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Our Roadmap is now open to the public. We’d also like to share with you the Sustained Engineering Team plans for the weekly patch and monthly public releases. Here it is:

5.1 patch releases

Unity 5.1.4 will be the last public release for Unity 5.1. It will contain all previous patches, 5.1.3p1, 5.1.3p2 and 5.1.3p3. With the release of 5.2.0 on 8th September 2015, the active patch cycle has switched to the 5.2 version. The next patch release will be 5.2.0p1. It is important to note that 5.2.0 includes fixes only up to 5.1.2 while the new patch 5.2.0p1 will include all changes added up to 5.1.3p3. In other words, 5.2.1 public release will include all previous releases up to 5.1.4. Since 5.2.0p1 contains a lot of bug fixes that were not included in 5.2.0, we will ship the 5.2.1 public release soon after the release of 5.2.0p1.

5.2+ patch releases

The planned public release of 5.2.1 will in principle contain all bug fixes from 5.2.0p1 and may also contain a few additional fixes if and only if necessary. 5.2.x patches will be shipped every week until 5.3.0 goes live. We’ll do our best to ship these patches on Wednesdays. In addition, there will be a public release every month, i.e after approximately every four weekly patch releases. The same cycle will be followed for 5.3 patches when 5.3.0 goes live at its planned future date.

4.6 patch releases

Finally, we will stop shipping Unity 4.6 patches or public releases after the end of December 2015. It is important to focus our energy on improving Unity and hence all efforts will go into Unity 5. You may have noticed that the frequency of 4.6 patch releases has gone down to every two weeks. There will be a 4.6.x patch release every other Friday and a we’ll ship a public release every two months until the end of December 2015.

Sustained Engineering Team

We are also adding more developers to Sustained Engineering team with the focus of fixing more bugs as well as improving the overall quality of Unity. Our primary focus is to fix bugs in a quick turnaround time. We also monitor the forums and react to feedback when new releases (public or patch) go live. We have several more initiatives in the works. We’ll publish more blogs about these initiatives in due course.

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Creo que los arreglos principales deberían ser en rendimiento porque a mi no me asombra que me muestren un escenario 3d con muchas lucecitas, me gustaría que el rendimiento real para un jugador implique que no necesita como mínimo un i5 para disfrutar de un juego y que el tamaño del juego realmente ocupe lo necesario, a parte de eso creo que deberían añadir cosas que faltan en unity como la proyección de imágenes que se usan para que una imagen (por ejemplo sangre) se proyecte sobre una textura de una pared o unos objetos 3d sin tener que cambiar las texturas de forma específica en cada objeto donde se puede proyectar.
Tambien me parece que deberían hacer los primeros contactos con nintendo para ir estudiando la posibilidad de añadir compatibilidad en un futuro para el proyecto NX.

I’m extremely disappointed in the decision not to keep supporting/improving Unity 4. As a Unity 4 pro license holder focusing primarily on mobile, I paid for all these licenses that I’m now expected to purchase again for software that is still under development, still unstable with many problems and which won’t work with my previous work. Unity 4.6 is the most stable version out there – why drop support now?

I would agree with your decision if Unity 5 was a better, more stable and fully backwards compatible product. But really, it isn’t and you’re forcing developers to switch over, port their unity 4 work and pay full price for a half-baked version 5.x product WHEN WE DON’T WANT TO.

You broke your promise about support for Unity 4. And of course the same will happen with Unity 5.

I think Unity has lost the way. Screwing your loyal fans and developers is not the way.

Correction – replace “pay full price” with “pay premium price”. Even with the discount, the replacement cost of the licenses is high and it doesn’t account for the cost of porting existing Unity 4 apps to Unity 5.

I’m unable to download patch 4.6.9p1, but other patches download ok. Any problems you know of?

Like you said “Finally, we will stop shipping Unity 4.6 patches or public releases after the end of December 2015.”

Does it mean you will not support Unit 4.x anymore for other services, like Unity Cloud Build in 2016 ?

I didn’t migrate my project on Unity 5, because the performance is not as good as on Unity 4 and I didn’t find any solution or any answer why. So I preferred to work with Unity 4 until my game is released.

