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New Unity Pro and Unity Plus are on the store now! Read on to get more details on our new subscription based licenses and what you can do if you already have Unity Pro.

All new licenses now include all engine features to create and optimize high-end games and publish them on all platforms. We want to make the Unity engine available to all, so the main idea behind our new product structure is that you pay according to your needs and means. Also, there are no royalties. If your company has revenues under $100,000/year, you can always use the free Unity Personal.

The new Unity Pro includes all platforms, as we announced at Unite Europe. It doesn’t have any revenue cap. It includes higher tiers of all services, with all the bells and whistles. You can pay for it month by month (with a 12 month commitment), or pay for 12 or 24 months in advance. After you’ve been subscribing for 24 consecutive months, you get to keep and use the version you have when you notify us that you are terminating your subscription. We call it Pay to Own. See more details on the Unity Pro features in the store and on Pay to Own in our previous blog post.

If you’re a micro studio or a professional freelancer with revenues under $200,000/year, Unity Plus is your new option for $35/month (with a 12 month commitment). You’ll get Priority Queue for Unity Cloud Build, so you can build new versions of your game faster. To find out how people play your game, you’ll get a higher tier of Unity Analytics. You’ll also be able to host up to 50 simultaneous players with Unity Networking, which is great for testing a multiplayer game with your friends. In case people run into issues with your app, you can use Unity Performance Reporting to automatically capture and prioritize errors across different devices. More details on these and all other Unity Plus features are on the store.

Transition offers for existing Unity Pro licenses

If you already have Unity Pro licenses, you’re going to get an offer to switch to the new Pro subscription. We have many different groups of customers who have all kinds of licenses, from 3x and 4x perpetual to Unity 5 subscriptions with mobile add-ons or large studios with multiple account owners. To ensure that everything goes smoothly on the technical side, we’ll offer different groups to upgrade to the new system in batches over the coming months. If you have a Unity 5 perpetual licenses, you can already get some details on your offer in this blog post.

We haven’t just updated our web store. We’ve also replaced our back end system. As a result, we need to transition existing licenses to the new infrastructure. That’s why we had to launch the new store first before we can send conversion offers to those of you who already have Unity licenses. There’s more information on the timing on the migration roadmap and we will email you as soon as your offer’s ready. Talk to you then!

For more information

Read the updated Unity Subscription FAQ.

Talk to us on the forum.

94 replies on “New Unity Store is Live”

I like to use UNITY Injector modules to assign actions and auto responses (like a crash into a wall with 3 degrees of damage outcome , based on speed of collision.

This is Without Prejudice commercial- in -Confidence question to UNITY

Standard stuff on a UNITY host .. i plan to port to a ci20 with a powerVR SGX GPU. It runs Linux on a dual core 1.2GHz clocked MIPS, with 1GB SDRAM , 8G NAND. Can i port to this hardware ? Here are some apps you can install & run
•apt-get install openarena
•apt-get install chromium-bsu
•apt-get install teeworlds
•apt-get install freedoom
•apt-get install hardinfo

Some clarity to UNITY 3D , or Unity Pro that may be ported to run on this board Also, as 200 multi-players is a desired license , is asm.js available (future is OK) or is UNITY going to offer its own compression / optimized codec.

Links to OGG video output format info , as i like to split up gameplay to 10 local clients with injected overlay in the video stream .. is Java script or C# the only embedded method ? I prefer to use ATOMIC instruction embedded into the browser to run on the MIPS thru a touch screen remote controller ( AKA iphone , Android ) which is ported to the MIPS hosted UNITY ENGINE ..

NOW the question remains .. how is the seat number calculated when i tether 10 local controllers (playing as one character) into a UNITY distribution that may be running 150 character players, each using 10 controllers for action of one character .. Surely, we cant be charged for 1500 seats .. the other issues are more important, & may be answered by email. Rus Talisin 25Aug2016

Our studio has sent more than 10 emails to Unity regarding various things that we want to buy, sign up for, etc. and have not received even one response. What is going on?

Hi Kevin,

We are sorry about the wait, what contact email are you reaching out to? We can try to poke the correct people for you.

Hey Unity doesn’t let me to log on it always says: Service not available, please try again later. For more information click here. Can you fix it? :)

My team and I have submitted requests for information on the website but haven’t been contacted.
Can someone contact me ?

I have tried to reach out to your team as well after receiving an offer letter and I never get anything back. I kinda gave up even though I really need to upgrade.

