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A few weeks ago we announced new products and pricing. Some of you were very happy with what were lower prices for you, while others of you were not so happy. There are some things we could have done better and we’ve been working on fixing those.

Firstly, our move to subscription had some of you asking why?! We’ve explained the rationale in the follow-up blog post by Joachim – Subscription! Why?. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out.

Secondly, some of you raised major concerns with the new pricing:

  • Some of you have been customers for a long time and have made use of upgrade discounts to your perpetual licenses. Those averaged to a yearly cost that was lower than the new subscription costs.
  • If you develop for desktop only, the new all-platform cost is significantly higher than your old yearly cost.

For those of you hit hard by this, we think we’ve found a good solution.

Now, we don’t want to go back to the old model of having iOS and Android be paid add-ons, while desktop is included in the base cost. This was always rather arbitrary. Developing and maintaining our desktop platforms is a real cost for us, just like for our mobile platforms, and yet mobile developers have been paying more. Now we’re committed to making the price the same regardless of which platforms you target. We hope you understand and are with us in this decision.

At the same time, a lot of customers are telling us that the new prices are a very good deal. Some have the privilege to even say it’s too cheap, though these people, being happy with the new prices, have not been as vocal in comments and social media.

The objective for us is to make everyone as happy as is possible given a rapidly growing global group of developers using Unity for many, many different things. We want paid versions of Unity to be affordable for developers big and small who want to go beyond Unity Personal, or are required to due to the revenue cap.

So with this goal in mind we are going to make these changes to what we announced previously:

  • We’re making the Unity splash screen in Unity Plus optional, like it is in Unity Pro.
  • We’re raising the revenue cap in Unity Plus from $100k to $200k so that more of you are able to take advantage of it.

In order to be able to do this, we removed the option to subscribe to Unity Plus without a one-year commitment. We also restricted Pay to Own to only apply to Unity Pro and not Unity Plus (see Pay to Own details further down). We let these things go from Unity Plus in order to be able to introduce the new advantages.

We know this is not going to change things for all of you. If your revenue is beyond the $200k cap for Unity Plus, and you are already a Unity user, we’re announcing Transition offers below. We hope though that these changes will make Unity a great choice to those of you who might otherwise have had difficulties affording it.

New splash screen

Apart from price changes, we’re also working on some changes to the Unity splash screen.

The new splash screen will read “Made with Unity” in all editions of Unity – no more mention of “Personal Edition”. You will also be able to customize it with your own (blurred) background image and your own company logo in addition to the Unity logo. This feature is coming, but give us a bit of time to perfect the technical aspects of it before we release it. The customizable splash screen will be available in all versions of Unity, but can be completely turned off in Unity Plus and Unity Pro. We’ll have a blog post with further details later.

Product overview

Unity Personal

  • Free
  • $100k revenue or funding cap
  • All platforms
  • Unity splash screen (with customization options)
  • Personal tier services

Unity Plus

  • Pay $35 per month with 12 month commitment
  • $200k revenue or funding cap
  • All platforms
  • Optional Unity splash screen (with customization options)
  • Dark Editor Skin
  • Plus tier services

Unity Pro

  • Pay $125 per month with 12 month commitment
  • No revenue cap
  • All platforms
  • Optional Unity splash screen (with customization options)
  • Dark Editor Skin
  • Pro tier services
  • Pay to Own

Both Plus and Pro tiers can be paid monthly or upfront (for people who find that easier for budgeting or billing purposes), and require you to commit to at least 12 months of subscription. There will also be an option to commit to Pro for 24 months, for people who want long term price certainty.

Transition offer for existing Unity 5 Pro perpetual license customers

We will launch the new products soon, for new customers to buy. As an existing Unity 5.x perpetual license customer, you will no longer get new updates after March 2017. However, you have a few options if you want to keep getting updates:

  1. For up to five seats, you may subscribe to Unity Pro at the special price of $75 per month for a limited transition period, after which the price will revert to the normal subscription price of $125 per month:

    • If Unity 5 Pro is your first version of Unity, your transition period is one year.
    • If you owned Unity 4 Pro, your transition period is two years.
  2. If you make less than $200k per year, you may choose Unity Plus and pay $35 per month with an annual commitment.

We will start sending out these transition offers by email after the new products have launched in our store. 

Pay to Own for Unity Pro

If you pay for 24 or more consecutive months of a new Unity Pro subscription, you get to keep and use the version you have when you notify us that you are stopping subscription and choosing pay to own. At such point, you will stop receiving access to Pro tier services, new features and upgrades. You will receive the next 3 patches. We reserve the right to grant access to additional patches in the event that we find severe bugs. If you later resume the subscription, you will still own the perpetual license you elected but again start receiving updates, fixes and services. Once you have subscribed for another 24 consecutive months, and should you then elect to cease this new subscription, you will then be granted a new perpetual license of the then current version of Unity.

Thanks for taking the time to read all the detail. Please let us know your thoughts.

For more information

Read the updated Unity Subscription FAQ.

Talk to us about the new licensing on the forum.

402 replies on “Evolution of our products and pricing”

I did purchased the Plus version and now I’m a little bit confused, how to activate the dark skin ui? I didn’t found any information about it. Or is there anywhere a special editor download?


Did you assign the seat to yourself yet to activate the license?

Once you do that, you should be able to find it in Preferences > General > Editor Skin

I can understand why you changed it, it’s really nice piece of software and you put huge effort to make it so it’s quite fair.

But what I’m really missing, and this wouldn’t hurt you, would be option:
Pay Upfront for one year. There are some who don’t mind to pay if they are using something, but don’t want increase their running costs, so there should be at least pro version with one time payment (and updates are valid for one year).

It’s also disappointment that there is no “keep it” for plus version, but then it’s probably just my sentiment, outdated software is hardly useful so it’s just matter of having for sake of having.

There is a pay upfront for one year option: “Both Plus and Pro tiers can be paid monthly or upfront (for people who find that easier for budgeting or billing purposes), and require you to commit to at least 12 months of subscription.”

Why do you have to own a Pro subscription to pay for your own bandwidth on your matchmaking services?
I was just getting excited about UNET.

Are we getting close to having the customizable splash screen in a released version of Unity?

We’re just fine tuning the new splash screen now, making sure it works on all platforms. This is not a confirmation, but it’ll likely be released with 5.5 — keep your eyes peeled as we will make an announcement as soon as we’re able.

“All Platforms” under free license and under plus and pro too..??

What does this mean?

Currently i am having personal but If i am buying a plus license for my Android development, do i have to buy Andoid pro as well? It’s price is nowhere listed.

All platforms included means you don’t have to buy any extra licenses for any platforms like Android.

Wow. Bad timing for me to buy the perpetual licence with both plugins in december 2015 then. I do feel kind of F#¤&ed over.

Specially becouse my revenue is just below the 200k mark. I could get plus, and get absolutely no advantage, from having owned the unity 5x, eventhough that advantage was part of the selling point of unity 5x for me.

Or i could get pro, and again, spend a lot of money on something i have just spend even more money on, and just get a bit of a discount, for a “limited” no further specified time frame.

I really hope you keep these things in mind when you email me my offer..

Maybe we need to start an open source game engine. I just invested 1,500 for in the future invest double or triple without making a game yet.

(The only good… is that you can make game for other platforms)

So if I keep my 5 Pro for ever, I wounder if I get compilers errors that say “system no longer support old particle system” which then we would forced people to upgrade.

PS: Maya LT did the same thing with the users.

Well, seems like most of the angry people are people who already laid money down and are potentially getting less than what they were promised for that money. Some of their statements are misguided but a few seem warranted from what I can tell.

Me I’m still using the free version, and I can deploy to mobile for free – and I couldn’t be happier. Making a mobile game always seemed like a mysterious prestigious thing that I wasn’t allowed to do, this is like the best Christmas present ever.

This is my take on it, because I think it’s just worded rather weird. (Someone from Unity can correct me, i would hope, if I’m wrong)

The way I read it, it’s almost exactly the same as now, just with a subscription instead of a one-time fee for that version.

ie: Right now, you buy a Unity 5 pro perpetual license, you can upgrade to any 5.x patch, update, whatever, and enjoy using the pro features.
You own Unity 4 pro, well, they aren’t updating Unity 4 anymore, so you can still use it jsut the way you always did, without a subscription; since.. It’s not being updated anymore.

In March 2017, when Unity 6 comes around, and Unity 5 is “done” You’re valid to use any version before that with your Unity 5 license, but you cannot use Unity 6 pro without a subscription. — Just like the perpetual Unity 5 License now.

Basically, All of this fuss only applies to new users after March 2017 (end of Unity 5 cycle), or anyone wanting to Upgrade to Unity 6. Moving to Unity6 means doing a subscription, instead of paying a flat upgrade fee.

Is there any progress yet on the activation of Unity through proxy servers. I use Unity in education and I have to go through every lab to unplug each workstation from the network and manually activate every machine individually every time there is an update.

I’ve been attempting to pitch to the company I work for that we could use Unity for simulations and interfaces, and that we could upgrade roughly every two years for $750. We wouldn’t use it that often, but even so, what amounts to to $375 a year could be justified to management.

If I understand correctly, under the new model, this would cost $1500 a year; four times the current price. This is the sort of price that would be very difficult to justify to management, and they will likely tell me to explore other options.

Don’t get me wrong the free version is great, but why is it always listed as having ‘all engine features’ when some things that I would think would be considered ‘engine features’ are not included like point light shadows and such?

I’m really confused by this…

So, I spent money on Unity Pro 5…Do I now have to start paying monthly for something I already own? We don’t use any of the mobile/etc add ons. Just webGL and desktop

You still have a license for Unity 5 but the lifecycle for 5 ends in March 2017. You can continue to use your version, but you won’t get new features unless you then subscribe to Plus or Pro.

When I paid for the Unity 5 Pro upgrade from Unity 4 Pro I didn’t agree to a term of service that stated my life cycle would end when I paid for it. So anything I develop, at any time, no matter how much revenue it makes… it is all mine without restrictions or limitations, using the Unity 5.x Pro license I paid for.

They’re saying that when the new version comes out, they will quit enhancing the old version. You will still have your license for the old version. It’s just like what happened when they went from 3 to 4, and 4 to 5. They didn’t keep adding new features to those versions.

The information that we have from our license purchases in Sept 2014 says ‘perpetual’ and is for the life of ALL Unity 5 releases. So what is being said now is that the license agreement was changed on us part way through and that Unity broke the contract.

Here are two solutions:

1) Unity just honors the agreement they originally did with us that bought full perpetual licenses (why not, they already made their money). Any money they might possibly lose out on is made up in good press and good feelings with those developers who will eventually buy Unity 6.
2) Refund us all of our money so we can either buy the subscription we need to finish our games or just move to another engine that isn’t constantly squeezing the nickels for blood.

At this point we have contacted Unity several times to get a resolution and have not gotten anything back. What little money they might make will be drowned out by the semi-pro developers leaving the engine and taking all of their current and future projects with them.

Maybe we could all contact the Video Game Attorney for some advice.

That is great news, I had already settled with only using the Free version and looked for alternatives, but it is hard to match Unity’s feature set.

Now I will definitely subscribe to Plus. And it is an actual subscription now, that is only fair.

Thanks Unity, keep listening!

Hello, I’m still using Unity 4.7.1 Free. If I subscribe the Plus License, am I able to use it with Pro features and mobile support, or the Plus license is only for Unity 5?
Thank a lot for help!


Just curious to know, currently at you display…

Unity Personal
-Unity splash screen (with customization options)

Which update will this be available? also,

In the unity store under personal it states, Splash Screen: MWU Splash Screen (Made With Unity splash screen before your game launches.)

Does this mean without customization options? as it doesn’t describe what you have here.

Thank you.


Typed it out wrong.

Just curious to know, currently at you display,

Splash Screen: MWU Splash Screen(Made With Unity splash screen before your game launches.)

but here you describe Unity Personal as,

Unity Personal
-Unity splash screen (with customization options)

Does this mean with or without customization options on the store front then?
and is it available yet?

Thank you.

Personal edition users will be able to customize the Made With Unity splash screen with your own background image and company logo alongside the Unity logo. Our team is hard at work perfecting it before it is released. More info is coming soon!

Thanks! This is a pure rip – off – pyramid scheme – and you’re kinda skewering your fan base. You have hastened my exit from Unity once your “nice new price tiers” begin to go into effect.

I Laid out 1,500 bucks (most games never make back half their production costs) 1,500 $ could support my family. Unity Pro Perpetual purchaser. Thought the definition of perpetual meant: never ending or changing — applied to what you were selling. You’re really pulling a fast one here over users. Come on! Now your comment feed says: “But let’s say you have a Unity 5.x Pro perpetual license and you convert in September and pay 24 months in advance for a subscription starting in April (you’ll get January – March free). Then you’ll pay 12*$75 + 12*$125 = $2400. If you also had Unity 4.x Pro, it would be 24*$75 = $1800.”

Classic cautionary tale here: Company grows at an astonishing pace, revenues kick in, supported by a devoted fan base. Company wants higher profit margins, makes users pay upwards through the nose.

I hope that a petition can be signed to go back to the old ways, otherwise I hope that people begin to find more reasonable and smooth running alternative game development engines.

You have to make this right by the customer, that’s the only thing I can say. That’s moral. That’s good for games, and that what should be considered the right thing to do.

P.S. For those who don’t understand the big idea here is: “Price Tiers” mega mega.

Corporate greed. pure and simple.

I’m very disappointed for the new scheme, I own pro 5 and the upgrade from 4 cost about 750, and I get all the updates for aprox two years, now I have to pay 1.500!! each year!!?, and the wait for an email ” with an specific offer for you” doesn’t make things better; when you buy a license you also buy the promise to be able to upgrade at a fraction of the original cost and keep your investment safe, is an act of trust toward the maker of the product, i feel betrayed.

I am confused, just a question. in this post it said under personal.

Unity splash screen (with customization options)

Apart from price changes, we’re also working on some changes to the Unity splash screen.

The new splash screen will read “Made with Unity” in all editions of Unity – no more mention of “Personal Edition”. You will also be able to customize it with your own (blurred) background image and your own company logo in addition to the Unity logo. This feature is coming, but give us a bit of time to perfect the technical aspects of it before we release it. The customizable splash screen will be available in all versions of Unity, but can be completely turned off in Unity Plus and Unity Pro. We’ll have a blog post with further details later.

Where can I do that cause my unity option is grayed out for customization

The new splash screen is coming soon! We’re in the process of perfecting the technical aspects of it before we release it. We’ll have more details to share soon.

“As an existing Unity 5.x perpetual license customer, you will no longer get new updates after March 2017.” So I understand that as a 5.x perpetual license customer I continue to get updates, but what about services? I’m especially interested in how this will affect cloud build. Do we get access to Pro tier services until March 2017, or do we have to upgrade to get access to the services?