I understand that you need to focus on Unity 5 but I got a lot of projects and I’m not willing to go through hell to port them to Unity 5. Anyway I want to upgrade these projects but I cannot even import current packages anymore because people tend to release them for Unity 5 only. You are literally killing Unity 4 and that is not a good thing especially regarding mobile targeting.

Please add a package importer for Unity 5 packages in Unity 4 at least. Imagine I bought an asset that only contains audio files and I could not even use it in Unity 4. It just needs to ask if I want to unpack the content. Usually I only need models, textures and audio files and that stuff but I do not really care about the other stuff. I can live with that prefabs are not working anymore and so on.

Using a version 5 asset in version 4 is simple. Just download and install version 5, make a new project, go to the asset store and download it and save the project. Now start unity 4 an add these files.

I am just a simple game player and now cant log into my game king of the realms because it askes for a unity ugrade to be done manually. I really think you make it very difficult for the simple people.

It sounds like the final release for any major Unity Version is going to be a full release with bundled patches. E.g: 5.0.4 is 5.0.3 + patches. I would assume, then, that the final release of 4.6.x would be something like 4.6.9 (barring no release between now and December) and would bundle up all the patches.

Out of curiosity, is there any such plans for the 4.5 line? It looks like the latest release was 4.5.5 and the latest patch was 4.5.5p5. So no 4.5.6 to cap it off?

This weekly patch release plan works fairly well for all targets except for the WebPlayer plugin target. With each new official release (e.g., 5.2, 5.2.1, etc.), several critical bugs (to my projects) are fixed and several new critical bugs (to my projects) are introduced. The latest patch (5.2.1p2) fixes 2 UGUI bugs that are critical to me. That’s great, but I can’t release with a patch release because the Webplayer plugin complains that it has to be upgraded, yet it can’t be upgraded by end users because there is no publicly available plugin for the patch releases. This means that my only option is to wait until 5.2.2 is released and hope that no new bugs are introduced. If new bugs are introduced that prevent me from shipping, I’m waiting again. It seems the actual WebPlayer API hasn’t changed for quite a while. Can’t you just let the patch releases use the existing WebPlayer plugin unless there is actually a change?

Issue 730014 still not fixed in 5.2.1p2

Basically perforce integration is unusable, the editor hangs. Looking forward for you to fix this quickly as it is one of the main reason why I paid for a pro version.

Does this patch release plan include any changes to Unity’s built-in “check for updates”? It hasn’t worked for a long time.

iPhone 6/6 plus /5c/5s . I have this error in Xcode
Unity5.2.1f / p1/p2 with Xcode 7.0.1cannot run game on Those devices
MTLTexture.m failed assertion MTLTextureDescriptor has invalid pixelFormat

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Wow, 5.2.1p1 is buggy – We upgraded from 5.1.2p3 yesterday and lost hours due to corrupted library folders, importer crashes (to do with lightmap UV unwrapping), changed APIs in the UI (without documentation), changes to MecAnim that break it’s behaviour, change to the UI that break the behaviour of images with no sprite, the Editor is now crashing 1 out 5 attempts to run our game.
I’ve reported all our problems – roll on the next patch!

Same problems. Also reported. Hope they will get resolved fast. Along with resolution-stretch related bug that are happening since a few versions when going from window to fullscreen.

We have some Dx9 and Dx11 resolution issue fixes in 5.2.1p3 which sound like the issues you are having. Its due out next week.

Its currently being verified by QA. Should be today, tomorrow at the latest providing nothing crops up during QA testing.

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I was wondering this as well. None of the new releases work right for my app since 4.6.8 The beta version was not stable ( and ran pretty bad in build for me. I have to downgrade my version back to and Xcode as well. I have been waiting for this patch as well any idea if it will be today?

I personally think dropping support for 4.6/4.x to be a really really bad idea. Lots of developers out there are relying on 4.6/4.x. There’s lots of very different rendering differences and feature differences between 4.x to 5.x.

5.x is very good for targeting high end and new hardware, whereas its really awful for targeting older hardware (and yes, lots of gamers still use older hardware. Much more than have newer hardware). And that was okay because we could always fall-back to using 4.6/4.x to target those older specs and have it run really well. Which simply cant be done well with 5.x.