Hi, i have trouble navigating the asset packs from the store front page, maybe add a link there.

I’d like to create some opensource apps with Unity, on Github. Does your new licensing allow me to do that?

I am not sure how well an opensource application will do when it requires a closed sourced product. Kinda files in the face of what opensource is all about.

Hi Vineel –

If in doubt, you should contact a lawyer as we aren’t able to provide any legal advice. You should be able to distribute your own project files and assets under any license, but final executables include the Unity runtime and will be subject to our software ToS:

In particular, any licenses like GPL could run afoul of our software ToS “General Restrictions”:

[You may not] do anything that could cause or result in the Unity Software (including the runtime portion thereof) being subject to any open source license (or similar license) that requires as a condition of use, modification or distribution that the Unity Software (including the runtime portion thereof) or other software combined or distributed with the Unity Software be: (i) disclosed or distributed in source code form; (ii) licensed for the purpose of making derivative works; or (iii) redistributable at no charge.

The MIT license or Apache 2.0 license should work. But again, if in doubt, seek legal consul.

What happen if I use personal edition and making more than $100,000 or $200,000 a year ? What must do I after that?

If you make more than 100K a year, you’re no longer eligible to use Personal and would have to move to a Plus or Pro subscription. Over 200K a year and you will need to be on Pro.

What happen If I used Personal edition and my raise capacity more than $100k or $200k fiscal year? what must do I after that?

What I am concerning is does Unity Personal support plugin , rendering texture and movie texture.
I have a editor script library which need pro feature and rendering texture is a must for me.
I am a unity5 pro user, it will be a great save for me if plus really have all feature.

I do not think there is any such thing as requiring Pro any more in Unity 5. The engines are all the exact same.

We plan to incorporate the platform into classes?
Is there an educational license for further tech support?

My work only has Macs. We’ve purchased many Unity assets only to find out they’re Windows only. Could you please start marking platforms (or require sellers to)? I don’t think it’s necessary to dig through every single developers websites to see if the asset is multi-platform. It’s really frustrating! If I could filter out all the assets I can’t actually use that’d be much more useful.

problem is your lack of qualified techpeople. otherwise large part of the assets they’d know is windows only, and the rest they would be able to port/convert to multiplatform.

also, devving games on macs? is your company suicidal or just too bored with working in a sane way? ;)

Unity started on Mac, and the its oldest supporters are Mac-based developers. It’s a valid request to have the assets tagged now that there’s a subset of Unity users like yourself who have no regard for multi-platform compatibility.

As for your other comment: Please don’t start juvenile platform flame wars on the forum of a game engine whose claim to fame is its support for multiple platforms.

I am so glad someone else had also raised this idea. It would indeed be useful to see for an assetstore package the supported platforms at a glance. And also filter search results by the required platforms.

Platform compatibility is an essential property of an asset, and I was really surprised the Unity Asset Store did not mark this. An other game engine’s store I am also using does note supported platforms mandatorily, from the beginning.

I am a Pro subscriber currently on flexible plan. I assume that any changes to my licensing (staying Pro with special offer) or downgrading to Plus (great fit for my purposes) will restart a new commitment period, right? This is very unfortunate, as I supported Unity with my payments for over a year now, get for that dark theme and now I’m forced to start another year long subscription. This is not cool.

If you only receive 1 month access to the courseware under plus. Is it completely down loadable to complete offline and in your own time? What about updates to the courseware?

So that is one month for a 12 month subscription. Seems as though you don’t want people to learn Unity and use your platform. I for one will now stay on the free version, and learn else where. That would have been the only reason for a beginner like me to sign up. Your loss, and personally a bad strategy i believe.

Hello, I’m still using Unity 4.7.1 Free (cause can’t upgrade my project); if I subscribe the Plus License, am I able to use it (4.x) with Pro features and mobile support, or the Plus license is only for Unity 5.x?
Thank a lot for help!


If you subscribe to Plus, you can use 5.x with Plus level access and 4.x and 3.x with Pro level access.

Don’t understand the free/plus/pro and multiplayer. On your store page, it says for all subscription levels, if you need more than the provided number of CCU then ‘go live’. On the multiplayer services page, go live says you need to be a pro user. Which is correct, the store page or the multiplayer services page?

Thanks for the catch. Right now, “Going Live” with Multiplayer is limited to Plus and Pro. Personal is in the works.

Can no longer add in iOS pro or Android pro to my Unity 5 subscription. When will current pro Subscription users be transitioned to the new model? Or do cancel our existing subscription and get a new one?

