninstall..).

    1. FYI – Mono Develop color scheme is configurable. It can be set to black background, etc..

  12. I want to play much better my game !

  13. On OS X, the new MonoDevelop has a few serious bugs – it doesn’t list scripts on the left like it used to, and “Find in Files” produces no results even though I can see it right in the script that’s loaded.

    1. Not only that but on OS X, every couple times I change scenes in full screen mode, Unity crashes.

  14. Rodrigo M.Lehnemann

    September 10, 2015 at 4:32 pm

    Ok, i follow all the steps inside this topic:

    But, my Visual Studio is not recognizing any class, method or object related to Unity!
    Example: it does not recognize the class object game.

    How i can fix it?

  15. trying move to 5.2 from 5.1.3 , and build my android game with IL2CPP but getting 33FPS ( 40+ FPS before ) on my phone and the bigger file size than before, i dunno if i doing wrong with the build settings ? well decided for roll back to 5.1.3 :(

  16. UI text field is soooo buggy. No carret. No selection for replacement. The field is left on the screen and follows the main camera during the game play. So, we have to roll back to 5.1.x. Sorry :(

  17. By the way, I don’t see any particular integration with VS or UnityVS for that matter, I still need to download VSTU and install them and then import the package inside each project, then switch to it from the preference menu.
    So what’s new?

    1. you need a clean Mono Develop and Unity Installation to work with VS (I removed the Settings from AppData too)

      Good Luck ;)

      1. You mean uninstall Unity and restart? do I need to download VSTU? there is no Docs about that.

  18. I hope the buggy UI text input fields have been fixed, especially those damn carets that’s all over the show… :)

  19. Unity got amazing speed on creating new services and new capabilities in compare with some years ago. Thank you!
    About the multiplayer service specifically, it is very hard to get the whole structure up and running without good training videos although I am quite familiar with networking and Unity engine.
    I would love to see some videos that would go deep enough to train us for a publishable product even it is a simple one. The available ones are too simple that I would count as introduction.

    1. I have been so beewedlrid in the past but now it all makes sense!

  20. Upgraded to 5.2 from 5.1.3 and the performance increase in my iOS app is noticeable. Thanks Unity.

    However the webcam texture is no longer working when I deploy it to my iPhone or iPad. The webcam texture works in the OSX Editor and also works using Unity Remote. Any ideas?

  21. good stuff,好牛逼的样子。呵呵

  22. good stuff,好牛逼的样子。呵呵

  23. Issues with Unity 5.2 in GMA 950:

    1. Can’t open another project, the editor closes (process ends)
    2. There is problem with default lighting in Unity Editor or something, please look at this picture:

  24. when will the new 2d system be released? really want to uae those cool feature right now

    1. What new 2D system? Can you post a link to info about it? I haven’t been keeping up with the latest Unity news. lol.

  25. Nice ! Really nice !

    Now please, make us a new input system, unity’s input system is more than bad, it’s awful !!!

    1. Aras Pranckevičius

      September 9, 2015 at 9:55 am

      Input system is in active development, but no clear when it will be done yet ( – see “Input System”)

      1. Yeah I know but it’s not on the roadmap yet, and i don’t understand what it means : after unity 5.4 ?!?

        If it’s that, it means we will not have the new input system until a long time, and if it makes like uGUI … well …It has been a long time since a lot of devs ask for a new input system. It’s nice to have new features but it would be better to be able to use correctly something as “basic” as an input system.

  26. This is awesome! Love the integration with VS. Is there any chance for supporting VSCode? Its a bit lighter, and MacOS users can have the same experience as well ;)

    I also posted my new project GameOn so Unity developers can let users play Unity web builds games without the browser plugin. GameOn on GitHub

    // chall3ng3r //

    1. Visual Studio Code already works with Unity and it will get even better soon – look here.

      1. Thanks, yes keeping eye on it. I was asking about the official support, like Unity Tools for VS.

        // chall3ng3r //

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  27. boosted revenues by 250% xD

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  28. Just installed and opened unity sample project. Clicked on C# script and saw the dialog that Visual Studio will open shortly. Instead MonoDevelop has been opened. I’ve checked editor preferences and everything seems to be ok – VS is selected. Is there something more required to make it work? I had VS 2015 community already installed.

    1. I’ve also ran across this issue. Although I am using Visual Studio 2013. I deleted the VS plugin, and in the about Unity window, it says the Visual Studio plugin is enabled. I did not use the installer, but instead only downloaded the 32 bit editor. Could this have been my problem? Also, showing the 32/64 bit options in the installer would be nice.