That alone could make many developers look elsewhere for a different engine.

No, the trend is always forwards. Microsoft acts the same way as Unity. They expect new hardware. If you are developing for mobile hardware, you can expect your user to have new hardware within the next 12 months.
So Unity made a great decision.

I understand that a company like Unity has to deliver new products to be in the top of state of the art technology, but as developer, and a CEO of a developer company mainly focused on mobile devices in Android platform, I can tell you that we don’t want to move on. But what’s happening? There is a huge deprecation thru the AssetStore in many many assets. That’s also forcing to developers to move on Unity 5. I tried to request the products we want to purchase to the sellers, explaining them we need Unity 4.X packages. As you ( UNITY ) needs time to develop a robust product, we developers needs to move on, when the robust product is already done. The 4.6 release is a very well tested product, that has evolved from many time ago, and now it looks there is an impressive needs to move on Unity 5. Why? I’ve got in 4.6 all that we need to develop mobile games, but AssetStore. We’re lacking of assets. But the worst part is I’m pretty sure many sellers that has already moved on Unity 5 are selling less assets than before, because serious startups, or small indie developers with products already in the store, can not jump to Unity 5, like it was an easy thing. So I can not share the strategy.
Well compared with Apple, is the same as they usually do. As soon they’re going to deliver a new iOS release, they suggest or make it mandatory to move your apps to the next iOS version. In that way, automatically all apps are deprecated for old devices in the old release. That force to the customers to purchase a new product compatible with the new release, because if not you can not make work anything.

Don’t like this policy. Although when we’re paying, for the Unity Desktop license, Android license, and iOS license. That’s not the way.

Do you want to know where the “interest” is not very ethic. Since the moment the packages are not compatible, and there is a way to import old packages into Unity 5 and there is no way to convert a Unity 5 package into Unity 4. That’s the main point where the proof of ethic is not compliant with the customers.

i update to 5.2.1f1 from 5.1
I did it for easy analytics integration,
the result is there is no analytics namespace reachable, i cant write code about analytics…
browser reference explorer in visual find a analytics namespace, but it is empty..
am i doing something wrong?
services in editor dont want to activate
first time i use analytics

This is very inconvenient. I won’t be upgrading to Unity 5 because I don’t have that much money to update, and after some months update again.

Next project I’m switching to Godot Engine.

A couple of weeks ago I received and email from Unity asking for reasons why I haven’t updated my Unity, Android and iOS PRO to Unity 5. Exactly because of this way to handle things.

A lot of promises about UI in Unity 4, things got delayed and at the end of the life cycle it was a added, but will not be developed any more. Just to mention some of the things that should be fixed or considered in Unity 4.

Investing in Unity 4 PRO licenses to see the product will not be maintained anymore it is sad and make feel a bit disappointed with Unity admins. The upgrade plan is a bit expensive for already PRO customers, considering the guys that developed for both iOS and Android.

Now, this let me thinking, how much time Unity 5 will be developed until a 6 versions appears with a lot of bell and whistles and a need to guess what, pay again the constante upgrade amount to get and actively developed product..

In the future I hope Unity will consider proper upgrade plans for current customers. I the meantime I will stick to Unity 4.6 for as long as it possible.

Consider switching to Godot Engine, Unreal Engine or another open source game engine out there for your next project. In the worst case you’ll be just like now, but with an open technology where you or the community can implement or fix whatever you need.

I am truly disappointed with Unity as a product (unstable and bad performance) and as a service (bug fixes that never come, changelogs with bugfixes that you end finding that aren’t fixed, critical bugs that aren’t hot-fixed, and all for the incredible price of the Unity’s license ._.)

It’s sad to see Unity 4.6 finally retire after the long run.
I do hope that the dropdown UI would still be implemented in 4.6 before updates finally stop.

Hi, I and my team are developing for years on unity and can not migrate to unity for 5 issues of incompatible plugin and “size” of the game, the release is not yet defined and we think we want still about a year of development, this means we are obliged to update on Unity 5 or we can finish the game on Unity 4 and subsequently publish it? The game is Afterlife: Lost Paradise, we are a small indie team Italian but with great aspirations, the mandatory upgrade to Unity 5 would take us a long time to readjust everything. – Antonino Truisi – Game Desing / Game Director / Art Director

You are not being forced to upgrade to 5, we just wont be doing anymore releases for it after December. You can use it for many years after if you wish but will miss out on any new features/fixes.