The best pricing I could have dreamed of Unity to come with. Fair and advantageous for everyone. Even for me who invested an arm and a leg in Unity 4.x Pro with IOS + Android PRO ( you know how much that cost).

I found myself having to consider moving to Unity 5.x Free and hated that splash screen more than anything and could not see myself affording to pay for Pro.

Now, Unity Plus at 35$/mo is a great and affordable platform to boot. No longer have to sacrifice your branding and image with that Unity splash screen and by the time you get to revenues of 200K+ you’d afford the PRO that now is so much more affordable $125/mo all platforms.

Guys, I know that many of you are quietly celebrating … but now is time for y’all to rave about it. Show Unity that you appreciate this new pricing scheme and that we’d like it to stay. Salud!

We are a Small Indie team who make a effort and got 4.X PRO version, we haven’t earn “serious money – not even to be a profitable little company” from any game yet ( I know they are hundreds like my team, but they are ashamed of tell you that, and UNITY knows it).

I CANT afford 150 a month. Whats my scenario? No advantage of the old investment and quit using Unity? Downgrade to 35 bucks a month? and with that the purchase 4.X was a throw away money from my side?

I know this is Bussines, But Unity isn’t making tons of money from BIG Gaming companies who make millions, Unity Make its money out of Indies and Pro Wanna-Be , people with dreams more than budget.

Please take that into account.


You still own your 4x Pro license and can use it for as long as it stays compatible. Sounds like Unity Plus would be the best product for your team so you should definitely look into it. And if you’re not making any money and don’t need professional services, you can always use Unity Personal – it’s now fully featured, which is a huge difference from 4.x!

Is there anyway an option could be put into the download part of the asset store unity 3d plug-in so we could override having to have a most up to date version to download? I’m not sure if the older versions have problems with this but if I have a asset that was uploaded to the asset store with 5.3.4 and i’m using 5.2.2 I can’t down load the asset and more than likely it’s going to work anyway so the limitation is only interfering and making us install other versions just to download an asset (forgive me if there’s some way around this).

Also – a versions option for the asset store would be good if it doesn’t exist (I haven’t seen it). I see assets getting updated but I don’t see where previous versions are stored if at all. For perpetual license buyers this seems critical. (I’m subscription based so I’m not worried about it but if I decided to switch I could see it being a serious issue).

What’s not clear to be is with the new subscription model how do you obtain iOS / Android and Playstion 4 development if you have these already having paid extra for them with a new Unity Pro 5.x permanent license ??

So given that I bought a new Unity Pro 5.x permanent license I would have to pay for a subscription from March 2017 onwards to receive any kind of updates ? would I get free updates for the iOS/Android Unity modules or is this extra ?

All platforms are included in the new Unity Pro. For more details, please check your email for a conversion offer specific to your situation!

I think Unity needs to clear up what each version loses when they stop their subscription. Common sense people:

If you use free: You lose nothing but you don’t get access to Plus or Pro tier services and the revenue cap. You get updates to the engine cause the engine in and of itself is free.

If you use Plus: You lose the dark editor skin, the plus tier services, the $200k cap. YOU STILL get engine updates.

Pro license- sub based: You lose the dark editor skin, the pro tier services, the no cap. YOU STILL get engine updates and fixes.

Pro license – perpetual: You own the current unity build (I’ll call it build since numbering is gone) If you want updates you either resub for pro, pay upfront for the next perpetual, or switch to free version. In the end you still get engine updates and fixes or whatnot. You DO LOSE the pro tier services and the no cap and the editor skin( this behind a paywall still irks my eyes every night).

Free users get the next build because they’re FREE users and they only have access to free user tiers, same as plus. I do think that pro perpetual holders should be offered a change to purchase the next build outright for a small fee like $300 or something especially those 4.x pro perpetual holders. That way they get some loyalty treatment, they gotta pay more for it so it doesn’t shortchange the subbies AND they keep getting their updates if they want em, they just gotta shell out a bit more.

You do gotta realize that you won’t need EVERY little new feature of the engine for your game. Hell Star Wars Commander was built using unity 4.6 until just a few months ago when they upgraded to 5.1, not 5.3, 5.1. This is a business like anything else, people gotta make money, you don’t want to make your game for free, you wanna make money from it. We all got bills to pay people.

I’m not sure how the payment timing works for all subscriptions at this point, but can you speak to if this new structure will be in effect before the 1st of July?

Good news!
I’m definitely gonna subscribe the plus edition now after years using personal..

When are these gonna happen?

hello there i have a problem with Unity, when i try to put my password and email pop up to me this msg “service not available , please try again later”
look this image (
how i can fix that please ;

. sorry about my English :)

I’m a little confused with the patching situation. If you subscribe, and eventually pay to own, you’ll stop getting patches? What about the free version? The very first release for the free version is going to be the ONLY release of the free version? Or is the free version getting patches forever, while the pay-to-own isn’t? Seems hella bizarre to me so I feel that I missed something here. Are you doing selective patching where everyone gets the free version patches and upgrades, but you only get the patches and upgrades to the Plus and Pro features while you’re paying?

Nice thing you did with the splash screen. And that plus option is indeed kinda appealing! This shows that sometimes you guys listen to devs! Cool!


I havent switched to Unity yet because of it’s high price (we develop for iOS + Android), but now this new model seems to have an acceptable price (75 or 125/month per seat, instead of previously 450/month per seat) from what I understand from this post (that iOS and Android is already included on the price).

But when I click on the Unity/Purchase flow on the main page, it says “75/month” for pro, but when I click it it says that iOS pro and Android pro each cost an extra license. I dont understand, it seems to contradict what I read on this post (a friend told me about the new price, that’s why I came here to read about it).

Can I get some light on this?

And yes unfortunately (?) I need the pro due to the yearly revenue.


They have announced the new price model but we cannot buy it yet. It could be days, weeks, months before we can. Unity only points to some roadmap when asked that really does you no good. So just wait around. It will eventually become available.

I’d like to see Unity continue to be a strong, innovative and independent leader in the gaming industry.


Do think a profitable subscription business plan will help ensure they remain independent for years to come or make them a rich take-over target by the likes of Amazon, Google, Microsoft or Apple?

[Extended updates time for Pro Users,
Compatibility of the new version,
Existing assets compatibility
Console support
Different Splash Screen Text]

As a Unity 5.x Perpetual Pro User I’m a bit perplexed. Good news for Free users, sure.

Unity 4.x Pro license users have been getting updates for years even after the release of Unity 5.x without paying an extra dime.

Now Unity 5.x Pro users will cease receiving up ALL updates, abruptly, as a new version is coming out.

I think you should really extend the update grace period for Unity 5.x when the new version will come out.

Instead, we’re forced to fallback to a subscription-like license of a new product, and Unity 5.x will be officially DEAD, leaving it with no support even with possible severe bugs.

I really hope the new version will be backwards compatible. As an Asset Store publisher, what is going to happen to all my published assets?

What happens if I subscribe to Unity Plus for 1 year, and develop a game at the same time, and I publish the game AFTER the subscription has expired?

Will I be able to publish on EVERY possible platform? (PS3, PS4, PSVita, WiiU, XBoxOne, etc.) regardless of my subscription plan?

Would you consider replacing the “Made with Unity” with “Powered by Unity” text in the splash screen, or allow some extra customization of the text for Plus and Pro users only?

If I pay I want my game to have at least *something* different from the Free version!

I am a Pro 5.x user, but the new Pro subscription price is annual and this is getting WAY more costly than the usual license (I don’t need to publish on ALL platforms), so I think I’ll downgrade my license to PLUS.
It’s about 350 dollars per year – old version updates were cheaper, but they didn’t happen every year!

I feel like I’m forced to pay more to keep using a program that has more features than I need.

I suggest creating “LT” version of every subscription plan, which is going to cost less and doesn’t allow to publish on every possible platform. So you would have a Plus, Pro, Plus LT and Pro LT subscription plans.

Got a better idea, a new plan that isn’t new. Let’s take a step back for a moment, what if instead all of this we do one simple thing.

Two Unity version, Unity Free and Unity Pro:

Unity Free – Can’t sell any commercial game, limited features just to learn.
Unity Pro – Pay once per cycle, keep your shit and shut up. May split this in two, one for only desktop one with desktop and mobile.

Q: What are the benefits?
A: Less spam of garbage as not everyone will be able to buy a license to do anythign commercial, plus will encourage the ones that really want to do it to learn for once instead of leeching on others work and add value back to Pro license.

Now I understand that you may be at the point of no return on this because you employeed a shitton of new people that need to be paid, the going full free may have hurt economically the whole thing and that going back with the old model in this actual age may hurt still, but eh the point is that shoudl have staid like it was in the first place.

Democratizing as you say is a bullshit marketing word that means nothing but garbage, and garbage is all what we get right now. Not talking about this new model but the actual games beign made. Asset store became a jungle also for that developing the bahviour and attitude in people to turn it into a fulltime job, which isn’t, or at least isn’t “legally” speaking.

Now I know someone may jump in and say words like “enthusiasm”, “product”, “users”, “benefits” and “success story”, but in the end the whole problem right now is the accessibility of everything that turned the whole thing as is now. Going free wasn’t a good idea, people should pay for stuff and be limitd for free stuff, thats how value is put into things.

If this an offer or a scam?

I’ve paid $4500 on April 23rd, 2016 for perpetual license which is equivalent to
40 months payment of Unity pro at $125/m
or 11 years of Unity Plus at $35/m

You are asking me to pay 75*12 = 1200$ more to receive bug fixes till March, 2018.

Even if you start my subscription from April 23rd, 2016 (date of purchase of Perpetual License). I’ve already paid Unity Pro($125/m) till Sept 2019.

Why don’t you change perpetual license to subscription from date of purchase on my selected plan? What am I missing?

Hi, you should definitely wait for a conversion offer specific to your situation! We’ve had the warning for those interested in perpetual licences (“Please note that support of Unity 5.x Pro perpetual licenses with new features, improvements, fixes and services will stop on March 3, 2017.”) on the store since January, sorry you’ve missed it!

Ok, we all see that warning and think that was because unity 6 going to be released and we can upgrade for 750 * 3 = 2250 (2 years period), so that was ok, but now we know that not going to happen, at that time maybe we go for the subscription or for another engine…. you must offer something very good to those you cheat, and this is for someone who bought 3 platforms, its even worse for those who only buy one platform

Thank you for the response. You are correct that I’ve missed out that fine print, my bad. I’ll follow up on my personal conversion offer once I receive it. I am thankful to Unity for providing a quality product at affordable pricing.

Hi Kristyna,

Thanks for your replies on this thread. On a related note – we were told by our Unity sales rep that the new Unity Plus would be available today, along with new purchasing options (like AMEX). However, I haven’t heard from her in a few days – could you confirm when it’s coming?

Thanks so much. We are submitting an app soon and would like to adjust the splash screen w/o moving to Pro.


Hello Gene,

Plus is not yet available. I’ve let our sales team know so hopefully someone will get back to you soon. Thanks!

Thank you for listening to the community. Some of these things might seem small (like the splash screen), but to indie developers, it makes all the difference.

I wish I could use Unity on more than 2 computers. I had a huge hassle when building for Windows Store, since I was using Unity on 3 operating systems at once. What if you could only use it on 2 computers at one time? I like to open the same project (at different version control points) and be able to compare the project in the same version of Unity (which cannot be done on a single machine). This ties up my licenses with my 2 macs already, before adding windows build machines , and if I accidentally open a project in a version that isn’t Pro, I’m afraid it will be flagged.

+1 for that. I have 3 computers, one at the office, one at home, and a laptop for when I’m on the road. It’s a pain sometimes because I have to use the personal edition on my laptop. C’mon Unity, how about giving us a 3 machine limit?

Even more importantly, I use two unity editors while testing and debugging my multi-player game. Letting us run on two computers is paramount, are you telling me that I will need to but two licenses to do that now?

well i see new plans now , good to see you hear our voice
is it possible to add another plan which we can choose what platform we want with lower price?
i mean some of developers only release game for mobiles and some for other platforms force all people to have all platform they don’t use isn’t bad?
for new plan we can choose what platform we want like:
20$ for windows publish / 20$ for linux / 20$ for android / 20$ for IOS
well someone want publish games for mobiles he pay 40$ for own mobiles
another want windows with mobiles he pay 60$
and …….
prices for example :) and it give people more options save they money for project works and …. and of course it will give them more relief to choose what they want
i think it better to apply it in pro if it possible
like me as a only mobile developer for now :)

Will you be able to tie multiple subscriptions to a single account now?

From a license management perspective, having 1 subscription per account has become a nightmare for a small dev team as people come and go from the team. Will there be a model similar to the current perpetual licenses of having a single account with a dashboard of licenses that can be activated/de-activated by administrators etc?

Why can’t you? We have several perpetual licenses and several subscriptions on one account, they are controlled by one account admin who assigns them to employees.

Hello, i am a Unity 5.x perpetual license owner (desktop).
I only partially understand the transition offer:

1) Special price for Pro for 1 year.. .ok
2) Get the Plus at the normal price? In what way is this option different than anyone else?

I expected such a discount, but for the Plus also!
Can you clarify?
Thank you

A mention was made a few times on a Unite ’16 webcast concerning the free version not being exactly suitable for producing commercial grade products. That being said, are free version users now expected to upgrade to Unity Plus for more advanced performance reporting and optimization improvements ? Games have been published and sold successfully by way of several different commercial venues using the free version, why is it now acknowledged as becoming below standard production material; what, if anything, has actually changed?

Hi, of course people can still use Unity Personal to publish successful commercial games! There are no advanced engine features in Unity Plus. The important difference is services like game performance reporting or Priority Queue for Unity Cloud Build, which make releasing and maintaining games a lot easier.

Please Note: For some reason, after posting the above message intended to reply to you, it was initially redirected to a previous reply to another post I had recently cancelled! This has happened despite refreshing the page prior to my new reply to your post. Strange. Sorry, never the less, for the double post! :(

Thank you, Kristyna, for the clarification and prompt reply! :) The new proposed subscription model does indeed make a lot more sense for people on a tighter budget, especially when it comes down to the eventual need for performance reporting and Priority Queue for Unity Cloud Build to enhance both speed and convenience.

Unity’s near future looks very promising in both content and quality, more so perhaps than Epic’s Unreal Engine! With perseverance and determination I know the product will greatly improve with time; your hard work will be well worth the effort and the end result will sparkle and out-shine the competition ! :)

Encourage everybody at Unity to remain focused and optimistic; work hard and reap the benefits! :)

Cheers ! :)

Wait, so the subscription remains even though everyone hated the idea in the initial announcement, and now all you do is change a few things but still force this on people and now everyone absolutely loves the idea?

Really half of these comments sound like some made up accounts with representatives behind them, “When will it come out I can’t wait to give you my money!” and “This is exactly what we wanted!” are literally some of the other comments.

