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We showed a short version of our Adam demo at GDC 2016, and this summer attendees at our Unite Europe conference were able to view the full film in real time. Now, we’re releasing character, environment, and GFX packs from the demo, as well as an executable version you can download.

Adam executable


Adam executable download (size: 3 GB; Windows DX11 only)

It is expected to run 30 fps v-synced @ 1440p on a GeForce GTX 980 and Intel Core i7.

There are two quality settings included: ‘Fantastic’ and ‘Good’. ‘Fantastic’ is the main target, intended for reasonably powerful gaming computers, whereas ‘Good’ is intended for less powerful desktops and gaming laptops. Keep in mind, though, that to preserve the look of the film, there’s no ‘low’ spec for this demo, and as such it might run slowly on older hardware or non-gaming laptops.

You can play it back as a film, pause and rotate the camera to look around (within a restricted area), and you can move light sources in real time.


  • Left Mouse Button toggles playback
  • Right Mouse Button rotates the camera while playback is paused
  • Light Icon on bottom right corner control enables lighting control: Indoors – control position of tube light in the room, Outdoors – control position of the sun

F1 for help panel.

Adam Asset Packages

Please be aware that the assets we’re releasing were created with the specific project in mind,  so we can’t offer any guarantees about how they will perform in your project.

The Adam packages have been tested to work with 5.4.1. Compatibility with other versions not guaranteed, so please use at your own discretion.

Adam Character Pack: Adam, Guard, and Lu


Adam Character Pack: Adam, Guard, and Lu – download  (size: 876.5 MB)

This package contains re-rigged versions of Adam, Guard and Lu.

For the original film we used per-character generic rigs with a lot of prebaked animation onto bones. However, for this release we decided that the characters would be more useful to you, if we rework them with the more flexible humanoid rig – so we did. We removed the additional rigs which were functional only outside of Unity, and made a small rigging tool which tries to replicate some of Adam’s shoulders functionality.

Moreover, we replaced the original CaronteFX cloth sim we used in the demo with rigged versions of the Guard’s and Lu’s clothes, which are now being simulated in real time by Unity physics.

For each character we added an animation which was used in the film, as an example and for preview.

The Adam, Guard, and Lu Character Pack includes:

  • Characters: Adam, Guard, and Lu
  • LOD’s for Adam
  • Post-processing effects (beta)
  • Sample animations: Adam – walk cycle, Guard – idle, Lu – walk cycle

Please note that we are releasing the Adam, Guard, and Lu Character Pack under a custom EULA, which does not allow commercial use. We were so humbled by the strong response to our film, and so proud that people were asking for more… that we decided to keep our options open for the future.

Adam Character Pack: Sebastian


Adam Character Pack: Sebastian – download (size: 483 MB; Windows only)

This character was not reworked: we are shipping it exactly as it was used in the Adam demo. He has a complex rig and will be more difficult to reuse without doing quite a bit of additional work on your own. However, this pack is revealing for those of you who wanted to see exactly how we set it up.

To create Sebastian’s animations, we made extensive use of the high fidelity physics simulation tool CaronteFX, which is available on the Asset Store. We have included Caronte Player in the package, so that the sample animation can play. If you want to modify the character’s animation and need to re-simulate, you need to get the actual CaronteFX tool.

The Sebastian Character Pack includes:

  • Character: Sebastian
  • Sample animation: his complete animation from the demo
  • Caronte player
  • Post-processing effects (beta)

Please note that we are releasing the Sebastian Character Pack under a custom EULA, which does not allow commercial use.

Adam Interior Environment


Adam Interior Environment Pack – download (640 MB, DX11 only)

The Interior Pack gives insight into how we put together this environment. You would not want to use this approach in most game dev scenarios, but it is applicable to the production of cinematics, cutscenes, trailers.

It also comes down to choices you make when you balance your production efforts. In our case, we had chosen to invest most of our art creation efforts in other assets, such as the main characters and lighting. Considering the mood and lighting we were going for in the demo, we could get away with not perfecting the assets of the interior environment.

