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At Unite Europe, we announced new products that will launch soon. If you are an existing customer we will be inviting you to transition over to the new products with personalized offers.

Update: We’ve made some changes to the new products and prices based on the feedback we received. Please see this blog post for the updates!

Why are we introducing these new subscription products?

It’s harder to be successful today. Market is larger, consumers are spending their time in different ways. Mobile is in the ascendancy, console and PC need bold creativity and VR/AR is in a pioneer moment. Against this, Unity isn’t as accessible as it could be – a core product with add ons for a larger up front price and upgrade fees every 2 or so years didn’t seem to be cutting it.

So, we wanted to simplify. We wanted to give more value. With our three new products we’re confident we have increased the ability for you to reach the largest audience, provided increased no worry access to the latest tech and made Unity more affordable.

With our new products you benefit from:

  • All platforms. No iOS or Android Pro add ons, everything’s now included
  • All updates more regularly, with no extra costs
  • New features and tools – from performance reporting to new Analytics realtime and raw data to Asset Store project packs and more

What are the new products and prices?

Unity Personal

Personal stays as it is. Free and fully featured. It’s democratization of development at it’s best. Revenue or funding cap of $100k per year.

Unity Plus – $35/month for a 12 month plan. 

An all-new version of Unity, designed for individuals and teams who want even more useful and effective tools that will help them release commercial games and interactive experiences. Plus comes with an annual revenue cap of $200k per year, and an optional splash screen just like in Unity Pro.

Unity Pro – $125/month with one year commitment, no revenue cap.

The new and improved version of Unity Pro for professional individuals and teams who need complete flexibility for creating commercial games and interactive content.

Unity Enterprise

For large organizations wanting source code and enterprise support. Unity Enterprise is purchased through a Unity representative, pricing upon request. 

Pay to own option

Updated: If you subscribe to the new Unity Pro for a minimum of 24 consecutive months, you get to keep the version you have if you notify us that you are stopping your subscription, and choosing pay to own. At that point, you will stop receiving access to Pro tier services, new features and upgrades. You will receive the next 3 patches. We reserve the right to grant access to additional patches in the event that we find severe bugs. If you later resume subscribing, you will still own the perpetual license you elected but again start receiving updates, fixes and services. Once you have subscribed for another 24 consecutive months, and should you then elect to cease this new subscription, you will then be granted a new perpetual license of the then current version of Unity.

The below image has NOT been updated based on the recent changes we made to the new products and prices. See this blogpost for all updates.

A sneak peek of the feature split from the upcoming Unity Store.

A sneak peek of the feature split from the upcoming Unity Store.

What do the new products mean for you?

We’ll contact existing customers with more information about upgrading to the new subscription. To make this process go smoothly, we’ll stagger the communication to groups of customers over the following months. See the customer migration roadmap to find out when you can switch to the new subscription.

Subscribers can stay on their current subscriptions until June, 2018. Customers with perpetual licenses can continue on their current licenses for as long as they like, but we will stop supporting Unity 5 perpetual licenses with new features and updates by March 3, 2017.

For more information:

Watch the full Unite Europe Amsterdam keynote.  

Read the New Unity Subscription FAQ.

Talk to us about the new licensing on the forum.

614 replies on “New Unity products and prices launching soon”

You guys should stop making those “updates” and update WHAT WE NEED! Yes, the new products and prices will help both Unity and the developers, but it will not help, if we don’t have the the resources to make a game! Are you kidding me? Just imagine my game on Steam. If i put ONE SINGLE CUBE in my project, i will need to upload the entire game, and my customers will need to download the ENTIRE GAME just because i added A SINGLE CUBE! WTF?!

Focus on important things, why are you losing developers? Because the other engines support their developers. They reply when someone ask something, they regularly update their engines with important things, their engine is better… That’s why Unreal and Cry LITERALLY humiliates Unity. Because you don’t care ‘-‘

Also because Unity team is always busy making fake demos and developing their own games…

well LOL guys, too late, too bad… like you are blind and not see what your competitors offer. I moved to Unreal year ago and I can’t stop be amazed by it and how fast you can do something and how amazing it looks off the hand, pure AAA appearance in weekend learning session :) You just look with open mouth, saying omg I did this alone! I wasted so many time with Unity and many bucks just for nothing. Unity is for me kinda asset selling platform for talented assetstore creators, good for them, well also for me tho :) I guess you will loose so many subscribers in future for another engines. Then you will offer something reasonable but it will be even more too late ;)

Just a grammar comment: its and not it’s. As in “democratization of development at it’s best. ”
No need for apostrophe there.

Wow that is a massive increase in price for multi member teams.

Unity, as soon as our 1 year pro membership is up we’re done. You’ve lost another paying pro member.

Two words my Unity friends: Too Late.
For me at least. You’re going in the right direction with the free Unity, but you’re still not offering something usable, meaning full access, for free, with royalties to be payed only if you make money with your game. It’s so highly unlikely that an Indie game will make any money at all these days, so paying an expensive engine license is not an option. I would like to see a true Free Unity, with no BS attached. I don’t know how long it will take, for me it’s already too late, but maybe it’ll help others.

The free version of Unity offers everything the paid version does except some little quality of life features which you don’t necessarily need. Also you can make up to $100k per year with Unity free without paying.

And this has been this way for quite some time. It’s not this only this “update” which enables this.

The plus needs the “make it your own” like the Pro and Enterprise have, otherwise it’s just not worth it. I love dark themes for everything but it’s completely ridiculous to put this behind a subscription.

That is great news, I had already settled with only using the Free version and looked for alternatives, but it is hard to match Unity’s feature set.

Now I will definitely subscribe to Plus. And it is an actual subscription now, that is only fair.

Thanks Unity, keep listening!

PS: Update the comparison image or remove it, I didn’t understand the change at first… It is only making things more confusing, as we already had recent updates with different information.

It’s great that Unity now has a somewhat affordable way to remove/customise the splash screen, with Unity Plus, which I think is suited for Indies like me. Previously, the “Made with Unity Personal Edition” was the only thing I didn’t like about Unity. In fact, I had invested in quite a few other engines because of this, but they required other coding languages besides C# which I just love. It was do-able, but I spent a lot of catch-up on other codes, and endless months learning the other engines. Still, I found Unity easier to use. But now AT LAST here comes Unity Plus! Thank you (price could still be cheaper, but I’m coming back to Unity). Thank you also for including iOS and Android, and not requiring paid license add-ons for these. Happy right now!

I really don’t understand why people want to get rid of Unity splash screen. Even when I have the money to afford buying it I will PROUDLY keep the Unity splash screen. Unity was the engine wich made my creation possible and I am not ashamed of, quite the contrary.

I mean most other engines have a splash screen too, I really don’t see the big deal. Maybe some people are ashamed to use a free engine?

I can’t understand why people are complaining. If paying $35/m is too much for you then you are not making over $200k per year. That means you can just use the free version. If you are making $200k per year, why is $35/m such a big deal?!?!?

We complain because upgrade your Unity Pro license cost only US 750 and last for two complete years, now those two years will cost US 3.000, is nothing difficult to understand

Would like to ask about revenue levels for example if we will be selling our Game on Steam than after taxes and Steam shares we will receive about 40% of starting price.

The revenue cap is about the our income after taxes/fees or its a total amount of money we’v (theoreticaly) gained?

Hi, revenue generally refers to all money that goes your way. What you have left after taxes, fees and other expenses is profit.

I request Unity to reconsider this decision.

Meanwhile I’ll look into new game engines. 5 years with Unity was a blast but now it has come to an end.

In what world do the Unity staff who decided this, live in? Have you been watching CryEngine news lately? Have you been following what’s been happening with Unreal? Don’t you think we do?

It’s time to wake up, isn’t it?

Come on guys! Unity are probably just trolling here. Increasing the price with several hundred percent for us PC only developers could only be a joke, right?

And about Unity Plus, here are two things I would never do:
1) Force a customer to pay for features they never asked for.
2) Force a paying customer to show my company’s logo.

Actually, what saddens me the most is that I will now have to take a serious look at both Unreal and CryENGINE. I don’t really have the time, but staying with Unity is hardly an option if this new subscription model happens for real, it just doesn’t seem like something a healthy company would do.

Well some companies don’t allow just anybody to use they’r logo because they care about they’r image, other companies make you pay BIG money to get read of they’r logo….
If Unity wants more people to use they’r engine they need to start doing the same! showing a company logo should be a pride for the developer, not shame.
Paying to remove logo will mean that bag games will have Unity logo and good games will not have it! That’s why Unity is associated only with crappy games, even if a lot of good games used Unity! It’s a very bad tactic! Almost as bad as upsetting the users with stupid price increases and price changes every two years (even if the competition is basically free)
They also released the source code -> stuff that could be used by unity to make the community help them make the engine better… unreal uses fixed by users and they have mach less users than unity! why doesn’t unity do the same?! you have the biggest community! USE IT! they can really help you by fixing bugs… and lowering the prices may actually make unity earn more money, not less! Think about it!

That link doesn’t seem to show anything about special permission, unless you think your project may not fit their “brand image” (i.e. porn, extreme violence, etc.). Other than that all the logos are right there to download…

The fact that Unity is reevaluating it’s 35$/month pricing model it’s a good think, and they seam to listen BUT
1 – one problem remains: it’s the most expensive engine out there (5% royalty means a lot cheaper for an indie gamer, than 400/1500$/year. inexile made wasteland 2 and torment in unity… the next game… bard’s tale it in unreal… they don’t seam to mind 5% royalty… which is actually much more expensive from them than the unity license (which they already own).
2 – unity is the engine with less feature (sure you can get great stuff from asset store, and with stuff from asset store it is actually more feature rich that u4 BUT that costs additional money AND integration takes time (and produces bugs). not to mention the unity bugs….
3 – the lack of updates and silence of the unity team actually upsets people and makes more and more people actually checking unreal engine end cryengine and other engines… people just admit you screw up and that’s it!
if unity wants to survive it needs to understand that requesting more money from it’s userbase it’s a bad ideea. unreal and cryengine are growing… and when/if they will have a big marketplace also… unity will be dead! i understand that epic and crytek receive money from actually making games and unity only makes and engine… but users don’t really care about that! The only think that is keeping me here now is the fact that i know unity, the money i invested and the fact that the assetstore is actually very nice! BUT if you will keep doing that kind of user unfriendly pricing and behavior i will switch engines.
Keep in mind that the 35$ /month (payed yearly probably) is actually more expensive for only one platform than before (35*12*2 = 840 while the update was only 750) and with less features (i don;t care about mobiles, but now i have a revenue cap, less services , no customizable screen etc)!

Unity needs to make up his mind, figure out a GOOD price model and actually STICK WITH IT !!! changing the price model every two years is actually a BAD ideea …
You should make a price model that will make people want to pay (cheeper means more users for example), features people actually care about etc! Now most people will stick with the free version and maybe update when they ship a game. OR that means LESS money for unity, not more… don;t know what to say… but I think the marketing team make a HUGE mistake!
What can I say… FIX this error!

It is unbelievable that while Unreal Engine, Amazon’s new engine and even Crytek go down the free or pay-as-you want route, Unity goes the other way around and even increases what free users lose. While, of course, remaining the only non-OpenSource engine of those big ones.

This is the receipt to fail in the long run. Unity currently relies on the fact that its community is bigger and it’s far easier to find courses, tutorials, videos, articles, on Unity than on the other engines. But think wisely: that will change someday – and not that long. You are abusing your fan base, Unity.

I’ve purchased Unity 5 Pro couple of months ago. By March 3, 2017, my pro license would barely complete an year. I’ve paid $4500 upfront for less than 1 year of Unity 5 support. I do understand that I’ll get to keep Unity 5 forever but it may not be compatible with future xcode,android os.

$4500 cash upfront is equivalent to 42 months of Pro subscription at $125/month
But I am only getting 1 year of service. What am I missing here?

I totally agree with all of your comments. I am an indie developer on a country where the min salary is $700 by month… 125 by month for the PRO is impossible.

I think they should change the way they licence Unity, make it almost free, and charge some percentage on sales of games or ingame buys… i am pretty sure every developer and company will agree on that if the licencing price is way cheaper.

Maybe this way everybody will prefer Unity than any other engine in the market.

My thoughts exactly. I feel like I am getting ripped off. So the “own Unity forever” model I paid thousands of dollars for is now no longer going to be “supported”??? We should AT LEAST get credit for the amount we spent into the Pro license for the amount of time that would cover. Does “forever” have different meaning to some people?

I was excited about Unity Plus at first, but after realizing it also has the revenue cap and Unity splash screen I can’t see myself getting it. Looking forward to see what changes are made.

My big request would be no Unity splash screen on the Plus version.

The $1,500 a year is just too much for that one feature.

Why would ANYONE pay for Unity Plus? The only reason small devs (which I assume Plus is targeted at) will pay for Unity is to get rid of the splash screen. Do you think anybody cares about the “features” included in Plus? All that stuff is done better and/or offered for free by another service. And the mention of the dark editor UI as a perk is laughable.

I saw the news about an update for subscription and I’m …. hopeful about it… BUT.
I did give UE4 a look and well I saw an interesting thing: UE4 is open source and the community implements the code (probably with code review but still). What am I saying is that making the source available might be very good for unity! People will fix and implement parts of the engine and can help lowering the gap between unity and unreal and cryengine.

Well, what can i say…i’m dissapointed, again! It’s not the first time i left Unity behind to give UE4 or cryengine a try, and it seems i’ll be leaving again for good this time!

You guys are seriously joking, right?? I have a perpetual license, payed $1500 first time and then $750 when Unity 5 came out. So, now i would have to pay double the amount for same engine features?? Are you kidding me??
Not to mention all the assets i bought to solve missing engine features!!! You guys are getting richer by the day and then you’d want some more from us??

There are other engines out there that cost a whole lot less, but have ALL the features one would need to make ANY type of game, yet you guys want more money from us for an engine that has incomplete, missing or malfunctioning features??

You guys are making a huge mistake, that’s for sure!

Time to download another engine, it seems!

I’m ok with new pricing plans.
I continue to make games on Unity Free, until I get enough money to afford Unity Pro.

BUT … PLEASE make the MWU splash screen look better (now it looks “cheap”)
It would be best if user can choose from list of screens, to fit product graphic style. It may even be configurable (background color, gradient colors, size, …)

[…] listening to user’s feedback, the new pricing tier (released June 2016) has reintroduced perpetual ownership, allowing Unity Pro users who pay for a minimum of two […]

I have the solution for all of yours…

Use the free version (or the pirate version) while you develop the game.
Buy the subscription at the release time, pay as long as you sell.
Stop the subscription when it is not selling enough and go back on free (or pirate).

And stop crying about the splash screen, you can get rid of it with your 1 month subscription. $125, paid 1 time make your builds and some updates, publish, see if it sells.

Stop be screwed by this company driven by greedy investors who are pushing to get their money back and jump out of the boat. We guys have ALREADY spent enough on this product. We should own it forever.
Also this sounds like the end of Unity. Be prepared, investors wanting their money so bad is bad news.

I have never spent that much money on any development tool. NEVER. We are milked like cows for years.
Enough, be smart, buy what you need when you need it, and stop being honest, they do not deserve it.

Think what you could have done with all the money you put in this engine just to be betrayed. Some could have purchase a car instead or a small condo, or beautiful vacation in some island.

Enough is enough, when corporate are acting like crooks, people have the right to resist. The ones who can accept anything are stupid.

i have spend a LOT of money on unity… and after 2 years when I begin to really make some money they f*** me up

what can i say… graphics and sounds can be used in U4, editors and scripting… wasted money… and that’s it. I’ll begin to slowly learn U4 because if unity continue like this we really need to be prepared to switch.
U4 has all what unity has + 1/2 of the editors in the store…

don’t know why unity does this… i really have changing engines and i really like unity (-the bugs) but the updates are becoming slower and slower, new features lacking, and pricing just became a joke…

PS: “Update: Based on your feedback, we’re reviewing Unity Plus. Stay tuned, more details are coming soon. ” this message makes me have SOME hope… but the choose the easies options for them , for me it’s still a price increase so… we’ll see. Beside that, the bugs and the missing features still remain. But at least they seam to listen… let’s see what happends

First of all you can’t subscribe for only one month because Unity isn’t stupid.
Secondly advising to get pirated copy that most likely holds spyware or a Virus and infects your (or worse) other systems isn’t the advice we want because like Unity we aren’t stupid.

Wow, was testing engines the last three months and checked the Unity site just now to see what’s happening. Well, Unity is not going to happen; it eliminated itself automagically from the contenders list. And thanks to all the more experienced Unity developers below for some insights (bugs..) I didn’t have untill now. Sorry Unity, don’t need the ‘overload’; be it in OSes or moneywise.

Please consider the following two options:
– Unity Plus becoming a perpetual license after two years as well
– Paying for two years up-front
This would basically be some kind of substitute for some of the former Pro users that cannot affort the new Unity Pro.

If I remember correctly, you provided the users of Unity with free updates in each version.
So basically, when you look at the release dates

4.0.0: 14 November 2012
5.0.0: 3 March 2015

Unity 4 could be used for about 27 months including updates and even more stability than Unity 5 has seen.
The price of Unity was $1500 back then.

Now if you compare that with the new subscription model, you will see the prices for Pro hardly compare:

Old Unity Pro: $1500 (27 months)
New Unity Pro: $3375 ($125 / month for 27 months)

So this is more than double the amount. (Or am I missing something? And yes, I know, the new Unity Pro includes iOS and Android Pro, but personally, I don’t need that.)

Unity Plus: $945 ($35 / month for 27 months)
<- At least this would make sense to some developers if you didn’t actually "take it away" after 2 years.

When it comes to my experience with Unity 5.x, Unity is not the type of software you want to update regularly anyway. Most of the time, after updating for a specific bugfix that I needed, even more other bugs were introduced in the next version.

I just hope for a perpetual Unity Plus option (as I cannot use Personal’s skin due to eyestrain) and that it’s going to be more stable so that you can actually update Unity without the fear of breaking everything. That would be great.

Yes Unity is in a rocket LAUNCHING and we are down here hoping they support a space lift elevator.

4.0 to 4.7 –> 1500 / 4yr (all platforms)
5.0 to 5.x –> 3000 / 3yr (almost all plat.)

How much will cost in 2019?
Thanks Unity that there is a free rescue option.

I’m not using car as a way of living. And I’m thinking to do the same with duopoly cards. Is there another option to pay the monthly? Paypal mercadopago Pagofacil btc ltc, cash, westerUnion etc?

New pricing model is very good for new customers, but it’s also big disappointment for existing users. In my opinion:
– do not alter Pro model, just lower prices, for example from $75 to $50 per platform
– rename new Pro model, for example to Unity Ultimate. At $125 it’s fantastic to have all platforms
– be sure all customers know about your intention to move from perpetual to subscriptions
– check for all possible worst-case scenarios and offer customers compensations or benefits (x month free subscription, asset store credit, …)

In my opinion, Unity is still good choice. There are areas where UE4 is superior, but overall, it has really steep learning curve. For mobile platforms, Unity is the only real choice. For me, prototyping a new game takes 3-4 evenings. I tried it on UE4, and I quickly returned to Unity :-)

hmm… strange. I’m on UE4 for couple of days and it seems like an Unity Ultimate v7.
Simple, perfect and powerfull. The main difference is the naming of gameObjects by actors :)

for me:
– UE4 is better if graphic areas (shaders/materials, animations, lighting, …) – but only on PC
– Unity is better on mobile platforms, and I think its UI system works better for me
– development of 2D games seems to be working better on Unity
– coding/scripting is easier in Unity (C#)
– as a programmer, in UE4 I really hate to work in Blueprint visual scripting tool, and on the other side C++ is too low-level for me.
– I think everybody should choose the tool based on his needs, sometimes it’s Unity, sometimes it’s UE4 or CryEngine

So back to article. The most “hurt” group of Unity users are PC only developers. It looks like new pricing policy wants them to move to UE4. IMHO there is no reason to develop PC only game on Unity.

This new payment model will save me over $1500 a year, could not be happier with the change.

Good 4 you…
the new price model makes me loose 1000+ E / year…
but hey I can user free or switch to unreal… then again… I’m pretty sure unity dislikes both of my options.

The pricing is very good IF you want desktop+mobile but it VERY BAD if you only want desktop

Given the horrendous price hike of pro, you give me little reason to believe that at some point down the line perpetual licenses won’t just disappear entirely leaving everyone locked into subscriptions. As someone who dislikes the subscription model am I supposed to take it on faith that such a thing will never happen? Sorry Unity… I find my credulity is being tested.

I see the way things are going. Unity is more and more content to bill users for features they don’t use while neglecting features that actually matter. I’m at the point of where I might as well start investigating alternatives now rather than wait in the hopes that Unity will suddenly start showing an interest in the things that matter.

They already replied that with this new model the perpetual license is gone, but now you have the option to won the engine at the end of a pro subscription if you chose to be locked down of 2 or 3 years.

There’s a lot of hate here over the price change, but the new prices are really not that horrible for an actual professional in the industry. In fact, it was Unity that actually initially shattered the insane AAA pay boundaries of good 3D engines that forced the entire industry to change its pay structure completely. Remember when Unreal was $1,000,000 dollars? That wouldn’t have changed without Unity. I will always be grateful for what Unity has done for the game industry in that regard.

If you have a problem with the price, just let the Unity logo show. The only reason that logo devalues any game is because the good games made with Unity AREN’T using the logo. Unity should be requiring the logo at all levels, with customizable options for the splash screen, like a smaller logo so the company logo is dominant. We should all be using the logo in some capacity to show that good games can be made with Unity.

However, while I’m not concerned directly with the price, I am concerned with the future of Unity considering the past few years. This subscription route COULD be a great thing! It could allow Unity to buckle down and focus on stabilizing their engine and focusing on what’s important instead of trying to inject flashy half-baked features in Unity version X. But unfortunately what it most likely will mean, with how obviously corporate and out of touch Unity has become, that they will just try to sit back and relax while the cash flows in monthly. With the way Unity reps talk, it’s obvious the leaders at Unity assume they’ve already secured their monopoly on the industry (especially in the mobile market).

Unity has always touted itself as multi platform, but too often we see huge platform specific bugs, and all of the new features added to Unity are somehow rushed even though a paid team spent years on them.

Remember when Mecanim came out and they ignored users when they said they needed animation events? Remember how the Beast light mapping in Unity 3 and 4 just worked, but the new light mapping system is practically broken? Remember how they promised to keep the Beast lighting system as an option for people that didn’t like the new one? Remember how they hired the NGUI developer to fix their horrible GUI system, then they ran him off with corporate politics instead of caring about an end result? And remember how NGUI was created so quickly by one guy, but just joining Unity made it takes years for a half baked system to finally release?

And there’s so many bugs with the internal workings of unity that I can’t even list them without getting angry, especially platform specific bugs. These bugs make us look like bad developers, and I have to constantly remind my fans that it’s the closed source engine I use that’s the problem and there’s nothing I can do but wait for a patch. Almost always they respond “then why use it?” That question is starting to have some heavy weight on me at this point.

And then there’s the next big concern, which is the long term viability of assets on the asset store. There are assets on the asset store that should come packaged with Unity. The assets on the store SHOULD NOT be making Unity a good engine, it should be a good engine itself and the packages should help for very specific nuances. Like Unity’s navmesh should not be so horribly broken that we have to rely on other packages to use instead. And the terrain engine shouldn’t be so horrible that several packages are needed to get it working well. And something as critical as Playmaker (visual scripting) and Nodecanvas (behavior trees) should just be acquired. And graphical effects like a decent and optimized AA and depth of field effects should just be working well. By adding these critical features it would allow ALL games made with Unity to work and look better, increasing the perceived value of the engine.

There is already plenty of evidence of how damaging some of these critical assets can be if they become abandoned. When these assets have such a high risk of being abandoned, it does not allow for professionals to rely on them in their game’s development. They can end up costing exponentially more by having to learn the package, implement it, then gut it out when the developer abandons it instead of fixing it.

I believe the above issues are why people are upset at the huge price increase. There doesn’t appear to be any value being added to Unity for the price increase, and at this point developers have lost faith in Unity’s ability to stabilize their engine while also making decent strides at innovation.

As a note, I believe that the issues above are because Unity does not actually create games with their own engine. This should be a HUGE red flag. I don’t want to say which engine is better, as I only have experience with Unity, but the Unreal engine looks very impressive and I believe that’s because Epic uses the engine to make award winning games. Unity on the other hand creates only small test cases and simple vertical slices. I believe if they actually cared about making games that their engine would be much stronger for it.

Unity is the first game engine that really inspired me to become a developer and start my own professional project, and I was hoping it would be the one I stick with for the rest of my career. However, because I believe that the increased price will not come with a resolution to the problems above, I’m going to be researching into other engines for future projects, in particular the Unreal Engine. I will consider returning to Unity when the issues above have been worked out and not just “promised”.

Took from only the first paragraph of your comment, it’s so illogical.

“the new prices are really not that horrible for an actual professional in the industry.”
– Probably 95% of Unity developers are NOT professionals in the industry, the engine is intended to be a platform for everyone to make games, it’s accessible to people just getting started and big studios. So saying it’s not bad pricing is like like saying that because it supports the 5% of it’s user base, it’s a good decision. Nope.

“Remember when Unreal was $1,000,000 dollars?”
– Yes, but the fact of the matter is that Unreal is free now, and Unity are bringing in bad prices for smaller indie devs, who can just go to Unreal without having to pay $1m. It’s a bad decision.

I’m not trying to slate Unity, I love the engine. I’ve been using it for almost 3 years and I would probably be quite far behind with making games than if it didn’t exist so I’m grateful for it (and I’m sure most people who use it are), but this price change is a terrible decision, especially because it doesn’t even have a customizable splash screen.

