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As you saw in our recent pricing announcements, part of our new structure allows you as a Plus or Pro subscriber to disable the Splash Screen feature of Unity. In addition to this we wanted to provide a set of simple tools to let you display a co-branded splash screen with animation, for those of you that do wish to use them.

As we still require Personal Edition users to show a Unity splash screen for now, these tools will also be available and become the default method of showing the Made with Unity splash. The tools are still in development, and are currently aimed to be part of Unity 5.5. Check out the video above for what they look like in practice, and please provide us with feedback in the comments below.

Pre-emptive Questions and Answers

Q. Why not offer the shiny cube animation video we’ve seen from Unity recently?

A. This is a pre-rendered video clip that we may consider including for platforms it would make sense to include in (Desktop and Console) in future versions of the splash screen, but for now we wanted a light-weight simple system that everyone could use – or if on Plus/Pro – opt out of.

Q. Aliasing looks funky on the MWU logo in the video?

A. Yes, a little – because we are yet to implement AA for the splash – its in development, and we’ll work on the quality up til release.

Q. What’s to stop me as a Personal edition user from having a dark background with a dark unity logo?

A. We include the Overlay opacity as a mandatory feature on Personal edition, plus you’d be rendering at least 2 seconds of needless blank screen to try and circumvent the splash screen.

Q. This is cool, but why no nested prefabs?

A. Actually completely unrelated teams are working on features like this, and nested prefabs. We actually have solid ideas on how to achieve what is necessary for nested prefabs now and our core team are migrating from improving asset bundles to working full-time on this feature.

Q. Are there any Pokémon here? I heard there were Pokémon here.

A. Probably.

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A curiousity:

What can the custom splash screen do more than an “ad-hoc” scene created to show splash screens? I mean it is obvious you can do much more in a unity scene to show whichever effect as a splash screen, so I guess your customized splash screen has something more than regular scenes cannot offer right? (like loading the first scene already when showing the splash screens, especially usefull on WebGL build).

List me a list of advantages of stuff that can’t be done in a regular Scene already.

Hi! It’s something that doesn’t require the whole engine to load before you can display it – building with a scene would do, as we don’t know what you need to put into that scene, so everything is available. End of list!

Finally… The current splash screen looks ugly and unprofessional as hell. As contrary, I will be proud to show this splash screen.

Now I must find a projected release for 5.5, this is a really nice deal. It might sound harsh (it is not meant to be it is just the way the industry is swinging), but I don’t really see the reason to spend a lot of money on a different license to unlock certain features, especially since they aren’t anything I couldn’t really get on Unreal,Cry or Lumberyard. But the current logo for personal edition is too much, so this is really very exciting. I don’t actually mind having the logo, in fact I support that fully, it just shouldn’t be ugly, that is in no ones favor.

Yes, looks great, really will be very useful. I do think that Pro and Plus subscribers should have the ability to use all the splash screen features, with or without the Unity logo. Otherwise an Indie like me who purchased the Plus edition, primarily for more choice with the splash screen, would be better off going back to the Personal edition.

The SCREEN TOOLS is a grate visual brand improvement. But i wish a more cool introduction to my game buy using or adding the Unity branding video for my classic desktop PC deploys. Video Link:

Hope is its in development but please can you add it as optional ? (Is not for steam distribution.) Thanks for the improvement.

I’m actually liking this and could see myself using this for personal projects. It fulfils the requirement of having to have the Unity logo (for the personal edition) but, also allows for you to put your studio front and centre where it should be.

I think this is a more than acceptable compromise and can only say the sooner you get these tools out to people the better. The main complaint before was always that the Unity Logo would effectively own your first impression i.e. the loading screen and then your logo/company/brand becomes the after thought. This was never acceptable as the engine is not the game. It’s the tool and base that you made the game upon.

Watching the video it shows that an indie can make it clear that they are company X and their game was made with unity not (as the impression used to be) it was made by unity!

Once you are working on this, can you please also allow the user to set the font size on the Unity console output? Or the font face?

Hi Bradamante, whilst that’s a valid suggestion it’s really not anything to do with this tool, but we’ll make a note nonetheless.

probably already mentioned but, we should be able to either:

– Choose between a horizontal or vertical versions of the Unity logo (all on one line, or the logo with “made with” under it)

– have options for horiztonal / vertical ‘auto-switch’ that if device is in either orientation… that specific combination or setting is used (such has horiztonal logo version for that orientation, and vertical ‘stack’ logo option for vertical orientation)

… just a thought.