You didn’t actually fix anything, or radically change how the subscription works, you just changed the ability for using cosmetics to the engine to avoid the actual conflict of completely changing how the payment methods are going to work.

There is still a huge price markup, a very odd “former” PRO to “new” PRO transitional method, and the addition of a new Unity tier that was never necessary and just feels like you are trying to capitalize on making money rather than updating the actual engine since the announcement also confirmed that there is no planned Unity 6 or any significant updates.

This doesn’t seem too good to be true, it seems like a cheap rip off and I still think that the comments in the initial announcement make that very clear as they were not mostly worried about the cosmetics and these new “OMG I LOVE IT” comments are.

Hey John, to be honest, before this change, I was not going to pay for Unity Pro or Unity Plus, cause it made me sick to have to pay $1,500/yr for something I’ve already sunk $3,000 into since Unity 3.X, and It made me even more sick to pay for Unity Plus with a Unity Splash Screen. Why even pay for Plus then? -Just use the free version.

For me adding the custom splash screen, and dark skin to Unity Plus made the subscription pill a lot easier to swallow. The only reason I had a Pro license was for the custom splash screen, but with the old price plan, I still had to pay per platform.

We all know Unity has been moving at break neck speed with platform compatibility and feature enhancements in a very comprehensive way -All while keeping the program versions stable. I fully expect that trend to continue if not improve under the subscription plan. If it doesn’t? Well, then I not getting what I’m paying for.

I think of Unity as a partner that’s willing to do all the heavy lifting of game engine development for me so I don’t have to worry about it; and given their track record so far; that’s worth $420/yr for something like what I have now plus all platforms. -And John, I’d be more then happy to upgrade to Unity Pro because I hit that 200K/yr limit. I’d love to have that problem.

Dude, for most of us, all we needed and paid for as pro users was the custom splash screen. Now we have the option to get that for $420 a year, while including all platforms!! Dahell is wrong with you, how’s this as bad as you make it sound?
I used to pay $4500 to get my hands on the custom splash screen (to keep business running), $420 for one year commitment is a hell of an improvement imo.

The thing that people seem to be forgetting, is that the subscription means that if you stop paying the monthly fee the software stops working. The real fear is that Unity gets lazy with releases and features because we’re all stuck (Creative cloud anyone? Notice how incremental the changes and new features have gotten since CS6?). In the past, the development cycle encourages them to add new features and a smooth UX in order to entice people to buy in. Now you have to in order to continue support for you shipped titles.

The editor will still work of course, but your license will reverse to Unity Personal. For a complete overview of the differences between the two, you can check

See the “Transition offer for existing Unity 5 Pro perpetual license customers” section!

Is 5.4 still set for a June release? And will we also see the new prices and the new splash screen at the same time?

5.4 is close now, probably around July but not until we are happy that it is stable.
The new splash screen won’t be in 5.4 although 5.4 does have a different splash screen. We made changes last year to the splash screen to make it more uniform between platforms. We are aiming for a 5.5 release for the custom splash screen but can’t say for sure until it’s ready. Expect a blog post about the new splash screen in the next few weeks.

Any ideas when we can get hold of this new splash screen customization? and what versions of Unity will incorporate it?

Thank you Unity! I think once more you listened to your friends. The new deal makes sense :)

I think the fact that the free-to-use Personal Edition remains so fully-featured makes the new pricing model very fair, even if I have a distinct personal dislike of (compulsory) subscription models. Given that I’m essentially a student-developer learning the ropes with no games-development income to speak of in the immediate future, I can use the Personal Edition for now and make the switch to a higher tier if and when it becomes viable. Also, despite the fact that I’m primarily interested in development for desktops, the free and equal access to all platforms is a really nice change – and I’m all for equality, even if I don’t personally benefit.

My one gripe is that the dark skin UI is completely unavailable to me at a price I can afford. A dark theme isn’t simply a nicety, its absence can be a real hindrance to using the application for long hours – and while it sounds minor, comfort of use is a very real consideration to those who aren’t too deeply invested (monetarily or otherwise) and are evaluating which engine to commit to.

Basically, I’d love to see the dark UI accessible, if not for free, then at a non-recurring price-point I can afford – maybe even expanded to allow completely personalized customization. If this were available on the asset store, I would happily buy it.

All in all, though, I remain a big fan.

Great work guys!

I wouldn’t be surprised if this wound up increasing revenue, because the larger pool of people willing to pay $35 a month for no splash screen. $125 is still too much for many devs, even though that’s hard to see for the rich folks, which is why you saw so many comments saying that they would live with the splash screen.

I personally think a $100K cap is high enough for plus, I doubt those users would complain. But, what do I know, I’m still working on releasing my first game.

Taking ‘Personal Edition’ off the splash screen is so great, seeing that next to the Unity logo always cheapened the brand a bit anyways. Adding another company logo and changing the background will really open up a lot of possibilities. Thank you Unity! It means a lot coming from a new developer who is hoping to escape the 9-5 world!

Also, I would really like it if you reduced the 12 month commitment of plus to 6 months. 12 months is a lot to swallow for many devs, and after being on Unity for 6 months, they’ll probably stick around much longer anyways, because they’ll be tied in. But, to initially commit to 12 months is daunting, and may keep many people off of it for no good reason, when you could be making that money!

Ok.. Let’s do this in points…

1) WHY no **clear** answer to the multiple posts for clarification by BROTEN TECHNOLOGIES CORP? I have no affiliation with them, but something reeks of ill practice if you choose to ignore their request for a clarification about Perpetual licenses bought **prior** to the FAQ update stating March 2017

2) What happened to the $50 (or $49) per month no commitment license that for Unity Plus? It should have been mentioned in the latest blog post — for sake of transparency — that the option has been removed.

3) So, in effect it’s 35×12 months = $420 for a no splash screen version (with a cap on $200k earning) Not a bank or deal breaker. So thank you.

4) For sake of completeness (and particularly for PC console devs) CryEngine is

– “pay what you want”,
– full source code (for whom it matters)
– Zero Royalties no matter what you earn.
– VR support – rift, vive, Osvr
– Console dev

Cons: No mobile support, I suppose.

So yeah if you’re feeling tight fisted you can pay a dollar for CryEngine, but the sheer guilt of knowing that CryTek will be donating upto 70% of that fee **back** to the community – indie devs, will certainly make devs pay something and maybe even more if their game is moderately successful.

It’s probably a no-brainer to see where Unity stands to lose, the moment indie devs get adept at building games.
Currently, despite it’s many bugs, Unity is still the **easier** of the engines to develop with (imo).

This is not a post to bash Unity, but hopefully to set things into perspective viz, the need for transparency and seeing what the market is doing.

– Bring back the $50 no commitment Unity Plus option, without splash screen and $200k cap
– Make the $35 with annual commitment option, if devs want to go beyond PC (to mobile publishing for instance) for Unity Plus with $200k cap

It isn’t too late to insert that $50 Unity Plus option ;) ;) Can always say “you forgot” **wink**

Obviously the $50/month cancel anytime was removed because the splash screen was removed too. People would just sub for couple months per year to only release with own splash and work rest of the time with personal edition.

Thank you, Kristyna, for the clarification and prompt reply! :) The new proposed subscription model does indeed make a lot more sense for people on a tighter budget, especially when it comes down to the eventual need for performance reporting and Priority Queue for Unity Cloud Build to enhance both speed and convenience.

Unity’s near future looks very promising in both content and quality, more so perhaps than Epic’s Unreal Engine! With perseverance and determination I know the product will greatly improve with time; your hard work will be well worth the effort and the end result will sparkle and out-shine the competition ! :)

Encourage everybody at Unity to remain focused and optimistic; work hard and reap the benefits! :)

Cheers ! :)

Sorry for the reply above in the wrong place !

I have to agree with you on working with the Personal Edition until ready for publication. A customized splash screen would certainly add to the professional flavor of a polished game ready for release being a Plus subscriber.

The Unity Pro subscription is now at a much better place, both feature- and price-wise. Thanks for listening to the community!


YES! Good move Unity. I am proud of having the splash screen in a Unity game, its an engine worth showing off. But the ability to customize/remove for Plus subscribers is a great benefit for certain projects as well. Thank you!

Thanks Unity! However I think a splash screen is not a good idea. I do not mind to say my players that I using Unity. But it can be your Logo in MENU. Why not?

I’m a current pro owner, please be clear and do the matsh for me, I want to hear from you because with the offer in the begginign I’m not sure, and please people that are no official unity team, don’t answer this because I don’t want asumptions on other words, but the direct words from the people that have it really clear, don’t wanting to be hars here, but I want a clear undoubtful answer:

– How much do I have to pay to upgrade and own my license?


From the blog post: “Both Plus and Pro tiers can be paid monthly or upfront (for people who find that easier for budgeting or billing purposes), and require you to commit to at least 12 months of subscription. There will also be an option to commit to Pro for 24 months, for people who want long term price certainty.”

Hi, so technically, there won’t be an option to upgrade to another perpetual license of a specific Unity version like when you went from Unity 4 to 5. However, after you’ve been subscribing for 24 months, you’ll get perpetual rights to the version of Unity that’s out at the time. Pricing of your new subscription will depend on whether you had Unity 4.x Pro or only Unity 5.x Pro, see the “Transition offers” part of the blog post for more details.

Can you say specific numbers please?

How much should I pay if I subscribe (paying all in advance) to 24months right now with whatever offer you have for pro owners?

The transition offer isn’t available yet. But let’s say you have a Unity 5.x Pro perpetual license and you convert in September and pay 24 months in advance for a subscription starting in April (you’ll get January – March free). Then you’ll pay 12*$75 + 12*$125 = $2400. If you also had Unity 4.x Pro, it would be 24*$75 = $1800.

I have to admit that it’s a fair price, the 1800$.

My only concern is that the next update will nearly double price, 3000$, and that’s too much, is like acquiring a brand new Unity license with iOS and Android addons.

Not happy yet, but at least not in a rage like before…

Please don’t think everything is ok now… because it isn’t.
Now the people seam happy BUT
Unity is still full of bugs, is still the less feature reach between the good engines and the only one without source code available….
Yea … you made big progress because you made this change… but you still have a long way to go

Are we still able to purchase Unity 5.x.x for desktop for 1500$ ? I can find this on your pricing page. If this is true , until when is this possible ?
So if I were to avail the Pay To Own option and pay 3000$ ahead of time ( 125$ / subscription x 24 months ) :
Would I perpetually own the available version 24 months from the time of subscribing or until when exactly ?

You can still buy the perpetual license in the store. I’m however not sure for how much longer that will be the case.

When you commit to the 24 month period for the pay to own plan you own the version that is the current one at the end of your 24 month period and can continue using it without being subscribed.

Yes, until the new store launches.
Also yes, you’ll own the available version 24 months from the time of subscribing + you’ll get critical fixes after (see the FAQ for more detail).

This is what we wanted ;)

Thank you Unity team!
When Unity 5.4 final release will be available?

Honestly, thank you. I will upgrade to Unity plus as soon as the customisable splashscreen is available and will use it.

Great job again, I am happy.

Royalties vs subscription? Doing some math: Let’s say you have 15 people on the studio and made 1M in yearly revenue. 5% of that is 50k, which would be the royalties you would pay (and you pay royalties before everyone’s cut, it’s over gross revenue). For 15 people on the studio paying for the Pro version, it would be $22.500 a year. If you made 500k in revenue a year, you would pay 25k in royalties for 5%, still more than subs. It’s not that accurate because in Unreal’s case you only pay royalties over $3000 per quarter revenue, but you get the idea.

If you have 10 people and made 200k a year, you would pay $4200 with Plus version and $10k with 5% royalties.

So… each case is different, and there are many other costs to consider, but royalties do not make an engine free, NOT EVEN CLOSE. And if you make $99.999 in yearly revenue you pay zero with Free Version and about $5.000 with royalties.

Subscription gets more expensive the more people you have on the studio. Royalties get more expensive the more money you make.

I also want to commend Unity for listening to the developers. Having the splash screen as optional also in Plus is very important for PC developers. Subscribing to Unity Plus makes sense now.

You are wasting time to do something useless.
Instead of taking time to improve splash screen, why you don’t just:
– Remove it
– Drop the revenue to a half or a quarter is good. Surely single developer can reach that revenue easy to pay the fee to upgrade their license.
What the benefit to you?
– It will attract more developer to you.
– And I don’t think developer love to go store and download game to play and look your Splash Screen made with Unity then download Unity and make game with it

What if someone want to add it to support Unity? Just copy Amazon Store, let them download some icon/logo to add it their Splash Screen or Logo

You may ask: where’s your revenue come from to keep Unity alive? Just copy Amazon and Xamarin again: Focus on Cloud Build and sell the package. I love the way I upload the app then Amazon do some test and let me know which device is compatible and which is not. If you can do it on your Cloud Build and let developer do some debug to find error on it, people surely buy it. It reduce the cost for you to try debug problem with certain device (I see a lot people report bug and say something useless like bug on Android phone… When I try NFC, with the same code, the behavior between Android 4 and 5 is very different. With the same Android 5, Samsung NFC, Sony NFC and Asus NFC have different behavior also) and reduce the cost for developers/companies to find the problem and support their customers

Thanks for listening to the community. Like I mentioned in a previous blog, I don’t mind shilling the Unity logo in the splash screen, so long as I can at least have some customization on how to show the logo. Major props to Unity Technologies.

This is better. The new splash screen you’re working on is definitely a step in the right direction. Thank you for listening and more importantly, taking action. Unity plus for £24 a month seems like a great deal too with the new £200k cap

Thank you for listening to our concerns!

This new pricing is a reasonable trade-off between financing the widely spread future development of Unity and still regarding and appreciating the support you received by 1 to 2 person studios who payed and supported you right from the start without using all platforms and services.

As for perpetual Pro license holders: considering a major release cycle of two years, March 2017 (plus / minus a few months) would have anyway been the time to decide how to proceed further. The transition offer is a great concession and the improved plus license now also makes sense.

Thanks again also to Joachim Ante for taking the communities’ reservations seriously.

so is it $125 per month and i can build for ios android ps4 etc without having to pay anything above it ?

Well don’t discount you have to be allowed by Sony & Microsoft themselves to develop for the PS4 and XBox platforms respectively.

This is a great deal.

WOW. Thanks Unity.
I’ll be more than happy to upgrade to the Plus version now that the embarrassing “hobby version” splash is gone.

Thanks for listening to the griping, and actually doing something about it. This is great news – I’m one of those desktop guys who upgrades my pro each year. This addresses every concern I had. Outstanding!

Guys, you’re making a mess on this.
Commitments? Pay to own limited to Pro and requiring consecutive payments? Really?

Please stop embarrassing yourselves, tell your marketing people to go over to Allegorithmic ‘s site and learn something about how to make win-win marketing deals.