I don’t really mind the new pricing, as I’ve been a Personal Edition user since V 3.5. I also don’t mind a Unity Splash Screen. I love Unity, and I feel the “powered by Unity” logo really adds to my projects. But I don’t feel that the “Plus” option really adds any value. I don’t use (or plan to) Cloud Build, Analytics, or Performance Reporting. Perhaps at some point in the future these services would be meaningful to me, but not at this time. I feel that these services should be pay to access. $125 per month is way too high for my current budget. Me, I think I’ll stick to Personal Edition for now.

Really bad news!
With the new prices competition is over for Unity.
There are better options out there, it’s time to slowly migrate to another engine, or stick with 5.x :(

In my situation the new pricing model is insane, from 750$ per Update (perpetual 2 year cycle) to 1500$ per year = 400% ?!? For a crappy subscription? Are they crazy?? I do not need any of the new services, developing for desktop and spending lot of bucks at the asset store.

It seems Unity choose the autodesk way of making money!

Indeed, they go the Autodesk way but to it even worse. However Autodesk has a better position if it comes to blackmailing costumer in a subscription since Maya/ Max/ AutoCAD are industry standard (if you like it or not).

Unity never was even similar to that, even if they don’t miss a chance to tell the world that Unity is the most used engine on mobile (which might be true or not, who cares if you make PC/ Console Games).

So I have been a loyal long time single man developer since late 2.x into the 3.x and beyond.

I will admit, I have not been a pro version user at any point, but have been honing my skills and turning my self from an art Department guy into a C# programmer as well.

In this time I have discovered that not only do I like to program, but I am also getting very good at it and want to clear more and more every day.

While I still use personal edition, I had decided that this was my year to finally save up my money and make an investment for my future projects. I have nearly enough and next few weeks I will have 1500 USD free and clear that I would have given happily to unity technology.

Then I read this today.

No way in hell am I giving you a cent. I was a unreal fan with udk but found that I didn’t like the Indy unfriendliness vide and community of elitist there.

I hate to have sunk so much in the Asset Store for tools while I preped myself for my dream project. Nearly 600 USD out of my own pocket. None of which I will see back when I migrate away from Unity.

I hope and pray that you slam the breaks on this outright tragically conceived blunder. If so I hope that I can continue business. If not I am gone for good.

This has destroyed my faith in Unity.

I’m just glad all my assets are easy to transfer anywhere I want them to go.

Considering that unity gets a whopping 30% for just hosting the assets other developers put on the store with their own blood and sweat, you’ve already been a paying Unity customer. It’s not a bad thing, but they should realize that it’s the people paying small amounts that have always made Unity great and built it into the indie and hobby friendly empire that it is. Moving in a direction that caters to AA studio startups is going to alienate so many people, make asset store assets less useful (since when does an AA studio buy and not make?), and demolish the community they’ve built which, imo, is far better than other engines’ and bigger and more supportive.

So listen to this. Imagine I am subscribed to the Wall Street Journal (or any recognized press) for $75/month.

One day, I am told that the WSJ will be doing me a favor, and will include a Japanese and a Russian translation of the paper as well, for the price of $125. They are going to give me three papers for only $125 instead of one English paper that I need. No exceptions.

see? – big problem.

Why can we not have a PC /Mac/Linux PRO version too with access for consoles as licensed developers ?
We don’t need your services or anything you have described in what ever version.
We need the splash screen gone and no limit to the earnings for this PC/Mac version we would be willing to pay $50 for it. Even the $75 a month is way to much. Have you looked lately at your engine it’s garbage and your competition is improving by the day.
If the mobile dev’s save why should we pay for this?
What Unity is saying with this price structure is that the are actually a mobile platform engine and developers of other platforms should look for another engine which is more capable of producing quality products. They maybe also thought some of us will stay and pay the bill with this new structure, but you are underestimating this community.

This makes no sense and you will lose a lot of customers.

[…] berita asli mengenai hal ini bisa di akses di official blog unity […]

I’ve a perpetual pro license with iOS and Android extensions… and now looking at Lumber Yard for next project.

Why Lumbreyard when Cryengine is totally free (Including source code for the entire engine now) ? No royalties or anything. That is even a better offering than UE4. It is still not open source though, just to make that clear. But neither is Lumbreyard.

[…] During the Unite Europe event this week, Unity announced its latest products, which are scheduled to launch in June. These include Unity Personal (free), Unity Plus (starting at $35/month), Unity Pro ($125/month), Unity Enterprise (pricing on request), and a pay to own option. A detailed breakdown of these packages is available at Unity’s website. […]

[…] During the Unite Europe event this week, Unity announced its latest products, which are scheduled to launch in June. These include Unity Personal (free), Unity Plus (starting at $ 35/month), Unity Pro ($ 125/month), Unity Enterprise (pricing on request), and a pay to own option. A detailed breakdown of these packages is available at Unity’s website. […]

[…] During the Unite Europe event this week, Unity announced its latest products, which are scheduled to launch in June. These include Unity Personal (free), Unity Plus (starting at $35/month), Unity Pro ($125/month), Unity Enterprise (pricing on request), and a pay to own option. A detailed breakdown of these packages is available at Unity’s website. […]

“Existing perpetual customers will be able to purchase either a 24- or 36 month prepaid subscription to Pro that allows them to keep the software as a perpetual version at the end of their commitment period.”

Great! So…

1) Which one is it, 24 or 36 months?

2) What is the difference between the 2 offerings beside length of allowable updates, and one costing $3000 vs $4500?

3) What transition deal do existing perpetual users get that UNITY is so quiet about?

4) How is this deal any better than paying $750 for a major update, which include all minor updates and critical fixes?

5) Why do I have to wait till the NEAR END OF THE YEAR just to know the deal?

6) Why didn’t Unity foresee the concerns of existing perpetual customers?

7) Vague comments to important questions like the above being answered with “More info will come” just causes more chaos and distrust. Is this Unity’s intention?

8) Why the blatant lies and deceit about who’s going to benefit from the Subscription/Subscribe to Own models, especially during Clive Downie’s presentation at Unite Europe 2016? Watch the video at

“Now this product, the first big news on the new Unity Pro is, its all platforms included. That’s right, so… well that’s a relief, you liked that. So let’s break that down, what does that mean? iOS and Android add-ons are going away, integrated into the new Unity Pro, we just wanted to make it simpler. When we have five or ten platforms around six or seven years ago it kind of makes sense to start breaking things up, but now we’re at 25 plus. You know, we just wanted to make it more simple and more accessible. You should be able to go after the biggest groups of customers and consumers playing games when you want to do it, when you choose to do it. So that’s what it’s all about, it’s about getting simple and about accessible.”

“Now. All platforms included in the new Unity Pro; the pricing of this product is gonna be $125 dollars a month. That’s $125 dollars a month for a product that includes all of the platforms that now you have to pay separately for. Now, we think ah this actually represents some really good value, if you just think about, kind of generally the two constituent parts of our unity ecosystem.”

“We got developers who are in the audience today, who are already multi-platform developers. Multi-platform developers, you guys have paid for the perpetual license upfront, you guys are paying for the updates in around and every two and a half year cycle and that total cost that you’re paying for now, that’s wiped away because of the $125 dollars a month. The new Unity Pro represents really strong value for you.”

“The second group of customers that we have and developers that we have are people who are single platform developers, people who haven’t yet jumped to multi-platform development. And in this instance, this product actually represents a little bit more, represents if you aggregate it out over a two year period, about a dollar per day more in terms of what your paying, but what you’re getting for is, like I said, the choice to get to new platforms when you want to do it, you’re getting new features, which I am going to talk about later, some of them you seen today, and both groups of developers, multi-platform and single platform, are getting the opportunity to benefit from what we’ve been doing for the last 14 months, which is delivering just huge amounts of new technology on a regular basis, so you can have the greatest technology at your fingertips and disposal when you want to start your new product. That’s not going to stop. Stability going to continue to increase.”

Ok, not so great after all. Thanks for the help…

Everyone is complaining and I get it. But I still trust Unity and the efforts they put into the software. The core people are still very passionate about what they have created, which includes the community. The free license has not gone away and the new pricing is still reasonable. (yes much more expensive but not crazy). Ease of use is still key. Hopefully Unity will make some adjustments to the pricing to help the people adversely affected. But to vilify the whole company and the engine is just not fair

Give me a good stable unity core and quit forcing all these crappy inferior services on us. Quit stuffing these features down everybody’s throat and let US decide which features we need and purchase.

Provide them as packages/modules that we can tick off. I want android? tick. I want ios tick. I want cloud building, tick.

Subscription based should only be for people who wants to manage their payment in an affordable way, not gouge us. Indie devs, your demo, have a lot of cost to consider.

Quit wasting money hiring more people you don’t need and fix your core product.

According to Wikipedia, UT had 500+ employees in 2014. Who knows how many more they have now? It’s very hard to run such a massive company without a lot of income. Naturally they need to raise prices.
Speaking of the prices, Unity is still cheaper than Unreal, even after this increase. Say you make 100,000 in one year and therefore have to get Unity Pro. That’s a total of 1,500 per year. But say you are using Unreal, who will want 5% of that 100,000. That’s 50,000. 50,000 > 1,500. Unity is cheaper by a scream. Also, Unreal will start wanting their cut as soon as you hit 3,000 in a quarter year. Unity lets you run for free until a whopping 100,000! I can’t speak for Cryengine, as I’ve never looked at their pricing since the engine is much too hard for me to use.
Even so, it is simply not cheap to develop games. Yes, the pricing can be a crunch for some companies. But this is business. We all want Unity to stay in business, right? They have to maintain profits to do so. I honestly cannot believe that they didn’t know they’d get this kind of backlash from their customers at this price change. So I’m sure they truly believe that this is the best option, and they have the analytics data to back it up. I also don’t think they were particularly happy about it; I’m sure they knew this would lose some customers. You can see that in the horribly upbeat wording of this blog post. The author seems to have been trying to keep a cheery attitude while grinding his teeth at the knowledge of how people will react. But they did this anyway, so they must have needed to.
As for the splash screen. Your players don’t have to see it in the trailers! You can keep the logo out of the trailer, so they can see the game and know how awesome it is. Then they won’t be turned back by a Unity logo when they start playing. Also, how many players actually play randomly selected games for any period of time? All the games I have more than five hours in were learned of by word-of-mouth from friends, which is irrelevant of the game engine, logos, or whatever. My friends are in the same situation. All the games they play a lot, they heard of from friends. I think that the impact of the Unity logo on a game is being overplayed here.
As for the dark skin. I understand that the light skin can hurt the eyes, as mine are particularly sensitive. So I simply leave the monitor contrast down very far, as well as the brightness, and get up and walk around every few minutes. It’s possible you want it just because it’s cool; well, can’t have everything, I guess. :) But the dark skin is NOT necessary to develop a game; it’s just a bonus. If it’s really that important to you, you could apply a color correction curve to your desktop, with the Unity scene and game cameras running a curve exactly inverse to the one for the desktop, so you still see the correct colors, but the Unity interface would be darkened. I’ve never used color correction curves, so I may have said something stupid there, but I trust you understand the idea.


Your point is not valid, with Unreal you have to pay 5000€ AFTER you’ve done 100K€ PER GAME … With this new system you have to subscribe, pay A LOT BEFORE you’ve generated any income and it”she PER LICENSE so… You’r point is kinda invalid IMHO


You are not obligated by Unity to subscribe until reaching 100,000 per year, so subscribing before you’ve made income is completely voluntary. Unreal requires their royalty at 3,000 per quarter. This means that Unity is completely free for much longer than Unreal.


I not agree.

Leaving aside that 5% of 100K is not 50K, you are assuming many things that changes all the equation. For example, if you have two developers with Unity your cost will be USD 3K / year, with five developers your cost will be USD 7K5 and so on. With UT your cost will always be 5% no matter how many developers or members were in the team. And the most important difference is where you need to put the money. In the case of Unity you should put the money up front (or at least before publish).

I didn’t actually know that. I just checked the Software License Agreement and it does confirm what you said. A separate license is needed for each developer on a team. Thank you for pointing that out to me!
This means that for teams of size, Unity could be much more expensive than Unreal, not the other way around like I said before.


Yes but if you will have two games you will have to pay 5% per each game. In Unity you may produce more games and will always pay same.

Cryengine is pay what you want…

Making the engine more expensive (when unreal and cryengine are becoming cheaper) is a very very bad decision!

aside from that.. with a smart pricing model (even if it will be cheaper for everyone) they will encourage more people to buy the pro which will mean more income (and they will not upset the fanbase either)

The real crappy thing is that they push all this like they’re doing everyone a favor, not almost across the board shafting their entire customer base.

And fwiw, working against light-colored backgrounds for long periods of time triggers migraines for me. I appreciate you holding the dark skin hostage behind a paywall- a freaking skin for a program of all things- that’s just great.

Time to find another game engine. Should have seen this coming.

Adding in my voice to the dismayed outcry over this new pricing model. As a desktop developer, this represents a 3x to 6x increase in price, depending on if your looking at new or renewal pricing. This price increase comes with absolutely no benefit to me. I do not do subscription software. I never have, never will. So the rent-to-own path will cost me $4500 for 3 years, which is the same as buying Pro/Android/IOS. I do not need pro IOS or Android, so that’s $3000 dollars wasted. I do this as an amateur (by which I mean I have great passion for game creation, but don’t do it as my primary income source) and every dollar spent matters. I’ve been on the fence for a while on purchasing a pro license for the ability to customize the splash screen (and to get that horrible ‘Personal Edition’ removed), but this change has firmly knocked me off my fence.

The only people this plan benefits are developers who were already doing the subscription model for all three platforms. Everyone else is left with a price hike that has no justification. Oh, and the Plus subscription for $35 a month is just plain insulting in terms of what it gets you. The only thing of value offered in that is the skin, and that is not worth $35 a month.

I’ll be keeping an eye on things here, but I’m also going to start evaluating Unreal, CryEngine, and Godot.

Changes are needed: focus on doomed free to play

Then one more thing, only tangentially related but because important for the whole future direction i bring it up:
There is a whole philosophical and financial debate to be had regarding the whole free to play business model.
Why do i bring this up here?
Because with most of the services features you introduced over the last year(s) and also free license option, and also on many of the unity talks and other PR and community events and messaging, you are very heavily pushing that model.
Sorry, but i have to say it bluntly for anyone who didn’t get the memo yet: That model is not long term financially viable to the large majority of developers/creators, nor long term viable or sustainable in general for the whole “industry” and hence also not for Unity itself.

It can work out for something as quickly creatable as a Youtube video to some degree (though even there not for the majority of creators), but as soon as way more time is needed to create quality content
and hence way more money has to be made on ongoing basis to recover costs and stepwise turn more profitable, it is already very clear that that model is not working out for most.

And when one would think it through, it should also be obvious why in long term it can’t work out well at all and will work out worse and worse the more people do it.

I have worked on many paid and for some clients and own stuff also free to play things over the years, i have had both own and client projects huge successes, but i have seen both the shiny and dark sides.
The bottom line is always the same:
For free to play stuff a huge amount of downloads has to be reached and maintained to have enough as they are called “whales”, so the 1-5 % of users usually who buy stuff and one has to constantly push a lot of money into ongoing marketing and ongoing introduction of things for which people come back and again enough people pay for stuff, and a huge number of people has to come back again and again to make any profit, so much that this is not long term sustainable by itself.

It is even exponentially less longterm sustainable, when one knows/considers that as soon as an app is not in the top 50 or front pages of the app stores anymore, it very quickly suddenly makes close to zero if not zero money with these models.
Because not enough users means not enough whales/advertising watchers for this to be profitable.
With a paid app every user is a sale, with a free to play app you need millions to have enough in that low percentage which brings in enough money.
There was this talk at Unity Europe, where the lady proudly talked about her strategies for monetizing and how they treat it as integral part of their game design and spent a whole release cycle working on that.
Now first, there is the talk to be had whether that’s actually a good thing most developers would like to do in all or even just most of their games, whether that’s a good thing for gamers etc, too,
, but then also the part that i’d like to see whether she is still so happy about that model for her game once the game is not on the front page and charts anymore and then makes zero and yet has ongoing very high costs to promote it enough to attract enough whales so they have to push a lot of money into constant promotion to push to have it get in the charts and front pages high enough (again) to be able to keep attracting enough whales.
It is a constant spiral of sinking more money into it to sustain ongoing milking features introduction and those still working out.

And in the case of that one game, that could actually be achievable a bit longer than for most, due to the known properties which give automatic traffic for a while. For the large majority of content there is no such thing. Even Angry Birds deflated after a few years. And they keep on pushing big money into it to keep it going as much as possible. Ever wondered why so many free to play companies collapse quickly after having made so much money in a short while? Because you have to keep pumping in huge sums constantly to keep this scheme going.

And no matter if one company or 100 achieve that in longer term or not with these cuthroat fights to get one of the 100 chart spots that matter (100 among over a million), it is captain obvious, that that model can’t work out on a large scale. There can’t be 50 million players for each of all games so each of them could have enough whales or advertising watchers to make it profitable in free to play model.

So yeah, regarding all that, over time this becomes clear to more and more developers, and then instead of becoming more attractive to more developers (which maybe initially worked out), then sadly you are making 100ks of devs less interested in developing for these platforms where this is meanwhile enforced by too many doing it and the platform holders encouraging it.

And you have at the same time reduced the value of supporting these platforms and also your engine as whole if your meanwhile main selling points and talking points at your presentations are services pushing free to play.

See the many replies in the forums, blog posts, email threads etc about people saying they have no interest in iOS or android dev (anymore) because it’s overcrowded free to play where most can’t make money anymore.
And for each 100 actual fun to play “quality” free to play apps which don’t just feel like milking to the max optimized drug with negative value, there are a few 100ks of free to play apps which make more and more users not just hate the model but become weiry of even downloading more and more apps on their phones.

Regarding such things, really time to reconsider in app purchases and (incentivised) ads as main business strategy, yes, when it’s the only option remaining on a platform, people at least try it, at least until they see how longterm viable it is for several products, but if that’s the future you want to support and push as positive thing in engine, services, presentations etc.. i think one has to think about this seriously.
So yeah, after the perpetual license is sorted out, and then pricing for subscriptions, and then ideally later on also the (ideally sense making) differentation between free and paid options in engine feature differentation,
then also stepwise improving reliability and stability of the engine on ongoing basis;
then one next also has to consider for going forward, what are the most reasonable ways for unity users/creative content creators in general to actually make money in sustainable way longterm and hence what Unity as engine, services and asset store offering company should actually push going forward.

This all is not a single “high pricing announced – let’s run crazy” incident, these are things piling up in the community over the past 1-4 years and yes, the pricing change announcement now just made it be too much for many so it was time to release some steam. But yeah, now time to get this all sorted.

Changes are needed: focus on doomed free to play: Are (reward) ads the solution?

Ok, promise, my last post for a while, i really have to get back to coding after this one and bothered you enough, too, but i think we all should think about these things because it affects us all:

In my previous post i most talked about “whales” in free to play model as in if it is about in app purchases (alone).
The same applies for ingame ads of course, just even way more exponentialized regarding not being sustainable for the large majority of apps/games/devs/creators/players/the whole eco system.
When you think about it:
-You need x millions users to be profitable when 1-5% at most usually become whales who pay.
Yes, more people are ok with watching an ad than paying for an in app purchase, but an ad impression pays so way less than an in app purchase, you need many more millions of users who watch ads than buy something to get the same money.
So in app purchase free to play stuff requires a huge amount of players to make any proper money at all, apps with forced ads for making money require even way more players to make proper money.
When you have rewards ads instead of forced ones, this may feel nicer to the users and ethically nicer to us as devs/creators, too, but you again need way more millions of users then, because when it is not forced onto the user, not all users will do it of course.
Next to the quite considerable development time and money to think of and implement nice well working incentivised ads triggers or to players reasonable in app purchase products. And to pay constantly in marketing to keep the scheme going by constantly having these gigantic player numbers over longer periods.
So while initially it may have seemed like a fairer model for users and developers and in general to have unity push rewards ads most, you see that financially it is long term even way less sustainable than usual iap purchasing based free to play already is for all besides the apps which can constantly push lots of money into staying on the front page and hence having the large numbers of users needed to make any proper money with these models.

On top of the huge issue on larger scale that not just did free to play with in app purchases erode the notion of paying for apps/games up front at all for a huge chunk of users on these platforms, no, now let’s take it a step further and get all users used to not paying for anything at all anymore and always using the reward ad option.
What, not all apps can be downloaded and used hundreds of millions of times, so most of them will make not turn profitable with rewards ads?
Hm, yeah, well, too bad..
And as users of apps/games/content, we are all cheapskates. Most will click the free option when it is available. Most will in that moment not think about what it means for this company or all companies or all content i like when that is the only choice going forward. When many of the groups whose stuff i like are not around in a year anymore. Or then have to plan most how to milk to the max than to design what i enjoy, not use because i’m a cheapskate in that moment and there is just a more affordable option available. if it wouldn’t make money for them they wouldn’t offer if, right??
(The reality is most only notice it’s not longterm viable when it’s already too late)

For years this has lead to talks/rumors about a big video game/content creator industry crash. Yes, sure, many beloved (and many less beloved) companies have already shut down over the last years. Maybe more and more.
But so far, this could in grand scheme be ignored. Because the industry is so large, right? Because there are so many platforms and distribution ways. If not making money on one because it has become over crowded free to play, one can try another, right?
But what now when now most or all of them get there?

I don’t want to yell doom and gloom all around, there are still many great opportunities, even many new ones regularly, of course, but it should be obvious at this point that some things don’t work out for the majority and are not a good thing for all and worse and wrose becoming for all the more do things in that manner.

Now these are big problems and the whole “content industry” has done a shift in negative direction there, starting by the platform holders and going through the whole chain of all involved, so few in particular could be blamed for it as the one or few culprits.
But yeah, one has to consider what one pushes now and in the future as models that can work for the majority of people/devs/users and the implications for all longer term.

Maybe the managers should have a look at the Unite Europe keynote again with those thoughts and then maybe it makes more sense to them why more and more people worry when the words democratization of game development are highlighted in already over saturated free to play focussed app stores or the managers should think about why a large part of the user base was offended by some of the talks, services, and notions like raising prices for including services of which many to many appear like pushing broken models that help further kill the industry and passion that got many started and turn all into milking stats planners, analizers and implementers.

(note: i very much support for example a service where one can deduct where many players get stuck, that was not what i was talking about i hope you see/understand which service features and presentation portions and blog posts and future outlook as presented by the company at Unite etc i meant over which people get riled up).