You have to wait until UT contacts you before you can switch. It could be months. UT is being extremely tight lipped about details.

If you still have payments left on your subscription then you forced to pay them if you cancel.

If you are on flexible subscription (ie have been a subscriber for more than 12 months), you can cancel the existing subscription and get a new one.

Why under seat management is the license listed as “Unity Personal” (June 28, 2016)? If I do the upgrade, will my existing Unity Pro License be cancelled? All I want to do is either add iOS Pro or transition to the new license program.

If you haven’t finished your 12 month subscription then there is nothing that you can do until Unity contacts you. If you have finished your 12 month subscription and on Flexible, you can just cancel your current Pro and subscribe to the new Pro.

Hi, I can’t really see details on your licenses here. Can you please email And yes, if you upgrade, it doesn’t mean you suddenly have two licenses, your new one takes place of the old one.

is the MWU splash screen not going to have the visible color difference between the logo image black and the rest of the screen? I hope :P looks so homemade

Unity, I think your best bet will be to call it Unity 6 in March 2017. No one seems to understand that it’s the end of the typical cycle and that’s when 6 would be releasing in which case their 5 license would be good only to continue with the final version of 5. Since you’re leaving it named Unity 5 it’s causing a lot of confusion.

Did they say it would still be called Unity 5? I just thought they said it wouldn’t be called Unity 6. Since they are no longer doing big releases, it might simply be called Unity

Well, from my perspective (1 dev in a super small indie studio), the new pricing is great — instead of paying 225 USD per month for Unity Pro and iOS+Android, I can simply pay 35 USD for Plus or 125 USD for Pro :-) Great win, it will be a piece of cake to get the new license and scale as we go :-) (although I can see that the team license is gone and for bigger teams it might be a problem)

It is great. The only downside is that you are stuck paying $225 a month until UT decides you can convert. In the meantime any brand new subscriber off the streets can get that better pricing right now and you cannot.

Thanks! This is a pure rip – off – pyramid scheme – and you’re kinda skewering your fan base. You have hastened my exit from Unity once your “nice new price tiers” begin to go into effect.

I Laid out 1,500 bucks (most games never make back half their production costs) 1,500 $ could support my family. Unity Pro Perpetual purchaser. Thought the definition of perpetual meant: never ending or changing — applied to what you were selling. You’re really pulling a fast one here over users. Come on! Now your comment feed says: “But let’s say you have a Unity 5.x Pro perpetual license and you convert in September and pay 24 months in advance for a subscription starting in April (you’ll get January – March free). Then you’ll pay 12*$75 + 12*$125 = $2400. If you also had Unity 4.x Pro, it would be 24*$75 = $1800.”

Classic cautionary tale here: Company grows at an astonishing pace, revenues kick in, supported by a devoted fan base. Company wants higher profit margins, makes users pay upwards through the nose.

I hope that a petition can be signed to go back to the old ways, otherwise I hope that people begin to find more reasonable and smooth running alternative game development engines.

You have to make this right by the customer, that’s the only thing I can say. That’s moral. That’s good for games, and that what should be considered the right thing to do.

P.S. For those who don’t understand the big idea here is: “Price Tiers” mega mega.

Corporate greed. pure and simple.

Not sure what are you talking about with the pyramid scam and etc.

If you look at the previous blogs or the forum you can see that majority are happy with the changes. If you did not earn anything then why did you not go with the free version first. Anyways in your case Plus is the way to go as it’s pretty much the same cost and you don’t seem to need the now higher tier. Your perpetual license is yours and wont be taken away, you can build versions with it as long as you can but you also know it yourself that in software business nothing is maintained forever.

Just to let you know the Store is not working on Firefox-OSX, it gives a “Connection is not secure” issue probably due to SSL configuration. It works on Chrome and Safari, though. The same applies to your ID login page.

You said that you can benefit from 20/40% discount for selected assets with plus/pro subscription.
Will this be available to perpetual license owners two? or should we wait for march 2017?

Hello. I got my Unity plus subscription from my bosses account, and then I assigned the “Unity Plus” seat to my account; however, I do not seem to be getting the black skin for instance, or any other benefits from Unity Plus. I was wondering, I am doing anything wrong in regards of the activation?
Is there a serial number I need to extract or something like that?

You probably need to open the “Manage License” window in Unity and select “Check for updates” to your license

Host up to 50 simultaneous players with Unity. Great for sharing your game with friends and family. Need more? Go Live for $0.49 per GB.