Fantastic unity! I’ve been hoping for this for years. I will gladly give $35 /month until I have no money left. You guys do awesome work! Thank you! This is the only true indie development system on the planet now! No other terms compare. Unreal terms are laughable long term with any amount of success.

Let me buy the dark theme from the Asset Store if you’re not giving it for free. Come on.

Thanks for listening to the community. I love Unity, but with the recent pricing changes, i was unsure if i had to switch to Unreal, but now, i’m cool.

It costs only $840 (24 months Plus sub) for all Unity pro features provided you make less than 200K? Okay guys, I complained on the first 2 posts, but I think this is more than a fair deal for us perpetual license users.
Thanks for listening. We’re cool again :)

So owning Unity Plus is not coming, right?
Will I be allowed to transfer a project from Plus to Personal and vice versa at least?
Or will I be stuck if I cannot afford to pay for Plus anymore?

I really don’t want to switch to Unreal just because their engine’s UI is dark. Yet, I do need dark UI.

After the initial subscription period of 12 months, you’re allowed to end your subscription and switch to the Personal Edition anytime.

Thank you very much for your answer!
Is this time frame set back when re-entering the Plus subscription?
Or will I be able to jump from Plus to Personal anytime and how often I want, once I subscribed for 12 months at some point?

In the grand scheme of things, what does this mean for us indie console devs who get licenses from Nintendo, Sony, MS, etc?

5% is little for a company with style and not having to check the conditions ongoing, none to an exceptional bug and a pretty good engine.

But don’t let me stop you. Free beer as in free hangover is just my thought.

Great news! I owned unity 4 pro with android and ios pro. ready to upgrade to plus! Hurry up and take my money so I can kill the splash screen!

Thanks for listening to the comminuty. Although it would have been better if all of this was in the initial announcement, it still shows Unity truely is democatrizing game development by taking in our feedback.

However, as a perpetual licence owner of Unity 5 (and 4 before that), I would have liked a transition plan to Plus similar to the Pro transition. Why not offer a Plus transition of $25/month or something?

When will we know the details regarding Plus vs Pro services? I mean what is the difference between Plus vs Pro analytics? When will we get more info regarding Certification Courseware? That would help a lot of us to make a decision.

What about the deprecated features in the engine? Do you also plan to actually incorporate any of these important features in your roadmap for Unity 5?

I have unity5 pro perpetual and what do you offer if I choose to go for Plus?

Nothing if I read this correctly:

“Transition offer for existing Unity 5 Pro perpetual license customers …

… If you make less than $200k per year, you may choose Unity Plus and pay $35 per month with an annual commitment. ”

Where is there any benefit for my existing Pro, if I would go for plus? No price reduction like perpetual who continue to go for pro subscription and have to pay 75$ instead of 125$ ?

I just could see my money I spend since Unity 3 is wasted then, if I go for plus?

Bad move, if that is true

They’ve already said that you can continue to subscribe for $75 until 2018. They’ll contact you (see the roadmap linked from one of the blogs).

Thanks for the updates to this and listening to your customers.
In particular, grouping the optional splash screen in the Plus package is great for me. I’m a small fry single freelance developer and this is what I need to use your product for clients.

Unity isn’t the only software (although when I use it, I do love it) I have a few other software licenses (subscription and none) and it does add up. Especially when clients are trying to battle you down on price too :P.

You have my subscription now, before I was unsure.

On a smaller point. On the ‘pay to own’ model:

“Along with the new subscription model, we are introducing “pay to own”. After having paid for 24 months of subscription, you can stop paying and keep on using the version you have at that point.”

It would be great if you had ‘minor’ releases. And let the user own that version until a newer ‘minor’ feature is added. Say every 2-3 months or so.

This way, it would help group support for people stuck on different versions. It would make sense that everyone was stuck on 6.3.2 (final build of 6.3) not many users on different versions (6.3.1, 6.3.0b17 etc).

How about this anyone who has ever bought the pro version get the Dark skin for free regardless of what version they on…..

Great idea….
I’d rather the dark skin still just be part of Personal.

I don’t know why they want us to hurt our eyes staring at a bright screen for hours. I can use “f.lux” at night to try and help, but then I’m seeing the game & everything else in tinted colors, and there is still excess light. Many find the darker theme easier on the eyes for long hours. Some are more sensitive to light. And excess screen light at night also affects our sleep, suppressing our production of melatonin.

The reasoning I read on the other thread was “We also needed at least some differentiation, and we really didn’t want it to be features. Thus we chose the splashscreen + dark skin, on top of the $100k revenue limit” which sounds a little arbitrary to me. Differentiating for the sake of more differentiating, while making development a worse experience, doesn’t make sense to me. Unity Team: Especially now with the changes outlined in this post (and there are other Plus tier services), why not drop this? Developers will pour onto the streets in celebration :)

I don’t know why people make such a big deal out of the dark UI. Some of us worked on crappy computers with no ‘skinning’ in our programs for years, and the new users just ‘have’ to have it for the protection of their eyes.

This is really great news! Nice to see that you really listen to your costumers :-)

I can’t wait to see how the new semi customizable splash screen for the Personal looks. When will it be available?

Btw. have you considered to change the text “Made with Unity” into something like “Powered by Unity” or simply just “Unity”. The “Made by” just looks and sounds a little too much like a “Game maker” instead of a professional game engine. But no matter what I think the new customizable splash screen sounds great!

And the new Plus edition is fantastic. By completely removing the splash screen this product is now very attractive. And it’s much more affordable to indie developers.

Props for listening to community (or customers in that matter).

Really good news, you just got a new subscriber here.

What about people like me who still have many months of subscription left? Are we going to have to pay more per month? Are we getting forced to pay for mobile… I never asked for this.

They said there will not be any major unity 6 release. Now it’s like Linux rolling release model

There’ll be no Unity 6. But if you meant to ask “Will it be possible to sign up for Pro subscription and get Pay-to-Own after 24 months after March 2017?”, which I think you did, then the answer is yes!

When you say there’ll be no Unity 6, what does it mean from the version numbering scheme perspective?
Does it mean Unity will stuck in Unity 5.x for ever?

I guess that’s congruent with the idea of not accumulating big features around a major version number (aka Microsoft versioning style).

Perhaps you could consider using a Ubuntu style: Unity Year/Month, so in 2017 March, Unity would be released as Unity 17.03

We will likely switch to a different numbering scheme at some point in the future, but the details are not decided yet.

I like it:)

Unity indie dev since v3 (I switched to Mac just for Unity). Pro user with IOS and Android since v4. I even kept Pro 5 when I was a offered a refund because I believe in the company (level 11, beta access etc were not enticements). Let’s face it – people are passionate because we love Unity so much. I like that I can use JavaScript and that it’s artist friendly.

The big benefit here is the 35$ Plus price. I subscribe to Adobe CC for about 70$ canadian monthly (and i am not wealthy) and I get access to almost all their software ( more than 20) so it didn’t make sense to me to pay so much for one Unity platform. This makes much more sense and since we get access to all platforms it’s kind of like getting multiple software.

It also makes sense to philosophically ditch big releases – it’s like forcing you to artificially have big new features on a specific date instead of when they are ready. And with the bug issues lately I think this will help. My only comment (and it doesn’t affect me since I will switch to plus from pro but still) is something that many people have brought up. Why on earth would you want to associate Unity splash screen with the most amateur projects? Don’t get me wrong, there can be many unique and wonderful projects made with free, but it doesn’t make common sense does it?

Anyways thank you for listening. It reassures me that there is still some of that well designed, community oriented “we do things differently” spirit that made me fall in love with Unity in the first place:)

And with that announcement, you now have a free user going to upgrade to Plus, and probably Pro once sales start coming in.

I guess that should be answered by you guys though. I am assuming that if you get a Plus subscription ( 12 months) and you are 3 months into it and decide to go pro, does the ´clock´ start over at 12 months, or does the 3 months count. Not that big of a deal either way.

The ‘clock’ starts over for your new Pro subscription if you upgrade midway through your Plus subscription commitment.

Could you clarify what happens if the developer starts the project as a free user, then subscribes for Unity Plus as monthly subscriber, then in the midst of that first 12 month commitment upgrades to a monthly Pro license?
Say they’ve been a Plus subscriber for 3 months, so paid $105 so far. Then they upgrade to Pro. Do they still need to pay the remaining $315 of the Plus subscription commitment in addition to the new monthly $125 Pro subscription, or does the $1500 Pro commitment cover that? (In other words, would the total for 3 months of Plus subscription, continuing into 12 month Pro subscription, be $1605 or $1920?)

No, they don’t need to pay the remaining amount. From the FAQ: What happens if I upgrade to a higher tier during my commitment period?
If you upgrade during a commitment period, you will have to commit for a new period of at least 12 months. For example, if you choose to upgrade to Unity Pro 6 months into a 12 month subscription to Plus, you will have to start a new 12 month commitment period for Pro. The old commitment period for Plus will be removed.

You can upgrade your plan yourself from your Unity ID. Note that:

All upgrades will take effect immediately
It is not possible to reduce the number of seats when upgrading to a higher product tier
You can choose a different payment plan, for example, pre-pay for 12 months instead of paying per month.
When you upgrade to a higher product tier, any prepaid amount for the remaining commitment period which will not be consumed will be deducted in the future payments for the new product tier.

As a perpetual owner, I feel pissed off, not for the first time.. I Think this is the last version of Unity3d I’m using.

Same here. I bought pro 3, upgraded for 4 and 5 total : +-2750 $ . Sadly, I can’t continue to pay more.

Unity Pro 2.x, and paid extra for iOS. Never missed an upgrade cycle.

I switched to Unity when Torque was in it’s death throes, and started waiting for the asset store to go downhill and eventually this when they hired ex-GarageGames people to run it.

I might be less bitter if every single tool I use wasn’t going to this model – Adobe, Autodesk, et. al.

We are not happy with all that new strategy at all. We are having 3 perpetual Unity 5.x PRO licences, and we are with you since 3.x (always buying PRO). Last licence was bought 1 month ago, and now we are reading that it will stop update itself after march 2017 (less than a year).

We are really considering switching to other engine after we will release our game that is developed right now.

Besides, why you giving us All platforms if we are only interested on desktop ones? Why we need iOS and Android? Its good for indie developers to release smaller games on all available platforms, but since we are focused on bigger games, we are not interested in mobile.

And again, your pricing is good for indie developers and for a while we was happy that with version 5, Unity started to focus on AAA games. I guess its back to mobile/small devs again.

I pre-ordered Unity 5 Pro when it was first available (as a perpetual license).
And it was clearly stated that this will include all updates through out the 5.x life-cycle.
Stopping updates during the 5.x cycle for existing customers with a perpetual license of Unity, is in my mind a clear breach of contract.

Hi! Unity 5.x cycle will end in March 2017. Instead of publishing Unity 6, we will switch to a different versioning system though.

>Hi! Unity 5.x cycle will end in March 2017. Instead of publishing Unity 6, we will switch to a different >versioning system though.

An arbitrary naming change like that doesn’t really constitute the end of the 5.x cycle in my mind.
If it wasn’t explicitly said, then it was at least implied that the end of the 5.x cycle is when the next major version comes out with major new features. An arbitrary change in the version numbering scheme certainly does not honor the the contract.

if it was an actual upgrade with new features so it would make sense to upgrade, then yeah, sure.

Totally agree. Already owners of perpetual license for 5.x version should not be affected by those changes, simple as that.

I can understand Unity model changes but can’t go against their best clients.

Current owners of a perpetual license should only be affected from version 6 onwards. Then apply a similar offer to the one that perpetual license owners currently have for next perpetual license purchase.
That would be fair and perfectly understandable.

Stopping updates during the 5.x cycle for existing customers with a perpetual license of Unity, is in my mind a clear breach of contract.

They are not stopping updates during the 5.x cycle, the 5.x cycle end in March 2017. It is that simple.

Unity has once again proved it has its developers’ best interests in mind. I actually like the MWU screen, but disliked the version subtext so this is perfect news for me.

Thank you!

Unity, thanks for listening! Plus now offers a compelling reason to upgrade from the free version.

How does the $35 per month pricing work. Do I have to pay a full year in advance to get $35, or does it bill monthly if I commit to a year? or is the monthly price the $50 i heard quoted earlier.

For both Plus and Pro tiers you can choose between paying monthly or paying the 12 months up-front. Either way, the total price is the same.

We expect most people will choose to pay monthly, but upfront is an option for those who prefer that.

(The $50/month price was part of the previously announced pricing scheme, and no longer an option with the changes announced here.)

“you may subscribe to Unity Pro at the special price of $75 per month for a limited transition period, after which the price will revert to the normal subscription price of $125 per month”

Hahaha, wow. That’s your special transition plan eh?

Lets be realistic, Unity games run pretty crappy on mobile, it burns through battery and heats up the GPU on every mobile device. At its very best, it always consumes more juice than the competitors.

The games kind of look crappy. Compared to CE, or Unreal, Unity looks like a cute program that would be great for maybe Low Poly games… if it didn’t perform so badly.

So sure, it runs on “28” platforms (only 14 of which it actually ships with), but its kind of not great on any of them.

Look, you already collect yearly fees from most of those 28 platforms at around 1m a year. You also charge peripherals etc licensing fees, so all the VR companies etc pay you ANOTHER 1m a year. Now you want to be greedy and double fees on users and work to push everyone to a plus/pro box, even to the point of ostracising your old “fan base” (if old Unity devs such as myself count as fans).

I get it, costs are tight. You guys are building the company in a way too many directions, with way too many incomplete services, shipping really buggy releases, and making a pretty hacky gameengine now. Comsider though that if your cash is so short to need to increase fees — the problem is likely MUCH deeper than your pricing model and much more likely to be your PRODUCT and SERVICES mode.

Given your history and complete disillusion in your post above, I doubt this oh-so-much. But MAYBE you will start releasing less crappy, buggy and half finished features with a bit more money. But seriously, if you want to save money, identify why your product has been failing to release complete products and start cutting jobs from those responsible. Don’t just turn around and demand more money.


I saw someone mention CryEngine now supports C#, those guys have always been so nice and such a pleasure to work with. I think that was the best news for me today :)

I Like this Adjustments to the previously proposed plans… I specially like the option to pay upfront 12 months… since the Dollar conversion to my currency is always changing and it usually gets worse.

About people who bought Unity 5 and will stop to recieve updates on March 2017… why don’t you just push Unity 6 to that date, and let Unity 5 rest for everyone.

As your system will not allow me to reply to your last comment I will reply here…

Rune Skovbo Johansen said:
“So what did they say about how long you were entitled to updates then?”

It was stated, as BROTEN TECHNOLOGIES CORP, has pointed out, prior to the Unity 5 release;

“Does buying Unity 5.0 entitle me to all 5.x releases?
Yes, you will receive for free the updates in the Unity 5.x release cycle.”

I’d say that is pretty clear what I should expect from UT regarding any release of the Unity 5 software.