What made this possible, is that the desired look was created primarily with the help of shading, lighting, and post-processing features, some of which come built-in with Unity, others we created just for the Adam demo.

The package includes:

  • Environment art assets
  • Volumetric fog
  • Real-time area lights
  • Tube lights
  • Planar reflections
  • Post-processing effects (beta)
  • Custom particle shaders

Please note that we are releasing this pack under a custom EULA, which does not allow commercial use.

Adam Lighting and Volumetrics


VolumetricLighting – download (DX11 only)

We are shipping this isolated version as a more practical way to help those of you who would like to use the demo’s custom lighting and volumetrics in your own projects.

The pack includes:

  • Real-time area lights
  • Tube lights
  • Volumetric fog
  • Sample scene

Adam Exterior Environment


Adam Exterior Environment Pack – download (size: 2.7 GB; DX11 only)

Our main focus while building this environment was on the actual camera locations shown in the main demo.

The Adam Exterior Environment Pack includes:

  • Environment art assets
  • Post-processing effects (beta)
  • Scanned assets from Megascans, obtained with permission.
  • Sky from NoEmotionHDRs

To create this environment, we used some tools we wrote ourselves on top of Unity, e.g. for placement of vegetation and blending of terrain textures. We did not include these in the package, because they were too unpolished and project-specific, so they wouldn’t be too useful. Instead, we deliver these internal tools to the relevant engine developers at Unity, with the purpose to inform how such tooling is addressed going forward.

Please note that we are releasing this pack under a custom EULA, which does not allow commercial use.

More about Adam

The Unity Demo Team built Adam with beta versions of Unity 5.4 and our upcoming cinematic sequencer tool. To learn more about how we developed this demo, check out Adam’s web page for other blog posts, articles, and videos.

You may also want to check out the releases from our 2015 demo “The Blacksmith” (exterior, interior, characters, atmospheric scattering, hair shader, unique character shadows, wrinkle maps). We are not diligent in keeping them up to date, but we see many of you still find them useful. You can find more Unity demos in the Demos page

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Kind of weird that you can’t use unity’s tools to make a demo of unity. Maybe this effort would have been better spent improving the product to the point where you could actually use its features.

A real jaw dropper! Its really encouraging to see what the engine can do. With or without plugins or lighting rewrites. Unity is an amazing piece of software. Anyone associated with this software can be very proud.

Looks as good as your every other demo.

However, you’re showcasing what your engine can do, using custom features that aren’t included in the engine by default. Yes, you give the assets used in the demos to developers, but too many times they don’t work at all or after great effort.

Every update to the engine brings something new; mostly new bugs. After trying out different builds I’ve ended up using 5.3.5f1 because it seems to be the most stable version. I tried 5.4.1f but instantly broke materialEditor component.

What I want you to do:
-please, focus on making stable, fully functional editor.
-Don’t make developers rely on in-house or assetstore plugins, which usually cause conflicts
-Instead of making new, mostly unusable features, develop and improve ones that are already there
*Occlusion culling reduces performance instead of improving it
*Terrain system is VERY outdated.
-Simple materials
-No lightmapping for trees
-Max mesh trees not working (since ages ago)
-Bad grass and billboard rendering
*No proper in-editor modeler/prototyping

Unity has a quite bad reputation for being a “mobile game engine”. If you want to change this, you really should give developers the tools needed.

Unity is and will remain a good engine, but people at Unity should focus in the important parts.

Thank you for developing this great engine!


We’ve been blocked for a week because of bugs in 5.5 scene loading (?!?), and these guys are patting each other on the back because their demo looks good. Very frustrating.

So, this demo is really fascinating. Great Job demo team.
And some comment and question.
– What is the difference between fantastic and good quality?
– The loading time are really slow especially in fantastic quality more than 10 mnts, really ??? even witcher 3 doesn’t take more then 2 mnts in my computer :/
– I think unity really need a proper streaming system especially for texture, i keep getting stuttering then it play stable 30fps after streaming are finished and the last time this kind of problem are happened are when i’m playing arkham knight :|

Okay so yeah i know the demo team are creating this for showcase purpose, but this kind of demo actually can be used as a benchmark and showing what unity can do.
i hope for future demo from Unity and the demo team they can also make the demo as a benchmark, especially if the demo are optimised as a realtime demo and benchmark targeting user range from Highend to mid, more ui statistic ie fps, vram usage, memory usage, cpu and gpu usage etc.