Is Live can be used with license Plus ?

You must have a Unity Pro license or subscription to use the Live mode of the service.

The Unity Free version states the income level is still the $100K limit rather than the new $200K limit and links to the Pro version rather than the Plus version which does state the correct limit of $200K.

Free still has the $100k limit and it was never about to change. $200k increase was for Plus only.

The revenue cap on Unity Personal is $100k, that hasn’t changed. But you’re right that for people who have revenues between $100k and $200k, Plus is an option and that should probably be mentioned there.

Sorry about that. It’s been fixed now, but you might need to try from a different browser or clear your cache to see it correctly.

Just purchased Unity Plus and assigned a seat. How do I use this with 5.3.4? How do we publish assets for versions prior to 5.3.5f1 with a Unity Plus license?

This ‘transition’ offer has me very skeptical about all of this… its’ easy to run the numbers to know that there is no benefit for current Pro licensees to move forward with the subscription (unless they had also purchased the iOS and Android add-on) as the valuation is equivalent to 12 months of what we previously were able to purchase for a period of about 24 months.

The transition offer would need to be about half of what it currently is to be nearly equivalent… regardless if you wanted to include iOS and Android add-on to the product. No one was asking for it, at least I do not recall any large cry-out for it on the forums at all… this was a slight-of-hand business move to force perpetual owners into a different cost model. Which is fine, I mean.. other companies have done this (e.g.: Autodesk, Adobe…) However, in their pricing models, the costs are much lower over the same periods of time. And in the case of Autodesk, they’ve actually provided an exceptional offer to perpetual owners of a ‘maintenance’ agreement, which is actually lower than what it use to be which provides them with everything (including the ability to keep their software’s after a maintenance agreement ends).

It just appears that anyone whom had a perpetual license only for desktop is being forced down to the Plus subscription… that’s fine, but why doesn’t the ‘business’ team here just state that and be honest with us.

I have a question about the so called Asset Kits. (And their discounts). I see the new asset kits in the asset store. And as it stands it is a small collection of assets bundled together at a discount.
Does this only count for the hole bundle ? not for one of the assets in that bundle?

If it is for the hole bundle only i am really at a loss.
As for every project the assets that you want/need are very different even within the asset kit theme itself. If it is a discount for the hole bundle only it seems totally useless. As if you only need 3 of the 6 assets in the bundle the so called discount is more expansive then buying the assets on their own. This method seems even more thought up by someone on a silver unrealistic cloud then the previous idea…
IF you must select the hole bundle that is.

If the discount is for one of the assets in that bundle as well it would make a bit more sense. but barely.
So a bit more clarification is more then welcome….

Hello mountblanc – The discount is applied to each item in the Asset Kit, so you do not need to buy them all together.

I’m happy with the new Plus Option and the fact that you can remove the Unity Splash Screen. My question though is, how does Unity know if a developer is making more than $200,000 a year? I mean, It’s not like we file our quarterly earnings to Unity Tech. You may argue that it’s easy to tell once a game famous at some said app store, it’s easy to track, but what about those users who aren’t building for the mainstream game market (Architecture, Visualisation and Simulations etc). One contract in this space can easily go for 6 figures, and Unity might never know because in most cases it’s a b2b transaction. In short Unity devs can get away with making more 200K+ while using Unity Plus.

Also, how do you treat Studios who are contracted by a third party to build a game (with Unity Plus)? If the 3rd party is payed a onetime development fee of say , $50,000 and the game is so successful that it makes 50 million USD, Will the studio be forced to upgrade their instances of Unity to pro? What is the legal process involved in all of this. It seems like it’s gonna be a lot of work for unity to track down Plus Users who should be using pro lisences

In those cases there is nothing that will stop them from either using plus or a pirated version. But if UT gets them, they can get a big fine (+lawsuit…). Its the same with Adobe, a company which has enough income wont risk their existence for such a ridiculous amount of money (for a company).

In the other case, they are not the ones getting the income so it shall not be aproblem to keep plus.

I have Unity Pro, I payed for the upgrade when offered to do so. If I am understanding you correctly on or before March 2017 I will need to choose another plan and that upgrading for $1,500 will no longer be an option I may choose.

Instead I will have to choose from 35$ a month for Unity Plus or 125$ a month for Unity Pro to continue using what I already have payed for.

What I need to know is what am I giving up by using Unity Plus vs Pro and will I be able to change to Unity Plus with out issue with the work I am doing in Unity 5 now.