Changes are needed: Pricing structure, features and services
I wrote this in another channel first, since the forum and blog seems to be frequented more by people in charge, here it goes again:

The solution’s first step would be pretty simple really as said before by many:
*keep the old perpetual license option with old pricing structure, including upgrade pricing, early bird pre order discount, volume discount and whatever other discounts people had as option going forward, instead of the wishy washy marketing replies on the blog that people can keep their perpetual license till it runs out next year, which is obvious but also obviously makes people think they will not be able to renew it with the same deal afterwards.
In case it is not clear to the managers:
Unity is a multi platform game engine which even if all ran perfectly on all platforms at one point in time would by definition still always require regular support and updates since the platforms themselves change constantly so of course then at latest every few months a new issue on a new/upgraded platform crops up. And most even just halfway informed (potential) Unity users are aware of this.
So just saying you can keep your existing license is not just captain obvious but also of very few value if it is not supported onwards nor renewable.
So yes, you have to keep the perpetual license option offering, at the very least for one more major version cycle, longer if by then you still have no subscription offering which satisfies the majority of your existing and possible new users.
(Thinking about it, most people (me including) already moaned that perpetual license for two years (with upgraded price discount options) is half or a third compared to pro subscription in new model, now looking at Unity versions i realise most versions were supported for 3 years+ so one would actually have to compare perpetual license with upgrade discount options paid once every 3 years to subscription paid for 3 years..)
*And for the subscription model, you have to make the prices across the board a third at most of the prices you stated so that it would be at most as expensive in most scenarios as with a perpetual license and those upgrade options, in some cases making them a fourth of your current statement would make most sense. Make it /4 across the board and most people will happily take it.
If you do those, then the moaning and complaining could go away and actually way more people even consider to sign up for a subscription rather than the state of now where most people are not just not considering it but even stating they are seriously considering to jump ship.
Again, when you have a look at any of the subscription options for software which actually do work out like Adobe CC, then you can see, that yes, there will always be (a not tiny) group which will generally hate subscriptions, but if the subscription price is so much lower than the perpetual purchase/upgrading price, a large group will actually make use of it, because it comes off as good deal even when they have done their maths homework.
I think Adobe did many other wrong decisions on many other ends over the past decade, but their CC subscription pricing for the whole package is MASSIVELY lower priced than any option they had before to get a license for it,
so one can actually call it a good value price wise and hence millions of people like me who hate subscriptions have used it.
Another thing is: You should also give people the option to sign up and cancel their subscription for the higher tiers in shorter term easily, like at most 6 months, because one of the major worries of people against subscriptions is they don’t like the feeling of being tied to paying something on and on for a year or longer. I know to a company a large reason for subscription offerings is ongoing secured income of halfway known amount, but to users there is a very high perceived value to being able to cancel in shorter timespans than 12 months and the general thought of flexibility gain.
Now i have to say something about past mistakes, not to annoy you, but in hope they are repeated nor made even worse:
I think when the pricing/license model was changed the last few times, there were already major mistakes made.
Way too expensive subscription pricing (again, compared to all those price lowering upgrade options for the perpetual license), which made a large chunk of maths capable perpetual license owners not be into switching to a subscription. If your longest time supporters don’t use your new offering and stay with the old model as long as they can, something is clearly broken with the new offering.
But also other things like you diluted the value feeling of the pro license a lot by adding most of it’s engine features to the indie/free license, making lots of people with pro license wonder what they are paying so much more money for.
At the same time you have weirdly also encouraged way more people with free/indie license to expect the removal of the unity splash screen (one of the last clearly visible separators in the content between free and pro license owners) since it didn’t make sense to them that you seemingly charged so much “just” for the removal of the splash screen.
While in reality of course you had given the indie/free owners much more, that they could use all those engine features of the pro license in the engine, but yeah, when pretty much no noticeable in engine difference is there other than the splash screen, then of course people moan about why do i have to pay so much just to get rid of the splash screen.
These problems were already not addressed properly last time around, they remain to this day, the pro license feels devalued because the free or way lower tier options have most if not all of the engine features and at the same time people getting all the engine features felt like they would have to pay too much for removing the splashscreen alone and the subscription pricing staid so high that it was nonsensical for anyone doing the maths (and being able to do a one time higher payment every 2-3 years).
Now, with the new subscription pricing options, across the board, for most platform combinations, people would have to pay 2x-4x+ prices of before (besides very few exceptions)
And on top, tiers available between free and pro make people for who those tiers would be most fitting for moan even more now because as the pricing for those went up, too for most common use case scenarios, people complain even more why they have to pay to still have a splashscreen or pay more just to get rid of the splash screen (which for many of those is the only advantage of Pro they would actually use since the engine features are the same).
The only backpadelling i see is that there are replies talking about customization options for the plus tier for the splash screen being considered.
No, this is again not the solution to any of the actual problems.
If you allow heavy customization/removal of the splash screen in the plus tier, this dilutes the pro tier further, since, why should most of those pro people still get pro if engine features are the same and one can customize
the splash screen in plus tier? And wouldn’t people then still moan why can’t i remove it fully? since again it feels like that’s the only thing they pay for to them since all engine features are the same.
At the same time, the pricing for all tiers is still way too expensive for a subscription and compared to the perpetual license upgrading scheme 2x-4x in most combinations.
So yeah, you need a better solution.
I understand, when there were internal talks about the mantra of Unity and democratization of game development, so bringing game development options to everyone was chosen as the main company mantra, that surely sounded like and awesome thing.
But the reality is, if you want to/have to make money with the engine, you have to charge for it or a service enough people would pay for. Not enough people pay for it when they feel the free tier gets all the engine features, too and at the same time pricing is too high for all paid tiers. Other services included is seen as nice bonus by most, no matter how good they are, for most people most important is the engine and it’s features itself in daily usage.
Since making the lower priced/free tiers be less well supported/run worse or similar would not be an option accepted by anyone, the way it was while the indie version has the splash screen AND not some engine features made way more sense than only in engine difference being a splash screen, of course then people ask that that’s gone, too. I don’t think it’s great when a free tier doesn’t have all engine features, but it at least makes more sense than it feeling like one has to pay only for the removal of a splash screen and at the same time paid tiers all have to be made so much more expensive because the majority just keeps the free tier.
Time has passed since that all engine features in all versions change, so i wouldn’t have brought it up as discussion point, but i felt like it was needed since it has to be clear that is one big thing making people with pro wonder what they are still paying for and people with free or lower paid tier wondering why they have to pay for “only a removal of the splash screen” and while that all is already bad besides the whole prices themselves, allowing customising the splash screen in plus tier does not fix this problem, actually makes it even worse.
For a first step you’d have to make clear to the people the perpetual license option will still be available with all the same pricing/upgrade options for at least another full version after 5 and also make all the prices of the subscription options /3 or /4 and also add discounts for people doing them longer than a year, too.
And then, it later steps one could think about what are actually reasonable to most users differentiator options between free/low paid tier and pro upwards.
Anyway, yeah, reasonable and good solution suggestions were brought up by many in the community which would make most if not all happy and make Unity actually make more money since more people would consider upgrading and even subscribing rather than jumping ship, the ball is in Unity manager’s side to use it.

I own a small (very small) company with three Unity licenses which we have upgraded from v3 through to v5. We also own a large bank of assets from the store and probably purchase a handful of new assets monthly.

With this announcement and the potential that our investment is being “canceled” I hate to say it, but establishing a pay on completion/success model, like with UE, holds a lot more appeal. Small Indy shops have enough trouble raising the capital to keep developers paid and focused on the project, let alone adding an additional bill to the mix per developer.

To Unity, yes, I get it, you’re not making the money you want to be making. However, I do not think this is the best way you could have approached the problem. Honestly, it feels like the team you conceived of this model failed to consider the reasons your community exists and has flocked to your product.

Our plan will be simply this – complete current projects which have timelines prior to March 2017 using Unity3d; Begin training and migration over to UE; Wait to see if Unity changes their stance or offers multi-perpetual Pro (+ all platform) license holders something that makes this still work — along with a guarantee that the plan will stick for a minimum of 5 years.

This pricing model just comes to show how far Unity has gone into ignorance and became actually quite moronic.

What you propose won’t work for anyone except the few fanboys that are obcessed with this engine or are unable t use anything else to do a game…oh and Unity itself of course.

I have bought a perpetual license back in 3.x, spend almost 5k on it. I never expected it to last less than two years before they cut off support and just say “hey that issue is solved in Unity 4, go and buy it”. They even had the nerve to try and convince me to buy 4 it at full price.

Oh and for 5k, you get nothing, not even a frigging account manager, because for Unity 5k is chump change. Maybe I’m spoiled by being used to spend 5k and sellers/merchants treating me more fairly, not like I owed them something (that is the Unity attitude: they are making YOU a favour for selling their stuff).

All that crap for an engine which is incomplete, bugged and broken, not the “creme de la creme” of the market mind you.

So after that magnificent experience, I decided to drop Unity altogether (after recouping the loss with the purchase and handling of the various tech issues) and move to UE.

I did so and I’m happier than ever. Just came to check what all the buzz was about and decided to leave my 2 cent.

Forget this game-building toy which is a perpetual beta under a early access regime, if you are serious about making games, move to serious tools, leave this for it’s fan boys and college students, it is what the engine is good for anyway :)

For me, 125$ is much better that 225$ but still I am an indie developer/hobbyist that doesn’t use pro features and would prefer free for economical reasons. I had Unity 3 pro perpetual license but I did not upgrade since you told you will take out perpetual license(also offer ridiculous upgrade price) and make monthly payment system. It is a failure for your sales team to lose a paid customer.
But now, Plus features would be nice and I want to give something back to Unity. But please, I beg you, just put a small Unity logo on the right bottom side on top of our own splash screen for the Plus and give sense to all of that pricing system.

The reason is simple :
We can not take out a total pro looking project/game with the huge logo of another company as splash screen. Have you developed the game or us? Have you ever seen any other company forcing to show their logo ridiculously full screen like the product their product? A small Unity logo in front of our Splash screen is what Plus needs and what I would pay for. There are at least hundred message here directly or indirectly saying the same thing.

Just make that change and let us happy.

And thanks for that great software Unity team

So, to “just get the core engine” without the useless “enable success” nonsense, you now need to pay 4500 Euro instead of 1500. (36 months times 125 each month).

A tripple in price…

The ONLY good thing about this announcement is, that Unity stopped trying to do the “we always release on time – no matter the stability” approach. Since they sell subscriptions now instead of Versions, Unity does not have an incentive to release (potential buggy) versions just to get money.

Its still tripple the old price…

Currently at the company where I work we decided not to go for subscription as this is why:

From an existing license ( 4.x before ) to a new one ( 5.x now ) we payed not 1500 euro but a reduced price because it was an upgrade. The same applies for Android and iOS plugin upgrade from 4.x to 5.x. In total we payed around 1200 / 1500 in total for the whole upgrade per license. With this we could continue working with Unity for at least 1.5 years up to 2 years.

However the current buy once and own it price it unknown, but when I look only at the price for Pro, the increase in pricing is huge.

From 1200 euro upgrade to a major version once in the 2 years, we go now to 3000 euros per 2 years.
For us this is a price increase of more the 50%.
How is this new pricing going to help us, is Unity really going to let us pay 50% more for the same app, same tools but all platforms included? We don’t even use Nintento, Playstation, WebGL, just only Android and iOS.

I would like to know more about this.

I dont understand why unity is doing this huge mistake.. They are realy smart guys and they should know if they loose customer, they dont loose only one guy, but they potencialy loose also guys friends, family members etc.. In a long term if there will be only subscription model, they stop expanding, because now everybody is pissed and potencial new customers will choose different alternative, which will be more “user friendly”. Subscription model will never be user friendly, people want to own the program, they want to have quarantee that even after 5 years that could still using after they make this investment. They dont want to be forced slaved of subscription model..Take example of Autodesk.. everybody hates them because of theyr subscription model and because they dont care what people wants.. you are not like them, you was never company which didnot listen to people. So please take this pricing back, admit that it was collosal mistake. People are starting to spread this bad feelings about unity which it can be the begining of the end…

I personally don’t have any issue having ‘Made with unity’ appearing at the begining of my games and I think it’s completely reasonable on the free version. In fact I am happy to promote Unity, its a great product and I find it strange that people complain about the free version so much.

That said until recently I was on a pro subscription because I needed the pro features.

Ever since the free version came bundled with those features, the pro version has little value for an indie developer in fact the only point in paying for unity now is if you make over 100k which is a total win for the indie developer – kudus to unity, but I don’t really understand the value of the plus version at all. Are you attempting to make people pay for the dark interface?

Dear Unity,
I am extremely disappointed with the new subscription products that Unity rolled out. I am pretty sure you have followed all of the mostly negative reception both on the forums and the blog post. In short, I think it flies in the face of what Unity has always stood for: Democratising Game development.

The New Girl/Guy:
I remember when subscription licenses first showed up back in 2013. They were supposed to be a temporary give away for a limited time. And then Unity decided to keep them them alongside the perpetual licences as they noticed that 50% of all new customers in that period opted for subscription licenses. Today, we watch in awe, as Unity decides that 50% of it’s developers who are paying for perpetual licenses are the second class citizens. If you look at the numbers, you will also notice that the people who have stayed faithful to Unity the longest make up a vast majority of this 50%. I liken this to being told by your parent that a new girl/guy will be staying with us for a short while. And then it’s decided that the new girl/guy will be staying forever because half of the family seem to like her. And then the parent finally decides that, s/he’s getting rid of his/her original spouse because s/he likes the new girl/boy better and has decided to marry him/her. Where I come from, that is referred to as a broken home.

A Broken Democracy :
As Unity shifted more and more to a service oriented model, I knew it was only a matter of time before this day dawns upon us. Still, I took a leap of faith and invested in two platform licenses for Unity 5. For just the platforms I needed. Today I am being told to take an all or nothing deal from Unity and the new price they have determined to be fair for all of us. That smells more to me like a communist regime took over Unity Tech (Maybe one that hailed from EA?). Because this sure does not feel like a democracy anymore.

Where are the numbers?
Unity Prides itself in the numbers. Just a month ago, you published stats from Unity analytics. At every Unite Conference, you talk about how many developers are using Unity and how many games have been published with Unity. In this case however, the numbers seem to be conspicuously missing from the picture. Below is the rather crass analysis that brought us to this point of a unified platform licensing model:

It’s harder to be successful today. Market is larger, consumers are spending their time in different ways. Mobile is in the ascendancy, console and PC need bold creativity and VR/AR is in a pioneer moment. Against this, Unity isn’t as accessible as it could be – a core product with add ons for a larger up front price and upgrade fees every 2 or so years didn’t seem to be cutting it.

So, we wanted to simplify. We wanted to give more value. With our three new products we’re confident we have increased the ability for you to reach the largest audience, provided increased no worry access to the latest tech and made Unity more affordable.

This is laughable to say the least. This is Unity essentially telling me what to do in order to be successful, selling me what they think I need to be successful, and showing me exactly 0 evidence that this decision was informed by a even a half-baked thought process which had the customers in mind. The post is not even trying to hide the fact that Unity needs to meet its new annual earnings goals (Because, ” a core product with add ons for a larger up front price and upgrade fees every 2 or so years didn’t seem to be cutting it.“…for Unity) and the way to fix that is to sell it as one big subscription to everybody because it costs you absolutely nothing to do so. Don’t you think the right way to have gone about this would have been to try and answer the following questions?

-How many paying Unity users are publishing to all 3 paid platforms?
-How many paying Unity users are publishing to Mobile Only?
-How many paying Unity users are publishing to IOS/Android Only?
-How many paying Unity users are on a subscription?
-How many paying Unity users are on perpetual licenses?

That’s how Unity has always operated. They show us the numbers, and the take the leap. That’s how you got rid of Boo documentation and support. That’s how C# became the primary development language. So if Unity thinks that short paragraph and a lacklustre Unite presentation about how to be successful is going to get us on the same boat,then count me out of this new world order. I liked simpler times when you have me the tools and I determined my path to success.

I have already written too much. There’s still much to say (from the bugginess of the unity 5 release cycle to the failed promises of a .Net profile upgrade). But I sure hope my thoughts on this new direction will not fall on deaf ears and the leadership of Unity will reconsider it’s strategy for successes.

Best regards,


Great post.

It’s like buying a car, but they throw in a house for free, charge you $100 processing fee, then tell you that you cannot sell the house by itself, so now you need to pay property taxes just to use a car.

Being a long time flash developer, I don’t mind the new prices. When you’ve struggled as long as I have with half baked engines and then switch over to Unity; its a breathe of fresh air! Unity’s allowed us to cover more platforms and gain performance I never thought possible.

Let’s be honest, no one likes price increases; but speaking personally; the value I receive from Unity far outweighs the price.

When I bought Unity 5.x I was promised updates during the whole major version cycle.

From the fact that they are dropping updates on March 2017, it follows:

* Unity 6 will be launched before March 2017; or
* They aren’t afraid of a class action lawsuit

They can change the perpetual licensing from 6.x because I have no rights about it. That would be a bad way to treat loyal customers like me (client since Unity 2.x).

They have grown a lot. I wonder, is this the start of their end as a beloved indie-oriented company? The start of bullshitting small clients and focusing on the big boys?

Want to help developers? How about a package manager so we can integrate different assets easily. Fancy state-of-the-art graphics are primarily for big studios anyway. Sure they are interesting, but they are not **priority** for most of indies.


* How about fixing and improving a sluggish asset store? There is no priority for it.
* How about fixing Unity 5.x bugs first?

“Big Boys”? The big boys use cryengine, UE or roll their own. Nobody uses Unity.

Unity doesn’t sell a product, they sell a dream. The idea that you can (pretty cheaply) get the tools to make a reasonable looking game.

The fact that they are pricing themselves out of the “dream” market shows how little they understand their customers or their product

I’m an indie developer and have spent about 10K for licensing Unity from 3 to 5 versions. For my loyalty, I’ve got a bunch of practically useless Level11 discounts and now seems you wanna f*ck me a bit deeper.

Looks like I have to switch on UE next spring. It will be a qualitative and quantitative upgrade, so, I’m ok.

First of all, I really love the engine. I’ve tried both Unreal and Cryengine, and ended up using Unity for the past year. I’m part of a small team, so licencing seems a bit far off for now. However the recent structure change seems to be quite concerning, especially since a lot of people in the comments section are considering changing engines.

From what I’ve read in the comments and the new pricing plan, it seems like Unity is pushing for subscriptions and getting rid of the perpetual licence option. There’s a lot of “more information is coming” but it just seems a little daunting.
The freedom of being able to buy a licence and not having to worry about royalties or reverting back to personal edition is what made Unity so appealing. I’m sure all Unity Devs would like to support the engine, but forcing a “subscription or nothing” system on them won’t make buying Unity Pro anymore appealing, in fact, it seems to have made people consider converting to unreal or cry-engine (which does have a much nicer pricing system but Unity is still cooler)

“There will be a pay to own option available that basically works like a perpetual license in that you pay upfront for the license and get updates and upgrades for a period – and then own the license on the Unity version at the expiry of the period.” – LARS RUNOV

What does “for a period” mean. Is it, you get unity pro for 2 or 3 years and then you don’t get any more updates for that version, that counts towards your pro-licence?
So if i get a 2 year licence for 6.0 and after 2 years, my licence ends and unity is only in 6.4, do i only own Unity 6.4 and under, and to get pro for anything above that, i need to re-invoke a 2 or 3 year licence or subscription?
This seems quite unfair in terms of pricing because Unity could just go through a really slow phase, with few updates, and the consumer will be left with an overpriced expansion of Unity and an email saying “you now own Unity x.x, but Unity x.(x+1) just came out, $1500 if you want the new animation system for unity pro”

I’m not sure if the perpetual licence covered you for an entire major version, but if it did, this seems like a major step down for Devs.

There’s a lot of stuff going on so forgive me if the structure is a bit unclear, but my main concerns are: the conditions of “pay to own” and subscriptions.

Just a few questions:
1) After March 3rd 2017, will Unity 6 be released or are you just stopping perpetual licence support for 5.x, meaning you need to buy pro again if you want to release a game with out a splash screen that has features from after march 3rd?

2) The “pay to own” option, are people forced to subscribe for one year before that can flat out buy unity x?

3) I thought a perpetual licence meant you could buy the latest major version of unity (e.g. unity 4 or 5) and get all future updates for that version until the next major version release, if that was the case, is that still happening or is that being scrapped?

4) Will it be possible to pay a yearly subscription in one go. For example, instead of paying £35 a month for a year, with Unity plus, can you just pay £420 instead and be covered for that year (Unity plus sounds very appealing at this point, especially if the splash screen is at least semi-customisable. I like unity but the “personal edition” thing just looks awful.)

5) Whats the deal with the 24-36 month prepaid subscription, it sounds like the exact price for Unity Pro + Add-ons, except you only own the licence for 3 years? Can we not just buy the licence flat out and get any future updates for that major version.

6) I presume the $125 a month licence comes with IOS and Android Pro. If not, then why the large price increase and if so, why take away the flexibility of choosing which platform you need pro for?

Being able to buy a Unity x Pro licence outright, and getting all future updates for that version, sounds much more appealing than a subscription, i really hope the “pay to own” option is much more fleshed out than the way it’s described above.
I work on a small team and the Unity Plus option sounds great, but monthly subscriptions sound quite unappealing. Having the option to buy out a year or two would be much more convenient. I also hope buying a full unity x licence, without subscription, will still be available in the future.

If I can get the splash screen and the dark skin on plus for 35/month that would be a deal for me. Otherwise I will bear with the terrible splash screen and an eye sore skin until I make the right product that will push me over 100k.

I really wish UT would hear us all out though :)

Permanent Pro-license owner (since 2007 v1.61 and i did each upgrades , 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x).

Honesty, I am also extremely disappointed and I agree with the people that that is a bad decision.

Is it time now to start looking into other alternatives ?

Will Team License be included in Personal Edition? (I mean the native perforce integration)

Yeah I want to know about the fate of the Team License features too. I’m more interested in what is happening to the cache server.

For me, 125 price tag is not an issue – honestly – I make more from selling games. I do feel cheated though, because I am getting the same product that used to be 75, and I have to pay 125 for no apparent reason.

Seriously, I just need full engine + dark ui + and no splash screen. The rest, I do it myself, light weight and efficient. Now, the whole deal seems meh….

Lastly, Unity should have made 5.X more stable and production ready than this price change. No excuse this time…

Something should be very wrong when a lot of people that loves Unity as a product wants to pay money to remove the brand name Unity from they splashes screens.

Sadly, the name “Unity” as a brand is very depreciated among the developers and players.

Please, stop pushing developers to use “Made with Unity” in their games without check first if theirs games are good enough and start to make deals with the best developers and companies that are making real good games to put the Unity brand name in the splash screen.

“Unity” should be synonymous of awesome games because it’s a f*cking awesome tool and company.

If Unity add to the Plus version the option to remove the splash, I’ll become a Pro today!

*No semi-customizable!

wauv – really looks like we should give Unreal engine a try.

I think Unity have made a real BIG mistake this time. Instead of making money, they will loose a lot of customers now.

This could be a catastrophy for Unity – very sad, but we have to move on now!

|Yeah… and this is acutally a shame…
a spend a lot of money in the store and pro license… and now this “business” decision… will destroy the unity funbase.. and even if i like unity (not the bugs :D) i might be forced to switch to unreal…
and btw… i would have bought the license update for 750E… now i will most probably stay with the free version… and I am pretty sure most people will do the same.
This new price model will make unity earn less money, not more!

Yeah… and this is acutally a shame…
a spend a lot of money in the store and pro license… and now this “business” decision… will destroy the unity funbase.. and even if i like unity (not the bugs :D) i might be forced to switch to unreal…
and btw… i would have bought the license update for 750E… now i will most probably stay with the free version… and I am pretty sure most people will do the same.
This new price model will make unity earn less money, not more!

LMAO – It’s pretty hilarious reading all the monkey-shrieking here from people who are clearly just weekend hobbiests and dilettantes, pretending they’re pro game developers :-D

All the haters are are clearly just bummed out that they have no cheap way to get rid of the Unity splash screen – trust me kids, it’s not the Unity splash screen that brands your games as amateurish garbage – it’s actually the amateurish garbage games you’re all producing!

I would be shocked if even 1% of the negative commenters here have ever produced anything worth playing, let alone paying for :-o

Feel free to rage-reply, and of course also feel free to provide me with a link to something you’ve done that proves me wrong ;-)

Agree. For almost all users, you can just start with personal and then move to a paid license once you see your game can be released (or ready to).
I really also think Unity MUST remove the splash for everyone, but not just because small indies want (I have a small company, but also I am an indie). But because this is, in my opinion, what makes people think Unity games are garbage, without even trying that game. And then Unity Tech ONLY approve the use of the splash for the games THEY think are good enough to show their company logo. It will increase the Unity games quality, it will increase part of many people thinks about the engine, not the game itself (also some Publishers sadly say this about Unity).

I’m actually a hobbyist coder using the free edition so this doesn’t affect me at all. Reading the comments about people not being able to remove the splash screen and then threatening to move to unreal makes me laugh.

Do you people realise that you cannot remove the unreal splash screen whereas unity does let you on the correct package?

In all honesty I like the unity engine enough to want to have a splash screen at the start to show users that my game runs on a good engine, why on earth would you want to hide that fact?

My only beef with unity at the moment is that they are constantly bringing out new features for mobile developers and the performance in unity 5 is terrible. Can’t you guys sort out the performance issues BEFORE releasing new features?

June 2, 2016 at 5:07 pm /

“No. Read this .”

What I see here is “track gross revenue and pay a 5% royalty on that amount after the first $3000 per game”. You realise that there is NO royalty fee on unity AND I don’t have to fork out per game.

Unreal have always done things “The unreal way” and they will never change that, I actually left the unreal engine a long time ago and found unity. I can’t comment for the cry engine but I’ll never go back to unreal

Wow. That’s a bit harsh. I must be one of the “monkey shriekers” whose upset my costs to own a perpetual license have doubled. Yes, I am a “weekend developer” (that’s bad apparently?) but I will happily share a link to my game Masochisia on Steam ( which has a 91% User Rating on Steam. Not bad for “amateurish garabage” right? I know other devs on this thread and they’ve released quality games as well. But I guess I’m just pretending to be “pro developer” because I’m not “full time”? As a part-time developer whose dumped thousands and thousands of dollars into Unity because I’m passionate about my work, I have every right to be upset that my costs to use Unity Pro are doubling. That doesn’t mean I’m “monkey shrieking” and gives you no right to be so degrading to other developers on here (some of which I know have created quality titles on Steam and other markets who are also upset).

Now your turn to post links to your game? Feel free to include an apology to all the developers you’re insulting. What did these people do to you other than be upset their costs were going up dramatically?

Jon, please – my post wasn’t directed at those who had valid grievances – I was quite specifically calling out pretenders and haters. I can’t really speak to your claim that your game is “amateurish garabage” [sic] as I’ve not played it, and I’m not likely to as I don’t find child abuse and murder entertaining.
I’m not sure what I find more depressing about your post; your sense of entitlement, or your belief that I owe you an apology for not indulging it.

Lol, so the only comment he doesn’t respond to is this one where he is challenged to state his own successful games

Sorry Jake – fixed!
I’m not really sure what you’re referring to – I wasn’t the one pretending to be a successful game developer ;-\

All other ~470 comments are full of feedback, constructive criticism and valid opinions. Yours simply is arrogant, rude and insulting other developers.

You clearly didn’t really read the other ~470 comments here; if you did you’d realise that they actually aren’t all “full of feedback, constructive criticism and valid opinions.”
Many of them are actually arrogant, rude and insulting the Unity developers.

I choose not to get into a battle of words with you about how you’ve essentially insulted 99+% of the so-called negative commenters here. Do yourself a favour and go and check out the profiles for some of the negative commented over at the forums ( Go ahead and be surprised.

In case you didn’t realise a good chunk of us bought perpetual licenses (In case you don’t know what that is because all you could afford was a subscription, it’s a onetime payment for a Unity License that entitles us to free updates for the version’s release cycle and half priced upgrades to subsequent major releases.) There is also a good chunk of devs here who are only developing for desktops and don’t need this all-in-one deal from Riccitiello Technologies.

Now just because you do not fall into any of these categories does not mean that you can sit on your high horse and take a piss on people who have genuine concerns about the direction in which the engine is heading and what it means for their businesses.


Wow – for someone choosing not to get into a battle of words, you sure chose to use a lot of words. It’s a shame you felt the need to dedicate half of those words to insulting my financial situation; it’s also disappointing you felt the need to swear at me.

Stay classy, I guess ;-(

Poor spelling, makes no point, calls everyone monkey-shrieking weekend hobbyists, and invites retaliation?

Yup, we have a confirmed troll.

I’ve been working with Unity for a long time, and I worry about this subscription model hurting independent professionals. That said, to be fair, at $125/mo for 24 months, you’re purchasing the equivalent of Unity Pro + Unity Pro iOS, which as always been $3000, so there’s not really that much of a price change if you’re looking to do multiplatform development. I do think it’s annoying that non mobile developers are essentially paying extra for features they’ll never be using; an extra $1500 over time.

Of course, I will continue to use Unity for my personal and professional projects, simply because it is one of the best engines for rapid development, and has positioned itself well for VR, but I’m not sure if this new subscription plan lends itself well to getting new professionals to adopt Unity as their primary engine. Time will tell!

