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“It is a capital mistake to theorize before you have all the evidence,” wrote Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in one of his Sherlock Holmes mysteries. The Unity Analytics team would have to agree.

Unity Analytics gives you easy access to important information, which gives you the insight you need to make sound decisions about your games. Like what, you ask.

Well, to make it all a bit more concrete, we’ve put together a scenario showing how the world’s greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his faithful companion, Dr. Watson, might have used Unity Analytics in a modern-day data mystery involving the sudden, mysterious disappearance of a whole group of active game users — and the revenue they were contributing!

6 replies on “The case of the missing revenue”

There is concern about the users privacy though. Where is this data transmitted ? Only the developers servers, or Unity’s own servers as well ?

Assuming it’s Unity’s, is there an option to make it send data to the developer’s server *only* ?

Yes, obviously things like Google Analytics send user data to Google, but Google services are otherwise free. It would be a nice privacy move if we could say to our users that we answer to no one regarding data collection and mining, if only on the Pro version.

Thanks for any feedback :)

that was amazing, i finally understand the significance of unity Analytics, videos really help hint ;)

Hi Sherlock! Since when in my project is useful to turn on Analytics? Since the first build? I mean in PreAlpha, Alpha, beta..etc. Players Only me since first build, 2players pre aplha or 10 player Alpha, a lot players in beta, etc. And It has or will have a extra cost?
Grate idea!

Haha, I really enjoyed it and for sure will keep Unity Analytic in memory until needed…

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