Not a fan of the plan, especially if it’s going to delay serious fixes that need to go in ASAP.

For instance, there’s been a CRITICAL Mecanim bug causing blend trees to fire events from all animations since 5.2, something that can brick a game without a workaround being coded in, and despite someone on the Mecanim team saying the bug was fixed on Friday, we have to wait until NEXT Wednesday for the patch; so in total, this bug will have persisted for 3 weeks.

Needless to say, that’s just not acceptable for a critical bug.

I really wish Unity would launch hotfixes for major issues that need to be fixed right now; I’m always worried that you guys are going to introduce a nasty bug and not fix it for a month because there appears to be absolutely no prioritization going on.

I’ve been sticking with 4.6 for a number of reasons. I’m deep into a project and when I’ve tried upgrading to 5 too many things are broken. In tests I’ve also found 5 to be unstable.

Not prepared to trigger the upgrade to 5 pro given my experience with it, but now Unity are trying to force my hand.

Been a user since V2 and always early adopted and paid the upgrade willingly. Dumping support for the most stable Unity is a really underhand move.

Naughty Unity:

– Left Blackberry unfixed and killed it, RIP BlackBerry
– New features with each build with reduced performance, RIP Games On Mobile

unity 5.2.1 installation is taking way too long, i started downloading it last night and there seems to be a problem with visual studio installation… more than 8 hours for less than 10 % of the installation completed… this is not what i expected….

A lot of things are being considered (including Vulkan), but no “real actual work” has started there. If we’d write all ideas we plan to do at some point the roadmap page would get *very* long :)

I do hope we will have Vulkan support when time comes. Right now it’s not even out yet.

Sorry yes, I meant 5.2.0p1.
Can’t wait to get my hands on the new version, I hope this will be good this time :)

Just tried 5.1.0 today… Well… there’s really a problem with your debug team. Seriously, I’m not a nut : I can definitely see that the bug is still there whereas It’s still written as “fixed” in the changelog… Do something. I don’t know. Check who’s marking those bugs as ‘fixed’ while they’re obvisouly not…

Now using 5.2.1.p3, the fullscreen bug has been written as fixed, and again, the problem is still there…
I feel largely being laughed at…
Sending a report…again. Though I really feel disappointed.

Unity 5.2.0f crashes at startup. it worked for few days.but now it crashes.
all version after 5.0 crashes at startup. please help, is this one of the planned patches? (windows 8)

Hard to say if your problem is fixed without knowing more about the crash.
If the patch does not fix your problems them submit a ticket and we can investigate.

It is great that you focus on fixing bugs also. For my dev team, Unity 5.2 is just not stable enough. What is worse, quite often things are working in editor and then throwing errors in build.

New networking is great example of what happens when you have strict deadlines and no time for polishing – great feature, lots of bugs, lacks in documentation. This is quite sad – some things that were just possible in legacy one are just not working here (what happened with buffered RPCs? and sending data >64kB? Both were just working without any tricks, and now we need to implement it ourselves, finding out ourselves UNET limits). It would be okay if legacy one would be still supported (like mecanim and legacy animations, or new and legacy particles) but it is not going to.
I personally find lacks in stability the biggest disadvantage of Unity. Thanks for trying to fix that.

Not even 1 year of support for Unity 4.6, on the forum it was said multiple times that it would have been supported for a long time yet…
And judging from the patch release note, il2cpp it’s still far from finished.

Many projects are shipping with IL2CPP on iOS now, so we feel that is it pretty stable. We continue to release fixes though as we correct issues. Are you seeing a specific problem? If so please submit a bug report and we will be happy to look at it! Thanks.

I’m developing a game for both Android and IOS, hoping to finish within the year.
I’m doing most of the tests on Android as it is faster and planning to test both only on the final phase.
I guess I’ll have to anticipate the testing in order to avoid getting stuck with unresolved bugs.
IL2CPP is stable except when it isn’t :D I see the change log is still quite big regarding Il2cpp in every release, and if any of these wouldn’t have been discovered and would have happened in my project I would be stuck.