Hi Henry – If you go to the store, you will be able to see a side by side comparison chart, but the main differences between Plus and Pro are the revenue cap requirement (if you take more than 200k in revenue you need to be on Pro), and the service tiers (example: you get concurrent cloud builds with Pro; you get priority in the queue with Plus). We will be contacting you directly via email with a migration offer to come over to subscription soon, but if you don’t want to subscribe you can continue to use your perpetual license forever. However, when the Unity 5 life cycle ends in March 2017, you will no longer receive future updates and new features. Edited to add: You should have no problem with your project moving from Pro to Plus.

I liked the previous idea of 1 or 2 free asset packs per quarter better than a 20% or 40% discount. With the 20% discount, it is only worth it if you badly want every asset in the pack (very unlikely). Even with 40% discount, you would still need to want most of the assets, but even still it would only save you a few bucks. For example, I am currently making a Dungeon Crawler/Survival game and buying both the Dungeon Crawler/Survival packs using the Pro 40% discount would only save me $14 from just buying the assets I want separately, worse than many of the daily deals. Sure you get some bonus assets, but they aren’t worth much if you don’t plan to use them.

Hi Bryson – The discount is applied to each item in the kit individually, so you are not required to purchase them all together.

I have a receipt from you guys that says i will receive Unity 5.x Pro and it’s updates. Because i paid in full for a permanent license. Can I expect you to honor your agreement to keep giving me updates for the permanent license that i paid for Unity 5.X Pro? Or are the people who were foolish enough to pay for a full license getting messed over again? Please clarify this for me. My blood is currently boiling.

Hi Dave – Your perpetual license for Unity 5 Pro entitles you to all the updates for the lifetime of 5, which ends March 2017. As a perpetual license holder, you will receive a direct email from us in the next couple months (if you haven’t already) detailing a special migration offer for you if you wish to transition to subscription. You’re also free to continue to use your license for Unity 5, but after March 2017 there will be no more new features (though we’ll continue to support 5 as we have done historically with critical fixes). I hope this answers some of your questions.

We just upgrade from Personal to Pro (more than 1 month ago). But the Plus is now a perfect fit for us.
If you knew the change was coming, we would have waited. Will be available a downgrade option for situations like ours?

Same here. Bought Unity Pro and IOS 3 month ago … Spend 3000$ and can do less than a Plus user (No Android…).

For those currently on perpetual license of Unity 5 Pro (through Mar 2017), are all the services available similar to the Pro subscription or are there any differences in these two?

When does the timed access to the courseware start? Is it on activation of the subscription or once you log in for the first time to the courseware?

Hi ! I have a pro version installed on my desktop and laptop.
Are we still allowed to use the same serial on two PCs ?
Or I have to disable it on my desktop and activate it on my laptop when I need it ?

Thanks !

I’m in the US and the choose number of seats page shows up in Chinese. Thought I’d let you know.

Does the unity pro perpetual owner, get the benefit of cloud etc.. or not ?
For how long ?

If you don’t transition to the new Unity Pro, you’ll get Pro services until March 2017.

“Asset Kits 20/40% off”
1 – how much will level11 run or it’s done already?
2 – in the previous presentation you say a package free 1/quarter. is was that replaces with the new percent off?

1 – It’s still functional. We’re still deciding on its future. Stay tuned
2 – Yes

Hi, I have assigned my seat, but where do I get the serial number from to change the Unity version to the new subscription?

is it obligatory to make transition from perpetual licence to subscription ?
if not, can we still make games, publish and sell them ?

No, you don’t have to transition. You’ll stop getting Pro level services and new features for your perpetual license in March 2017 though.

Is Level 11 still going to be a thing, or has that become the new % discount on assets?

Just paid $35, re installed unity .

Why is everything still the same, will there be a new version………. what did i just pay for?

You need to go to your Unity ID page and assign the license to yourself or click on “Manage seats” button on the purchase confirmation page. Sorry it’s a bit complicated at the moment!

Nope, that doesn’t do it. I got an email that says I need to enter my license key, but I’m never prompted to enter it.

It took a while to understand the upgrade process myself but I’m facing a DARK SKIN right now for €32 a month:

Log In to your account, Asign a Seat to yourself in My Seats and you will get a serial number by mail…
Inside Unity goto Help -> Manage License…
The License Manager will pop-up and click on Activate New License…
That’s all…


It’s coming! Give us a bit more time to perfect the technical aspects of it before we release it.

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