1 – your language is unapropiate
2 – you are a hater
3 – ad hominem is NOT an argument
4 – i own a pro license (but most probably i’ll “switch” to free or unreal or cryengine)
5 – when you are selling something 90%+ negative comments means you should think of bankrupcy (or changing what upset the people)
6 – update costs 750E for ALL the feature and perpetual licence for ~2 years… now i need to pay the same sum for splash screen OR ~3000/2 years. I am a hater?! I don’t need mobile, but I look at how much money I spend because even if I made something (not a game) I don’t make millions…


1 – lol – “unapropiate”?
2 – I feel no hate for anyone, nor did I express any in my post :-(
3 – unlikely
4 – irrelevant
5 – “bankrupcy”?
6 – I have no idea what your point is :-\

1,2,3 – you are attacking people, with basically “you can’t speak you opinion because you didn’t make a AAA title” that’s not a f**** argument, and that’s hating (or trolling) and sorry to say but what you did is the definition of “ad hominem”
4 – irrelevant? so a company loosing the money given by a costumer is irrelevant?! really?!
5 – yeah… upsetting your costumers can lead to bankrupcy…
6 – my point is that i have to pay 4 times as much for the same thing (I don”t need mobile).
7 (bonus) – now i’m 99.9% percent that you really are e troll….

I’ve got to admin I’m having a hard time seeing the benefits of Plus as it has both the mandatory splash screen and revenue limit of Personal. Are the additional features really worth $35pm over Personal?

If Plus kept the revenue limit of Personal but allowed for custom splash screens that would be a compelling reason for a me to buy Plus, but right now I’m struggling to see what I’d benefit from in Plus.

Hmm.. None of this appeals to me but I’ll check back when I can buy something right out. Not interested in this pay as you go up-sell nonsense (and also, having the splash screen for a payed version of Unity seems like a bad marketing decision). Unity is getting less and less appealing these days.

I would love to see a better version of MWU logo in Splash Screen for mobile because it looks very old now.
Maybe we could choose a version of the logo like a few color options?
White on Black background, Black on White background would be enough for me.

I really love Unity and I’m proud to tell others that my games are made with Unity Engine.
Please consider refreshing the logo – just look at the header of the page, so simple so good.

I am a solo developer not making revenue from my games (yet!) and Ipurchased Pro licenses for Unity 5 and iOS Pro in 2014 for 3000$. Considering updates will stop in march 2017 that’s 3 years of Unity for 1000$/year.

I’m against any form of subscription for software but I have to admit that Unity Plus seems like a very nice option for me.
I don’t need all the features from Unity Pro (essentially custom splash screen, profiler and dark skin) nor do I need advanced services in Pro subscription (concurrent builds, multiplayer, etc.)

Unity Plus would be 420$/year for all platforms.
Compare this to the 1000$/year I had to pay for only Desktop and iOS platforms, or 500$/year if I upgraded my licenses to Unity 6 (if this were possible).
Even for indies that are only developing on Desktop, Pro license would have cost 500$/year.

At first this new subscription model felt like a scam to me but let’s face it: Unity Plus will be a far better option for indies.

Of course that’s only if we can customize the splash screen ;)
I suggest that Unity only adds a “Made with Unity” overlay on the customizable splash screen, with an option to choose the location of this overlay on the screen.

Also a question for Unity : Plus subscription says “FROM 35$”. DO you mean there will be several Plus subscription prices ? Please explain.

Ok, Unity Plus goes from 35$ to 49$ per month depending on the subscription, my bad.

Have to jump in here to echo a lot of people’s views.

Charging that amount of money ($1500) and not being able to remove the splash screen is atrocious. What annoys me is that you have this feature (what is comparatively a minute detail) specifically in your tier list as you know how important it is to people.

As a single dev who started learning about a year ago I have been enjoying Unity immensely. The community and resources are second to none. I would rather not transfer to UE4 and start again, but their %rev model and visual scripting combining with this latest announcement, its becoming harder to say no.

You still have time to show your listening Unity, and I am sure you will.

So I pay $49 a month for the entire SUITE of Adobe software products and you know what it doesn’t have plastered all over my finished product? MADE WITH ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CC

From $75 to $125 to make a testable, profiled desktop app is a huge increase.

yea…very glad I did not buy unity 5 pro(1500). I was so close to get unity 5(infact i was going to purchases it but while googling unity to open there website i saw the news about unity 6). I am really afraid of this. I am an indivual person who is trying to create a big project. I cant pay much and I hate the idea of subscriptions. I careless about phones and most of the things unity offers. I think I am moving for the unreal engine now. Thank god i just saved my time and money from a bad investment at unity

This is a great deal for pro users who had both Android Pro and iOS Pro, but everyone else is losing out. I would love to support Unity and not use the free version, but $1500 was always out of my reach, and $75 was too much since the free version has all of the features I need. Plus is at a pretty good price point.

I really enjoy the idea of the project packs, it’s a nice feature. Getting more assets into user’s hands is good, I’m a huge fan of assets. This is a feature that interests me about Plus.

The one thing I really truly want is a customizable splash screen. It disappoints me that I wouldn’t get it, and it will keep me from paying for Plus.

I’m with a few of the other users who say that the forced splash screen really brings the image of Unity down. It’s mostly the worst games that are going to have it – it makes the engine look bad. I didn’t know it had a reputation of being very low quality until I started trying to share a demo of my game with some of my friends. “Ugh, Unity? I hate Unity, it sucks”, “it’s a really low quality engine”, “almost every game made with Unity is horrible”.

The reason they would think this is because of all the forced advertising on free users. Statistically speaking, people paying for Pro are going to be putting out much higher quality games – they’re dedicated to it. They’re the ones who are going to make Unity really shine.

Me, I’m very passionate but I lack funds to pay for artists and everything; I’m a solo programmer. I rely on assets for everything else. For me, it’s possible to make a really enjoyable game, but I’ve been messing with Unity for years, I’m not just some random person who is trying to make a buck, capitalizing on the popularity of indie games.

I’m not disillusioned about the process, I’m going to push myself until the game meets my relatively high standards. Some free users can make good games. But a lot of them want to put out a “flash game” they made in a week with no prior experience. And then Unity’s logo is plastered on the splash screen, and the Webplayer/WebGL player for all the people to see.

That’s hurting you more than helping you. The Unity name is known now. Continuing to force the advertising on free users is just going to continue dragging the Unity name through the mud. I know it’s a popular feature and one of the main reasons people pay for Unity, but you’re doing more harm than good.

Finally, about pricing. As fairly reasonable as $35 a month is (though much more than $0 a month, no?), it feels like a bit of a ripoff to pay for a bunch of extra things that I simply don’t care about. I don’t need cloud priority, better analytics, I don’t use built-in Unity Multiplayer, I don’t want to pay for performance reporting, flexible seat management, or certification courseware, they don’t interest me. I don’t care about Android Pro or iOS Pro. The only two things that interest me are the pro skin (which I mean, come on, it’s a simple palette swap, it kinda baffles me that this “feature” isn’t free) and the splash screen. Hardly worth $420 a year.

I want to support Unity, but making me pay an arm and a leg for the two small “features” I want isn’t gonna do it.

Hear, hear, James – as a hobbyist, I felt, and said pretty much the same thing in my post, but you stated the sentiment way more elegantly than I did…

Having a v4 Pro license, I was worried about “falling off” of owning a Unity license as time progresses.

I’ve opt’d for v5 Free because I’m currently not making any money with Unity, but I had hoped I’d upgrade my v4 Pro license sooner or later, but seeing these options, I likewise don’t care about the Cloud stuff or multi-user management features.

My thoughts have been the same pretty much from the beginning on charging folks for a “Dark Skin” c’mon now how petty is that!!

I still like Unity because I find myself to be so much more productive with with C# scripting compared to UE4 Blueprints; C# is my favorite language and I just get things done so much faster.

But yeah, Unity is moving in a direction I’m not finding “attractive” enough to follow?

Having “everything” is nice, but not so nice when you don’t really need a lot of the “everything” and on top of it, you’re paying more for the things you don’t need…

I hope one day Unity will provide the options for what I need as a lone developer at a reasonable price. I’m willing to pay for “Pro” features, but I don’t care about Cloud and team member stuff – separate that stuff out…

Well, this has opened up a big can of worms, eh? :)

Might I suggest the following modifications to your tiers:

Free – $0 : As is current.
Plus – $50: As is current, but with customisable splash screen, no iOS/Android, 100 CCU.
Pro – $125: As is current.

So, effectively those people only interested in desktop builds, without splash screens, can opt for the Plus tier. I’ve upped the price a bit to offer an olive branch to Unity, and it’s still cheaper than the $75 of the current subscription offering that developers are paying.

Personally, I think the above would be a fair compromise.

I agree with Isaiah. While I’m not one that would upgrade to Unity plus just to get rid of a splash screen and changed the editor skin colors I think a substantial number of people would.

It’s essentially loosing money for Unity in overvaluing those features to put them at that subscription level. If Unity were to make the editor skinnable according to various ‘themes’ then they could also sell themes for more profits in the asset store and include splash screens in those themes too.

Since my bandwidth is lousy the cloud build is not an option for me but I could see having to upgrade to one of the subscription levels for the multiplayer server features.

Wow, that’s extremely disappointing. I was just about to start a new project and was strongly considering swapping to Unity. Now? Hell no.

First of all, renting software is barely a step above a scam and all of us know it. It’s very rarely a good deal for anyone, and allows companies to hold our hard work hostage if we can’t pay each month. This new plan is garbage for regular desktop developers in small to medium sized companies that want to pay when they’ve got money and be set for at least a major version. I don’t want any of these crappy features- I’m not developing on mobile, I don’t want to do VR, I don’t need your cloud hosting. I’d rather pay extra for those features if-and-when I decide rather than get massively gouged on a monthly price to have the bloated stuff sit about completely unused.

Make no mistake, no matter how they spin it, this change isn’t a positive one for anyone. Software rentals never are. The only people who profit are Unity’s company- and even they may not. Game devs aren’t uninformed sheep like the general populace. They know when the wool is being pulled over their eyes. To hell with this, I’ll happily go to one of your competitors who are AWESOME at supporting small/indie devs. You should be freaking embarrassed looking at the competition. They have you on the ropes, and you just gave them a free TKO with this announcement.

If you go forward with this, I will never give you a dime. Ball’s in your court, Unity.

A branded splash screen on a paid version is completely unacceptable. That’s a very foolish business decision, given that many smaller developers are encouraged to upgrade for the primary reason of having a professional-looking end product that they can take to market. The Plus version is really not viable for commercial applications, meaning it is just another product for hobby developers. So in short – the price has increased by $50 a month for any developer planning on actually releasing a game. No attempt to wrap this up in a nice ‘customer centric’ announcement can hide that glaring fact. @Unity – you need to fix this, and do it fast.

Wow….thanks to a comment here I’ve just checked out Lumberyard. It actually looks very good!

There are alternatives out there Unity…..

So here is an additional model they forgot to mention called Unoty Rent-To-Publish :). Here is how it works :
– Develop your game using Unity personal edition. You get the exact same features out of the box for the editor.
– Once you are ready to go live start a one month subscription to Unity Pro.
– Customize your splash screen and publish your game.
– Optionally release some updates for that month. And choose an update release cycle that works for you and subscribe as and when you need to update. Once a quarter should be ideal for most indies ;)

And that’s Unity Rent-To-Publish in a nutshell.

…Except the minimum subscription is 12 months.

A 12-month subscription is the same price as the old “perpetual” license (which isn’t actually “perpetual”)

Also except that Free version project structure is a bit different that PRO. So moving Free to Pro can make a huge mess in the project itself…

Let me ask Unity this. I have shelled out probably $15-20k on perpetual licenses since Unity 2.X and for the most part I have been pretty happy. This is the first time I feel actually pissed. In real terms what additional engine functionality am I getting for my……what are are we saying…. $3-4k upgrade? I’m a sole indie developer. I don’t need all the cloud services. What new stuff am I getting? Unity 5.X still feels like it’s in beta….seriously flakey. (PS: perhaps you could sort out your Assert framework to start with….some of it simply doesn’t work…and yes a bug has been reported…. but seriously??)

All the advantages of being a Pro license owner have been totally eroded. When you stop updating Unity 5.X how long before integration with Xcode or Android SDK breaks. Read through the comments Unity. There’s a lot of people here feeling betrayed, and we’re just the ones that could be bothered to comment….ie tip of the iceberg.

Unity are a company that is clearly struggling with its growth, and also finding ways to grow more. You are on dangerous ground. Getting bigger and bigger is not the answer. There are only so many good people to hire.

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Be sensible and remove the Splash screen in plus tier. It has no extra value over personal as it is.

This pricing model presents serious challenges for teams that run projects from grants. Ongoing costs are your enemy. Historically we would buy the full license using a project grant, but then when the grant ended that developer still had a license and we could keep supporting/updating the project perpetually as well as work on new projects.

This is no longer viable. There is no option to ask for ongoing funding from the funding agencies in research, and you are not allowed to keep money aside. All funds must be spent inside the grant period.

Because Universities make a lot more than $100000 per year we can’t even legally fall back on the “free” version. In short: you’re not providing any credible way for research teams to develop with Unity. I have 6 existing Unity pro licenses for my team… I’m never going to be able to find enough grant money on an ongoing basis to keep those subscriptions active in perpetuity.

Is it just me or… there are no positive comments whatsoever? They claim to have analyzed the customers base and the like but… general feeling is that this price scheme goes against the industry trend (UE4, CryEngine V, Lumberyard) and all simply to impose unwanted services and platforms.

Microsoft should just buy UT and give it for free: that would be a seriously bold and good move to expand like crazy Unity market penetration, so to also sell those services to those that want them.

Yes, you are right, obviously the majority of users dislike these proposed/announced changes (massively) and so they have to be revised for sure.

But NO, MS should NOT buy Unity, because it would be the end of Unity.

Right now lots of us complain, because they know how great Unity can be and in between was and the great team and community that built it up and we all don’t want that to get messed up more and more, that’s why the complaining.

But MS buying Unity? that would make everything MUCH worse.

Yes, Microsoft of recent years has on some ends presented a changed attitude. On some ends for the better
(Cross platform dev attempts by themselves, trying to be a good citizen on other platforms to some extend, hololens showing potential etc), on some ends for the worse
(ask how the guys at former lionhead feel or the former nokia employees, or their not ending attempts at pushing the windows store while still not having desktop apps direct selling on there etc etc).

Just because they have bought xamarin and have not f’ed it up within the short while yet does not mean it would all go great for Unity or Unity’s userbase or team if MS bought them.

For a company like MS it’s all about profit maximisation and when the CEO changes next time, maybe that guy then thinks hey, i was not into that Unity acquisition, let’s cancel further pushing them and close that shop asap with a writedown and fire all those people (See new Ceo’s stance on Nokia acquisition). Or maybe he has a different attitude on cross platform dev and wants to push windows store WPF apps more again and hence then Unity has to drop support for all other deploy options.
Just some of the many possible negative scenarios which are quite likely giving MS’ past history with acquisitions.

If anyone should buy Unity, it should be at least a company with proven track record of handling such things well and really caring about the stuff Unity does and leading to the tech and company remaining it’s identity and blossoming, not going down.

And yeah, in general i’d far prefer it if UT gets all the recent problems sorted out and we can all be happy and don’t have to think about things like least bad take over candidates..

First, I left Unity since UE 4.0.1 was released and I’m overall happy with that, so you already left a costumer (Unity Pro) a while ago because of various reasons.

However what Unity is doing now seems rather irrational…With CryEngine going “Pay what you want” and Unreal to 5% gross (which is totally worth the technologie), what do you folks and Unity Technologies think you can get from THIS pricing model? New pricing models won’t fix the problems Unity still has for a long time (since we used Unity 2 the first time) and now Unity Pro is at 1500 Bucks per Year? Well, I wish you good luck, I guess you will need it.

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As an amateur indie developer, I was intending to upgrade to Plus when my game is closer to release, pretty much only to remove the splash screen so I can present a professional product. Now that I have to upgrade all the way to $125 just to get rid of that screen, I’m really bummed out and on the fence what to do. A splash screen on ANY paid version just isn’t what I expect as an amateur who may not make even $100 from my initial games.

No, not $125. It’s $1500. There’s a minimum 12-month subscription.

It used to be $1500 forever, now it’s $1500 for one year, then $125 a month after that.

There is no such thing as a Pay-To-Own model. You have to constantly upgrade the OS on the mobile devices and therefore must download the latest Unity versions every 2 months. It’s a marketing gimmick. Basically there is only one model and that is the subscription-based model. I have no problem with it but call it what it is. I’m 3 years into the monthly subscription and my first year is no different from my 3rd year. If you reduce pricing for the years of loyalty, you’d see less people jumping to the other engines.

When are you going to accept AMEX cards? That’s what we need. And the graphics engine for LODs and VR needs to be on par with Unreal. I like C# and so you’re still the only game in town.

Just a quick note. Unity is not the only game engine that supports C# scripting. CRYENGINE V introduced C# as well and it’s based on PWYW (Pay What You Want) business model with no royalties. Interesting times…

First, this is extremely disappointing to me as a perpetual licence holder. I was assuming that the I would need to pay a ~$450 upgrade price for Unity 6 pro when it came out, as has been the tradition so far. If I had known that wouldn’t be the case, and that you guys would attempt to milk me for *far* more than that, I would have never bought a perpetual license in the first place.

Secondly, does this mean that Unity 6 will launch on or before March 3? If my perpetual license does not work for all releases of Unity 5, then I’d consider that false advertising and I’d consider looking into various forms of recourse.

Overall, I’m extremely disappointed with you guys right now. This money grab is completely shameless.

This is actually good news. From all the bugs I struggled with in 5, I was seriously considering CryEngine. Now after this and CE going free, this just made my decision very easy.

I don’t need or want the ability to publish to android or tons of other platforms. I want to be able to make a professional looking game (i.e. fully custom splash screen) for PC and OSX. Done. Period.

If Unity wants to offer better value then how about an editions for mobile developers, PC/OSX developers, and then bigger studios who want to publish to all platforms!

As a solo developer this feels like a step back. I’m currently paying $75 a month for essentially a custom splash screen and dark UI. It felt harsh but necessary when publishing on a platform like Steam. Now I’m going to have to pay $125 to get the same? Not exactly keeping up with inflation…

Combine this with whatever craziness is happening with 5.3.x and the huge loss in performance – I saw my game go from 45 fps to 12 fps on my MacBook and 140 fps to 90 fps on my desktop – and I may have reached a tipping point. I’m looking at C++ and Unreal books on amazon as I type this. Switching may not happen but I now have extra motivation to explore.

I don’t care about the PRO, because I won’t be able to afford it now, but it’s ridiculous that even the Plus for ~$40/month will be branded with that embarrassing “Made with Unity – hobby version” splash screen.

I know right? That is honestly ridiculous. There’s no way to make good revenue with that splash screen.

$125 a month is too expensive for Unity. Unity performance is getting worse and worse and the features are falling further and further behind a modern game engine.

Stop adding features people don’t want / need or use. Fix performance and add proper support for landscapes / text rendering etc. BASIC FEATURES NEED UPDATING.

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Cryengine is basically free… Unreal is basically free …. (5% royalty – which for an indie who doesn’t make millions from a game is much cheaper than unity)
Unity increases the price + no perpetual licenses….
really “smart” move

I have two options: not paying anything or going unreal or cryengine… but i will NOT pay ~140Euro / month for a license i got with 750E once two years…

“Great” job Unity… if you want to make your costumers to switch away from your product or you want to go bankrupt… then you are doing a great job!

I’m a perpetual license holder. The problem with subscriptions for me is that every year I pay the same price for the software. With a perpetual license, for the next major version, I would pay the upgrade price which is substantially lower than the full price which is fair because I’m not buying a full product again. I’m buying some new functionality. Unity is not rewriting the whole editor every major release – so less effort for them = lower upgrade price – everyone understands this. A subscription based product is a tricky business. You need to convince people that the deal is still worth it. For the Adobe Creative Cloud it works because you pay $50 per month for how many apps? What was their usual retail price? Do you see my point? People are actually saving a lot of money by going with the subscription.

You know why I’ve bought the perpetual license for Unity Pro, iOS Pro and Android Pro? It’s obvious – paying $4500 and being able to upgrade my Unity within the next 24 months was much better deal than paying $225 per month which in total for 24 months would be $5400 and I would still not own the product. Perpetual licenses had another advantage. After 24 months I could upgrade all my 3 Unity licenses for $750 each for another 24 months. So it’s $2250 for another 24 months and I still own the product. This gives $93 per month.

You see? Simple math. In order for new Unity Pro pricing to be attractive for all platforms perpetual license holders, Unity should price this much below $90 / month mark – probably $50-60 / month to be very attractive and give people impression that they are saving money (the same effect like with Adobe). So Unity, I hear you, I’m waiting for my custom offer. You know already my expectation.

Very good and valid points. Besides those you mentioned, there were further things decreasing perpetual license upgrade costs on top: Early bird upgrade pricing and then on top also volume pricing. And in many cases longtime unity users also got the volume pricing discount no matter if they actually bought in volume or not.
So upgrade pricing+early bird discount for quickly ordering the upgrade+longtime user/volume license discount made things a lot more affordable. The new models have to take all that into consideration and offer something which is lower in price than the price for the perpetual license for a full version cycle with all those considered.

This is bullshit.
I was considering going to other engines, like unreal and cryengine and only stayed with unity cus that’s what
I’ve been using since I’ve started making games… My only hope was that someday it would focus on indie developers and have policies like unreal and cryengine (both are basically free for indies), but no, it kicks my face once again… The uncostumizable splash screen just fucks up any game with it, makes unity keep the reputation it always had, a poor engine for shitty games (just like flash). Most shitty games made in unity uses the personal edition, so everyone that goes into a website like kongregate knows the “power” of the engine based in the games that are made with it, and this just keeps the bad fame.
I hope for the day that unity becomes truly free, or at least with a fair one time buy price (something around 100 dollars I would pay gladly).
You should focus in your web services instead of the trying to profit in indie game developers, you can charge montly for unity cloud, unity ads, or any other shit like that. Charging montly for the engine itself is just like as saying “Hey guys, use unreal, its cheaper than ours”.

A Unity Renewal Sales Representative contacted me two months ago about an upgrade on my Unity Pro perpetual… and left me hanging when I requested information and a quote on moving to a subscription that also included Android.
After waiting and waiting for a response to my emails, 12 days ago I shelled out another $1500s to get Android perpetual…. and now the whole pricing model changed?
All the guy had to do was tell me – “Wait until June because we have a new pricing setup in the works” :(

As an Indie Dev, I am feeling very let down by the whole experience. What can you do to help?

Hi T. Douglas, we will reach out to you in the coming month with an offer to switch. Hope that answering your question.

About cloud build in personal edition: standart queue mean that i wait for build more that pro user and that kill all benefits of cloud build (reduce wait time for made build), so cloud build is useless in personal edition and included more like for preview. But thank you for not limited personal edition at least, this give ability to new developers without starting money to make games not only for money in mind.

Pretty much loathe these pricing changes Unity. I go back to Unity 2 and Pro on all platforms! I have spent a lot of money with you guys. Slowly I’ve seen any advantage of owning my pro license completely eroded.

We have been using, paying and upgrading since Unity 2.x (2009).
The new pricing policy means a significant cost increase (4x) if you don’t need all the platforms and features.
We are currently focusing on PC and MAC only.

Since all pro engine features have been included in the free version now, we only would need the removal of the splat screen (for $ 1.500 per year, really?) .
The PLUS version has no additional value for us and the new PRO version is really expensive.
We want to pay for an upgrade (around $750 every 2 years) when we have the money at hand … no forced monthly $125 commitment.

So, downgrading to free version seems to be the only viable option after March 2017 … very sad … we loved being a supporting part of Unitys evolution, but UT now seems to focus on already established studios and not on fledgling 1 or 2 person studios with high hopes and tons of enthusiasm who brought Unity so far :-(

You can keep your Pro perpetual licenses. Your Unity 5x licenses are yours to develop with for as long as you wish. However, Unity 5 Pro perpetual licenses will not be supported with new features, fixes and improvements after March 3, 2017.
We will contact you over the next months with an offer to switch to the new Unity Pro subscription so you can see if that’s the way to go for you.

There will be a pay to own option available that basically works like a perpetual license in that you pay upfront for the license and get updates and upgrades for a period – and then own the license on the Unity version at the expiry of the period. More details to follow when we go Live in June.

Please stop answering this:

“You can keep your Pro perpetual licenses…”

Of course we can keep our pro licenses… we paid for them, but saying that is like saying, you can keep that, is going to be garbage in a year and a half, and if you don’t enter inside our new pricing scheme you are out of game, take it or leave it…

Please answer clearly to my questions below…

Hi Ronja,
this canned reply lacks understanding of the problem.

It still comes down to a forced monthly subscription if you want bugfixes and updates … as for Unity 5.x this is necessary more than ever!

Let developers pay for the features they actually use.
As a PRO user we don’t want to finance AR/VR and platform development costs for others.

This seems to me like you are trying to whitewash the pay to own option…..if there are no bugfixes after the subscription period, then you can just dump the owned product…it’s nothing worth anymore……

Maybe you didn’t read my question below, I think they are pretty clear, but I’ll repeat it:

What I’m saying is that I don’t want to pay each month at all, we don’t like subscriptions AT ALL, we don’t belive in renting for small/medium companies AT ALL.

And the questions:

– What is the solution you offer me to upgrade?
– What is the price?

As simple as that…

As an early adopter, sole developer, and Pro Subscriber on all platforms going back to Unity 2 I completely loathe your pricing changes. I have spent probably $15000-20000 dollars to be then asked to shell out for an additional 24/36 month period. Wow! It’s people like me that helped kickstart the company, believed in the vision, and I feel like I’m being bled dry. Forme, this is a massive amount of money! I paid for the advantages of having a Pro License, and those advantages have been completely eroded (unless I stick to the Unity 5 cycle).