      1. Hello, I had same problem, while I’ve upgrade my Windows 7 to Windows 10 (it was inly upgrade, not clean installation). And till clean install, I only rename Monodevelop executable to Monodevelop2, and after that while try to open some script, VS open it, but with some strange layout, not like normal layout of dock panels. Another solution was to open VS and within VS open your Unity project, and after when try to open script from within Unity it automatically opens with Visual Studio Editor, but in this case you need to rename Monodevelop executable to something other.
        My problem was with Unity 5 personal, and with both VS Ultimate 2013 and VS Community RC 2015, but now I have clean installation of Windows 10, Unity and VS and I haven’t this problem.
        If something is not cleanly described sorry for my english.

        1. Thanks, that helped!

        2. Keep on writing and chinuggg away!

      2. A good many vauelblas you’ve given me.

    2. For me the fix was realizing I needed to install a new version of Visual Studio tools for Unity 2.1. The 32-bit Unity 5.2 installer didn’t detect this. My about Unity dialog didn’t show Visual Studio enabled. You can install the tools using 1 of the 4 links near the bottom of this blog:

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  29. Congrats for the release, and for blowing out your 20-something platform candle!

  30. Hi, is it an update to unity 5.1 or should i download unity 5.2?

    1. hi Andrew,

      You need to download 5.2 from the webpage.

      Hope you like 5.2!

  31. I am 13 and I need to know how to make a game.

    1. You can do it! I wish someone had told me that when I was 13 :)
      I also wish Unity was around when I was 13 though.

      Start with a very simple project, there’s a bunch on Unity’s website here:

      move on to the survival shooter after that

      Ask questions on if you’re stuck.

      Watch a lot of videos on youtube or Unity’s training page. But most importantly DO it. You can watch all the videos you want, but you only really learn when you start making a game yourself.

      Start today and you’ll be a rockstar in a few years :)

    2. Try to follow the turorials and samples >.< :D

      1. thankyou LUCAS06C.

  32. Guillaume Bailey

    September 8, 2015 at 6:28 pm

    You exposed impulse! My heroes! Everything I dreamed is coming true in version 5 :-)

    1. Guillaume Bailey

      September 8, 2015 at 6:32 pm

      Oh no impulse is only visible in 3D :-(

    2. More posts of this qulytia. Not the usual c***, please

  33. This looks great! Do the new visual studio tools for unity work on both free and pro? or just pro?

    1. Guillaume Bailey

      September 8, 2015 at 6:29 pm

      Free and Pro


    September 8, 2015 at 5:32 pm

    Great job on the release! I’ve been running the 5.2 betas. Are there any differences between this final released 5.2 and the final release candidate 5.2.0f2?


      September 8, 2015 at 5:34 pm

      Nevermind, I found this:
      Changes since 5.2.0f2 (Release Candidate 2) build

      GI: Fix infinite loop and memory leak that would lock up the machine during atlassing for lightmapping
      Install: Fix Visual Studio 2015 Community installing even if pre-existing VS 2015 installed
      Mac: Fix startup crash in x86 player
      Windows 10 Universal Apps: Unity will produce projects compatible with Visual Studio 2015 RTM version.

  35. I want a navmesh that supports multiple agent sizes!!!! Please!!

    1. A solution for multiple agent sizes is being worked on, but you probably won’t see it until 2016, sorry.

  36. Awesome! Couldn’t wait to download it can see what our programmers need to change/add ^^

  37. Nice stuff! Thank you!

    Seems like Gizmos are not rendered unlit in viewport or game view (capsule, Gizmos.DrawLine), instead they are lit and hard to see. Didn’t happen in 5.1.3. Or is it just me?

    1. You mean you have this problem [ ] too?
      Does the Unity Editor open another project? Or does it crash (without Error)?

  38. Woo-hooo. Finally some real Shuriken fixes. Fixed particle culling that are set from script, fixed sub-emitters not firing, changed particles from camera-space to world-space, optimized particles, transparent objects sorting is multithreaded. Great!

  39. Synapse Games boosted ad revenue by 250% in Seriously’s game, Best Fiends? How nice of them.

    1. Thanks for the catch, fixed!

  40. I see IL2CPP Android experimental wasn’t listed (Although it’s a part of this release). I’m guessing it’s not quite there yet. I just have a question about building IL2CPP android projects:

    Is the entire build process (C#->IL->CPP->APK) handled by the editor? or we’ll have to open an eclipse project and have the android NDK installed and go through a ton of other hoops to get our APKs running?

    1. Martin Sternevald

      September 8, 2015 at 7:49 pm

      Everything is handled by the Editor. The only extra step you need to take is to download and unpack the NDK. But for your convenience we added a download button next to the NDK selection field in Editor Preferences.

      So far IL2CPP for Android seem pretty stable – please try it out and let us know of any issues you find. We need a lot more Android projects on IL2CPP before we deem it stable enough to be the default script engine.

      One thing that is good to know is that an IL2CPP build for Android generates pretty large binaries compared to iOS. The reasons for this is that we still have all symbols included to ease debugging in the case of a crash.

      1. speaking of debugging…;) is it connected well with Visual Studio? is it better than mono? does debugging exist?