I am totally fine with updates and patches ending march 2017. They need to eventually end unity 5. But it must be that the END of the Unity 5 Product.

I am also fine if they say you now must get Unity “6” subscription going forwards from March 2017.

But What I am not fine with!!! is that Unity FREE will get updates. But Unity 5 Pro perpetuals will not.

Give Pro perpetuals updates, or lock Free accounts to March 2017 version + 3 patches. you can’t hand out free licences that give continuous updates when a paid perpetual does not get updates.

I would have been fine with free getting continuous updates post march 2017 back when Free had limited features and abilities. But now Free is fully featured.

Unity has totally buggered up the licensing system. And yes they are now pissing some of us off. Mostly Pro perpetual users and Pro sub users that do not want the iOS or Android add on keys.

But same time they are getting lots of praise, but that is all coming from the Unity Free user base. Unity’s focus is definitely on the Free account holders. Giving them more and more. and hoping to convert a bunch of the into Plus subscribers. But they are alienating a portion of the Pro Perpetual and Pro Sub account base in the process.

I paid 1500$ for 24 months of Unity 5 Pro. And Perpetual access. And I am more then willing to upgrade my perpetual for 24 more months of upgrade support.

But at 125$ a month!! no way haha. That is 3000$USD just to get a few upgrades/completions/fixes to existing features.

If they had huge milestone features like when Unity 5 came out planned for March I might think about it.

But so far all I see is them finishing features from the existing Unity 5 road-map. So for that I’d only be willing to pay 600$-1500$USD for the next 24 months at the MAX. At 3000$USD hell no! lol

March 2017 was added to EULA post sale of product sometime in 2015. I am sticking to the EULA I agreed to at purchase. Which is upgrades for entire life of the Major 5.x build.

So long as the Major build is 5.x as stated the original text agreed to upon purchase, I believe from Canadian law you are held to the standards to provide that original term to those who purchased when that was in effect.

So long as 5.x is the Major build we get updates and patches.

“Does buying Unity 5.0 entitle me to all 5.x releases?
Yes, you will receive for free the updates in the Unity 5.x release cycle.”

All versions of Unity with a 5. major build are all covered by this! Until 5. is no longer the Major build that is the terms.

The way I see it is after March 2017, there will be no Unity 5.x, x=the last number for the 5.x naming scheme. There will be no Unity 6 either. There will be just “Unity” with a release number and it could be any naming scheme like R15, Build 1130a, etc. Or they could have codenames like macOS Sierra, or follow Ubuntu’s release names like Unity 16.03, Unity 16.08. Again, Unity 5.x naming scheme after March 2017 will be ending. The .x will not go on to infinity.

The solution is pretty clear here; you either ‘grandfather’ in all Pro users who purchased Unity 5 Pro under the terms it was advertised and sold or in March 2017 you announce Unity 6 with a new pricing scheme. But you don’t get to change the terms of the sale post-sale, or in this case mid product lifetime.

You are going to have a hard time convincing anyone with any sense that the terms of the sale can be changed after the fact. Unity 5 Pro was advertised and sold with all version 5 releases and updates. If after March 2017 you release Unity 5.9 (example) and fail to allow paid Pro users update to that point release you are in violation of your own sales agreement. You should expect your paid Pro users to take exception to that. I can’t imagine that you could convince anyone that an entity who has paid full price for your software and multiple licenses should not be entitled to all point releases regardless of the date on the calendar. I didn’t buy a ‘Service Contract’ I bought ‘software license(s)’.

If you don’t like that then in March 2017 you are going to have to call it Unity 6.0 and then you can sell it any way you want under any terms you like.

I’m not expecting support ‘forever’. I am expecting UT to fulfill the terms of their advertised sale of Unity 5 Pro. Through all of Unity 5’s cycle. You can’t convince me that there will never be a Unity 6. I’m not asking for above and beyond; I’m asking you to do what you agreed to do when I paid full price for the licenses.

Once our Unity 5 product agreement is completed and Unity 6 rolls out, if the Pro plan makes financial sense I will renew my licenses for Unity 6 Pro. If it does not make sense to purchase Unity products from UT I won’t.

Who ever thought changing the pricing scheme and the product life cycle at the same time in the middle of the cycle should rethink that idea…

Thanks for writing down your thoughts on this!
Personally, I can only add:
If only they sold the dark UI for a reasonable fixed price.
35$ a month for dark UI is really weird.

Ok I’ve cooled off a little now from this announcement and analyzed what is happening.

As of March 2017 Unity will be the NEXT release cycle. But dropping the 6 from the name and builds. OK. So this is the end of Unity 5. OK all good.

The goal is to migrate users into a free and subscription based program. With a unity that has no major build cycles going forwards.

For Unity 5 Pro perpetual users I think UT did the wrong approach to meet this goal.

Currently Unity 5 Pro perpetuals will stop receiving updates after 3 patches post March 2017.
Unless the subscribe to PRO or PLUS.

The problem with this is the FREE/PLUS/PRO has almost identical features and abilities now. The major differentiation is in the 100k, 200k, and unlimited fiscal requirements.

This would mean that the old Unity 5 PRO perpetuals are “below” Unity “March 2017” Free in abilities as that Free will continue to get updates.

This will most likely cause any cash tight Unity 5 Pro perpetuals with 100k or less to simply abandon the Unity 5 Pro perpetual key in favor of the Unity “March 2017” Free account.

This does will not site well with those Users, as they lose features like Dark UI, asset servers, and loading screen options.

How I see a solution which would have been less controversial to the Unity 5 Pro perpetual users is as follows.

On March 2017, Unity 5 Pro Perpetual key holders would be placed into THREE subscription tracks.

-> Unity 5 Pro Perpetual FREE
-> Unity Plus subscription
-> Unity Pro subscription

The accounts would be sorted based on the 100k, 200k, 200k+ annual income ranges.

Unity 5 Pro Perpetual FREE would have all features of the past Unity 5 Pro, would be FREE and patch maintained to the same build and Unity “march 2017″ Free. Requirement of income less then 100k.

Unity Plus subscriptions would be assigned to any account with a 100k-200k annual income. (Also selected able by choice for anyone of lower tier)

Unity Pro subscriptions would be assigned to any account with a 200k+ annual income. (Also selected able by choice for anyone of lower tier)

These annual incomes would be always future applicable. So IF at anytime you pass a threshold the account is upgraded or downgraded based on ranges.

This would migrate users based on the income of said account. While preserving the features and expectations of the previous Unity 5 Pro perpetuals. While also maintaining those licenses ABOVE that of the Unity ‘March 2017” FREE accounts.

This would prevent Unity 5 Pro perpetuals with less then 100k from migrating to Unity “march 2017” Free accounts and loosing some small but expected features of comfort they expected. While forcing those with larger budgets to make the change over to PLUS or PRO subscriptions.

This would at least make sense. Because then, just like they always seemed to stress in their talks:
Then, UT’s succes would _actually_ be based on the developers’ success, because the more money game developers make using Unity, the more money UT will get from higher subscription costs.

I am very curious about this as well. I, too, bought a Unity 5 Pro perpetual license and at the time I bought it, the description said I would be getting all the 5.x updates for free.
So they will be releasing 6.0, I guess?

Shushustorm, from everything I can gather it will be Unity 5+ just called something other than Unity 5 or Unity 5+. Unity “Insert witty name here…” edition. Regardless it won’t be called Unity 5, even though it is the continuation of the Unity 5 we know now. That is why they keep saying that Unity is ‘ever evolving’… and of course they want to get paid for the ‘+’ part of the ‘5+’. It won’t be Unity 6 for the same reason.

I suspect, (my uneducated/uninformed guess only), rather than adhere to a numerical succession of versions attempting to complete things on a set schedule the releases will be targeted more towards large feature sets. Think World of Warcraft® Patches; where patches are actually the release of additional content (Instances/Dungeons/Areas) with previous bug fixes included; just not using a numerical Unity 5 or Unity 6 versioning to distinguish the release. This would explain the subscription format they are pushing really hard for because it releases them from a set schedule or deadline to complete a Major Version release. In other words, Its Unity 5 with more stuff added, not on a set schedule, paid for as you use it, because more stuff is in the pipeline to be added in the next release (patch). It also would mean they will have NO EXCUSES when releasing buggy software! The features will be done when they are done and not released with loads of bugs like we have now. My hats off to the actual programmers at UT for keeping on top of that mess since the release of U5; keep it up folks!

Again gathering what information is available I am guessing and guessing only. UT has not done a very good job explaining what we end users can really expect as Paid Pro users, other than any Pro plan you have now goes ‘Poof!’ in March 2017, and you basically have to start over with a subscription or another Paid License.

You will notice that all the plans encourage the end user to ‘subscribe’ rather than purchase. There is more profit in smaller amounts with greater numbers on a monthly schedule… I will be the first in line to say UT should get paid for its software; but I don’t think these troll-fests that they create are very profitable or good for their image. This whole disaster should have been held until March 2017 at the announcement of the ‘next release’ even if in reality it really was the ‘end of cycle’ announcement.

This whole announcement was very poorly handled, planned, and/or explained… As someone who put the cash up front for several Unity 5 Pro Licenses before it was even released I certainly don’t feel like UT treated us like Pro users this cycle.

“Does buying Unity 5.0 entitle me to all 5.x releases?
Yes, you will receive for free the updates in the Unity 5.x release cycle.”

The contract you signed will be respected: they said they will not be a Unity 6, but that it will be the end of Unity 5. You will receive all Unity 5.x majors version until March 2017, and then there will be a new product, something like “Unity Unlimited”, and no more 5.x versions.

In fact it would be exactly the same as if Unity 6 would be released in March 2017, except it will not be called Unity 6 but something else, but not Unity5 anymore.

My main problem is that “Unity 5 Free accounts” get updates/patches. But you will not provide updates to “Unity 5 Pro Perpetual accounts” with out a subscription.

A paid for product is getting less support then a Free Product.

Should be one of the following:

1. Free, Plus Sub, and Pro Sub, Pro perpetual should get updates post March 2017.
2. Plus Sub, and Pro Sub, Pro perpetual should get updates post March 2017.
3. Free, Plus Sub, and Pro Sub, Pro perpetual should not get updates post March 2017.
4. Plus Sub, and Pro Sub should get updates post March 2017.

Free get updates. But Pro perpetual are NOT. Is totally WRONG way to model this.

Opps make that list:

1. Free, Plus Sub, and Pro Sub, Pro perpetual should get updates post March 2017.
2. Plus Sub, and Pro Sub, Pro perpetual should get updates post March 2017.
3. Plus Sub, and Pro Sub should get updates post March 2017.

Come March 2017, my Unity 5 Pro Perpetual will be of less value then a free account. And since my revenue per annual meets requirements for Free. I guess I will shelf my now useless pro key. and use my free key. Or bail from Unity and use unreal.

My take away from the life cycle of Unity 5. Has been do not bother with buying and paying Unity Tech for a Key. Simply use the Free versions, unless income is over limits. Zero reason to other wise pay for the engine.

With the way licensing is structured now I doubt I’ll use anything other then free going forwards post march 2017. And if income is over the limit, I’d just switch engines. Sad to say but Unity you built the new system where it is generally better to have a free account.

You will get updates for the entire 5.x cycle with your Unity 5 perpetual license. The Unity 5.x cycle ends March 2017.

After that, new versions of Unity (not 5.x) will continue to be released. They too will be available in Personal (free), Plus, and Pro versions. Given we have a free version of Unity and we do not want to discontinue it, future versions of it will necessarily need to be free – and available – as well.

This is super confusing. Sure, you are saying that even after Unity 5.x, the free product will still have access to updates, patches and bug fixes. But the Pro and Plus won’t if their subscriptions are over?

Like it says there will no longer be new versions labeled as 5.x to any tiers as 5 lifetime ends. Instead they will change to another major version or system ie. Unity 2017, or that’s how I see it.

Major Unity releases have happened every 2 – 3 years. March 2017 will be 2 years for Unity 5. I have no problem with that date ending 5.x and Unity moving to a new #.

You really need to treat the end of 5 like 4. In March, Unity 2017 is released, but UT continues to fix bugs in Unity 5.x just like you have done with Unity 4 by releasing 4.7.0-4.7.2, which are basically just bug fixes.

I was an angry user wanting to get Plus without splash. Now I’m a happy user not wanting… but getting Plus.

Thanks a lot for listen to us. At last we will be able to remove the Splash screen of death :D


I think it is a great plan Unity. Thanks for listening to the users. I agree that in order to have a great product you need to charge for it and people moaning because of a splash screen when they are getting the product for free is crazy.

Keep up the good work.

This is completely fair. You’ll get far more people willing to commit to $35 per month, than you did before. You’ll actually have a lot more paying customers, now.

When is this new pricing plan available?

Great news, thanks Unity. I have a question on upgrading: is it allowed to open a half-done game made with Free version, with the Plus editor? Or the project should be ported (re-written) to the new Unity Plus/Pro?

The EULA says it is not allowed to mix&match licenses, but it is allowed to mix&match assets from the Asset Store.

Someone from Unity should come along and explain better than me eventually.

Basically it amounts to a person with a Pro license not sharing Assets they got from Level 11 if they are 1 seat only or allowing access to others of their Pro tier services and things like that.

Also, publishing or compiling for someone to get rid of that splash screen isn’t allow but that’s basically a moot point now.

If you switch back and forth between license service levels access to those tier services changes accordingly and with that, the splash screen. Any Asset Store assets you obtained via Level 11 is as if you purchased them with cash and most you still will have to purchase most assets you want with cash anyway so the changes in license levels doesn’t effect that.

Most assets, mostly art assets, take into account you will be collaborating with others and allow those art assets to be shared. They hope, respectfully of course, only for the duration of a collaborative project. Some code and framework assets require 1 license per individual Unity seat (person) but those state that in the asset store. It’s still not legal to buy any assets with the intent of dumping them in a torrent or other such shares, regardless.

thanks Jack for your reply!

But my question is not strictly related to the Asset Store: in general, say I wrote two dozens classes, made animations, prefabs, assets and settings: if I switch to Plus, should I start from scratch?

If not, I could just wait the day I am ready to publish to subscribe to Plus, for this reason there is the clause in the EULA that you cannot develop in Personal and upgrade to Pro (Plus) (and I think I read somewhere that it is also a technical limitation, it just does not work)

My understanding is that you can easily upgrade in the middle of a project, and in fact I have it understood that many people do. It is also suggested quite often to do this on the forums.

The “mixing” people refer to is with having a group/team working on a project, some with free, some with paid licenses. They wouldn’t want that as you could have a team of 50 working a project, but only 1 person paying for pro in order to publish. But as far as upgrading mid-project, I don’t think there is an issue.

Of course you can upgrade your license without having to start over. :-)

However, if you’re working with others, the entire team must be on the same license tier.