Hi Scott. The 24/36 month only goes for the pay to own product. The idea with our subscription based model is to make it flexible for you to choose how and when you want to pay instead of only giving you the opportunity to do so upfront.

36 months on the subscription will cost $4,500 to rent for software that was already overpriced at $1,500-$4,500 to own.

I hate to think of what this “pay to own” price option will actually cost. We know it’s already more than $4,500.

Remember when Torque’s price increased? You should. That decision was the best thing to happen to Unity, just as Unity’s current decisions are the best thing to happen for Unreal.

I highly doubt it. The one-time fee for desktop only is $1500. For iOS, another $1500. For Android, another $1500.

At $125 a month for all three, locked into a minimum one-year commitment, it’s $1500 minimum. Apparently pay-to-own will be an extra fee after 36 months, so even a price tag of $4500 wouldn’t make sense with these subscription prices.

They haven’t announced the pay-to-own prices yet, but I’ll bet the total cost will be in the neighborhood of $10,000.00 per seat. Oh, and Unity 6 will be out by then, but you’ll only own Unity 5.

When I said “Pro Subscriber”….that should have read “perpetual license owner”. I have been a perpetual perpetual-license upgrader since Unity 2.X. I, and people like me, and THE reason you are where you are.

Read the comments. The general feel is ….in perhaps overly dramatic terms…..betrayal. Trust is a precious thing, and VERY hard to rebuild.

Perhaps this is where the buck stops?

please give me a short answer:
im currently paying 225$ a month for my pro+ios+android , with this, does it mean it will only be 125$ a month now?

I agree, already accepting the limitations of Free, I don’t see any incentive to pay $35/month if it’s not going to allow me to remove the splash and/or provide my own custom one.

As mainly a hobbyist, I’m not making any money off Unity at this time so I’ve opt’d for Free, but, I wouldn’t mind paying something, of which $35/month fits, the bill nicely.

However I’m not seeing any value from that cash outlay?, especially if I’m still stuck with that splash.

I’ve already given up additional analytics and debugging w/Free so that’s not really any incentive for me, especially when I’m not actively releasing apps where the extra debugging and tuning capabilities would become more important.

Please reconsider eliminating the splash on Plus…

I agree. The splash screen is about the only thing I would consider worth the upgrade cost of PLUS.

What’s about Level 11? What’s exactly means Asset Store Project Packs (1 or 2 each 3 months)?

The good news, no more Pro + iOS + Android… if you are interested, of course. If not, it’s an overpricing.

The bad news, if you ar not interested on iOS and/or Android and the MWU splash screen on plus option…

About the splash screen, It will back to “Made With Unity” logo (at least for plus edition) or will stand on “Personal Edition” logo?


Yes, currently both Personal and Plus have a “Made with Unity” splash screen. We are considering a semi-customizable splasher for Plus. Stay tuned.


In my opinion, it should be removed completely. Even from the free version, (well, I know that this is not even an option for Unity)


Currently I have the $75 Unity Pro subscription to avoid the “Made with Unity” splash screen, but I cannot pay $125 for that, so I will convert to free edition unless the Plus edition comes without “Made with Unity” splash screen.

I know there is a lot of extra features in the Plus edition, but I only care about the “Made with Unity” splash screen.

It would be ok with the requirement to have a small “Made with Unity” logo in the corner of the splash screen or something like that, but with the current plan I am done as a paying customer.


The important questions here are 2 simple questions, can you please answer them:

1) Will the free version splash screen have “Personal edition” text or only “Made with unity”?
2) Will the plus version splash screen have “Plus edition” text or only “Made with unity”?

Any news on this? i would love to see a screenshot, i will definatly and gladly pay 35 a month for a splash screen that doesnt say “Personal”

The main problem is not even that there is a 2-3 times price for the same features (one wants to use) for most options (especially perpetual license upgraders), that itself is already a huge problem, but it’s not the worst problem.
It is also not even the worst problem that this insane price hike for most scnarios is announced while Unity itself has gone from mostly reliable and stable to a totally unreliable and way worse performing thing with 5.x.

No, the worst thing is that obviously Unity Tech has completely lost any real life contact with their product and userbase, their wishes, problems and realities and those of their product and if that huge problem is not addressed that is a clear sign for the soon to come end of such a product.

all these layers added of meanwhile giant company where obviously the people developing it do not use it themselves anymore, they run unit tests and are then surprised when they hear on some platforms the apps crash on launch on most devices or other immediately obvious things slip through like UI not rendering at all. Or other big bugs which lead to things like the editor crashing on stage in their demo with a hard freeze.
And those layers of more and more big teams with noone in charge to contact anymore affect all sides and contacts and talks related to the product in huge negative way.

Or other things, like the meanwhile completely over saturated mobile market (where unity helped a big part to over saturate it) and yet they still talk about democratization as if it was a good thing in the way they do it.
This reeks of completely lost touch with reality and your user base.

Just like them massively pushing one feature after the other with their services which are all tailored only for free to play model profit maximisation.
Which as we know, besides the top 50 on the app store makes proper money for pretty much no one, rather the opposite, pushing all to that model over the last few years has led to a price dumping on mobile to the degree where most apps make close to zero with that model.

So pushing that further and further is both mega tone deaf and really dishonest.
That is not a model with a positive future for most companies that should be pushed. And it is even more negative for indies who don’t have the money to buy up their staying position in the charts.

Unity should push paid content devs making money, not enforce a further price downwards spiral on all markets by pushing free to play services most.

Then it is also tone deaf and shows a lost touch with your base when most of your presentation is like a big dishonest marketing bubble and the only human developer talk and “new” features you show besides VR editor progress are

a Adam demo in Unity editor which talks about hey, you can make all this fancy stuff with complete custom shaders, completely custom made image effects in a unity version no one has, running at 30 fps on a highend pc only and even then it crash freezes the meanwhile super unreliable editor.
What exactly does unity think this promotes there?
Do you really think all your users are so blind they don’t look behind the shiny marketing message?
What should this show?
That one can if one makes everything custom make a cg looking movie in Unity which runs on no hardware most users have in a game or other app most users would actually make in Unity?
Also: One can make completely custom Shaders and image effects in many engines, so if this functionality doesn’t ship with Unity as builtin shaders and image effects, then what is the benefit of doing it in Unity or using Unity at all for it? GPU instancing is a gpu feature, if one has to code the stuff to use it completely oneself in Unity, what is the advantage of using Unity for it over Unreal etc?
Besides the point that those shaders and image effects don’t run on mobile at all, and again on desktop only on a highend machine, too.

Then the other future tech tidbit, the part on area lights. That one was actually nice looking, too and the fella showing it is obviously passionate about it. Just a slight problem that it is for physically based shading which in Unity deploy to most mobile devices runs super bad or even with display problems and even on desktops has bad performance right now. So yeah, maybe they should sort that out first..

Your prices need to be a third of what you stated and you have to bring your decission making lead dev team onto the forums and beta groups and lists again not have your contact with your userbase be marketing people and your devs need to actually test projects, not run theoretic unit tests only and they need to do so on average mobile devices and average desktops, too so you don’t loose touch with what your userbase is using, needing and developing on and for and what bugs one can notice immediately when using unity on most platforms in actual projects people actually create with the unity editor as it is and ships.

All this complete loss of touch in all regards and only marketing team replies to problems of your large user base reeks of huge fail in the future when not changed immediately.

You are not making a product sold at best buy to dumb consumers where you would best have a marketing team coordinating public relations and the next ad campaign.

You are making a product for designers and developers, to large degree intelligent enthusiast knowledgable people, not dumb blind sheep and either you have touch with your product and your users and products realities or your product will go down.

Nicely written, I pull my hat to you. Unity should take your last 2 paragraphs, change the “you” with “we/our” and print them onto their office walls.

Thanks, that took a while to write..
I hope the unity fellas take it seriously, like all the other feedback coming in on all the issues over the last year.
I took the time to write this because i am a big Unity enthusiast, like i imagine most of those people moaning loudest over the last year, we don’t want Unity to go down like this and all our bitching and moaning is in hope the issues get addressed while it is not too late yet.

Really well said!! But I’m afraid that kind of voice wont be easily heard by Unity decision maker nowadays.

Very hostile changes for existing perpetual license holders that only use one platform it becomes more expensive, Level 11 is cut out and replaced by worse alternative that perpetual license holders don’t even get and subscriptions are a tough ask (even with pay to own, because of the price increase). This is not the Unity I have come to love and supported over the years. As they say, “vote with your wallet” – I will be no part of these changes and investigate alternative choices. It has been nice and you have been useful, but it’s clear to me now you have signed your death sentence in the long run. I won’t be the only one staying on free or migrating elsewhere, and then you will probably be forced to kill or limit Unity Free at which point you lose the last good will you may still have right now. This is my prediction, and I’ll take care to get off this sinking ship before then. I feel truly sorry to have to say that, since Unity always was great until now.

[…] details are available here, but essentially Unity now has a completely free tier (not even a credit card required) through to […]

No, i’ve seen this notion brought up a few times by some desktop only devs, but it is wrong.
The new subscription options are even 2-3 times more expensive for people doing desktop+iOS+Android dev if they had a perpetual license and “only” had to pay the upgrade price after the first full license purchase.
It is also more expensive for anyone who only wanted to get rid of the splashscreen.
Doing the math, the old subscription options were already all more expensive as soon as the first version upgrade hit (because with perpetual license lower upgrade pricing, with subscription no such thing), and the new pricing options are all way more expensive, so, again, 2-3 times the price in most usage scenarios.

Hey Microsoft, can you please buy Unity as you did with Xamarin and make it completely free and open-source?
Yes you’ve been evil in the 90s-2000s but you’re becoming so cool… we promise a lot of HoloLens apps…
P.S. Btw, please switch to .NET Native asap!

This is ridiculous. I have already paid 4500$ for 5+Android+iOS. Now you are asking me to pay 1500$ per year? No thanks, Unity logo does not seem so bad now.

Hi Giorgos, you can keep your Unity 5 Pro perpetual licenses. Your Unity 5x licenses are yours to develop with for as long as you wish. However, Unity 5 Pro perpetual licenses will not be supported with new features, fixes and improvements after March 3, 2017.

Traditionally with the Unity development cycle we have released large upgrades to Unity where customers would pay $750 to upgrade the base licenses plus $750 per upgrade add-on – $2,250 in total. The current Unity 5 cycle runs until March 2017 where after you would need to upgrade to stay on the latest version.
With the new Unity Pro subscription you will instead pay $125 per month from April 2017 to get updates and upgrades for all platforms incl. iOS and Android.

In addition we have now built in a range of services that will provide additional value to Unity Pro: Performance Reporting, Analytics tools, Cloud Build, Asset Store Projects packs, Flexible seat management and more.

We will contact you over the next months with an offer to switch to the new Unity Pro subscription so you can see if that’s the way to go for you.


Yes, but this is half-truth. If I have the perpetual Unity Pro + iOS Pro and I still want to publish on iOS, eventually Apple will require something (like the 64 bits support in the past) that will require an update from Unity.

I think that not a lot of months after March 2017, Unity 5 will not be able to generate something that Apple approves.

Hi Diego, is correct that there’ll be no more new features after March 2017 but we’ll continue to provide critical patches as we’ve done for older versions of Unity.

Hi Diego,

As always, Unity will continue to support previous versions with critical bug fixes. So support and bug fixes will continue after March 2017.


We had to pay $750(UnityPro) or $2250(UnityPro+Addons) to upgrade to new version. Now we’ll have to pay $3000 for the same time period. Most of the “additional” services you offer as part of PRO don’t work or are useless if you’re only interested in Desktop/VR or Console development.

Exactly, now you are asking more money. I think it would be fair for Paid customers to make another special plan like 35$ per month for Pro version. This seems more fair.

Will ‘Unity Collaborate’ be available to every package ? Or will it be only for Pro ? And someone with a “Plus” can work with a “Pro” user ? Or shall all the team have “Pro” / “Plus” ?

[…] details are available here, but essentially Unity now has a completely free tier (not even a credit card required) through to […]

Initially I was pretty angry about this but then really if one looks at games on steam the game ‘Never Alone’ was released with the Unity logo up front, as it was a good game the logo didn’t do it any harm. Most mobile platforms don’t really care about the Unity logo, only certain platforms do and as they favour 2D and rendered games there are quite a few 2D engines that could cope with that . So make a good game with the free version and it will still sell, make a crap game with the pro version and it still won’t sell. So I guess I will be making games in the foreseeable future with my current perpetual license and as I don’t need all the bells and whistles, I’ll simply use the free version if I need to use a later version. After all why not join the one group of developers Unity favours more than paying customers, why fight to give people money that clearly don’t want it and would prefer us all to use the free version.

I notice also that it has been mentioned that they are now considering a customisable splash screen for the $35 version one additional reason not to jump to $125 month subscription.

I guess the iOS and Android pro aren’t selling, why would they? can’t make money on mobile, so the cost of that is being thrust onto PC developers, so we’re now funding the freeloaders from mobile because of democratisation(I guess – someone in Unity should really pickup a dictionray and read the definition of that word). Well in the spirit of democratisation I will vote with my wallet and join the freeloaders from 2017 on.

It really doesn’t matter that Unity can publish on 20 platforms when one can’t earn money on most of them anyway.

I bought unity 3 Pro (iOS & Android) and upgraded to unity4 and to unity5.

I still develop in Unity4.7.x because Unity5 has many issues on my projects.

The new pricing shceme wil make me go away from Unity.

And please, this answer that you are giving on perpetual license holders is at least awkward:

You will keep your Unity Pro perpetual license. You will get updates and upgrades until March 2017 and after that you will keep the perpetual license, however with no updates and upgrades.

You are slapping them in the face, saying. Look if you are not giving more money say goodbye to bugfixes after March 2017.

Hi Elias, traditionally for the Unity Pro perpetual licenses there has been a Unity development cycle in which we have released large upgrades to Unity where customers would pay $750 to upgrade the base Pro license plus $750 to upgrade each Pro add-on – $2,250 in total. The current Unity 5 cycle runs until March 2017 where after you would need to upgrade to stay on the latest version.

Instead with the new Unity Pro subscription you will pay $125 per month from April 2017 to get updates and upgrades for all platforms incl. iOS and Android.

Hi Lars, would existing Unity 5.x Pro licenses get the benefits of the new pro subscription starting in June 2016 but not start to pay the $125 per month subscription until the perpetual “support” runs out in April 2017?

I Purchase U5 thinking to a $750 traditional upgrade to U6 in march 2018. (250Yr)
And now I has to open an account (in bank) to pay 1500 plus all the other cost of paying monthly the next yr plus the continuo growing services etc without knowing how much it will cost in 2018.
Correct? I can make a simple projection of that. But I do not whant to make the same errors 2 times.

Same Here
:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

Based on the comments bellow if Unity sales and marketing department didn’t figured out that just by giving the option to replace splash screen with developers own splash screen for 35$/month could bring them more revenue than pro for 125$/month than I don’t know :) Even more I believe that if you would give 35$/month for pro you would gain higher profits than 125$/month. Just consider this backleash that you have created now. Instead of this bullshit you should do 30 days campaign where you offer people who subscribe for 35$ a month for Unity pro (for next year for example) and measure how many new paying customers you would bring. I believe that will be always more profitable model to have million people pay you 9.99$ than 100 pay you 1000$

Access to the consoles are always free if you get developer access from the console manufacturer.

Hi Neogene, all console platforms are included in the bundled tiers. However, you will have to apply for developer status and credentials with the individual console.


The increase in price is absurd, have you thought this?

Will the upgrade (For a perpetual license) cost 3000?4500€????

Right now the upgrade was around 1500€ for Unity Pro + iOS + Android… Will you force us to such price?

This is absurd, we are already ditching all Autodesk because it”s abusive policies, specially because they removed perpetual license, at least you respect this, and that is good, but the price increase is really absurd…

For example, I don’t need/want your cloud services… Don’t charge me for those services… Etc… But don’t increase our upgrade price so wildly…

Clarify this please, because you say there will be a “pay upfront” option, but you don’t say the price…

Hi Juangea, you can keep your Unity 5 Pro perpetual licenses. Your Unity 5x licenses are yours to develop with for as long as you wish. However, Unity 5 Pro perpetual licenses will not be supported with new features, fixes and improvements after March 3, 2017.

Traditionally in the Unity development cycle we have released large upgrades to Unity where customers would pay $750 to upgrade the base Pro license plus $750 to upgrade each Pro add-on – $2,250 in total. The current Unity 5 cycle runs until March 2017 where after you would need to upgrade to stay on the latest version.
With the new Unity Pro subscription you will instead pay $125 per month from April 2017 to get updates and upgrades for all platforms incl. iOS and Android.

I acknowledge that you write that you are not interested in all services we have launched but allow me to list the services that will provide additional value to Unity Pro: Performance Reporting, Analytics tools, Cloud Build, Asset Store Projects packs, Flexible seat management and more.

If you are a Unity 5 pro customer we will contact you over the next months with an offer to switch to the new Unity Pro subscription so you can see if that’s the way to go for you.

I understand what you say Lars.

What I’m saying is that I don’t want to pay each month at all, we don’t like subscriptions AT ALL, we don’t belive in renting for small/medium companies.

So what is the solution you offer me to upgrade, and what is the price?

As simple as that…

BTW I don’t want those services… as simple as that…

And you know perfectly I can’t keep working with Uinity5 because as soon as Apple releases a new iOS version my Unity projects won’t be able to be compiled…

I insist… no subscription, no renting for us, if you force our hand we will be leaving to Unreal Engine for sure, I prefer to give 5% or 10% from some revenue than paying monthly an absurd amount of money that I won’t be able to pay always…

So you are ending updates to 5.x when it isn’t even a freaking usable product yet. It has more bugs than all previous versions combined. Every “patch” breaks so much regression it’s like a roulette wheel what’s going to happen. But yeah, let’s release 6 and end support for 5. Good call.

I agree, I’m not interested in Cloud at all, among a bunch of the other stuff as well.

When I started with Unity, it was what?, Windows v2.5? The first version of Unity I was able to get my hands on (yeah I was thirsty!)

Back then Unity felt nicely tuned to individuals that wanted to make games. Sure people would team up, and they perhaps needed support for that, but at least back then Unity had a model where you could add on exactly what you needed.

Now Unity comes with a bunch of stuff _I’m_ totally not interested in, especially as a hobbyist. I paid for Pro back then because I wanted shadows, and the additional rendering perks.

Now paying for Pro gives me a bunch of stuff I’m absolutely not interested in, so I’m back at Free.

So from my case in point, you’re losing folks with all of these feature “wheels-n-deals”, not gaining them!

Everyone using Unity is not a 50+ person development haus that requires all that additional stuff, much less want to pay extra for it knowing they’re not going to use it…

Get back to basics – simplify this mess! Think more of the small user (again).

$35/month would have been my sweet spot for Pro sans all that Cloud and team related stuff I don’t need.

Simplified? —> NO.

What a mess. Who is made these decisions? The ceo of EA? Wait what? Really? Ex CEO OF EA DLC DEVIL?

I understand upset of stand alone only developer, basically with this pricing change you are saying “Unity is primarily mobile platform engine.” Maybe this is true, probably you have statistic, how many games released are mobile compared to stand alone. I understand why you want to encourage more mobile developers. You can get additional profit from F2P games with ads, and that is good because it is a win win scenario. Developer earns money, and some money from advertising goes back to engine developer instead to some third party company like Google.

I have never understood splash screen policy. I would buy Unity Plus if there was at least posybilisty to modify splash screen and position unity logo somewhere with some freedom to change size (not smaller than lets say 1/10 or 1/5 of screen size). I am glad that at least “Personal Edition” text will be removed. Because it suggests that it is for personal use only (non commercial). I think that mandatory splash screen does more harm than good for the engines reputation. But I will not repeat this argument, because many people have already said that.

I hope you will consider adding splash screen customization for plus edition.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the feedback and I’m glad you’re considering Plus. As always, we are listening to the Unity community and we are considering the possibility of a semi-customizable splash screen for Plus. Stay tuned.

We have packed a lot of helpful tools into Unity Plus. You get the Asset Store Project Packs, access to Performance Reporting, higher tier of Cloud Build, Analytics, Multiplayer and Certification courseware…


These ‘extra’ services are useless for most of us (especially single devs or very small teams). Instead of putting quite a large junk of budget and dev time to implement them, you could actually make U5 more reliable and update things your dev community crave for. Very bad decision following cable TVs strategy.


-What about making Unity personal edition without Unity Splash Screen for a fee, just a small fee to remove that splash screen?

I’m really disappointed to hear this news. Please take a sober look at your lighting system, terrain, and other barely-there implementations and ask yourselves, is this a good time to nearly double the price for loyal, long-time Pro desktop customers?

[…] Extra details about the more than a few degrees and what they come with can also be discovered on Unity’s weblog. […]

John Riccitiello, remember when your tenure at Unity was first announced? How there were so many angry commenters? This is why. We all saw the writing on the wall. We “called it”.

And the founder pretends John is the bad guy, and he has no control. But, remember back to when you first started. Is this what you would have done back then? If you were dealing with a large corporation, would you have wanted them to treat you this way? Or have you now become the big corporation now you used to look at.

For those not developing for multiple platforms that are upset about this, I have a suggestion you may want to up vote in the Feedback section:

Keep Current Unity Pro Subscription Price (For Single Platform Use)

This seems like the ideal solution to the issue some people have with the new pricing model. However, I’m not sure if Unity would go for it without enough demand.

Dear Unity: Make a new splash screen so so so cool that everybody love it and wish it to have in their game or app intro. For example the new Unity logo video. Make an advance (second option) default new scene so well done that other engines admire. Please make a Donation button system for helping the free option. The indie can be suffering a lot of stress thinking for 125$ a month (1500Yr) is just to much for a one person studio if there are no revenues. And they wish to be call PRO. So the Plus probably is target to indie. Make a product call Indie. Make a nice packaging case and sell in it the old perpetual licenses for taking the stress out and transform this so needed application for collection. And rent the software as discrete optional for those how are making money without making noise. All this noise is because“Unity is presumably because it really is so vital to you.” [from ROBERT CUMMINGS]

Hi Alan,

Thanks for your note. I agree Plus is perfect for indie devs who are looking for more effective tools to help them release commercial games.

I like some of your splash screen ideas. We are listening, so stay tuned as we consider a semi-customizable splash screen for Plus.



You should review your “concept” of using mandatory splash screen as a “selling-feature”. It is a very outdated idea that ultimately only bring Unity brand down. What you have is that every quick made crappy game with Unity free will feature Unity logo, while good professional productions remove it and people don’t even have a clue that there are good games made with Unity. Meanwhile, we see trailers of AAA games using Unreal Engine and CryEngine splash screens.

About the price plans, although you have all the right to adjust your price plans to make your business more healthy, I do not agree with this new price plans. Namely, having the free version and the pro version, it seems that there is no reason at all for the Plus edition to exist. Seems too forced actually. And naming the free version of “Personal” looks terrible for anyone aspiring to develop and publish games with Unity. Just “Unity” and “Unity Pro” would be much easier to understand. And that’s the key thing here. Keeping your plans offer simpler and easy to understand makes more straightforward for people to enroll with.

Thanks for your comments.

With more than 1.5M active monthly developers, we have gathered a ton of intel from our very active community and from those discussions with devs from around the globe the idea of Plus was born.

Plus is designed for individuals and teams who want even more effective tools to help them release commercial games.

Personal is fully featured but not quite enough, and Pro is too big of a leap.
That is the idea behind Plus and interest in it is very high.

As a reminder, Plus gives you all the powerful Personal capabilities + Asset Store Project Packs, flexible seat management, access to Performance Reporting, higher tier of Cloud Build, Analytics, Multiplayer and Certification courseware. That is a ton of value for $35 a month.



$35 a month is still more than I would pay to update my PRO perpetual license to a new version.
And “a lot of value”? Like what? Flexible seat management? Is this really a feature worth mentioning?
Analytics, Ads, Cloud Build, Multiplayer are useless services to a lot of people, and don’t even work on a large number of platforms.

UT admitted that Untiy 5 came out with a lot of bugs. Many of them, a lot, are still there. Can we agree that the current Unity version is one of the most buggy version of Unity ever? IMHO, I think that this is not the correct timing to annouce this type of news.

arrgh this sounds a wee bit rubbish so far… I recon this will be too expensive for me and an alternative solution will need to be found.

[…] to provide simplified, more affordable access to the latest Unity tech. For more information visit the dedicated blog post and FAQ for […]

For a small developer like me, it would be great if the custom splash screen were included in Plus.

I’m baffled why people are reacting negatively…as when you look at the matrix you really aren’t missing out on anything that impacts your ability to develop or produce games?

This is still a sweetheart deal either way and the fact for us as a Unity3D shop we now get all mobile platform support now instead of having to delegate “build hats” to specific team members (we simply put a few per platform license and divided it amongst team members to save costs on subscription…but in turn this created a bottleneck issue for builds…now its for all?”

I’m happy paying the $125 a month, easiest billl i’ll pay in comparison.

The problem is 5.x is so buggy it should never been released. Unity toots their own horn about having 300 unit tests like it’s a big deal. I’ve seen Arduino projects to control a light bulb with more unit tests than that, and Unity is far more complex and on way more platforms. It shows cause every release is buggier than the last and breaks more things. Unity is about putting out shiny features them abandoning them.

Not everyone wants mobile, although I would need it (but don’t I don’t use Unity anymore) many do not and feel screwed being forced to pay for it (thus it is a price increase to them). Many of us are just fed up with Unity in general and their lack of focus, competence and failure to release usable builds. Then they come and do a forced subscription model (which was kind of obvious from all the third party surveys they paid for) but sucks none the less.