Any chance it would be able to support multiple frames to allow for an animated splash screen?

This is specific to the platform but for most it is already happening. The splash is shown while the engine and first scene is loading.

No way to remove the Unity Logo and use the tool with your own logo?
No list for multiple custom screens?


Personally, I love what I’m seeing. I usually have a scene called bootstrap that I use to show my splash screens and in the background load any objects that should remain loaded for the duration of the game. I would have liked the option to play video instead of a static image wih zoom but it sounds like that is in the works so awesome on that front…

If there is one suggestion I would make it would be to abandon this “our logo and your logo” approach and instead make it a draggable array with the Unity logo an entry that can’t be removed. This means we can simply click on the + button and chain in an extra logo to be shown, also with it’s own sliders for duration and zoom etc. publisher, 3rd party required logo, our logo, engine logo, another 3rd party logo…however many we need, arrangeable via drag and drop. That would be wicked…

Now I just have to figure out how I am going to load my bootstrap objects when I have no more splash screens to cover up what I’m doing in the background…unless this can start loading a scene after the second logo… That would be perfect! Quick start logos, background first scene loading asap but splash screen graphics hide the scene till it’s done… And a MonoBehaviour.OnSplashScreensDone method :)

Okay, will stop with my one suggestion here ;)

Hi Jacco! funny you should mention that (drag drop, no forced Made With logo) we actually already have this working, Karl is working on the build and we’ll have an updated post very soon based on the feedback we’ve seen.

It looks great! One thing I would love for you to add would be the ability to begin playing music that can carry over into the first scene, or at the very least an optional, one-shot sound clip.

I get that the splash screen is when the resources / engine of the game itself are actually loading, but I would gladly live with the choice to suffer a tiny delay to play even a very small piece of sound. :)

It looks like when you disable the unity logo, you disable the entire splash screen options.
It would be cool to use the splash screen logo features but without the Unity logo.

It makes sense if you were to do that, to also add multiple logos, drag and drop the order. And only have the ability to disable the entire thing or remove the unity logo from the list in Plus/Pro.

As stated below, I’ve also been asked by a client to add an animated segment or logo in the intro while the game loads. Which would a lovely feature if you could get that working.

Also, it looks like you can change the duration of both logos, no the time each logo is on screen. IE. Long user logo, shorter Unity logo.
Or if we have multiple logos, Short developer logo, Long developer logo and then short Unity logo.

On mobile, is the logo transition after the splash screen? Is there any optimizations done on this to get this running before the scene is loaded. We used to do other tricks in the past of loading a preloader scene to speed up Default.png splash screen time in iOS, does this splash screen play nice with mobile?

Hi Prankard, we actually implemented a lot of what you’re describing here, update soon!

Hi Ruben, with our new subscriptions only Plus or Pro users will be able to remove the splash screen.

Wicked! Means no more splash screen scenes ever :) And as a bonus, I love how it looks in that video so I give this 2 thumbs up!

Hi there,

You can see all upcoming features that are currently being developed on our roadmap here. It looks like we are still working on those features mentioned, but you can always check the roadmap for an up to date timeline of what features are making it into the next version.

Hi, could you update the Unity – Roadmap page? It still has 5.4 in beta with a July release date. I’d really like to see the general release date they’re targeting for 5.5. I want to play with this feature as soon as possible!

Hey we have updated the roadmap!
The splash screen may not immediately be available in 5.5 beta.
Its a race for us to finish it and get it into 5.5 before the beta launches!

Finally we got better logo screen and also like all the different option to produce good logo.
We hope we got unity 5.5 very soon.

I would be nice if you give us the option to add only our own logo to the paying customers (Plus, Pro). Why make a custom one when this one looks fine.

This looks elegant and lightweight, but please don’t force the Unity logo for Plus/Pro. It would be nice to offer a splashscreen tool without it forced on.

Hi Seb, users with Plus or Pro subscriptions will have the option to disable the splash screen if that is what you prefer. They will also be able to use our upcoming animation tools to make their splash screen more unique!