I like how you didn’t use much of Unity lights or stock stuff.

Maybe Unity should review their stock assets.

By their nature stock assets are not intended for high quality or production releases, there’s a whole asset store of very high quality assets that can be purchased for full development cycles.

Thank you very much for releasing this incredibly fascinating short movie as an executable. Finally!

One thing I’d like to ask because Adam has great potential to being a good benchmarking program: has FPS been limited to 30?

If ‘yes’, then could you be so kind and release an updated version with an option to disable both the FPS cap and also V-sync from the launcher?

An option to enable/disable FPS indicator would be great as well so that people wouldn’t have to use 3rd party programs for measuring it. Thanks!

So the situation is this:
-We have this awesome demo, that’s really has nothing to do with the engine that’s we’re advertising by it.
-IT IS made with unity. But you have to rewrite shaders, lighting, physics, mesh tools – almost everything.
How many times i’ve encountered the developers saying “oh, Unity is a great engine, take a look at ADAM’ and then it turns out they can’t do a tenth of what they saying this wonder-engine capable of.
So – what is the point, if your engine is useless out of the box? Oh, i forgot – the asset store..
This all looks like false advertising. Of course you can do such stuff if you have an army of hi-level programmers, but you sell your stuff to indie devs, who obviously don’t have it.

You are right. Rewriting lighting system, complex shaders it’s a complex task and the assets for demo are only a inspirational demo for a real time project. Unity is made for small projects and casual games.

I agree with you.
That’s why I am quite disappointed with Unity now, since “The Butterfly Effect”.

Given that the demography of the users, it’s quite impossible for us to achieve something like a full fledged studio can achieve.

And when one reach a “full fledged studio” level, most of them usually switched to something else. A lot of case happens this way and I never yet hear a development that switch to Unity from “that engine”.

Can’t Download. “Download quota exceeded for this file. so you can’t download it at this time”.

I tried to download the Adam executable, but it said: “Download quota exceeded for this file. so you can’t download it at this time”.

Please share in another place.



Can you please reupload the executable or allow it to be re-downloaded again please? It’s download quota is presently busted.



I am not in the game development business but have to say that the demo was a fascinating thing to watch. That humanoid is really cool and the entire lighting and sound on the video is impeccable. Nice work and I hope to see some games like the demo in future.!

“We were so humbled by the strong response to our film, and so proud that people were asking for more… that we decided to keep our options open for the future.”

Hell yes. Please explore those options to their fullest extent. I’d love to see a Unity Games logo make its debut a few years from now.

Excellent! But is it just me or did you guys downgrade the graphics a bit? The original trailer looked absolutely phenomenal.

Nope, same graphics, with some fixes even. But I guess the demo is not getting any younger with time ;)

Yeah it’s a shame they only make tools or fx for demos. you can’t use any of this for a AAA project. Unity is good for making crossy roads though lol

Go look at the asset store page with volumetric lighting. its missing so much and it’s broken. You can’t even use directional lighting.

They will do the same they did with the blacksmith demo. They left a broken atmospheric scattering which a lot of people said is broken but unity didn’t care not one bit to fix it. they just made it good enough for a short demo. They then wait for someone else to take it fix it and sell it on the asset store. they then make 30% on the sale.

Also at every unite they hope to make some noise so they will get mentioned in the press as having this and that or coming soon tech. after that they don’t care, they have never had the intention of giving us professional tools. Their main focus is always marketing. thats what got them their success and they know it.

Its a spaghetti engine with a lot of hype and PR. that’s it. the empty shell continues to be an empty shell.

Unity engine is just a simple indie engine. its a shell you then need to spend a fortune on tools. The tools are the asset store have proven most of the time to be broken. you will spend more time trying to fix their bugs or talking to authors on the forums then making games.