They gave away 99% of Unity to free users and had Pro users foot the bill (there was pretty much no advantage to pro except the lack of the forced splash screen, which is hardly worth $4,500 license fee).

Unity is hemorrhaging developers to Unreal and other engines, in fact I hear they are hemorrhaging the better employees as well.

Unity claims to be cheaper than Unreal, but that’s hardly the case as you have to make $80,000+ to even break even with Unreal’s pricing, at that point you will likely have multiple developers and thus have to pay for additional licenses and then the break even is in the hundreds of thousands.

Unity is still using a framework that is so damn old you can’t use 98% of the .net code on the Internet as it all requires .net 4+.

But yeah, let’s lock ourselves into a subscription model…

To recap:

– You’re angry that the 5.x is buggy (even though Unity3D stated they were unhappy with 5 and wished they could have done things differently – which is a rare thing to see in Software industry today in truth). They’ve stated they’ve “learned” from their mistakes and are hoping to respond in kind. I’m ok with this as it for me showed they are aware & sensitive to the issue and right or wrong are going to at least attempt to address it.

– You paid for x years for privilege of full but now angry its free? This is simply early adopter 101, you adopt at tech at the start chances are you’ll pay more for it but the upside is you get a jumpstart on the market before the mainstream fall in line – which means if you wanted you could potentially have had a competitive head start in terms of abilities to translate ideas to market. Whether you choose a feature or not is moot, because now they’ve indicated that the splitting per platform overall doesn’t make sense? At some point the price margins and overheads required to keep that business model alive just doesn’t wash so i’m not sure why thats a sticking issue at all “Damn you for giving more stuff away than you could?” “damn you for asking me to pay more for these features but now i can pay less for them?” Sorry the argument just doesn’t hold.

– Free users using means more ecosystem? ..ideally you’d want to be able to produce your ideas / games with more talent surrounding you. I’m actually baffled as to why they didn’t do this sooner now that I think of it but if you want a technology to be adopted across the globe, carpet bombing free versions with pretty much everything short of some watermarks is what many others have done (Microsoft, Autodesk, Adobe etc). Its called “Seeding” and it works. You may hate it now, but in years to come should it take when you look for a new job or wanting to hire people, your ability to be successful here depends specifically on Unity3d’s seeding program – in this case “here’s the entire platform for free with pro skin off and watermarks…go build and when you make $$ just pay us for the tool later?”

– C# subset (not .NET Framework..) is a painful issue I agree, I’m the former Product Manager of Microsoft .NET so i feel i’m in a better position than most to say out loud “damn your subset of my beloved work thus far!” – however its never gotten in my way of a successful delivery. Tomorrow i’d love to be able to use smarter Async patterns or maybe not trip the AOT/JIT Invoke/DynamicInvoke/Compile issues found in reflection/expression trees. Having full access to the threading namespace would be idea as well.. but …again its never gotten in my way and to be honest having scaled back version of MonoSubset has in many ways kept me honest in my code base when it comes to basic performance management. If you’re also after the entire .NET Framework to be injected into Unity3D i’d question why as thats in many ways like taking a Monster truck and trying to cram it into a Telsa …there maybe some of similiarity but careful layering is much more smarter.

Lastly you can also put C# 5.0 and 6.0 into Unity3d should you wish –

To recap:

– You’re angry that the 5.x is buggy (even though Unity3D stated they were unhappy with 5 and wished they could have done things differently – which is a rare thing to see in Software industry today in truth). They’ve stated they’ve “learned” from their mistakes and are hoping to respond in kind. I’m ok with this as it for me showed they are aware & sensitive to the issue and right or wrong are going to at least attempt to address it.

– You paid for x years for privilege of full but now angry its free? This is simply early adopter 101, you adopt at tech at the start chances are you’ll pay more for it but the upside is you get a jumpstart on the market before the mainstream fall in line – which means if you wanted you could potentially have had a competitive head start in terms of abilities to translate ideas to market. Whether you choose a feature or not is moot, because now they’ve indicated that the splitting per platform overall doesn’t make sense? At some point the price margins and overheads required to keep that business model alive just doesn’t wash so i’m not sure why thats a sticking issue at all “Damn you for giving more stuff away than you could?” “damn you for asking me to pay more for these features but now i can pay less for them?” Sorry the argument just doesn’t hold.

– Free users using means more ecosystem? ..ideally you’d want to be able to produce your ideas / games with more talent surrounding you. I’m actually baffled as to why they didn’t do this sooner now that I think of it but if you want a technology to be adopted across the globe, carpet bombing free versions with pretty much everything short of some watermarks is what many others have done (Microsoft, Autodesk, Adobe etc). Its called “Seeding” and it works. You may hate it now, but in years to come should it take when you look for a new job or wanting to hire people, your ability to be successful here depends specifically on Unity3d’s seeding program – in this case “here’s the entire platform for free with pro skin off and watermarks…go build and when you make $$ just pay us for the tool later?”

– C# subset (not .NET Framework..) is a painful issue I agree, I’m the former Product Manager of Microsoft .NET so i feel i’m in a better position than most to say out loud “damn your subset of my beloved work thus far!” – however its never gotten in my way of a successful delivery. Tomorrow i’d love to be able to use smarter Async patterns or maybe not trip the AOT/JIT Invoke/DynamicInvoke/Compile issues found in reflection/expression trees. Having full access to the threading namespace would be idea as well.. but …again its never gotten in my way and to be honest having scaled back version of MonoSubset has in many ways kept me honest in my code base when it comes to basic performance management. If you’re also after the entire .NET Framework to be injected into Unity3D i’d question why as thats in many ways like taking a Monster truck and trying to cram it into a Telsa …there maybe some of similarity but careful layering is much more smarter.

Lastly you can also put C# 5.0 and 6.0 into Unity3d should you wish –

How are they addressing the fact that Unity 5.x is buggy?

By introducing subscriptions?

They gave away most of Unity installations to free users and had Pro users foot the bill (there was pretty much no advantage to pro except the lack of the forced splash screen, which is hardly worth $4,500 license fee).


This is a pretty bad change to the subscription. Going from $75 to $125 is simply unacceptable to me as an end user. It was bad enough justifying the $75 monthly, but at least I would pay off the price of a perpetual license. Now I pretty much lose the license after just having paid it off, and will get charged $50 more for iOS and Android functionality which I don’t want as a pro user. Unbelievable!

Well its been fun Unity. Thank you for all the great times since 2.0 all the way up through 3.5.7. Had a blast creating some of the first video training for Unity back in my 3DBuzz days and even had some good times with 4 and 5. Though those times seemed to be fewer & farther apart as quality continued to decline.

I think the time for us to part ways has finally come. They say the grass is always greener and that may be true but I see too many other engines with far greater potential out there than to waste anymore time on you. Someday when you once again listen to the needs of the small developer and fix all they things you’ve been promising to fix for years I might be back but until then Unity 5 Pro was the last sale you will get from me.

As a funder of an Indie studio this is so disgusting, I am passing from 49$ to 125$ month with a bunch of features that I don’t care a all. THANKS UNITY!

I have always admired Unity in terms of quality. When you made all Unity 5 features free for personal developers everybody guessed you are a winner in the game engine market. But with the new packages I am speechless. Unity you should know that we are not happy with your new policy and prices. I am sure you don’t want to be the second choice of game developers. Even though I bought many assets from asset store I can easily witch to some nice choices like Lumberyard or Unreal.

So, is Riccitiello paid to sink Unity? If that’s the case then he’s doing a great job indeed :( I’m not gonna pay $1,500 a year to get mobile that I’m no longer interested in… no way. You can keep your Unity 6… I’m good with v5 and will move away if this price schema stays on.

As a Unity Developer since 2010 and Unity Pro Subscriptor since it came out the only thing I can say is that I’m downloading UE4 right now.
Not cool guys, not cool.

Same here, but I’m on UE4 in parallel since over three yearsm now looking into Lumberyard as it comes with no license restrictions at all, not even for gambling! Anf it’s CryEngine3 with cross platform and more… looks quite good :)

Go ahead and use Unreal 4 I been using it for years, but the grass is not always greener trust me I like Unity but I also like Unreal 4, but you have many limits with Unreal 4 as well… Also pay royalties for ever… Which I hate with Unreal 4, and being an indie developer the asset store is not mature at all, and very limiting …I love that I have access to tools in Unity, and can make my own..Where Unreal there is not as many, most are blue print, and art based ones….So again good luck… I would use it to anyways, I also use Cry, but I hated the fact I had to pay 75 a month or Mobile, then when I wanted to do PC, another 75, that was $150 a month for people like me…So people like me its less….. So people need to stop being so selfish… Just because you only develop for PC…. or just mobile… There are plenty like myself that do both… and it costs us a ton…. SO I like that they are doing this…But I agree they should have better options… Like maybe
$ 99 a month…

Wow, these price points appear to represent a step backward. Looks like time to tie up my current Unity projects and move to an engine that doesn’t restructure its pricing every year.

The new CEO John Riccitiello needs to go. I mean his time has passed and he should have never been hired in the first place. What a horrible way to squeeze blood from a stone. He lives in lala land if he believes 99% of poor Unity Developers with flip flops eating pizza can afford the prices presented above.

On top of that 1% of the developers who actually have very successful games and pay for these couldn’t give a shit at displaying a MADE WITH UNITY logo in their game. Why don’t you just open source your engine and only offer services as a pay per use to actually improve team productivity.

This shows lack of understanding of the market from the senior management team.

I completely agree, costs should be like they used to be, with pro a one time fee with unlimited revenue and personal a free license, where pro is forced after a year, if annual revenue exceeds the $100 000.

UE4’s licensing seems to be a much better model at the moment, where the whole engine is free, until revenue exceeds a certain amount, then Unreal takes a certain percentage. This allows many scales of development team’s have access to try to work on a project, without having to pay for the engine. (Unless it is profitable)

When a company say things like “We have studied the numbers”, “We have crunched our data” or “We want to simplify. We want to give [you] more value”, then it all leads back to that the “We” in this case means the day to day management, and when they say things like “We will give YOU more value for XyZ”, then they don’t mean you as in you the client. No the YOU they are talking about is the board of the company and especially the investors who put a lot of money into it.

So if you feel that the price increase is a dick move, then you should point your rage towards investors (WestSummit Capital, Vanedge Capital and Sequoia Capital among other) who put money into Unity – and they especially don’t think about your feelings, but only how big their ROI can be and how fast that they can get it.

Their most important goal in life is to chestbump each other at the nearet hipster cafe in San Francisco while they are counting their money and waiting for another company to dig into. Of course they are not saying that. They will try to tell you that they are “building better worlds”, or something obscure like that while they do a magic trick that makes you end up giving them all your money.

Note to anyone who didn’t get it. But any (investment) company who have “building better worlds” in their logo or tag line are inherently evil and should not be trusted with anything on this side of life.

When a CEO like John is introduced after a cash infusion into a company, then you can be sure that that person is only there to bring value to the investors, and that is really that.

What is the meaning of “Unlimited Revenue Capacity” How is it depended upon the licence of unity??
With free edition, cant we upgrade CCUs for multiplayer only like with free edition extend the CCU capacity to 100 by some subscriptions??
I need to know about “Unity Certification Courseware”

That just highlights that while Unity Personal is great for getting started, if your company has over $100k revenue, you should get Pro. When you get Pro, we stop caring about how much you earn – we don’t want any royalties or anything like that. And no, we’re not selling the higher tier for networking separately. More info about Certification Courseware is upcoming, for now, check this out:

What’s the one-time payment fee now? Is it still $1500? I really don’t want to do a subscription for myself personally, and it will be hard for me to convince anyone at my company to pay for a subscription. We prefer to just have the cost accounted for and done with.

Bring back David Helgason as CEO, John Riccitiello should be fired, I’m not going to pay 125 for mobile features cause I’m only Desktop Developer.

Thank you for your feedback. Plus is gathering a lot of interest as a the perfect fit for those who fall between Personal and Pro. We’re considering the possibility of a semi-customizable splash screen for Plus, so please stay tuned.

The only pro feature i’m interested in is my own splash screen. And I don’t think it’s worth 125$.
35$ would be more affordable, with a smaller revenue limit maybe ?

+1 to the point of making less monthly payment with less revenue cap just for the option of using custom splash screen!

I’m a perpetual Unity 4 and 5 Pro customer.

I don’t need:
– any of the services: ads, analytics etc…
– dark skin (lol!)
– certification
– mobile platforms, consoles, tvs and other toy platforms

I DO need:
– a bug-free, modern, optimized, game engine in general
– a working GI solution
– upgraded mono (it’s MIT now!
– for desktop and web (when web gaming is in a better state)
– no Unity branding on my games/apps, though this is not so terrible

If the new pay to own is more expensive than about $600 for another 2 years of updates and support, I’ll stay with Unity 5 for a while, then I’m back to the free version, and then perhaps play more with other engines, though I really like Unity the product.

My random personal thoughts on Unity the product and the company:
– the “passion” that made Unity possible in the first place seems to be diluted more and more in big business (sigh…)
– Competition is so fierce Unity is panicking, losing focus, and having an identity crisis like what I see with Windows 8 and 10.
– Too many services, too many platforms, and features that seem harder and harder to push out the door. Unity the company is trying to be all and everything.
– Finally we’re no fools, we’re not “just” video game players, who (for a large part) buy stuff just because it looks shiny, or because of gimmicks (dark skin and splash screen), we KNOW these techniques to make people spend! So just be honest with us, say you NEED money to fit your grand plans and keep growing fatter, we know you do. It’s contrary to the indie mindset but anyway, it’s your business choice, just please don’t forget indies go indie partly because we don’t buy into happy-happy PR talk and empty brainless products (EA?), unless of course indies are not your target audience anymore. Since ex-EA CEO entered Unity, your reputation has just gone downhill for me, and today again.

I sound harsh, but that’s because I really enjoy what you’re doing, and I care :)
But for how long…

All the best!

Well, unless something is done about the splash screen for Plus, and soon, I certainly will be taking a new look at Unreal Engine

Plus has quickly become a very popular option. And yes, we are actively reviewing splash screen options in Plus, so please stay tuned.

This is basically going to be 6.x so they can charge money again, but 5.x isn’t even remotely release ready.

Been saying Unity is going to move to a subscription model for $125/m for a while now, guess it was on the money.

Funny they do it at the worst possible time where more and more people finally realizing how buggy Unity really is and getting sick of the bs. The more you use it, the more problems you run into. Every release adds more problems, and they asking if 5.4 is stable enough to release as it is, LOL 5.x isn’t even stable enough to release yet here we are. More and more devs are fed up with Unity issues, and moving away. Good time to jack the price up yet not solve a single issue people are having with the engine.

Ha Ha, this is indeed funny,
1- Seems like Unity is forgetting about the user group that made them what they are: the “one dev team”.
It is obvious that teams like that are totally forgotten in this price plan, it is also obvious that they will not pay that price, so can Unity afford to lose them ?
2 – For now the other engines didnt answer, but it is pretty sure they will attack Unity on that side, exactly the same way Unity attacked them when they made the free version have (almost) all features.
3 – Is the unity buisness model with ( big compagny + services + asset store ) not good enough that they have to sacrifice the little devs ?

Wait and see.

Will you give time for people to think about purchasing Unity 5 perpetual before the option is removed?

I’d like to inquire : would it still be possible to purchase the 1500$ PRO version for Desktop only for the older unity version ? I was saving and was about to purchase it this week :| .

If not, I sincerely hope that after this review from the community, your prices will decrease because these are not indie prices any longer, not everybody can afford what is something similar to a mortgage in a smaller country.

I’m thinking that there will be promotion or is a chance that later Unity 5 Pro can be purchase including 6 making the same promotion or better than the previews ones! There is a lot of effort put in the Unity team, is nice to give money to this game engine.

This was a really sad news…
You are talking about making things simpler with the new subscription model, however you made things more complicated and costly.
Still spending a lot of money only for splash screen and for services many people don’t want to use the cost is way too high!

“So we wanted to Simplify…”

…By adding more products and a subscription service that it seems most people in the comments seem to be confused by.

I don’t know whats so complicated about having 2 versions, one you buy, one you don’t. Can’t get much simpler than that.

I mean, it’s one thing to make a cash grab, but come on, at least be honest about it.

I’ve been reading all the posts on here and the main Unity blog post.
So to sum it up:

Plus version
– Price cap raised from 100k to 200k
– Your own splash screen option.
(this would make many free users upgrade, and many who cannot afford pro version anymore to move to plus instead of free personal, and seems like the best business plan for money making for Unity and also beneficial for Devs)

Pro version
– Have option of two Pro versions. All modules, or one for a different price (eg just desktop)
– More seats and not just 1, to cater for group of friends, schools, or very small studios. 2? 3?

you are missing an important one: keep the perpetual license option (not subscribe longer to own) and have it’s price and features (including upgrade pricing) remain the same, or if no proper perpetual license with those fees/upgrade options available anymore, then the subscription price for pro has to be a third at most of what was stated there. Actually a third of what was stated would be reasonable for all the subscription options announced there.
If Unity does not change these prices immediately their paying user base will be at most half of what it is now in less than two years.

The issue is you need iOS/Android pro only for release. You needed only pro to do work. You can’t mix work done on personal + pro, at least legally.

So consider small five people team. 5 pro licences + one android licence + one iOS license. That gives $9500 for start and then about $300 x 7 = $2100 annually for updates. Now you will need to pay $1500 × 5 = $7500 annually. Huge price increase.

If at least Unity supported multithreading and allowed fluent loading of assets in background. I feel less happy with it over time.

Guys, if I have signed for a Pro licence week ago, I will be able to stay with what I originally agreed for, right?
I mean how much time will I have before I’ll be forced to choose something for these new plans?

Will Plus users be able to release live unity multiplayer games? Or is that still Pro only?

Yes. So this is what will be in the Store about Unity Networking tier for Unity Plus (in “Details” once the Store front that you can see in the screenshot above goes live): “50 Concurrent Users. Host up to 50 simultaneous players with Unity. Great for sharing your game with friends and family. Need more? Go Live for $0.49 per GB.”

“Certification Courseware 1 month access” What does that mean, is that 1 month access per year? Can I take a course for a month, and then take a new one annually? Also what is the seat management? Can more than one person on a small team use the same license?

okay, I think I got this…

Unity’s plan for success:

step 1: Ignore heinous engine issues like the horrific terrain system, lack of support for multi-threading, unusable pre-computed lighting solutions, crappy multiplayer support, and the inability to load assets in the background without causing hiccups.
step 2: Pour development money into services and other products that you can charge for
step 3: Raise the price of the product by nearly 100%.

And then, then master stroke:

step 4: Claim this is a benefit to customers.

Well, I think I’m going to make a change that will “benefit” Unity, and switch to Unreal engine. Thanks for the painful memories.

There are plenty of AAA quality tools in the Asset Store..They would never ever make as good as ones on the store… They even work in other engines… I use them all the time, some are even on sale now for 30 bucks or less… So cmon…

Looking at the pay to own prices (24 – 36 months a subscription) and the facts beeing a one man studio developing only for Windows and Mac this is killing me. Would have paid the normal 600$ ~ 750$ with a smile as this is the amount I taken into account for every upgrade of Unity. This day marks the first time I’m really disappointed in Unity.

I’ve been paying for Unity Pro since 3.x, and Android+iOS almost as long… This will increase my cost from $1,250 every 2yrs to $3,000 every 2yrs.

PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ME RENT UNITY. It’s a fine model for users who can’t budget, just like subsidized phones, credit cards, mortgages, and anything else that preys on our cognitive bias towards thinking “oOo cheaper monthly payments!”.

No, pro upgrade cost much less than 3000. How did you pay that? You purchase 2 more license?

What is this? Unity do you really hate your customers?… A lot of people have said it already but what’s the purpose of the Plus license?….

Really users paying $75 to remove the splash screen in PC now have to pay extra for things they don’t want.

Just Add the Removal of Splash Screen to the $35 plan and everyone will be happy, and you will get a lot of new users switching to that.

Also what is that of Optimization ? O_o so you’re literally saying that you will inject bugs and bad optimized code on purpose to the Free version? so is like a Gangster blackmailing us with a threat that our game will run at 10 fps unless we pay you at least $35 to use an optimized Engine?

Really? that’s your business plan?

Well this is demotivating. I’m not sure if Unity now is the engine to keep on learning with.

Because at the end of the day, I do not intend to pay half thousand for just a unity splash removal.

Some people like to buy Unity for making games in more a “professional way” by customizing the “Personal Edition” Splash Screen way before making some profit. But obligating to pay a 1-year play for the Pro license, make this way too expensive for someone who is still “gambling” about creating new games.

Hi Rodrigo,

Based on your comments, you sound like a good candidate for Plus. Plus is designed for individuals and teams who want even more effective tools to help them release commercial games.

Plus is packed with a lot of good stuff- Asset Store Project Packs, flexible seat management, Performance Reporting, higher tier of Cloud Build, Analytics, Multiplayer and Certification courseware.

We’re listening and so we are also considering the possibility of a semi-customizable splash screen for Plus. Stay tuned.



Hm.. I have mixed feelings about this. But as someone who is developing his first game with the personal edition, I think I’m not offended by this price tag. This means that as soon as I hit the 100k cap, I’ll have to pay a monthly fee of 125$, as far as I understood.

I guess this is a somewhat reasonable price for an engine. It’s a bit unpractical though, since you’ll need a pro subscription every time you want to publish an update for your game. So if you want to make bugfixes after your subscription runs out, you’ll have to renew it for 24 months in advance, even if you only need it during a 1 month period. That’s a bit sad.

Freelancers and Self-Employed will get hit hard by this. It’s unflexible and expensive. For an engine that is know for its Indie Dev support, I can understand the outrage. But again, as someone who is not switching from 75$, but will just start at 125$ as soon as the time comes, I can live with it. For me it’s just new knowledge that there will be more costs for me, besides having something to eat. I started my game in Unity3d and now have to live with that.

I think there wouldn’t be so much rage if the PLUS version would make more sense, though. There’s just too little benefit from it – being capped at 100k AND having the splash screen seems too much. You could restrict it to 100k and make it appear like a “Pro Version for People with little to no revenue”, but you’ll have to remove the mandatory splash screen from that. Make it 70$ again. I think many developers would be okay with that. At least the ones that are working alone. 100k revenue is not much if you’re a team.

I don’t know. As I said I have mixed feelings and I think you have confused all of us and made some people worry about their future more than you think.

Unity should still allow for one time payment model, so those who prefer paying 1500 every 2 years can do so. I do not think this works for most people. It makes sense that it gives Unity stable monthly income but a lot of people dislike monthly subscription. Probably the same mentality as Free to Play games being more profitable than subscription based games.

So, the next question,

Is unity moving to 6.x with the new subscription or staying with 5.x to lets say 5.8 or 5.9 and then moving to 6.x?

The reason I ask is when I bought my perpetual licence it stated I was entitled to ALL 5.x versions or are you guys going to renege on that now?

There will be a pay to own option, so you can make a simple pro upgrade to Unity 6.

Yes, but as it will cost $125 a month which will work out at around $3000 for the 2 year cycle the engine major versions usually last for instead of the $600 + tax I pay for the perpetual licence I have now it’s in no way good value.

I was about to pay for a pro subscription to change the splash screen for my new client logo as required by contract, a cost which I considered in my quote, but now I have to put 50% more money for it from my own pocket because I can’t translate this cost to the client.
Considering that I live in a country with a high dollar exchange rate, this is making me lose a lot of money :(
Please make the Plus version able to change the splash from the start.

The new subscription isn’t launching today actually. If you aren’t interested in the new features and have an urgent project coming up, you can get Unity Pro subscription now and continue getting updates on it until March 2017. Then you can stay on the March 2017 version to continue paying $75 for Unity Pro until July 2018. More info here:

I would much, MUCH rather have Unity work on improving their actual engine than have them focus 90% of their efforts on services. If that means taking 5% royalties to make their money, so be it.

Until then, I’ll be switching to UE4

I never understood the “Made with Unity” splash screen strategy. I mean, UT want to exhibit good games made with Unity, like – for example – Firewatch, but the Firewatch developer – like other professional developers – paid for not use that splash screen (among for other services, of course) so sometimes it’s hard to know if that game was made or not with Unity. But we always know that_very_basic_game was made with Unity because they used the free version and it’s probably the very first attempt of someone to make a game.

Conclusion, the “Unity” brand is becoming synonymous of a very bad optimized game. IMHO, I think that UT should reconsider that strategy.

Exactly. You have to pay UT to hide their logo from your game. Whereas with other engines the tech company can sometimes ask you to remove their logo from your advertising if it doesn’t meet their standards like Epic Games did with Hatred. This illustrates the sometimes differently perceived levels of pride in the engine logo. But yes, the mandatory logo is part of the freemium business model that took Unity Technologies to new level a few years back and it’s probably not as simple as or as viable to just give everyone a custom splash screen.

I feel a bit sad, that Unity is putting all their focus on Mobile. For mobile developers, instead of paying 225$ for pro, they now pay only 125$. They also get to enjoy many of the new services, which let’s be honest, are more mobile oriented than desktop.

For us desktop developers, however, this change means paying 66% more for basically the same functionality. Please let desktop-only developers keep the 75$ price tag and have the new 125$ price tag only for those wishing to develop for mobile (which is lower than what they used to pay so everyone is happy)

I was under the impression that the current (well now, old I guess) pay to own licence was supported for two years. Now its only good till March next year? Am I missing something or did I miss read the original licence (I only recently got a pro licence, so this is cutting things off early)?

Please correct me if I’m mistaken, but Unity 4 was supported for three years after release. Released at the end of 2012 and updated until the end of 2015.

According to the way it’s written, it doesn’t “require” a paid upgrade after two years, it says that you get updates and support for two years. It also says that you aren’t forced to update.

Here it is as it’s written:
“How long am I entitled to free updates/new features if I purchase or subscribe to Unity 5 Professional Edition?
Unity Technologies will provide product updates, bug fixes, and support for Unity 5.x Professional Edition for a period of 24 months from the release date of Unity 5.0, until March 3, 2017.”