This is awesome I always looking for something like this. but there is a thing what if we wan’t to use a GIF or specific animation not just zoom in or out something like Ubisoft logo.

I like it. Is there an option to choose only our own logo? btw, It would be wonderful to be able to create our own animation from there for splash screen or at least be able to choose many different pre-made animations.

I actually like the old splash screen, and have simply extended my splash after it, as it fits the style of the game. if I were to upgrade, I would have to completely remake my existing splash screen, something I don’t plan to do. unless you bring the old one back as an option, I will not be able to upgrade.

Hi Sam, not sure I understand. Just to be clear the only thing that is changing is we’re dropping the animated cube shard logo and (for personal edition users) we are dropping the mention of ‘Personal Edition’ too. We are then giving you additional tools to make a splash screen that features your branding too. Are you actually suggesting you’d forego upgrading your copy of Unity because you miss the cube shard logo? Sorry for not realising the popularity of it if that’s what you mean!

In Unity 5.5? then possibly this feature arrive in 2018, for now almost users have the profesional intro “Made with Unity personal edition”

Thank you so much for such addition….may be two three variance logo of”Made with Unity” ?? So we can use it which suits best…

Honestly, I always simply use a scene for this and do all the funky stuff in it that I want. All this what is shown here can be done very easily with unity and with all the control one can imagine. So all one needs is an option to turn the splash screen on/off.

At the moment one can not simply turn of the splash screen for android builds. So I simply use a 32×32 pixel completely transparent texture as a logo. That I think is something that should chance (and as seen here will change). Just a checkbox “show splash screen”.

“This is cool, but why no nested prefabs?

A. Actually completely unrelated teams are working on features like this, and nested prefabs. We actually have solid ideas on how to achieve what is necessary for nested prefabs now and our core team are migrating from improving asset bundles to working full-time on this feature.”

heh about damn time :D show full prefab hierarchy in project view would also be useful sometimes.

This is exactly what I wanted to see for customizing and choosing how the splash screen stuff works along with how the Unity logo comes in with color controls… for personal edition aswel… It’s much more professional now and gives devs a way to tailor it in how it appears for there own game. Kinda surprised you got it right Unity, I don’t think I even saw a single forum comment giving detailed instructions on all the aspects and options that have been put forward here.

So nice.. roll out 5.5 already :P

And yes for supporting a short animated logo… and get better video codec decoding (movietexture with something better than current codec). .. and same with direct encoding of camera to a decent h264 like codec, for game features like players being able to record last 10seconds of gameplay (i actually want it more for recording in editor tests directly without having to rely on third party screencapture). We are sick of the all external libraries. that do or dont work on other platforms. ie but with 100% support.

It would be nice to have some incentives for people with pro and plus showing the Unity logo, so that you start seeing the logo even on non crappy games.

Either financial or in terms of marketing aid.

Looks awesome, thanks Unity! Will enable us to keep a more professional look event for us indies or one-man-teams! :)

This still feels very limiting. We have our own scene where we show the company and game splash screens, and we’d consider adding the unity splash right after those. However, currently the unity logo has to be first which is not something we want. Even with these new tools, assuming we need to animate our logos in-game and not using these tools (due to their limited nature), the only option we have to add the unity logo is at the beginning.

Because the new splash will appear only in version 5.5, and after 2-3 weeks from this time 5.4 has been released, please remove the white splash from the personal version and add static image, as now, but on the dark background (you can use for this purpose the last frame of the splash screen in version 5.3[may be without line “Personal Edition”]).
Thx for you job.

1. Please, allow us to have custom on-start loading animation for “rotating circle thing”. With custom size and margin from screen sides.

2. You could add more style variations for Unity logo. Like flat, beauty 3D with GI, blocky, brush painted, pixelated and so on. There is not to many graphical styles in general. To have choise to make logo fit better to the game style.

The current 5.4 beta includes “Personal Edition” in the splash screen branding. Is this text going to remain with the new custom splash screen as well?

Thank you so much! The splash screen doesn’t bother me in the least I’m proud to show it just always hated the text under it.

What has always bugged me is that the splash screen is only there for about half a second before moving on. It looks like a bug or error when it flashes up.
I’m happy to use the splash screen as a personal user, I just wish I could make it last longer so it looks a bit more professional.