This is great, but as I mentioned in the Blacksmith blog this demonstrates a major problem with the Unity game engine. In the asset on the store you state the following:

“To create this environment, we used some tools we wrote ourselves on top of Unity, e.g. for placement of vegetation and blending of terrain textures.”

This is where Unity engine developers should realize that the engine is lacking things that developers need to make games. And those tools should be considered for future Unity versions so that workflow can be enhanced and simplified.

The very purpose of the Unity Demo Team is to create demos, which were not possible in Unity on the day we start. This way we take the engine out of its comfort zone and teach it new tricks, so that those demos eventually become possible.

Along the way we work with Unity R&D teams as they create and polish their features and workflows, to make sure they go through the baptism of fire of our production. We stress established features and drive the fixing of bugs too.

Some of the tools and effects we had developed along the way are universal enough to be shared with and used by the users directly. Others took some shortcuts and were made too project-specific to be useful elsewhere. Whichever was the case, Unity R&D still learns from them as the built-in solution is developed. And then even the demo content can be used as a test bed for that new feature.

Many studios set out to make the best content possible with Unity as it is today. That’s great and there’s no reason for us to do that too. Our goal is to make Unity slightly better every time we make a demo.

That’s why you need to make games, like focused vertical slice, instead of fancy movies ;)
it’s a game engine first, and those movie don’t run in optimal game condition. For example there is no input, so does that mean we are stuck with “poor” inputs because unity has no idea about its comfort zone in this area? Make an fast action game please, a platinum style action game where every input rame is important.

I cannot agree more with the need to make games instead of realtime movies. Movies don’t bring any improvement for networking, input, and plenty of other systems that are currently lackluster in Unity.

Let’s hope Adam was the last time Unity made a movie, and that next time we’ll see a proper fully-functional online game instead

As a small team (9, now 10 people), we need to pick our battles. But I can tell you we’re trying out a different format for our next demo :)

re: Bob:

Unity have recently made a fairly strong push in the “LEARN” area to show midlevel programmers how to take the basic Unity Model and to extend and develop it further for your own custom game development. No one is ever going to get top notch assets exactly as they want them from any product, straight out the box. If so, everyone has them and they’re no longer viable for a business development (ie releasing a game).

If you want More from Unity, they do provide plenty of opportunities to write new code extensions yourself, and even then make these extensions purchasable on the Asset Store (a good example of this wold be Photon networking).

This demo is a demo, it shows what can be done if you really want to do this and if you hav the willpower and timescale to do this stuff. It’s an example of what can be reached. If you want to reach that example yourself you need to put the work into developing your own assets and interfaces, rather than just complaining it’s not served on a plate for you and 100k other game developers.

I feel many people fail to realise that producing a AAA game (and if this video was a game, it would be in that ballpark) takes years, rather than weeks and full teams rather than partners.

This is kind of a cop out answer.

For example, the terrain tools in unity are absolutely terrible. There’s nothing in your demo saying “terrain made with custom tools”, so people will naturally assume that if they buy unity, they’ll be able to use the terrain tools to create terrain as seen in the demo (terrain is probably not the best example in this case because there’s so little of it, but you take my meaning).

I don’t think that’s something to be proud of. You guys should issue a disclaimer along the lines of “Custom code used to achieve visual fidelity” or something.

Also, if EA issued a demo movie for Call of Duty that included a bunch of stuff that wasn’t in the current game, but might find its way into the next game, people would be apoplectic.

If you have a goal of making the product better, why don’t you make demos that stress the parts of unity that are the weakest so that you can figure out how to bring them up to speed. THAT would be useful.

It’s my opinion that making demos like this and making the comments you have shows that the company is focused on acquiring new customers at any cost. Because the existing features aren’t getting any better, it appears to me that the company is trading in the product’s reputation for cash. As a strategy that doesn’t work in the long run, so I bet the owners are trying to make the company attractive to a buyer.

Super Awesome ! Thanks for making flexible humanoid rig ! which does not allow commercial use. But as Independent video game developer, I must be able to do all and Adam is a perfect example where to learn from !

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