“Do I have to upgrade to Unity 5.0?
No, you can continue to use your current version of the Unity engine and upgrade when you want to.”

Well, after watching the keynote all I have to say is….Really?
So now if I want to continue with pro (after being a pro customer from pre launch of unity 3)
I now have to pay a subscription….
No thanks, after paying the buy in at $1500 and then another $600 x 2 for upgrades to my licence to Unity 5 I was expecting and budgeted for another $600 or so for the next upgrade.

For me $600 every 2 years or so is a fair price to pay for the pro features and there is no way in hell I’m going to change that to $3000 every 2 years.

So if this is the way the unity wind is blowing then you’ve lost a customer here.

Time to start looking into other free alternatives I think.

I have and to be honest the “benefits” of switching to a subscription service have no interest for me.

I fail to see why you are forcing people like me who love? your product (probably not any more I’m afraid) and are interested in paying for a perpetual licence for platforms we are interested in and not paying extra for platforms we have no desire to use or are not licenced developers for.

To be honest with UDK & now cry engine for free (admittedly with some payment requirements) I think forcing people to move to a subscription or downgrade to unity free is a really bad move on your part.

If this is the end of the perpetual licences then it’s goodbye from me.

Its not the end of pay to own options. Its just doubling your costs. It wont be 1,500 or 750 upgrades. Will now be 3,000 – 4,500. But good news, you now get access to platforms you may or may not have any interest or ability to release on!


I know they are offering a “pay to own option” but I was happy enough to pay $600 + tax every 2 years and there is no way I’m going to or are able to just say hay “I’ll just pay x5 the amount every 2 years”.

Very disappointing to be honest after being a unity fan for the past 7 years or so and recommending it to people that seems to be coming to an end, time to move on to another engine I feel.

John Riccitiello,
I’m not one to troll on these threads. But let me start off by first saying, I hate you!
– I hate what you are turning Unity into.
– I hate that you’ve led the team to consistency ship a bug ridden Unity 5.x every quarter.
– I hate it that you’ve just taken a dump on us perpetual license owners and leaving us hanging with the most bug ridden broken version of Unity yet. (No chance the .net profile upgrade will be shipping this cycle for sure)
– I hate you for trying to turn Unity into a subscription-only product and making it sound like you’re doing us a favour.
– I hate you for turning Unity Technologies into a company that is all about the profits and can’t give a damn about the little guy.

This is not democratising game development!? It’s daylight robbery! And you sir, should be ashamed about the blog post above. Hopping you leave soon. Oh and don’t even bother to publish your so called pay-to-own option. After march 2017, I’m done here.


Yup – we are now looking seriously at UE. The ‘pro’ price increase of 4x is way too much.

I’m sure the folks at Epic are indeed celebrating.

As someone who’s bought Pro for over half a decade (non-sub), it sounds like you’re just raising my price by 2-3x, which is pretty insane. Guess I’ll wait till you give pricing for the pay-to-own versions, but I’m pretty scared I just won’t be able to afford Unity Pro any more and I’ll have to downgrade to the free version. I just don’t think I’ll be able to afford an effective 2-3x jump in engine costs.

Either way, this might kill the freelance work that has allowed me to remain an indie dev all these years.

In addition, we will be offering pay to own Pro products for customers who want to keep their version of Unity at the end of their subs period. Existing perpetual customers will be able to purchase either a 24- or 36 month prepaid subscription to Pro that allows them to keep the software as a perpetual version at the end of their commitment period. The 36 month prepaid pay to own option will be available to new customers as well. Pricing for the pay to own options will be available when we launch the new licensing.

For the sake of discussion let’s assume this is Unity 6 I’m paying for. Why would I pick a 36 month plan over the 24 month plan? After the 24 months are up, do I get all the updates for Unity 6 (as is the case with my Unity 5 perpetual license)? Or do my updates stop as soon as my 24 months are up? Meaning as soon as Apple has some new requirement that my Unity 6 version can’t comply with, it’s now obsolete?

Compared to the perpetual license I’ve been paying for, it seems like I might be getting less value but I’ll be paying a lot more money. I’ve happily given thousands of dollars to Unity over the years, but now I feel like I was tricked into investing myself into their engine while they were planning to raise my price all along. If I could afford it, I’d keep paying — but I don’t think I can afford a 2-3x jump in engine costs.

You’ve killed Unity, I’m afraid Unity already has a pretty bad rep (well the business side and stability anyway) in the industry. We have Unreal Engine which is free for the binary and source builds and you pay Epic a small % when you make over a certain amount. Unity is going in the other direction and becoming less flexible.

I’ve been working with game engines since the late 90’s and seeing the following quote in your blog “An all-new version of Unity, designed for individuals and teams that need more optimization” makes me want to gouge someones eyes out.

I have to say I am also extremely disappointed. Everyone else has moved to free or very minor revenue. It seemed the company had moved to focus on services with multiplayer, ads, analytics and so on. This seems like a slap in the face.

Personal with 100k limit and screen is fine. If we pay ANY amount of money we should be able to remove the Made with Unity screen.

I am saying this from Unity´s perspective. I think this is going to end up being a bad deal for you guys. Right now you have people paying $75 to remove the splash screen. I would be willing to bet that half of those people will now go free(or change engines) rather than paying $125. $75*X > $125*X/2 This is a pretty big gamble on your part. I also think this will cost you subscribers overall, and mostly they are the more serious ones who had a chance of hitting the $100,000 barrier. If you start losing a lot of $75 subscribers, and then a few of those are the >$100,000 guys, that could really hurt.

For me personally, I never bought into this attitude that having the Unity splash screen was a horrible thing. I am not a fan of the words ´personal edition´ that they added with 5.0 but it is still bearable. I do not think the Unity brand is bad overall, I just think it is easy for players to call a game ´free Unity garbage´ if the game is bad… but it takes about 5 minutes of gameplay or a good trailer to let people know that YOUR Unity game is not free Unity garbage even if it is made with Unity free. I think the splashscreen just reinforces that it is a bad game, it does not make it a bad game.

My only question is what is ´performance reporting´ Is that profiler? Also, a little better description of the Asset store Package would be nice. For Plus users, does that mean that 1 month out of 3 I get what is basically a monthly Level 11? I guess the question is how much is going to be on a package.

I am a fan of subscriptions but I dropped GenArts Sapphire this year because they offer the same BS. Genarts wants $500 a year to rent or $1500 to buy, then a $500/year service contract. HELLO STUPID PEOPLE, EVERY PROGRAM ADOBE OFFERS is $600 a year (and they’ve been around WAY longer than companies like unity and offer way more), why would I pay $500 for a plugin, or more so $2000 to own with maintenance.

Adobe set everyone off on the greed train with their subscription package. Unity is a company that’s headed towards the end. YOU’RE TRYING TO RIP OFF …artists. People that would rather go elsewhere to create over the rape, almost always. Unity as a program is worth $1000 total…it’s a 3D version Flash people…and Flash is gone! We should get over what Unity thinks it is. Unreal…renders way nicer. Mind you I was coming to BUY Unity 5 for $1500 today because a client has a project and is unsure what to use, then I read about the increase in greed and will tell the people I’m working with, NO UNITY.

I’ve been Pro for Unity 4 & 5 for Windows/Mac/Linux. You’re saying all platforms are “Now Included!” but that really just means “Now Mandatory!”. This new change is the equivalent of Adobe telling me that my Photoshop subscription “now includes” Premiere, Dreamweaver and Acrobat as a feature… except my monthly rate has doubled. While that may be great if I need those features, if I don’t use them- my costs have just doubled with no benefit (if I want to be a “perpetual” owner). As a hobby-dev working on PC/Mac/Linux only, I have to either double my costs (not happening) or go free apparently? I get its a business and I love Unity, but this is a big price hike that some devs simply wont be able to afford.

You guys really screwed the pooch on this one. As a desktop indie developer, I don’t give a crap about ios/android. But now I have to pay another 50 bucks a month to drop the splash screen? What a crock. Looks like I’ll be finding a different platform to develop on if this doesn’t change.

I’m currently happy with PRO and what I’m currently paying a month (x2 seats). For this price hike, I won’t be able to afford PRO anymore. Some of us are very small, garage based, startups and will soon realize that this may not be the best route for my business to take. I could care less about the splash screen because the consumer is buying the studio’s product, not the splash screen.

for me as a studio owner, I’m looking at performance and what can I get from the software. I’m grateful for what Unity has done so far, but what drove me away from UE & Cry was price to begin with (this was before UE they had their ten percent offer)

I want to be able to release an amazing product to the consumer without breaking the bank. My studio will release our current game for PC, not for mobile or console. So I want to be able to use all dev features for a PC release. How will this affect my studio if my current Unity contract isn’t over? I have code and shaders that uses PRO features and wont work with the FREE version. I’m not interested in pay-to-own either, I would like to continue to give Unity my business and receive any software updates, but it seems that I need to re-evaluate my business strategy here, just like Unity.

To whom ever replies to my comment, thank you for your time in advance.

If you have Unity 5, all Unity tiers have the same code and shading features. If you’re paying $75 now and aren’t interested in the new features, you can stay on the March 2017 version to continue paying $75 for Unity Pro until July 2018. Good luck with your release!

Kristyna, Thank you and I’m grateful for your reply and wishing us good luck. This is good news as it provides plenty of time for us to continue on production. Knowing this takes a huge weight of my shoulders.

Can you expand a bit more on the “need more optimization to release commercial games ” part? How plus is going to be more optimized if the free version is fully featured?

Thank you

Hi Athos,

Plus is designed for individuals and teams who want even more effective tools to help them release commercial games.

There are a lot of valuable features in Unity Plus– Asset Store Project Packs, flexible seat management, Performance Reporting, Certification courseware, higher tier of Cloud Build, Analytics, and Multiplayer.

Plus (no pun intended) we’re considering the possibility of a semi-customizable splash screen for Plus, so stay tuned.


Dear Unity!

I’ve read all the comments and as a pro-customer with more than one license I would like to give an advice witch could bring an end to this “shitstorm”. You’ve mentioned in one answer here that you have open ears for suggestions in general.

The price for 125$ (Pro) is fine for developers who work on more than one plattforms. This is a very convincing price-model for this group of developers (or for developers who have desperately need for some additional key-features). This is well done!

Unfortunately, there is a 2nd huge group of developers so called “single developers” with very specialiced fields of application. In my case I’am developing VR apps for desktop and one of my friends creates games for kongregate, only.

This group have less needs. In pretty much every case I’ve mentioned, they work for just ONE PLATTFORM but they have to pay the same price as a company with increased requirements. That’s why they complain so loud. Why should they pay for something they don’t need?

The solution seems very easy to me:

The price of 35$ is fine BUT just consider to give them ONE Plattform without the “made with Unity” splash-screen. For instance: ANDROID is without splashscreen or DESKTOP. The rest has the splashpicture. It’s part of contract. If they need more licenses or features they can upgrade to PRO (and then they are still cheaper than in previous pricemodels and have access to additional features too)

That would be fair.

People who have never paid 75$ before (for many it was too much) now have the chance to get UNITY for just 35$ and a single plattform of their choice without splash. I think it would be the wrong way to act like a democratic open-minded firm but on the contrary ignoring the call for a “splatscreen-free” service.

Both groups of users should be satisfied with this solution.

Me either.

I, an exclusively-desktop developer, would be happy to buy a Unity PLUS subscription with this feature. My full support on this!

This would be very nice. – If this was introduced I would definitely upgrade from Personal Edition to Plus. – I’m a student, and I simply can’t effort Unity Pro. Not even at the old subscription cost.

I used to love Unity. Now another slap in the face. I paid for a perpetual Unity 5 license and support is already ending next year? Come on guys …

The promised 2D features I was mainly interested in got bumped off the roadmap and it is unclear if they get integrated, polished and bugfixed before June 2017.

Im royaly disappointed, UT.

Your prices are not adapted to Asia (and South America) where the standard of living is lower than North America. The Asian Netflix is only $2 per month in Asia. A meal is $1-$2.

In North America you have inflation, and everything cost a lot, but who are your customers? Because only 5% of the world population are living in America, do you know that? And Europe is broke.

So do you think any Chinese studio will spend $125 to remove your advertising launch screen.. per month?

You are living too much down the corner of where you investors are living in SF or LA. Take a plane, look around, you are killing yourself with these price. You are not going to sell anything in Asia where the future is.

I think you should open a shop in Santa Monica, on the Marina. And give cookies for free to whom buy Unity.

Great point you made. This price scheme may suit North America (and most parts of West Europe) but it is high or crazily high for the rest of the world.

Please stop saying “Asia” like its all one place. Its not, its huge. I live in Asia, I don’t get meals for $1-2 or Netflix for $2, more like $15!

Here is the Netflix of Asia:
100 baht / Month it is $2.5, they have everything.

If you live in Singapore or Taiwan, then it is like if you are in California, I agree, but 6 Billion + people are living in the conditions I have described, so if you ignore them, you make a mistake. America is 350 Millions and the average income in the West have dropped significantly with a rise of inflation.

Everywhere in the West the buying power has dropped.
$1500 per year for a tool to make video game is far far far to be a great deal. It make it for a few elite and push the rest of the people to use the illegal versions, which is money that Unity loose.

Also there is no reason to put a very high price and not give any flexibility. No business is doing that. Imagine that the car dealers does that: you buy a Toyota but with all options, x2 the regular price, or you don’t have the wheels. That’s the idea.

Unity should sell the editor one flat price like $100 with PC or MAC of your choice and only 3D or 2D, so that everyone can buy the basic version wherever he lives. Then sell the extensions in the Asset Store.

Extensions would be MAC or PC, 2D or 3D (depending what basic version you purchased in the first plage), Android, IOS, Analytics, Clouds and maybe 2D extension, Animation extensions… Every innovation could be pushed as a new extension (+open GL 4 extension, Vulkran extension?) which will justify the investment to do it without milking the user base with mandatory upgrades.

Then they could also package extensions in the asset store like : Modeling bundle, Particle Bundle etc… and sell them as Unity extensions.

And please fire all these useless evangelists and hire more developers.

So basically you need to fire the head of Unity and make sure that the next management have a brain. Make them pass an IQ test first. Because it seems that for a long time the weak part of the company is its management, even basic business concepts does not reach them and that they are totally disconnected from the reality.

Why would you need to pay 1500$? You only need to pay it if your game makes over 100 000$ USD. I’m pretty sure everybody can afford 0$ (free version). So it’s untrue when you say this is only for elitist people. You get everything you need to develop your game with a 0$ initial investment…

I’m pretty sure it’s not a splash screen that will stop your game from selling.

I don’t get it – So many people telling Unity the ONLY thing we care about is the removed Splash-screen. In every comment you tell us the same default response…

Please focus on what people want and give us the option to remove the Splash screen. This does not mean you have to change your whole Business plan! Let’s be honest: For every Mobile-Dev this is great news!

For every Deskotp-only Dev this is a critical hit into his balls!

Btw. in the midterm you should think about why everyone hates the Splash-Screen…

Thanks for the feedback! We’re considering a semi-customizable splash screen for Plus. Look out for updates in coming months.

Some problems I see here:

1. The limit of the revenue in the Plus option is… strange. Why not update that limit and push it to, for example, 200K$?
2. The splash screen, of corse. We want a modificable one if we paid.
3. A Pro perk for the people who do not want to develop in mobile platforms. The 75$ price still have sense.

I don’t understand the negative comments about the new pricing… you will not have to pay for Android Pro ($75/month) and iOS Pro (another $75/month) anymore. In the end, it’s now almost 50% cheaper to have the full Pro version, which is awesome !

The “Plus” tier is a joke, nobody will pay $25/month to get the dark theme and stay with the MWU splash screen. The other benefits it provides are irrelevant, I don’t see any studio making less than $100K/year finding them useful.

The splash screen should at least be customizable so that we can put our logo somewhere, a bit like how Ketchapp make their splash screens (Their logo + the logo of the studio that made the game).

1 – no perpetual license (or at least ffrom now)
2 – for peple only using unity for deskop is a HUGE price increase (see 1)

1 – no perpetual license (or at least for now)
2 – for peple only using unity for deskop is a HUGE price increase (see 1)

Nice slap in the face for us who paid for a perpetual Unity5 licenses, only to have support ending as soon as early next year. :/

Oh well, might be time to start looking elsewhere for us. Good thing these news hit now though, as we were just about invest in a couple more pro licenses.

We’ll just have to wait and see how things turn out later down the road, I guess. :)


Hi Linus,
Sorry you think it’s a slap in the face, but end of support in march 2017 has been in our license agreement since Unity 5 launch last year.

Look for the transition offer we’ll send you soon, and maybe take a second look at what the new Pro subscription includes, we believe there’s a lot of value!


yeah… but then we had the option for an 750E update and NOT for a 130E/month subscription. which is a HUGE price increase…

What is Performance Reporting? Is that the same as the current Profiler?

Will the Profiler still exist in the next version?

The only Pro feature I need is splash screen removal—my clients will not tolerate someone else’s logo.

But the cost difference to get that is way out of line for just that.

Maybe more a la carte options are needed?

Almost every game out there has splash screens. Even AAA PC/Console titles will show the engine it was made with. Add in a good fade from Unity’s splash to the companies splash and you are good go. If they really don’t want the splash, then they need to pay to remove it…

If I remember right the cost to remove the Unreal-3 splash screen for AAA was in the millions of dollars.

There are many domains where a splash screen is not tolerated. Not one bit and with good reason. Of all industries out there the video game industry is by far the one with the least professionalism. You can add splash screens to a kids video game, but definitely not at the front of a visualization for mechanical engineering. Or medical education program.

As an Indie developer, I’d upgrade to Plus if it allowed us to customize or remove the MWU splash screen. Otherwise, I see no reason to upgrade. The other features are just frills.

So how does this work for releasing commercial games? Say I create a game with Unity Personal Edition, put it on Steam, and then make over 100k. Do I have to pay for the 125/mo Pro Edition for as long as my game is on Steam? Or just for any year where I made over 100k? Without a pay-to-own version, this would make it really unappealing to be successful with Unity.

If you make over $100k and you want to continue making new games, you should subscribe to Unity Pro. It doesn’t have anything to do with how long your game is on Steam though – we don’t take any revenue share and your game is your own forever. There will be also a pay-to-own version of Unity Pro, check out the FAQ:

Dear Unity. We’re really ok with you pushing for this subscription mode. We know you need money. But why did you remove the option not to pay for mobile? We don’t need that shit.

No, we are not.
I’m freelancer. I bought Unity5. Had a contract. It cost me $1500. This is not cheap but bearable for me.
Now if I’ll get next contract I need to add $3000 to my price. Too much. Unity probably lost a customer in me.
Please keep in mind that according to terms of licence my customer will not be allowed to use my code as he has revenue above treshold.

[…] Below is the new subscription model Unity is offering from June onwards. Read Unity blog >> […]

Why are you guys taking the cable TV approach to bundling in a number of features many of us don’t want or will ever use? What’s wrong with an a la carte approach instead? I’m sure a number of us (namely solo indie developers) would happily pay around $20/month just to remove the splash screen. Instead we’re being forced in to buying a number of pro-level options that will go entirely unused.

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

This is really just a big slap in the face for those of us developing for desktop only. Please *stop* using “But now these mobile platform are included!” as an excuse. We neither need nor want that, and I would imagine most desktop developer would agree. We’ll now be spending the next week re-evaluating our engine choice…

If by “fully featured” you mean “the price to remove the splash screen just jumped from $900 a year to $1500”.

Oh, and “$420 a year for a friggin’ dark skin”

So…I can no longer purchase a Unity Pro license for $1500? :( I’m now forced to go through a 3 year subscription model and then after $4500 i now own the license?


You should just keep it simple.

Free. Pro.

Free = Free.

Pro = $75/mo or whatever you currently have going on.

Stop making bad choices.

Wait, so currently I am paying $75/mo to not have the MWU splash screen (the only feature I cared about), now I must pay $125/mo to not have the MWU splash screen? F-that.

C’mon guys.

Lets be honest – the reason people want to remove the splash screen is, on steam, as soon as someone sees the “Made with Unity” screen pop up, they immediately assume its a garbagefire asset flip.

Those of us who have spent years working in Unity to build an ACTUAL game want to avoid that stigma. So basically, for us, the price is going from 75 per month to 125 per month to remove the splash screen, which is rough.

This move also indicates that FAR fewer games make more than 100K than Unity expected and they have to change their pricing model.

I would really hope if Unity is pouring effort into anything at this point it would be lighting and shaders. Unity, even with tons and TONS of effort looks subpar compared to Unreal. And at this point, other than already having a project 3 years in the making through unity, why on earth would someone choose it?

i don’t care about the custom splash screen, just make sure that your logo looks great on mobile and not like the current splash screen on android. (i saw it fixed in 5.3.5 but didn’t checked that yet…)

We’re considering a semi-customizable splash screen for Plus. Look out for updates in coming months.

Not acceptable.

Companies typically do some market research before making such a bold move. Based on the other comments here, I cant imagine that their research results came back in favor of the new pricing structure.

I use Unity for ArchViz, and this pricing structure is completely alienating these types of use cases. Unreal is royalty free for ArchViz situations, and now Autodesk has Stingray ($240/year) which is going to have some stronger integration with 3D Max.

At a time of such high competition for Gaming Engines, it is easier than ever to make a lateral move over to some other software package. Say it aint so, Unity. I hate to leave you but I can’t support this kind of foolery.

Hi, You’ve mentioned several times that both Personal and plus say “Made with Unity”, the part people are concerned about is a bit below that where it says “Personal edition”, will the plus edition have that text changed to reflect “Plus edition” or will it be removed entirely from plus/both editions?

Hi Dan, when we release Plus it will say “Made with Unity” for both. However, we’re considering a semi-customizable splash screen for Plus. Look out for updates in coming months.

Unity Plus offers a few features that could be nice to use, but without the ability to customize the splash screen in some way, Plus ends up up looking rather valueless. Analytics simply isn’t enough for many users.

Even if Unity only offered color-swap and minimal additions (custom audio? make the splash mandatory but allow extra content?), it’d be much nicer than no customization at all.

Hi, Thanks for the feedback! We’re considering a semi-customizable splash screen for Plus. Look out for updates in coming months. Unity Pro includes specifically designed asset store project, Plus versions of Analytics , Cloud Build, Multiplayer and Certification Courseware and the dark editor skin.

Im from Argentine and i purchased Unity Pro and Android Pro 5.X because the dolar value in argentine it’s too expensive and every month it’s more expensive, so paying for every month is more expensive every month.

I love unity but when my Unity Pro expires i can’t continue using Unity in argentine, pay dollars for every month it’s too expensive in my country.

I agree with you. Here i 3° the world is difficult and if you need Unity + Photoshop + Internet + PC the combos is very expensive for us. But there will be a pay to own option, so you can make a simple pro upgrade. Or go for free that helps us a lot here to grow up.

[…] announced that it will be separating Unity into three different versions. Here is a screenshot from their […]

I too am disappointed by the splash screen being a pro only feature. I completely understand it on Unity Personal, but on Plus, it should be removed. Were this marketed as “Unity Personal with services”, I’d be unbothered, but marketing it as a new edition intended for new and small studios, while leaving in the unprofessional looking unity branding, is silly.

Why can’t we compromise on this: Why not allow us to use custom splash screens but require that we credit Unity on our own. Technologically it could simply add the “Made with Unity” screen on a custom one we add, and give us control to position it accordingly. An option like: “Select Splash Screen file” and “Position Unity logo here: X, Y, Width, Height”

I agree with Liam here. I think this will be a good compromise for everyone involved. In this way, one can easily create an intro screen in which Unity is credited in a way that the dev can integrate to match the opening scene style. (For example; if you’re playing a game which takes place in the 1920’s and is chromatic with a old-tv camera effect, one could let the unity logo transition into that style during the cinematic. If you’re playing a game taking place in nature, one could have butterflies fly in front and behind the logo, and so on.)

Hi Liam, we’re considering a semi-customizable splash screen for Plus. Look out for updates in coming months.

Unity Exec team, take a second, breathe and stop being fucking stupid.

The idea that I pay $35 a month and still have to show your splash screen without the ability to customize it and show my own logo beside it is a fucking joke.

You better take the shit storm of negative feedback into consideration and change the policy to only show the splash screen to people who use Personal addition. If not, then hello UE4 and good riddance.

you know UE4 has a splash screen too right? not sure what you’d be proving by switching..

Unreal splash screen is prestigious, Unity splash screen is synonym of crappy game in many player minds.

No, the Unreal Engine 4 splash screen can be entirely customized in Project Settings.
For free!

I spent a lot of time trying to convince the studio I’m working for to use Unity for desktop development. Today my request got declined because of the new prices. Oh well, that was a lot of time and work wasted. It seems that the new numbers are not very attractive to the people who have to pay them.

Why is not free or even cheap for educational establishments like FE colleges. We have other choice but to move over to other free engines.

Hi Rayen, all console platforms are included in the new product tiers.
However, as you probably know you will have to apply for developer status and credentials with the individual console manufacturers before gaining access to the tools.

I really do not understand why so many people are giving Unity grief over this!

I signed up for a pro subscription with pro IOS and pro Android add-ons a few weeks ago.

Unity Pro:


IOS Pro:


Android Pro:

= $225

As I am in the UK that is £184.42 per month inc VAT
I was happy with this as I create applications for clients and the ‘personal edition’ thing did look a bit unsightly and doesn’t really go down too well in a commercial environment.

I must add that I was also very impressed with the sheer amount you get for free from the Asset store with ‘Level 11’ too as well as the heavily discounted items.
.. I actually think I have a bit of an Asset Store addiction ;-) and have probably spent at least £50 a month on assets every month over the past 9 months anyway.

Now my costs will be:

Unity Pro + IOS Pro + Android Pro in one lovely bundle = $125:
£102 per month inc VAT which is nearly 50% cheaper!