From our EULA:

if you are a permitted user of Unity Personal, you may commence a project using only Unity Personal and subsequently upgrade all (but not less than all) of your licenses to Unity Pro

We’re in this current licensing model situation because Unity makes less money than Unreal. If they could alleviate the situation (revenue cap, splash screen, dark theme, etc.) by charging 5% for entities that make more than $3,000 per quarter, I’m all for that. If they could also make the source code available, that’d be great.

While Unity has a higher upfront cost for developers, its cheaper than competitors such as Unreal and Cryengine.

Wow. I was just thinking about the previous licensing costs back in early 2009, when Unity Indie (now Free/Personal Edition) plus a $400 iPhone/Android Basic add-on costed $600 per seat in total and when Unity 3 came out I had upgraded everything to Pro (Desktop/iOS/Android) which costed around $4500 not including discount.

But now, in contrast, especially for an indie Pro user, with the Plus license subscription, you get everything (Pro engine and Pro IDE features, all Pro add-ons, Team Asset Server) all for $420 a year?

That’s insane! Are you guys making enough money if the majority went to Plus license? I mean its really great for me as an indie, and I like all the Pro features I am considering downgrading my current Pro license to Plus.

Also thank you for open sourcing parts of the engine. Its good to tryout the new 2D experimental preview and I am hoping the you open source other Unity modules.

Wow, I may subscribe to Plus now with the tier services. And the splash screen changes Unity did for the Free users is super nice.

What can I say… I will most probably switch to Plus after 2017 , and I think you make a good move BUT:
– as a perpetual license owner of only PC I must say my price increased… by ~150$ I am willing to forgive this but I wander If it’s a good move and I am a bit dissapointed that switching to plus will not give us any discount.
– you still don’t make Unity source code available… You could benefit from this !!! People could help you make the engine better! unreal does that! Use the community! There is a gap between unity and other engines and the community can help you with that, if you let them!
– Unity will probably now keep it’s costumers, BUT I this it will have a big problem getting new costumers… Cryengine si free. unreal is 5% royalty after you make money… phychology tells us that both engines have a better offer than you (one is free… free is a very attractive word, the other is pay at some time in the future -> even if it might be more expensive people will like the fact that they will pay later! -> you should read Dan Ariely books :P)
– the unity splash screen makes a BIG problem… bad games have the unity logo, good games don’t. so people will associate unity with bad games! how many people know endless space 1+2 and endless legend and wasteland 2 and torment and skylines etc are made with unity?! you should encourage people that make GOOD games to put the logo. you should, for example, give them a price cut if a game you want chooses to use your logo.
– unity is the less feature reach of the big 3 engines… and this (with the price) will be a problem. You can get those features (and even more) but you need to pay more money for this! You should solve this problem ASAP (and the many bugs problem :D). When people will choose a new engine they will look at the price (an unity is not a top choice in this area), they will look and the features (again unity is not ok) and at the games people make with them (see the splash screen problem). Unity is the easiest to use and the asset store is a BIG BIG plus…. and has the biggest community, but people will not see that right away. Maybe you should tell them about this and not the 20 something platforms 90% of us don’t know, or care, about.

I think the new price model is a step forward … and even if i think it still has many flows you should go forward with it and not change it again once a year. BUT you should address the other problems listed above.

PS: you should have kept the Pay to Own for plus also… It’s an useless feature, but people feel much more happy with the fact that they will own the engine!

Let me clarify one thing: will the free (personal) users still be able to get updates (5.4, 5.4.1, 5.x, etc) and bug fixes (like the current patched version that free users are just as able to download as anyone else)? Because after reading carefully, it seems to me that in the new model, free users are not going to be able to update to new version the engine – having to stick with the base-version they download.

The confusion here is being caused by the lack of clarify in what regards what means the updates and fixes that are exclusive to subscribers and which will remain like today, available to everybody. Would you care to clarify?

Will the free (personal) users still be able to get updates (5.4, 5.4.1, 5.x, etc) and bug fixes (like the current patched version that free users are just as able to download as anyone else)?

Yes. Nothing has changed in that regard.

Awesome news! I signed up to a pro subscription via my local Unity UK sales rep around a month and a half ago. Plus is now a much better fit for me and I would like to move across. Can I? If so how soon?

I feel that Unity is not looking at the competition at all. Unreal Engine has all features for free at the cost of royalties. CryEngine also has all the features for free and has no royalties.

I’m not saying that Unity should follow CryEngine or Unreals model, but notice how you do not need to pay for the engine. I can also customize their splash screen, their source code, and I have a dark theme.

It’s almost childish how Unity is still peddling the dark theme and splash screen as if they are worth 420$ (a 12 month subscription to plus). I am seriously considering switching to CryEngine (which supports C# and Mono).

Exactly right. It’s surprising how so many fail to realize that simple thing. I mean, I love Unity – that’s why I am here. But common, the other big AAA engines are not charging for usage, some are not even charging royalties, all are giving source codes for free (while Unity even charges extra for those also for the Enterprise users!), not to mention that all engines (and pretty much all softwares) include a dark theme. Unity seems to have become anachronistic. And just because now they are moving back to a term that is less bad than the one previously announced, people cease to see that it’s still a very outdated model.

Cry Engine doesn’t have 900 employees working on their engine that need to get paid salaries buddy.

Yeah, right? CryEngine is such a small player in the engine business… probably done by one teenager in a garage.

Perhaps they shouldn’t over-hire and find their expenditure soaring well outside their budget.

Actually, CryTek has ~700 employees as of 2014, and Unity only has ~500 as of 2014. I couldn’t find any more recent numbers.

I am finding it hard to believe that a smaller company, with a more popular engine can’t provide semi-competitive pricing and features.

The Plus and Pro editions feel like a lot of money for very little. Paying to own isn’t well thought out. 420$ for Plus, and 1500$ for Pro and you get a dark theme and customizeable splash screen.

If you pay the monthly subscription you will get Plus/Pro services. This is similar to how CryEngine operates. Pay a subscription and you will get extended support and services.

I feel like they should just stop the Personal/Plus/Pro, make the entire engine free (and maybe even open source). Then sell the extended support and service packages as a subscription.

Let’s be real here, CryTek is primarily a gamedev studio, going way back to 1999. Only a fraction of its 700 employees actually work on UE4.
Unity Technologies works only on Unity, last I checked.

How many of those employees are actually working on the core engine though? I have the feeling that Unity is transitioning to investing a huge chunk of its resources in stuff like “Unity Services” (Ads, Certification, etc.) which is not what I want from an engine developer. I would much rather see UT concentrating on its core tech. and using all of its resources to improvie the quality of the engine.

Please return the Plus “Pay to Own”!

For whatever reason subscription business models make me uncomfortable. They feel like they’re purely meant to squeeze money out users without providing quality updates. See Adobe. That being said I have been very happy with Unity, Pro 4-5,iOS & Android, and will give them the benefit of the doubt. I would gladly pay for 24 months of Plus to not have my software evaporate!

Jarred the subscription model works better because that means there will be no major releases of Unity anymore. So no Unity 6 or 7 with new features that isolate older versions and take up valuable development time with Unity devs maintaining old versions and code bases.

Everyone will always be on the latest and Unity won’t be forced to release new unfinished buggy major releases at conferences for marketing purposes etc. Maintaining one single version that everyone is using is far more efficient.

you misread my comment.

Pro will have a “Pay to Own” option and I believe Plus should as well. If I pay for 24 months of a Plus subscription up front I should get that version of plus permanently. Same as pro. The way it is now Plus will revert to the Free version after your subscription runs out.

Question: if you have PLUS and develop a game in plus, but the subscription runs out and you go to personal edition, can you open the project in personal edition? Also, can a project developed in pro be open and used in plus or personal?

The only real difference between Personal, Plus, and Pro is the online services. They all use essentially the same exact engine and features, so you can freely switch your project between them. You just might lose access to certain online services when downgrading.

Although the changes are very welcome, I can’t help but feel that Unity just does not learn with its mistakes. Keeping the splash screen mandatory for free users and optional to more professional users will sustain the perverse tendency (that if I am not mistaken was assumed by staff recently) where the best games made with Unity are hard to identify as “made with Unity” while the amateurish ones have the clear stamp.

As it has been said recently, that is probably the main reason why many people see Unity the wrong way. At this moment, Unity has the big opportunity to change it – but won’t! It’s still very silly and I am sure that the competitors are thanking Unity a lot for continuing this mistake.

That said, it is also still pathetic that a dark skin is a paid feature when Unreal and CryEngine are fully free to use (the latter does not even charge royalties). Really hope that someday Unity team will get it right about at least these two things that, at this point, should be obvious.

Unreal, CryEngine, Amazon’s new engine, they are all free to use (the last two are also royalties’ free).

But that said, I didn’t mean everything has to be free. The only thing I mentioned it’s silly to charge for is the dark skin theme. Plase think for a damn second if there is any software that makes something like that a pro feature. It’s just silly to make free users lack the ability of using a less eye-hurting skin, no to mention that for the last 5 years that has been the most voted feedback-criticism in Unity’s feedback system.

In what regards the splash screen, I was saying a different thing that I think your fanboyism prevented you from reading right. It’s not about wanting its removal to be free for the sake of being free. It’s actually about tackling an old issue related to how Unity has become ill-perceived due to only the amateurish bad games displaying Unity’s logo. It’s best if the good games clearly display “made with Unity” than if the bad games-only do that.

No matter what Unity does, there will always be people like you complaining about something.

The dark skin, the splash screen, realtime shadows, lightmapping, blah blah, sob sob.

Stop moaning, if the dark skin and splash screen are so important to you, go and pay the $35 a month and help contribute to the development of the engine. Otherwise if you want totally free go back to Cryengine or Unreal and enjoy coding in C++

Being able to disable the splash in Unity Plus sounds like a big “Plus” and now something worth subscribing to! :)

Thanks Unity. I love the splash screen change. That was awesome!

In fact, I am very happy and will be a PLUS subscriber.

What I didn’t see is whether there is a transition offer to PLUS for Unity 5 Pro users. I also own Unity 4 Pro.

Thanks and super excited with these news.

From what I have read there is no offer for people going from pro 4 or 5 to plus 5, which is a little dissapointing I guess.

Exactly. I am disappointed that while Unreal and CryEngine even go the free-to-use route, Unity keeps making a Dark Skin a paid feature.

How exactly is Unreal more free than Unity? Unity has a free version. Unreal has a free version. Unity requires a license if you make $$$$$$. Unreal requires a royalty if you make $$$$. Unity requires the splash screen on the free version. Unreal requires their “Powered by Unreal video” period.

Maybe I’m missing it?

Yes, unreal requires royalty, but its amount depends on how much money you make.
For example, if you make $3000 per quarter, you pay $150 every 3 months, which makes $600 a year. Whereas, in unity you have to pay $1500 per year, no matter how much money you make, even if you have no profit. And that’s disappointing…

If you make $30000 per year you’re paying the same with Unreal as Unity. Unity lets you earn over six times as much for the same fee, while if you earn under $200k you’re only paying $420 in a year. If you make $200k with Unreal in a year you’re paying $10000 in royalties.

Dark editor skins are a convenient feature that helps reduce eye fatigue that are valued by people who are working with software a lot (which implies they are professional users). So why would a feature that reduces eye strain not be in a professional version?

These are much better changes, now I just have to wait and see how the dreaded exchange rate god’s treat us in the UK, I expect the $35 per month for plus will translate to £35 per month (not Unity’s fault I know)

As a previous perpetual pro owner from 3,4,5 I will be using plus going forward, just a shame there is no transitional offer from pro 5 to plus 5 ah well.

Are these changes going to push back when the 2nd wave will be able to migrate? Still hoping it will be this month?

I think what we’re going to see now is that small indie teams will continue to use Unity and more than likely upgrade to the plus plan. Existing teams / studios using Pro perpetual licences and those studios that are growing will find that the cost isn’t really worth it to them and will likely shift to other engines.

This is the position we’re in. We’re a growing studio with 4 perpetual licences at the moment. Come March 2017 we’ll have grown the studio by at least another 2 or 3 people we’ll be paying $750 – $875 a month ($9,000 – $10,500 a year) for the continued use for a product we’ve already paid for (ok, $550 – $675 a month with the proposed discount – which will only affect our 4 current licences).

The issue is that our budget has already allocated the original cost of the Pro perpetual licences and having to now introduce a new cost, a cost that was never planned for, means that we’re in a position now where we need to decide whether to continue to use this engine and incur a new cost that we can’t really afford or move to an engine with a licensing term that doesnt require upfront costs every month / year.

I know that in essence Unit 5 would have probably transitioned to Unity 6 around March 2017, but what isn’t mentioned is that previous versions are often supported for up to a year after a new version is released. Now we’re in a corner that in essence states that if we don’t continue to pay beyond what we have already paid for the software then we might be stuck with an un-updatable version (which there is every possibility will have existing bugs and issues).

This spits in the face of larger developers, in essence turning their back on them in order to cater more to the smaller indie developers and hobbyists. If this is the target market that Unity would like to pursue then fair enough to them, unfortunately we won’t be along for the ride as we see better value elsewhere.

I have the same view point as you Justin. This is a increase in price. I have already paid by fee’s and will not pay for anything else. With a rather good selection of engines available or even coding the game directly from SDK and c++. Makes Unity undesirable as a studio.

I see this shift in paradigm as a move to small indie games only on Unity and large AAA titles using UE4. Looks to me that Unity has decided to only embrace the indies developers.

People can say but Unity 5 Pro is still cheaper then 5% of a 200k game sales with UE4. But what they forget is the UE4 is free to develop on and is patch maintained. Unity now is NOT patch maintained indefinitely. Why purchase a product if it won’t be bug fixed or have new technologies patched in. As well UE games draw a much larger number of purchases the Unity 5 games.

It’s become PRO(UE4) vs INDIE(Unity).

If UT said they would lock unity Free users to 1 build behind plus and pro. You would have a screaming fit on the post from Free users. And what they are doing to Pro perpetual is the same as this. But it affects a much smaller group. Only studios and groups with tight/small regulated budgets, as studios with large budgets would probably just pay the sub fee’s and not care. Someone at Unity assessed and determined that this portion of the user base is small enough that it they don’t care. And the loss of these users will be acceptable.

I am already looking today into migrating all our projects into UE4. My only grip is that UE4 consoles support for Xbox One and PS4 requires building from c++ source code. What a pain in the ass. And have not found information on UE4 Windows 10 Store (universal) support.

“It’s become PRO(UE4) vs INDIE(Unity).” – Is how I interpret this new pay scheme also.

“I am already looking today into migrating all our projects into UE4.” – I’m doing the same thing here; spent part of the day evaluating what it takes to transition a project and if it’s worth the effort beyond March 2017. Basically evaluating damage control here. Like someone else said earlier; I’d love to see UE4’s web analytics for the last 24 hours. I wonder if they know what’s up. The fact that their Launcher has a “Unity to UE4 Migration” button on the main Launcher window, smack in the middle of the window, says to me they might know what’s up.