Might as well assign a little team for documentation, the new features in 5.2 like ETC1 alpha decoupling and UnityVS integration are nowhere to be found, in the external tools page is still about integrating “Visual C# 2010 Express!”
Really? If I had telepathic abilities I would gladly volenteer to fill the docs but with trial and error I don’t have much time left:/

Same as other users. I really appreciate your efforts to improve and to be more transparent, by I would really like to see the major bugs being fixed before any new features that brakes other stuff. It feels like a scary race. It has been almost a year that I didn’t get to use a version without major crash/bugs that were seriously breaking games. either with patches or final versions.

I had hoped for a stable 5.0.x version with only the initial 5.0 features, maintained until all major bugs were fixed.
But instead you force your customers/users to upgrade all the time to new versions with ‘great’ new features and new bugs while you haven’t fixed all major bugs of the previous versions.
It is a feature race and that is scary.

Yesterday my simple 2D app was rejected for the Designed for Families section by Google, reason: installation and stability issues, Unity 5.1.3p3. The iOS build of the same app crashes at startup.

I believe you need more integrity.

Some 2-3 months ago I reported a bug. GameCenter achievements reporting is not working. Ever. You don’t need a special scenario, it simply doesn’t work.

Last week I got an email that the bug is forwarded to the iOS team (no idea what this means or when to expect a potential fix).

In the meantime I had to find a way around it because god knows if and when this is fixed.

In the meantime I found more than a few ‘new’ bugs and re-experienced old bugs that are in Unity for a while now. Just 2 days ago I discovered that RenderTexture.antialiasing doesn’t work at all…

Please, please spend much more time on QA and fixing bugs.

Right now you are using paying clients as QA, and you don’t even fix reported and 100% reproducible bugs in timely manner. Makes us/me feel … well, not good.

Right now when looking throught API I always wonder “this looks like a nice description and exactly what I need! – but will it actually work when I try to use it?”.

In my opinion, your/Unity’s integrity sucks and you should treat it as something important.

Consider switching to Godot Engine or another open source game engine out there for your next project. In the worst case you’ll be just like now, but with an open technology where you or the community can implement or fix whatever you need.

I really feel some bugs have to be resolved immediately, and need to have some manner of priority release regardless of schedule. This has happened many times before including with the Unity 4.2 release where standalone builds were obliterated. Therefore, a patch was released a day later.

The current Animator bugs that have been acknowledged as being fixed 5.2.1 are badly needed right now. Don’t be afraid to bust out a patch the following day, if major bugs are fixed, and a release is possible. Right now, all my Animators use the Override function on all animation layers; I’m not using “Blend” at all. So my entire project is a brick in 5.2 due to the Override bug. In order to continue development, I have to remove the animators from all entities in a scene. Otherwise, the editor crashes. I’m currently needing to fix, and optimize some animation event triggers, haha.

So please consider stepping outside of the (schedule) box in order to get major issues fixed.

At least, please fix the remaining and reported BlackBerry 10 bugs before ending it’s support with the next Unity 5.1.4 release!
You can take a look at BlackBerry Development threads and you’ll find many bugs still waiting to be fixed.

Correct! It’s “adios amigos” or pay for the update and take the effort to migrate the project.

Next game I’m switching to Godot Engine or another open source game engine out there. In the case of something similar happening, the advantage is that it would be an open technology where oneself or the community can implement or fix whatever is needed.

So.. today is wednesday, right? Will there be a 5.2.0p1 coming out any second?

And will this include the issues already fixed in 5.1.3p3, especially 721563?

Usually you’d be right, but 5.2.0p1 is running late – partly because it’s huge (140+ fixes) and partly because some of the people in the QA team are on holiday, away at training courses, etc. We’ll get it out ASAP.

Can you give us an estimate on the release? We’ve got a major issue (HTTP responses failing) and we’re trying to plan around it. If it’s going to be a day or two, we might just wait.

Anything at all would be helpful.

Thank you.

I do commend the Unity team for addressing issues quickly when they arise. I think having a solid plan like this will help instill even more trust in the engine from a commercial stand-point.

It sounds good, i think unity need more focus in resolve the current bugs before continue implement new features.

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