How is this a bad thing? Why are people crying?

Unity have lowered the entry barrier for pro so it is now cheaper than a night out with a meal and drinks. (Where I live in the UK anyway)
Unity have also said that they are offering a pay to own deal for new and existing subscribers which did not exist before. This is great news!

I get that some people hate subscriptions. Well I don’t. As a small business owner, it allows me to get the latest and greatest software with the very latest updates in smaller, manageable chunks that don’t hurt as much as big one off fees.

By the way, exporting to multiple platforms with Unreal is still an PITA and it runs like molasses on my four year old laptop which is not a terrible spec. I have zero issues with Unity and it runs like butter.

You also do not have to pay Unity any royalties ever!

The speed and ease of use of Unity outweighs any other tool out there.

Don’t listen to the naysayers Unity. I will always love you. :-)
Thank you.

Thanks, Marc.
Fortunately we hear this from a lot of developers.
As soon as the new subscription is out you will be invited to move to the new Unity Pro that has iOS Pro and Android Pro integrated for $125 per month.

It depends on what services you require to whether you gain or lose from this new plan.
In your case you gain, for some they are losing.
Its hard to please everyone and do whats best for your company at the same time. ^_^

I cry for other reasons. Mainly related to Unity 4 and its networking features.. :’) But thats a story for another time.

I really try to look on this on the bright side, I really do… but I can’t. After reading the comments it seems most people are upset about the MWU splash screen still being present in the plus version, and in all honesty, I agree with the people that that is a stupid decision. Some people, like me, don’t want to develop for mobile and therefore don’t need the extras the pro version. They would most likely want the pro version to get rid of the splash screen. But now you’ve raised the price and the gap between using an MWU splash screen and making your own is much bigger, bigger than what many can afford.

Yes, I do understand that Unity needs money but this is just hurting developers who would like to release a commercial game on a platform like Steam. Not saying anything is stopping you from doing it but as mentioned before here in the comments, most players see the MWU splash screen and immediately assume the game is bad, which in turn hurt the developer of the game. But the developer couldn’t afford to get rid of that splash screen for their awesome game thanks to the new price. If only the cheaper plus version got rid of the splash screen, the developer might have gotten more sales and more money to maybe even upgrade to Unity pro in the future.

Hi Hertzole, We’re considering a semi-customizable splash screen for Plus. Look out for updates in coming months.

I really try to look on this on the bright side, I really do… but I can’t. After reading the comments it seems most people are upset about the MWU splash screen still being present in the plus version, and in all honesty, I agree with the people that that is a stupid decision. Some people, like me, don’t want to develop for mobile and therefore don’t need the extras the pro version. They would most likely want the pro version to get rid of the splash screen. But now you’ve raised the price and the gap between using an MWU splash screen and making your own is much bigger, bigger than what many can afford.

Yes, I do understand that Unity needs money but this is just hurting developers who would like to release a commercial game on a platform like Steam. Not saying anything is stopping you from doing it but as mentioned before here in the comments, most players see the MWU splash screen and immediately assume the game is bad, which in turn hurt the developer of the game. But the developer couldn’t afford to get rid of that splash screen for their awesome game thanks to the new price. If only the cheaper plus version got rid of the splash screen, the developer might have gotten more sales and more money to maybe even upgrade to Unity pro in the future.

And please don’t respond with “Yes, the splash screen is included but we filled plus version with this and that!”, like I’ve seen you do with other people complaining. If you want to keep your customers and get more buyers, you should probably remove the MWU splash screen from the plus version. Hell, maybe even remove some other feature and replace it with the removal of the splash screen.

I didn’t want to reply to someone and I didn’t want to post two replies. Sorry .-.

For someone who subscribed for the Android Pro and IOS Pro Add Ons it is indeed a nice change. For nearly everyone else it got more expensive. The price change is justified by making these two Add Ons available for everyone. But not everyone is using it.

I do not target mobile platforms. Maybe you can understand my grief, as I can clearly understand your joy?

Well said. The people who have gained in this have gained at the expense of people who will now be paying more. Is it really that hard to empathize with standalone developers?

Marc: it was even cheaper for you to buy the perpetual licence…before…even for you
You choose to pay more because of whatever reason, you don’t had the money to pay a big
But now you don’t have the choice :) Perpetual license Unity pro + ios pro + android pro : 80$ per month, if you were able to pay in one time, and you divide the price of the licence by the month it cover, now it’s 135$…

Unity Perpetual license was always a lot cheaper than subscription.

For one particular type of situation, and for people that wasn’t able to pay the fee of the license in one time, the new price is cheaper.. but that represent a minority of people.

Even for you, if you make enough money to pay your licence in one time, you don’t have the option anymore… And you loose the possibility to reduce the cost of the licence. But maybe you didn’t realise that.

There is no ambiguity in the blog post. They increase their revenue, so the price should increase…for most users. And it’s not 10% or 20%, it’s between 200% to 500%.

>>Unity have also said that they are offering a pay to own deal for new and existing subscribers which did not exist before. This is great news!

THIS is how it SHOULD have been from the start. I spent a years money (75 a month) with no commercial release, and did not own anything at the End.

Unity forced you to a year’s commitment. Not like Adobe where you could/can, cancel at anytime.

Now that things have changed.., yes it’s welcome news, and I assume you mean the “forced” annual subscription of $125 per month is now known as the Pay to own option?

Actually, you could always have bought a perpetual license. Read the other comments. Much cheaper too. Now even for the subscription, you need to take a 12 month deal, that’s more than what the perpetual license used to cost. New price for perpetual license has doubled or tripled. How is this a good thing?

The new price might indeed be cheaper if you are subscribed to multiple platforms right now, but for long-term users, it’s way more expensive than the old perpetual license.

When upgrading to Unity 5 Pro + iOS, I paid a $1200 one time fee (preorder price). This gave me around 24 months of support and updates, which is $50 per month. One third of what you’re paying for the subscription right now for two platforms.

The new pricing will be more than twice as expensive for me, assuming they won’t have discounts for the new “pay to own” deals.

IF you want all 3 licenses AND want subscription you are right, BUT
I have perpetual license and only desktop (don’t want mobile). and update is basically (sorry was) 750E / 2 years… now is 1250E/year … 2500 / 2 years…
see the problem?!

I totally understand that UT has to make money and support that a lot, when done right.
Sadly, the pricing structure here is not done right.
You know why Adobe CC subscription works, even for many people who HATE subscriptions?
Because the subscription pricing is so much massively more affordable than the previous perpetual license ever was, even over many years.

With your pricing structure it looks like this:
-I already paid for unity main pro, iOS and Android Pro licenses the full license cost once (actually twice since i have two licenses, and i also bought licenses for meanwhile deprecated platforms but that’s a different topic).
So for one set of Unity Pro,iOS Pro, Android Pro i only had to pay the full price once. Since then, with every Unity Upgrade i “only” had to buy the cost to upgrade the Unity Pro, iOS Pro and Android Pro licenses, not the full price again each time.
That was less than 1500 to upgrade those 3 if i remember correctly.
And i could have used a version way longer than two years if i wanted to, me i’m always getting the latest version (and helping in testing it earlier, too), but yeah, it was perpetual, i would not have had to pay the upgrade cost again every two years right away if i was good with using an older version longer.

Now with your new model one year new unity pro subscription: $125×12 = 1500 —>two years: $3000
So i have to pay twice as much now every two years to get a product i don’t own perpetually?

(I know, meanwhile you have new cloud services etc included, but i’d rather have those offered as separate optional subscriptions than to have to base more than twice for the “base” package while having perpetual taken away)

I hope i got this wrong, because if not, this would be totally out of whack.

Wow, there are a lot of people here who apparently cannot read, think or do basic math.
People complain about things not working in the engine, but get mad when the company tries to aquire more resources to improve their software.
Many also seem to think that Unreal is cheaper than this model, while most of the time, it is not.
Unity Pro ALWAYS costs less for one or two people, gets cheaper for 5 people starting at 150k yearly revenue and at 300k for 10.
Also, if someone would have read the comments, it is stated that there “will be a pay to own option available for both current and new customers.”

But hey, crying out loud and starting to panic is more fun than to sit down and think for a moment isn’t it?
Unity is cheap as hell right now, and it seems it is about to become less cheap. I give the benefit of doubt and look forward to improvements Unity Tech does with the additional money.

As for the Plus license, I don’t see the point in it. But it’s not like i have to buy it, so whatever…

In most “pay to own” model, it’s a lot more expensif than buying in one time.
If Unity doesn’t disclose the price…now it’s probably because the price is not low :) like any pay to own model.
People could compare it with the current license price and see the price increase easily… And that’s propably not something Unity want right now :)

Here’s some “basic math” for you. The price to remove the splash screen increased by $600 a year.

The splash screen is something that should be removed completely anyway.
One shouldn’t pay for it to be gone, but for making money off products made with the engine.
So instead of complaining about this price increase, people should (and many do) instead complain about the splash screen being a thing in the first place.

My problem is with people starting a panic after reading this (“I’m switching to Unreal now!”) before even thinking about what these changes mean.

Good news if you develop on more than one platform, but for a lone developer just doing desktop the fact that you will now cease to support perpetual licenses from March 2017 is just unbelievable. I bought the pre-order unity 5 to show some kind of support for unity, which is why I never asked for a refund when all the features were opened to the free version. I never dreamed that if I chose not to pay for the new subscription (I don’t do mobile) I would lose access to bug fixes and support or new features in Unity 5. Really, not the done thing.

Hi John, we have always been communicating that our current 5x licence will stop supporting new features, improvements, fixes and services on March 3, 2017. Major issues will however be fixed after march 2017. Your 5x licence is yours to keep and you can continue to develop with them for as long as you want.

yes… we expect the U5 support to be droped… but we expected U6 to be a 750E update and NOT 140E/month…

Hi, we will reach out to you with an offer when the new product is ready for your customer group. We have many different groups of customers with complex product mixes that we need to support. Therefore we migrate groups of customers over the coming months.
We will contact you, either by email or phone, when you can switch to the new subscription. You can see the que here:

Sorry, I don’t understand in the link where I am in these groups since I’m currently only using the Personal license and I’m interested in getting a perpetual or “pay to own” license.

Hi again, sorry I though you where a current paying customer:) It currently do not have an exact date to give you, but keep an eye out in the coming month for a date:)

Plz in Plus versión remove the Unity splash screen, everyone already uses unity to develop games!

We have put a lot on valuable features in Unity Plus. However, custom splash screen is still a Pro-only feature. Splash screen says Made with Unity.
We have packed a lot of other good stuff into Unity Plus. You get the dark Editor skin, Asset Store Project Packs, flexible seat management, access to Performance Reporting, higher tier of Cloud Build, Analytics, Multiplayer and Certification courseware.

I’m not interested in seat management or Performance Reporting or Analytics and so on, but would be very interested in removing the splash screen.

Can you add a Unity Minus pricing option which includes only that?


I gotta be honesty with you; none of those things are of any value to me. At all.

When I am forced to roll out my own version of Terrain because the built in version is awful; when almost all built in features are bake only (lighting, occlusion culling, pathfinding, etc); when to this day the engine cannot support proper multi-threading… it is an insult to try to convince me that those “features” being offered are worth $35 a month. All development seems to be going into these stupid services when we ALL would rather have these blaring shortcomings of the engine resolved.

I waste countless hours re-inventing the wheel because Unity seems to not understand the concept of procedural generation; the least you could do is remove the splash screen for $35.

Last but not least; it seems as if Unity is expecting that all devs are making mobile games. I am not targeting mobile at all. Desktop only. PC, and maybe Mac. You need a pricing model that reflects this. I do not want or need a license to build for mobile.

I paid for pro as I did not want the “made with unity” splash screen. I can totally understand it within the personal edition, but when I am paying for a product I do not expect to be branded in the same way as someone who is not.

The splash screen should be removed for ALL paid versions. $150 is just plain ridiculous.

Guess what. Just downloaded Unreal!

Ouch. I suppose I will have to drop from pro to free. Might have dropped to plus if it had the custom splash screen.

I heard prices would be changing, but didn’t think it would be that bad…

So I have to go from paying 75 to 125 now if I wanna keep out the splash screen? Been paying for over a year for this, hope I get a great (Better than what I have now) pay-to-own offer, or the “New” pro for the same price.

You can keep your current $75 per month subscription until June 2018 including updates, bug fixes, improvements and upgrades.

Honestly, it’s time Unity trim down it’s structure a bit – it’s obvious they are in need of money – and actually focus on many quality, debugged and stable features.

If one guy on the store can make a feature better than Unity – FinalIK, Amplify, Advanced Inspector, Rewire, etc. – what does it tells you about Unity’s team? I have a feeling Unity is slowly heading towards collapsing under its own weight.

Hell, we still can’t copy-paste a position! How about having way less “evangelists” and more specialist who can make this kind of features?

Can’t wait to pay again for a perpetual licence, then see you change the pricing plan in 2017 so I can pay a third time for a perpetual licence.

Hi LG, what you have previous paid for has been to upgrade to our new versions and not the perpetual licence itself. Each version has been yours to keep after you have bought them. We will reach out to you with a customize offer based on what you own today. In March 2017 we will not longer support version 5, but it yours to keep and you can continue to develop with them for as long as you want. If you take our offer you will have the flexibility to choose what type of licence you would like to have, monthly, upfront or pay as you own.

As a long time Free user, I would go for Plus if it gave the ability to remove the splash screen.

We have put a lot on valuable features in Unity Plus. However, custom splash screen is still a Pro-only feature. Splash screen says Made with Unity.
We have packed a lot of other good stuff into Unity Plus. You get the dark Editor skin, Asset Store Project Packs, flexible seat management, access to Performance Reporting, higher tier of Cloud Build, Analytics, Multiplayer and Certification courseware.

Why the same generic reply? The majority of people obviously dont care about this. They care about removal of the splash screen…

The impression is that Unity has given up on Desktop and is trying to rake in Mobile developers for subs, this appears short sighted considering Vulkan is on the way and that will make using UE4 less of an issue on mobile combined with it being cheaper and less problematic meaning they will eventually loose AAA mobile games and be left with those developing cheap free apps that rely on advertising, which will be eventually curtailed as mobile operators start to implement network level ad blocking, leaving Unity with nothing.

not to defend unity pricing model but who said you that UE is free?

«Once you ship your game or application, you pay Epic 5% of gross revenue after the first $3,000 per product per calendar quarter. For a more detailed explanation of how that works, see the EULA and our product release page. We also offer custom license terms to companies who prefer to pay an upfront license fee in order to lower the royalty rate. «

Are Personal and Plus splash screens different from each other? Or both say “Made wity Unity”?

Hi Henrique, the new splash screen will say Made with Unity both on Unity Personal and Unity Plus.

Let’s be honest here. As great as it is that you’re giving us a 35 dollar tier, it NEEDS to be free of the Unity splash screen. Please. Find some other way to get your name out there. People aren’t going to buy Plus for the skin and the seat management. I would even get Plus if the only thing it did was remove the splash screen. I’m not outraged or anything, but that needs to be changed. No one is going to buy Plus without that splash being removed.

Hi Steve, thank you for your feedback, we are always open for ideas. Our new splash screen will say Made with Unity. Our new Unity Plus product contains more than the dark editor skin and seat management: It includes specifically designed asset store project, Plus versions of Analytics , Cloud Build, Multiplayer and Certification Courseware.

Not to sound ungrateful but these are luxuries for an indie dev, so who are you targeting with his ?

As indie devs we don’t have big teams that and it is not difficult to get a build out to everyone. Cloud build is a luxury item. Also, as indie devs, we can use free alternatives look Google Analytics and OpenIAB for IAP’s, so again, the Unity solution (although really nice, having used it myself), is a luxury.

I’m not sure who this version is targeting.

This is what burns me as well. As $125/mo is out of my budget, I’ll need to drop down to Unity Free from my current $75/mo pro license.

I see absolutely no reason to go with Unity Plus as long as it has the same splash screen as Personal. I’d definitely license Unity Plus if they allowed a customizable splash screen. But they don’t. Who is paying for Plus? “Oooh, dark editor skin! Yay!

The “Plus” features offer no value to me as an indie dev.

You guys just made a huge mistake. I finally doubled down to buy Pro as a desktop developer a few days ago. Really thankful I don’t have to pay into this madness until 2018. Maybe by the time I have to switch to the new model, you’ll have reconsidered this change. And as a side note, I am the sole Unity Developer for a large company outside of my small indie projects. They will not be switching either.

I want to know about Unity Plus will have some Unity Pro function? look like “Render Texture-based fullscreen image postprocessing effects” , “Assetbundle” and “c# socket”,etc.

and if i have unity plus licence and can i get a unity 4.7 pro licence?

Hi, thanks for your comment. We will reach out to you with a offer to switch, your Unity Pro perpetual license are not affected and you can continue to develop with them for as long as you want.

Hi Winsok,
Unity Personal, Plus & Pro have the same features from the engine & tool perspective.
Features you mentioned like Assetbundles are available in all editions.

However activating a ” unity 4.7 pro licence” with the Plus subscription would not be possible, you would need a Pro subscription, and a little help from our customer support to activate the old 4.7 version.

I’ve been trying to contact Unity support to ask this; Will Unity 5 perpetual license purchase possibility be removed, and if so, when?

Hi Miika P, we will lunch a new store in June with all new products. The 5x perpetual will be available until then. However note that support of Unity 5.x Pro perpetual licenses with new features, improvements, fixes and services will stop on March 3, 2017.

Hold on – can you be more specific about the Unity 5 perpetual license availability? Is it being pulled? If so, customers need to exactly when.

Let’s say you’re about to start production based on work done to date in Unity 5, and considering buying a bunch of perpetual licenses – you could be about to be screwed over in terms of planning/budget etc.

You really need to provide a clear answer to this ASAP.

This new pricing regime is confusing enough as it is. As developers, we need to be able to plan projects around specific engines and toolsets.

This is a bad move, I hate subscriptions. Time to move on to some other game engine, godotengine???…

You can purchase Unity Pro if you do not like rent. And if you can’t afford it you can have it for free. And you can also try something else.

You know the answer. I’d rather use free and open-source engine that doesn’t force it’s splash screen.

So as a Desktop developer, instead of paying $1500 for each version now it’s either $125/month or $4500?
That is a massive price hike, why?

I don’t use Cloud or Analytics and have no interest in Mobile. I’m still on 4 since 5 doesn’t have many features for 2D but was planning on upgrading when 2D Masking came around but now faced with a massive price increase I’m guessing I will stick with 4 forever.

I really hope you read all these negative comments and rethink your strategy.

You can continue to use Unity 4 for as long as you want and it makes sense for you. We will not change that.
We have put a lot of new features in the new Unity Pro incl. all platforms with no splash screen, Unity Ads to monetize your games; Unity Analytics to optimize games and retain more players; Unity Cloud Build to automate creation and distribution of builds for multiple platforms, and Unity Multiplayer to make full-featured, real-time networked games.
And you will get continuous updates (larger quarterly releases, smaller monthly and weekly releases) with new features, platforms and improved performance
We will reach out to you and other Unity 4 customers shortly with an offer for you to try out the new Unity Pro. So you can experience that many new benefits.

The sky is clearly falling and Ragnarok is upon us all, because a company making quality products dares to try and make a living.

I’m happy with this. Just no to royalties :)

“Our free product is fully featured” -RONJA GUSTAVSSON

No. No it isn’t.

“Yes. Custom splash screen is still a Pro-only feature” -LARS RUNOV

“However, custom splash screen is still a Pro-only feature” -LARS RUNOV

“The new splash screen will say Made with Unity both on Unity Personal and Unity Plus.” RONJA GUSTAVSSON

“We have put a lot of new features in the new Unity Pro incl. all platforms with no splash screen…” -LARS RUNOV

“We have now included all platforms with no splash screen in Unity Pro” -LARS RUNOV

The splash screen removal should be included with Unity Plus.

$1500 a year for a splash screen removal (a $600 price increase)

$420 a year for a dark theme

Oh I see it’s a court of law and being slightly relaxed about typing ie missing the word engine from features means that you need to go on the attack, presumably because it really is so vital to you.

Well I’d rather have a “partner” that delivers something fully featured and functional, than paying “protection money” to a engine that barely works at times and who relies on it’s asset store and third-parties to compensate for the lack of core-features.

This approach is basically milking the lower end of the market and trying to box in the wealthier indies (can afford Pro) who are still afraid of Unreal.

Unity should focus on getting the engine going instead of mucking around with silly pricing approaches :P

And you don’t think that getting more money might benefit the idea of improving the engine?

I care about using tools I can afford and that add value to my projects.

I’m not a “engine partizan”, I have a business to run, so I don’t honestly give a crap about Unity’s woes during dev, as Unity does not concerns itself with mine, each to it’s own. What I do care about is how much money I spend today and will tomorrow to keep production going.

Unity represents investment (upfront or monthly) that in turn carries risk and might not be mitigated by earnings, while Epic offers me a option where I only pay them if I make money. Plus Unreal is a kick-ass engine, free of many of Unity’s issues.

So, really don’t know what Unity going for here…

I totally agree with you HappyIndie
and the other guy who really thinks that Unity getting more money will benefit the development is still believing in unicorns. It’s a bloody corporation that answers only to there investors and shareholders they have to present to them a business plan on how to make money for them , Unity became the same horrible soul less corporation it was fighting against with David at it’s lead. But greed of the Directors and new CEO and the shareholders not giving a crap about a company, there employees and there customers will dry out this corporation too and guess what this ex-EA CEO will leave the company like all those other grasshoppers destroying one company after another with his big severance pay and land at the same position somewhere else. But no one gets this the only ones who are loyal to Unity is his community and it’s getting f..k hard right now.

when will unity realise that the splash screen is doing more harm than good to the company & the developpers, there are so many horrible games made with the free version that gamer has already labeled the engine as a bad one , and now they just skip games as soon as they see that splash screen, it’s bad for business.

This is a very good point. The most games where unity engine is visible are the worst because of low budget productions. The unity Management should recognize this and doing custom splashscreen for a lower price. This would be the only feature to pay for 35 Bucks…

Here, read my blog post from 3 years ago predicting exactly this.
The bottom line is clear: UT wants us to spend more than twice as much year over year (because: no upgrade pricing) and we own shit when we stop paying.

You sir are a prophet!

And I actually recall reading your post back then! Kudos on the foresight ;)

One of the worst and most cynical features of Unity’s subscription model is the fact of having a mandatory 12 months of it. The math on that narrows down to the buying price for the frigging license anyway :P

So, they either want to sell us permanent licenses by convincing us that “it is a better deal” compared to the subscriptions or something is very wrong over there :D

I would make the subscription mode flexible and maybe fiddle more with the features to offer a more fair deal to my clients, or seemling so. What they have here (and for the last years) it’s just a mess :D

Leave it to Unity to mess up a perfectly nice and easy deal :D

So let me get this straight, I will pay even more for an engine that is barely out of beta, who’s most interesting features need to be acquired separately as plugins on the asset store (Rewired, Final IK, Amplify, and the list goes on), because they don’t exist on the core engine? Is that for real guys?? :D

I have 2 out my 3 projects being ported from Unity to Unreal 4, since I grew weary of the constant flood of Unity issues and problems. Looks like I might have to consider project #3 as well…

And folks, Unreal doesn’t bite :) Granted it takes some getting used to, but it actually….works!


Even with 50$ a month subscription, you still get the mandatory “Made With Unity Personal Edition” splash screen and can’t customise it ?? Is this a joke ?

Yeh the splash screen is the main feature i’d pay/subscribe for.
$125 is definitely out of my reach, considering i don’t need the cloud or analytics stuff.
If the splash screen was in the $35 bracket, and another feature crept along that i needed, it would be tempting. $125+ is a no go sadly >_<

Thanks for the initial feedback on Unity Plus. Custom splash screen is still a Pro-only feature. The new splash screen says Made with Unity.

“However, Unity 5 Pro perpetual licenses will not be supported with new features, fixes and improvements after March 3, 2017.”

Is this a joke? We don’t even get new features and bug fixes that apply to Unity 5 (not 6, whenever it comes out)? What about the promised 2D features that are still in the pipeline and not even on the roadmap?

I cannot believe after all this time and many discussions with Unity that they have managed to go for all the worst possible pricing structures. I have been a Unity Pro supporter for over 6 years, even when I technically didn’t need to because I wanted to support UT and none of those subscriptions fit me.

I hate subscriptions and as it stands it looks like i’ll be paying out at least double what I used to if I want rid of the damn MWU, with the added bonus of when I stop paying I no longer have access to Pro features – yay – sounds like a great deal!

Not that any of the Pro features are of much use to me, all these cloud and online services don’t really affect me, neither does having mobile thrown in, since the majority of my work is for desktop, but the occasional app means i’ll have to stump up for Pro to get rid of the MWU as clients will not stand for that.

The terms are bad, the pricing is way off and I feel like I get nothing for what is likely to be a doubling of the cost. Such a bad move.

Seriously I expected Unity to launch its own AD service, just a middle finger in front of other big corporations, instead of expanding your market you simply assumed that great Demand of Unity would allow great Price, narrowing down your own market. STOP

It’s time to switch. Reason to stop using Unity is here! For those doing 2D only, I’d recommend Godot.

35$ for dark skin?
125$ for avoiding the splash screen?

I’am a pro license single dev user since unity 4 and I’ve never used any other features but my customers want their own firm logo.

Conclusion: I pay 125 x 12 to replace a single picture/logo?

In the past I paid a lot to remove this logo. In the future I pay much more to remove this logo.

This is simply exploiting developers. Unity knows exactly that most features are never used by their users.

Btw: whats happening with my remaining 12 months cloudbuild-Feature after March the 3rd?

Hi Peter, you will be able to stay on your 4x licence that you have today. That is yours to keep. Forever. We will however reach out with an custom offer to switch to the new Unite Pro. You will keep the 12 month cloud build feature.