I generally don’t like to ‘rent’ software (licenses) I’d much rather prefer to pay for the software outright. Maybe this will end up a good thing and maybe it won’t. But my guts are telling me that I’ve just taken a hit. Only time will tell I suppose.

It’s true that some previous versions of Unity were supported for a bit longer than 2 years after release, while Unity 5 is supported for exactly 2 years after its release. But when Unity 5 was released we made it clear from the beginning that it would be supported until March 2017. For example, see this archived FAQ page from March last year:

Beyond March 2017, Unity is not a product “you already paid for”. It’s a continuously evolving product, and you paid for updates to it up to March 2017.

Our latest announcement has gotten positive feedback from both small and large developers, and we don’t feel like we’re spitting anyone in the face. But in the end it is of course up to you to decide which engine you feel is the right choice for you.

When I purchased unity 5 Pro perpetual what you are describing what not made clear or presented as such. I was lead to believe that I would own the Unity 5 seat for life. and the product would be functional and maintained. Unity 5.X.X as it stands not is buggy and still incomplete and evolving. As a Vr developer for example. If I was forced to stay as 5.4.X I would be up the creek with out a paddle. Same for Multi-screen and DX12.

What is worry some to be as a perpetual owner. Is that a Unity FREE user still gets updates. Which is unacceptable. I paid for it and do not get updates. They did not pay and DO get updates. Someone has broken logic in the brain that came up with that. It’s better to use Unity FREE then Unity PRO now.

And with this system, expect studios to break projects into separate business entities so they can keep teams working on Unity FREE with under 100k$ revenue.

I feel ripped off now for having been fooled into buying Unity 5 Pro perpetual, back when you gave offers of refunds I should have taken it!!

I was lead to believe that I would own the Unity 5 seat for life. and the product would be functional and maintained.

You do own the seat for life. It will not be maintained for life, and you have not been led to believe that it would.

As for the product being functional, I suppose it’s a gray area. Lots of games has been shipped with Unity 5, so it’s certainly functional for many. It does have bugs, but then, all large-scale software does. You are allowed to use Unity Personal for a 30-day evaluation to determine if it’s fit for your purposes before you purchase Unity Pro (and now, Unity Plus).

Unity 5.X.X as it stands not is buggy and still incomplete and evolving.

While our aim is to get as close as possible, we will never realistically be able to fix all bugs. Even then, we also can’t grant free updates forever. Again, before purchasing Unity, you can always evaluate if it’s ultimately fit for your purposes or not. If there are bugs or issues making it completely non-functional for you, it might be unwise to purchase it yet.

As for Unity evolving: Yes it is indeed evolving to meet the changing demands in the game industry. That is a big part of the continued value Unity provides. We can’t give you all future evolving included with your Unity 5 license though; there has to be an end to it and that end is March 2017.

You quoted the FAQ from 2015. the 2014 one from when Unity 5 was coming out is different.

“Does buying Unity 5.0 entitle me to all 5.x releases?
Yes, you will receive for free the updates in the Unity 5.x release cycle.”

Unity is still version 5.x! Unless you change that to 6.0 you are still in the 5.x release cycle as this 2014 document states you are to support updates for FREE for 5.x. No mention was made of ending update support march 2017 when I purchased. Or if it was it was not clearly identified. Yes end of cycle was declared.

If unity is moving to 6.x as a new product with significant changes then all is good.

But so long as it is still the 5.x product you are bound to provide these updates.
Failure to do so would be a breach of the language used from when pre-sales of Unity 5 was issued.

The following was added in 2015. AFTER original sales to some users.

“Unity Technologies will provide product updates, bug fixes, and support for Unity 5.x Professional Edition for a period of 24 months from the release date of Unity 5.0, until March 3, 2017.”

If that is clarification of when the Unity 5.x release cycle ends. That is perfectly fine I accept that. But what we appear to be seeing currently is Unity 5.x will still be the core of the product offered. So this is not an end of release cycle as per the original text. And that this date is simply an arbitrary date later established after the fact.

You are providing updates to customers that have not paid. “Unity 5 Free accounts”, but you will not provide updates to “Unity 5 Pro Perpetual accounts” that did PAY for this product. This is completely miss balanced.

I paid 1500$ USD for Unity 5 Pro with updates till end of release cycle. With expectation of buying a upgrade to next major release. Same as 4.x to 5.x upgrades. SUBSCRIPTION are a no go! I do not do them ever, and will not do them. I will gladly pay for example 600$ upgrade etc for the next major build. (6.x) But not a 125$ a month for a subscription plan.

THANK YOU!!! This is way more reasonable pricing/features structure and what I was hoping for and then some. Can’t wait to subscribe to Plus!

Well what should i say ? Good Changes and still fair – makes more thinking about using unity more in the future :) Thank you.

I purchased Pro license several weeks ago. The ONLY reason is that I need to remove the default splash screen (the publisher of my game prefers so). Currently I don’t have a need for Pro Services yet, thus Plus is a more fit and fair choice for me. My question is: can I change the plan to Plus then? Thanks a lot.

This is definitely a good move. I do wish there was an option to have Plus cost more, but still include pay-to-own… but I’m guessing this is going to be the final word on everything. Ah well.

“I do wish there was an option to have Plus cost more, but still include pay-to-own…”

I believe that option is called Pro.

There is a contradiction in this blog post. See quotes:

“In order to be able to do this, we removed the option to subscribe to Unity Plus without a one-year commitment.”

Original posting:
“Unity Plus – $35/month for a 12 month plan.

An all-new version of Unity, designed for individuals and teams who want even more useful and effective tools that will help them release commercial games and interactive experiences. Plus comes with an annual revenue cap of $200k per year, and an optional splash screen just like in Unity Pro.”

Current Posting:
“Unity Plus

Pay $35 per month with 12 month commitment
$200k revenue or funding cap
All platforms
Optional Unity splash screen (with customization options)
Dark Editor Skin
Plus tier services”

So what actually changed?

If I recall correctly, they originally said Plus would have an option to pay $50/mo if you wanted to start month-to-month with no commitment.

That makes me want to get a plus account. I can’t do it yet but I will be doing so in the future. So excited, this is the right move Unity. Thanks

First I must say this. The new model looks excellent for the indie developer but as a company I must say I am disliking this. Unity Free and Unity Plus with the iOS and Android will be really good deals for the small indies wanting to build to the mobile market. but holding back patches after March 17th from perpetual license seats with out a subscription is the WRONG thing to do. It’s a basically forced fee increase to a pre-paid perpetual licenses.

Luckily we only have 1 Unity 5 Pro perpetual license from Unity used by one staff to make Win-Standalone builds, and all other seats are from are console partners.

The new billing models of 125$/mth is 1500$ a year or 4500$/3yrs which is much more then the previous 1500$. Previously 1500$ gave us a perpetual licence. Granted the iOS and Android Pro add-on’s are now included so they must recuperate this. But we purchased this with full expectations of continued patch support for the life cycle of the 5.x.x versioning. (est. 3 Years.)

We have not purchased the add-on’s as we do not currently need them, and would only purchase them at the time that we would need them in the future.

The new model Unity is now forcing iOS and Android pro into the costs. And removing the previously contract/licensed continued patch support for product life cycle.

They are adding to A (standalone base) the B (iOS pro) and C (Android Pro) features but removing D (full life cycle support). In exchange for a partial life cycle support.

We purchased the Unity 5 Pro perpetual for A + D. As Chairman of the Board of Directors at next meeting will have to explain the changes and costs to the Board and CFO. Which will as it currently stands will mostly be a rejection of spending any additional funds to Unity for Unity 5.

And yes I know that some will say but as a company we can afford it. And that is true, we have money to spend but every dollar must be accounted for and approved. If we have been on a month to month cycle for billing and product agreements then this would be no issue. But the purchase was approved based on the perpetual product license.

We purchased with expectation of unity honoring the them current EULA. With For paid in full, perpetual licenses, the license granted under this Agreement will remain in effect unless earlier terminated in accordance with this Agreement. But they have made use of the Unity may cease offering perpetual licenses and/or updates and new versions for such perpetual licenses and may modify or terminate subscription or other Software license or service offerings at any time. to terminate the previous Unity 5 Pro perpetual EULA. Although the EULA allows this, doing so is a business to business breach of trust. I suspect it will be hard to get are board or CFO to agree to any other expenses to Unity Technologies now. And will request that other Engine providers be investigated to replace Unity.

My personal view is that I will never buy Unity via a subscription service. The new model we can buy a perpetual with 24 months subscribed. But now they only allow the next 3 patches. They have removed updates and patches till end of life cycle. Which I find a really bad turn off.

When I buy a product license I expect to be able to access and use it for life, and to receive maintenance and features patches till the end of life of the current major build version. (this case 5.x.x) This is what we had purchased. I am also disappointed in the transitional offer from Unity. And the changes to perpetual use patching.

I will not pay for a subscription of 1500$ a year just to continue to maintain the latest patch for Unity 5 post March 2017. This is a price increase to cover the iOS and Android Pro which I do not need or want. What I want is for my Unity 5 Pro perpetual to receive patches till End of Life. with holding patches to force us to pay for those add-on packs is wrong.

If I wanted iOS Pro or Android Pro I would and maybe will buy them for 1500$. But never will I pay a subscription fee for Unity 5. And the perpetual offer is now 24 months at 125$. Or 4500$ for Unity 5 Pro. Previously it was 1500$.

1500$ Unity 5 Pro perpetual + updates.
1500$ iOS pro add-on
1500$ Android pro add-on

You could purchase each separately. With a cost of 1500$-4500$

4500$ Unity 5 Pro + iOS + Android + Updates for 24 months + 3 free updates past end of term.
1500$ Updates per year. (125$ monthly subscription).

The cost of Unity 5 has gone up significantly by forcing the inclusion of iOS and Android pro.

Well during all these years desktop costs were never increased either while they increased in number of platforms, features and devices to be supported.

holding back patches after March 17th from perpetual license seats with out a subscription is the WRONG thing to do. It’s a basically forced fee increase to a pre-paid perpetual licenses.

When Unity 5 was released we made it clear from the beginning that it would be supported until March 2017. For example, see this archived FAQ page from March last year:

Beyond March 2017, Unity is not a product you already paid for, so we’re not holding anything back; it was just never included in the product you bought. Unity is a continuously evolving product, and you paid for updates to it up to March 2017.

Unity 1, 2, 3 and 4 didn’t get new updates forever and neither will Unity 5. With Unity 5 we just made it clear from the beginning which date would mark the end of further updates.

As per my other post.

“Does buying Unity 5.0 entitle me to all 5.x releases?
Yes, you will receive for free the updates in the Unity 5.x release cycle.”

NO it was not stated that March 3rd, 2017 would be end date. This was added in 2015 EULA update. according to the online cache of the website you so graciously referenced for us. Do not cherry pick the cached versions to make your statement seem true!

It looks like you made multiple comments making that point. Like I replied to your other comments, when Unity 5 was released we made it clear from the beginning that it would be supported until March 2017. For example, see this archived FAQ page from March last year:

So the fact that Unity 5 perpetual licenses do not include updates beyond March 2017 is not a new announcement, we made that clear over a year ago when Unity 5 was released.

I don’t like your tone!

Do you think the users are stupid and can not click around on that page and go further back in time?
On the 30. March 2014, I recived my receipt for my Unity5 Pro license.
The FAQ on the very same website you quote says that i will recive all 5.x updates for free. (30. March 2014)

Does buying Unity 5.0 entitle me to all 5.x releases?
Yes, you will receive for free the updates in the Unity 5.x release cycle.

So the fact that Unity 5 perpetual licenses include all 5.x updates is not a new announcement, Unity made that clear over TWO years ago when i bought Unity 5.

Thank you Unity ,

Thank you for listening to us, will gladly subscribe to plus plan. if hey if we make more money. i will def go with 125$

Thank you again

Where is the dark theme? Now that you’ve been reminded, better work on it fast.

Nice, but is only make more slowly the fall of Unity, the model of other engines “pay when you earn” is better for users.

Are you insane?

5% of revenue will cost you more than unity plus when you will earn more than 20400$ a year as a solo developer. Even if you have small team of 5 people, if you will earn more than 54000$ per year Unity will be cheaper. And remember Unreal takes 5% per game. So you will develop 2 games you pay twice.

Yes, but if you are a small develpèr and your game have not success that is a very common scenary you lost $350 if you want dont have the Unity Splash Screen that is asociated in the game world with many cheap and bad games.

Well then it sounds you are hobbyist and hobbies rarely payback themselves. If think you are more than a hobbyist but you do not trust your games to break even in a year or two then you should start with the free version first. Having a custom splash screen wont magically mean you sales increase by +$400 a year.

I think at certain point complaining isn´t right anymore. Even if your game will not be succesfull but you put much time an energy into it then the 350$ is your investment into an eloborate hobby( at least in a western country like econemy). Equialent to an average bicycle or some fancy fashion. Getting an amazing development tool for free, but also trying to leave the impression of superior coding skills at work while in reality just using great tools and being secret about it is first, stealing UT its deserved credits and second beign a pretender.
Now they are offering a great deal. For some with some small downsides for others with advantages. But at all they have listened to their customer and they did
nt owe us everything.
Thank you Unity Technology, i didnt expected this even if this was important. Ive just started learning Unreal. Now i’am back again. You have my respect!

Nopes, i’m not insane. I won’t be subscribing to Unity. I have Pro license, and i’m not insane. I won’t pay double for same engine.

Btw: For a team with 10 people working for 18 months, you need to spend $30,000 with Unity (a quarter of which is wasted because their fees require 12 month contracts), but with Unreal you need to earn in excess of $600,000 before you need to pay the same money.

Furthermore, don’t forget all assets you might have bought to replace engine features that are missing in Unity, but are FREE to use in other AAA game engines.

And also, if you want to keep supporting the people who bought your game, you’ll need to continue Unity subscription in order to solve them bugs.

You do not have to buy Pro, plus would be good enough. And it would cost you $8400 for 24 moths for 10 people. So it is cheaper now than it was with perpetual license. If you wold buy unity for 1500 than upgraded it every two year than after 6 years you would pay $3000, with plus you would pay $2520 so you are paying 4800 less. After 24 years perpetual license would be cheaper but only $330 dollars. So you would pay 1.15 more every month.

As an owner of 4 Unity 5 perpetual licences that I purchased at a high cost to our studio; I’m quite upset with the announcement that after March 2017 we will no longer receive updates to the software we purchased without committing to a monthly subscription.

This is a double stab in the back as when we originally purchased the licences we did so in order to gain access to some of the advanced graphics features that were not available at the time in the personal version of Unity. Shortly after our purchase the announcement that all features of the pro version would be available in the personal version making our purchase redundant.

I’m seriously considering the move to another engine for our studio after this project is finished.