Yeah its a bug. It should be fixed in a future patch and also in the new system.
You can also adjust the duration in the new version.

Would it be possible to implement a system where we can put the Unity logo in one of the corners? I don’t mind having the logo there, in fact, I’d sort of planned on having it regardless.

But having it front and centre limits the background image. If we can put that logo in, say the bottom right of the screen, then we can have whatever art we want for the screen without trying to design around logos having to be in the middle.

Thanks for working on the splash screen, I think it really was time for a renewal. What I really missed in the current solution is the possibility to add a 9-sliced image as the background. This would really help supporting different display resolutions and fitting graphics. I think android as well as iOS do support this feature. Is there a chance we will see the posibility to add 9-sliced images in the new version?

I’ve have my own custom splash screen as an Scene, Pre-requisites, Dependencies, Singletons, etc, etc, etc loader, you should make some Script/Method available to run at start for those.
Maybe an option to attach a MonoBehaviour with a custom AtSplashStart(), or so, method so we could do some magic before the game starts :D

The problem is the splash screen is shown when the engine is at various states(per platform) so executing scripts/scene is not always possible/safe.
However we will also be providing a scripting api so you can draw the splash screen in a scene so you could do it using this technique.

Not at the moment but i will make a note. its likely to be a plus/pro only feature though.


That requires loading the whole engine and the scene, what do we show while that is going on? ;)

This might sound odd to you, but I’ve never noticed that there was such a time frame. I always use a scene and it works just fine.

For desktop its not a problem but try a low performance mobile device and the time can be quite significant.


Very good implementation, and thanks for listening to customers and implementing this, a recognition well deserved.

– Could it be possible to let us Start Loading Async some content while the Splash is on?

– I don’t think it would be too hard for you to analyze the user background image’s colors and adapt Unity’s logo to a contrast color, if a personal user places a black logo in a black background in an atempt to trick the system.

Loading content could be tricky as its different per platform. On most platforms the engine and the scene is still being loaded whilst the splash is shown.

We already check the background image and adjust the overlay opacity to compensate so the unity logo is not hidden. That’s why this option can only be adjusted by plus/pro users.

looks great, but you should allow for more than one logo to be added to the intro via array or whatever method. this would be incredibly helpful in order to show multiple studios, or teams that may have worked on the project!

Looking great! Would love if there were options for playing through a number of logos, instead of just Unity and a single custom one. :)

Will it be possible to use more than one custom logo?
Many games are developed by company X and published by Y and ability to have both logos would be nice.

Not at the moment but I have made a note of it so we will discuss it further internally.

yes, I hope this will be a high priority. as most games use different companies and thus logos.
art studios, development studios, publishers… maybe even technology. etc

As mentioned before
— sequence of a range of logo’s (publisher, developer, etc)
— animated logos, like mp4 or gif
— ability to remove unity logo

Thanks! Looking forward to see these tools grow up! :)

Much better options. Wish it was available now. Launching a mobile game very soon and it would have been really nice to include the new splash setup.

This is just awesome! As a personal edition user I’m more than happy with this new tool. Thank you Unity!

We dont support animated logos at the moment but it sounds like an interesting idea. I’ll note it down.

That blurring of the background image seems really redundant. If i wanted my background image to be blurred, i’d blur it in Photoshop.

But with the blurring option here, it’s easier to use a sharp image that’s already in your game (i.e. the title screen) without having a blurred and non-blurred version. Also, blurs can be tweaked easier. No nee to reopen Photoshop and start over with your sharp image, resave, and reimport. Just move the slider.

You could add a thin semi transparent textured geometry to the edge of the logo to make it seem anti-aliased. This is what we use for our game. It’s a little bit blurry but fast and doesn’t need any kind of hardware AA or post-processing.

Speaking of pokemon, the latest game in the series (pokemon go) is made with unity. Considering how ridiculously fast it grows it is a good idea to promote unity as a great engine.

There would be two problems with that:
– Pokemon GO is a much too basic game, with nothing to show off on a technical level
– Pokemon GO is buggy. I’m sure 99% of it is due to server overload, but still, people will see that as “Unity makes buggy games”

All the different options are really cool. I didn’t expect as a Personal Edition user to have so many options. Can’t wait for Untiy 5.5!

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