It looks like you made multiple comments making that point. Like I replied to your other comments, when Unity 5 was released we made it clear from the beginning that it would be supported until March 2017. For example, see this archived FAQ page from March last year:

So the fact that Unity 5 perpetual licenses do not include updates beyond March 2017 is not a new announcement, we made that clear over a year ago when Unity 5 was released.

Unity 1, 2, 3 and 4 didn’t get new updates forever and neither will Unity 5. With Unity 5 we just made it clear from the beginning which date would mark the end of further updates.

While I appreciate that UT has listened to its end users and made the necessary adjustments to the pricing scale I am still quite concerned for some of us Pro users who bought the Pro editions (and Modules) under the promise of all future 5.x updates, fixes, patches, and stated features. Do I now understand that we will be expected to pay for these advertised items after March 2017? There is something wrong with that intention.

When previously offered the opportunity to ‘refund’ the costs I intentionally declined that opportunity; I simply appreciate/understand that UT needs to make a profit as well. After the last day’s discussions I might not have made the same decision again. Perhaps that was a failure on my part.

I don’t pretend to know what the good answer to all of this mess is but I do recognize that this is a mess. Events like this cause a great deal of frustration between UT and the End Users. My faith in UT & Unity5 has been shaken to say the least. My purchase of the Unity5 Pro & Unity 5 Pro Modules and this new pricing scheme deadline of March 2017 has left me feeling very disillusioned with UT.

We’re in the same boat. This is a bit of a stab in the back for existing licence holders who have already paid a large sum of money for the product. If in March 2017 Unity 6 came out with great new features then perhaps the lack of new updates for Unity 5 might be warranted, but we’ve already paid for Unity 5 and all future updates of this version; for Unity to then cut us off from updates without paying more when the original sales agreement stated “all future 5.x updates” is against our consumer rights as far as I can tell.

“for Unity to then cut us off from updates without paying more when the original sales agreement stated “all future 5.x updates” is against our consumer rights as far as I can tell.”

We are thinking along the same lines:

“Unity 5.x – Paid in full.”

We did announce and have a note from the release of Unity 5 that it would be supported with updates only up until March 2017, but I guess it was not placed in a way that everyone noticed. In any case, like outlined in the post Subscription! Why? (, there is not going to *be* a Unity 6 in any meaningful sense. Yet we can’t keep supplying free updates forever. Unity 5 effectively stops on March 2017, just like 3.x and 4.x were not supported forever either.

Of course things are a bit different this time. They have to be when transitioning to a new pricing scheme. But we hope that the license you already bought is good value to you, and that the price for future updates past March 2017 will also be good value for you.

As a PC only developer, no, its not really good value for us. I think we’ll be migrating our project to another engine to be honest.

Thank you for your reply.

Respectfully; I don’t expect free updates forever – I do expect updates, patches, fixes and advertised features for the life span of Unity5; until Unity 6 is released. That is how Unity 5 Pro was advertised prior to it’s release.

I see no mentioning of March 17th, 2017 in any of documentation provided in my purchase agreements or invoices.

I think the problem point here with the transition is that there won’t be a Unity 6. That changes how we have to look at things going forward. Regarding the end of Unity 5 in March 2017, I could find the text that outlines it but that doesn’t help you now after the fact and pulling it up won’t change the situation. I can’t speak to all motivations, but I do know a great deal of thought, passion, and debate went into these changes. We looked at the general release timeline (about 2 years per major release) to determine that if a Unity 6 were to have happened, it would probably be around March 2017. As such, whether we switched to subscription or not, the updates to Unity 5 would have happened at the same time regardless.

I totally get being upset by the change, and I hope that when the dust settles people will still find the value that we work hard to instill in our products.

Replying to Mike’s statement: “We looked at the general release timeline (about 2 years per major release) to determine that if a Unity 6 were to have happened, it would probably be around March 2017”

That is incorrect. The question is not “When would the next major version be released?” but rather “When would Unity have stopped supporting the old version?”

Unity 4 got several big updates with features and fixes loooong after Unity 5 was released.

What about giving the people owning Unity 5 the same “3-months addition to updates” as you plan to do for people stopping the monthly subscription, i.e. extending the time until July, 2017?

That sounds a bit better – you would basically say “we would have released Unity 6 at March and probably would have stopped releasing updates for Unity 5 if we would have sticked to the old model”.

Now you are saying: “We would have released Unity 6 and immediately forgot about all customers of Unity 5 on release date in our old model”. Not likely..

Respectfully; I don’t expect free updates forever – I do expect updates, patches, fixes and advertised features for the life span of Unity5; until Unity 6 is released. That is how Unity 5 Pro was advertised prior to it’s release.

There won’t *be* any Unity 6, but Unity 5 perpetual includes updates for its entire lifetime – which is until March 2017. Not everything is archived, but you can at least see it here in our FAQ from right after Unity 5 was released:

I see no mentioning of March 17th, 2017 in any of documentation provided in my purchase agreements or invoices.

So what did they say about how long you were entitled to updates then?

As your system will not allow me to reply to your last comment I will reply here…

Rune Skovbo Johansen said:
“So what did they say about how long you were entitled to updates then?”

It was stated, as BROTEN TECHNOLOGIES CORP, has pointed out, prior to the Unity 5 release;

“Does buying Unity 5.0 entitle me to all 5.x releases?
Yes, you will receive for free the updates in the Unity 5.x release cycle.”

I’d say that is pretty clear what I should expect from UT regarding any release of the Unity 5 software.

We have attempted to contact Unity about this multiple times and have gotten a deafening silence. Having purchased our licenses when it was ‘perpetual updates’ and had the same ‘life time of Unity 5’ guarantee it is feeling like this is becoming a complete ripoff. My Unity 4 license is still good and there were updates coming out for up up to a month or so ago. Why would we not expect Unity 5 to be supported for us perpetual owners for the full life cycle? What does Unity have to lose? They ALREADY have our money!

When the Unity 5 cycle ends, perpetual license holders will still have access to all Unity 5.x updates. We’ll continue to provide critical patches as we’ve done for older versions of Unity. Feel free to read the FAQ at the bottom of the blog post for more detail.

I purchased Unity 5.x Pro license in March 2014. The FAQ about Unity 5.x Pro updates until March 2017 appeared in March 2015 a whole year after I purchased the license where nothing was mentioned about updates stopping.

I also had Unity 4.x Pro license which understandably ended when Unity 5.x came out.

I would at least expect Unity updates until Unity 6.x came out which you say isn’t happening but then that isn’t my decision, if you had made this change with a Unity 6.x release I would have understood but now we are being told our license is no good. It does feel like you are slapping those people who bought licenses prior to an updated FAQ by saying we can have Unity 5.x updates as long as we pay more for it.

I don’t even need/want the services but I do want the updates. If it is the case that as a perpetual license owner that I can’t have more updates then I will indeed look to move to another engine unfortunately.

Out of curiosity, do Personal Edition owners get Unity 5.x updates meaning it is just those who bought the license early that get penalised?

I don’t know if I should stick with Godot, or go back to Unity. :( Help me decide.

Try out both and see which one works best for your game and for your way of working.

Thanks Unity for listening. I never wanted to be a free user in the 1st place after my couple of years with pro, but the splash screen killed plus for me.

Time to vote with my wallet, I will upgrade from free to plus. Thanks again for listening but can I suggest before you announce ill conceived ideas like the first attempt you email a few thousand of various users first with the proposal and get some feedback first before alarming the community needlessly.

Some weeks ago, I have commented on previous price blog about the optional splash screen for plus and you have really listened the posts!

Thanks Unity, you are exceptional about PR!

Can’t remember now what the difference is between Plus and Pro feature sets, but this sounds like a very good and fair adjustment.

I must say i am very much impressed. Unity have clearly listened and i honestly didn’t expect that.
Off cource this will mean that i will put my money where my mouth is and go to Unity plus for at least one year once my game will be released. Hoping that it will fund an other year with sales.

The only thing i don’t understand at all is that the dark theme. Still not for free users. It really boggles the mind. Who ever thought up that idea must be living in an alternative universe. (where dark themes are copyrighted by a Dark Force Inc. )

With this new changes, Unity is truly the most affordable game engine…. with UE4 you will have to pay 5K if you make 100K I believe? (5% royalty), am I correct?

But in case i want physical based render and console deploy Unity is still is most affordable engine.

Looks like I can finally move off personal edition. Will be using plus as soon as it is available.

Very good to see that you are really listening to the community.

I did consider buying Pro after my game will bring some real profit (after months/years) and also was not very happy with the changes but now you have another customer. I will go with Plus at the release and than upgrade to Pro.

Thank you!

Plus requiring a 12-month subscription for optional splash screen is an understandable trade-off, but the higher revenue cap makes it much more attractive too. Appreciate what Unity has done to ensure that Plus makes sense for smaller independent developers.

Looking forward to that blog post about splash screen customization, great to see that free users will have some level of control there as well.

Brilliant, thank you. Fixes everything I thought was broken in the last product blog.

Really nice that Unity is actually listen to the community and acting on it as well. The plus without splashscreen and the Personal with a nice ‘Made with Unity’ is a really huge difference. The made by is nicer then personal and also marketing wise it’s a plus for Unity Technology as it sounds and looks way better. I rather have ‘Made with’ then telling with what subscription is was made. Also the 200k cap on Plus is nice for smaller studios.

Thanks for listening! =)

Great work guys – wonderful news and way to prove that you have our best interests at heart.

Rock on!

Hi Unity Team,

This is amazing! A great example for all other companies out there.
The most important thing are your clients and to learn how to listen them and act accordingly!


With all these improvements to Plus the increased revenue cap is a huge bonus. Thanks! This makes small-time contracting so much easier for many, and people in poorer countries now have an option too :)

Thank you. I’m impressed by the fact that you listened to the community, and made significant changes to the tiers. I hope you realize we’re all very fond of this engine, which is also why we were so concerned about the new pricing, since many of us felt it was a step in the wrong direction.

I think many people on the forums seemed a little entitled, and wanted you to make differences that obviously weren’t possible. This is great news, and I really like that you put the customizable splash screen in Personal instead of Plus. I think this new plus tier caters to a lot of people, where as before I couldn’t put my finger on who would actually purchase it, and I still think Pro offers enough value that the amount of people who choose to downgrade is minimal.

AI have just one question. When you’re on a Plus subscription, can you upgrade that subscription to pro, and then not have to also pay for plus for the rest of the plus subscription period?

I think they still give you a slight bonus period, depending on when in the month you start. So starting in the middle of the month, you can get an additional two weeks when starting a 12-month commitment. But I’d contact sales directly about upgrade pricing too. I’d prefer to pay the difference when moving to a plan, rather than having to cancel and resubscribe at a higher level.

If you upgrade during your commitment period to Plus, you will have to commit for a new period of at least 12 months to Pro. The old commitment period for Plus will be removed.

Can you swap from Pro to Plus if you’ve been on Pro for a few months? If you can, I’d imagine you would have to commit to a new 12 months on Plus?

Thank you Unity! This allows me to upgrade to Plus so I can remove the splash screen at a very affordable price (especially for a solo developer like me). And if I ever go above 200k revenue I am more than glad to upgrade to Pro. ;)

We complained, you listened and acted. I tip my hat to that and and tell you right now that I will be a future Plus customer.


The only funny thing I can see is, that all the buzz about the “Dark Editor Skin” got Unity so far that they have to mention that as one of the “big differences” within a “product overview”.

Why can’t you just make the stupid skin available for all? I mean really… why? What is the point?

IIRC, Joachim said once that he rather has the skin as a difference between Personal and Pro than – say.. “render to texture” feature. Well, you don’t HAVE to have feature differences between the versions.

Just release the dark skin for everyone. Its 2016, damnit! Even your average “Hello World” example of a programming introduction class is dark-skinnable nowadays!

Heh, well I own Pro version, but I shiver every time I have to work on a computer set to light skin. Must be my vampire heritage..

I am mostly enjoying the show how Unity makes a fool out of itself declaring a UI skin to be a pro-only “feature”.

Maybe give the hug to someone at Unity then? :)

That is really good news. As a perpetual license customer can I subscribe for $75/month shortly before my existing license will stop receiving updates in March 2017?

There’s going to be a deadline for claiming the migration offer, expect an email about this soon!

I think this all seems reasonable. Nice with *customizable* splash for personal. And of course “all platforms”: GREAT! That iOS/Android stuff was confusing..!!

As one of those vocal commenters, I want to say thanks Unity for listening to your community & trying to appease us. I think it’s a good compromise which shows that you care about the little folks :)

Thanks for clearing up that you still get bug patch fixes if your subscription has ended. That was a major issue for us.

If you make less than $200k per year, you may choose Unity Plus and pay $35 per month with an annual commitment.

So how is this transition offer different than the standard Unity Plus offer? Isn’t Unity Plus $35/month already?

It is the standard Unity Plus tier, we’re just highlighting it as an alternative to the Pro transition offer if you find $75/month too steep.

Nice these are much better changes, now I just have to wait and see how the dreaded exchange rate god’s treat us in the UK, I expect the $35 per month for plus will translate to £35 per month (now Unity’s fault but I know)

As a previous perpetual pro owner from 3,4,5 I will be using plus going forward, just a shame there is no transitional offer from pro 5 to plus 5 ah well.

Most of indie game developers will fall into Unity Plus category. So most of the Unity pro indie game developers who has put in a lot of money in the past for the pro version will not get any transition benefits.

I can understand why Unity needs to move on with this business model. But I feel that there should be some transition benefits to those who used pro version before and going to plus. Simply because this is where most of indie developers falls into. $75 benefit for pro subscription just sounds a bit meaningless to most of pro users at least for small to indie development studio.

I would have to agree with SAEHOON on this one.. there is no benefit for current Pro licensees to move onto the transition period subscription of 75$ a month… there is no benefit other than a slight discount to which we have no clue how long that transition period is.

It would have to be a period of less than or equal to 12 months to equal what it was previously for us to upgrade our license to the next version (as it was from 4.x to 5.x); but that time frame is a far cry from the benefits we had previously.. which were suppose to be about 24 months where we got all patches, support, level 11 stuff, and a bit of premium assistance on the forums (no real bug ticket escalation).

Now, does this ‘transition’ period include a perpetual agreement there-after along with patch support? I highly doubt it, and nothing has been said as to it being so…

It just seems like they want the majority of the Pro license holder to move down to the Plus subscription, and the pricing / patching / pay-wall is how they’ve chosen to do this.. seems a bit dirty in a way.

Amazing. totally going for the plus subs now. Well done Unity for listening.

$200K is a real workable solution for indies and the optional / custom Unity screen is just was was needed. I for one will still have it in some form. Only right.

We’re making the Unity splash screen in Unity Plus optional, like it is in Unity Pro.
Yes, yes, yes!
Even with the 12-month commitment it’s better than before. Good job!

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