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Unity Connect Open Beta: Join the first talent marketplace dedicated to Unity creators!

, November 7, 2016

When Andrew joined the Open Beta of Unity Connect and posted his Task, he wasn’t expecting to get a response within 20 minutes… but that’s exactly what happened.

Andrew, founder of S.F. Bay Studios and a Unity Asset Store publisher, was looking for someone to create some custom, medium-poly gems for his cave environment. Within 20 minutes of hitting “Post” on his Task, he received a response and, within 24 hours, he was connected with a 3D Modeler named Federico and the work was underway. Now, just a week later, the work is complete — Federico has earned some income doing what he does best and Andrew is one step closer to publishing.

Get help… or answer the call!

Tasks, a sort of “micro-job,” are a way for developers to connect with people who have skills to help them overcome roadblocks and keep their project moving toward the finish line. Like Andrew, if you need help getting something done, you can post a Task on Unity Connect to broadcast a call for help. On the flip side, you can leverage your strengths to respond to Task posts and earn some extra income by helping others.

Post a Task on Unity Connect

Posting Tasks — short-term “micro-jobs” with clearly defined deliverables — allows developers to broadcast a call for help to the community and connect with talented specialists who have the skills to help them keep their project moving forward.

Showcase your work and build your visibility.

Being part of this new community doesn’t just benefit those who are looking for help. It also allows you to showcase your work and highlight your individual skills. You can build your visibility and reputation in the industry, engage with other creators, and even find creative inspiration. And, being present means you can be found by recruiters who are looking for Unity talent to fill their open positions — over 250 companies, ranging from small shops to large companies like Zynga, have already joined Unity Connect and started posting jobs.

Unity Connect portfolio

Add projects to your Unity Connect portfolio to show off your best work to the community and to those looking for talent. You can also find creative inspiration by following other creators’ portfolios and engage with them by liking or commenting on their projects.

Over 230 companies have listed jobs on Unity Connect

Over 250 companies have already joined Unity Connect. You can browse for full-time or part-time employment opportunities by company, or you can also search for positions that match your skill set.

Tap into a focused pool of Unity and game industry talent.

If you are a recruiter or hiring manager, you can tap into the Unity Connect talent pool by creating a company page and posting your full-time or part-time jobs. You can also proactively source talent for your open positions using industry- and Unity-specific filters and skill tags. This allows you to zero in on the right people in a focused pool, and saves you the time of searching for needles in the haystacks of general professional networking sites.

Tap into the pool of Unity creators and game industry talent

Recruiters and developers seeking help on their projects can browse for talent visually and verify the quality of someone’s work without ever leaving the site.

Joining is super easy… and free!

Last week, at the Unite LA keynote, we announced the Open Beta of Unity Connect. Before the end of the show, thousands of Unity creators representing the full spectrum of game development skill sets — technical artists, programmers, level designers, VR specialists — had already signed on and started building their presence in the community.

Now it’s your turn! Whether you are a creator with great work to show off, looking for help with a project, or a recruiter with positions to fill, our community won’t be complete until you are there!

Just sign in with your Unity ID to activate your account and get started:

Join Unity Connect

12 replies on “Unity Connect Open Beta: Join the first talent marketplace dedicated to Unity creators!”

Hey Chris! There is a filter option where you can select Tasks. We’ll take your feedback into consideration for an upcoming release. Thanks :D

Guys, I think you forgot to put a link on the Unity website. Right now the only way to access Connect is either by direct url or by this blog, there is no link on the website anywhere.

It’s cool. I notice that payment has to be set up between the two parties independently of Unity. It would be so much easier for the community if, similar to the asset store, we could simply form a contract with Unity, a single contract EULA, via which Unity would manage the payment process. It would let us set up e.g. a bank account to deposit to or a paypal account or whatever, and then when the job is done or whatever the terms are, payment would be made to the appropriate parties without the users having to deal with many different individual preferences. Similar to these other sites, you just pay the ‘site’ and it manages handing out payment to the individuals. Maybe Unity could take a small cut for this service? Maybe it could be optional? I just see that if I were to use several different people then now I not only have to manage the challenge of paying them individually and with different methods, which may also entail having to make invoices and other such business paperwork, or even have them fill out legal forms regarding being a freelancer or whatever… which could be so much simpler and easier if Unity would take on some of that ‘pain’.

Sounds like visiting the supermarket and walking down the canned food isle, leaning closer to an interesting morsel then exclaiming: “oh, it’s a can of worms!”.

True, lol, but Unity likes to suffer and sacrifice on our behalf, right, so that we don’t have to ? ;-)

Totally agree with you, if Unity could manage the payment between clients and developers with some escrow system would be awesome. I have not Joined unity connect yet but I have already worked in other platforms with that system and is what I was expecting from this one. Hope you guys could implement this feature soon :)

Unless Unity is considering going into the escrow business, it might be preferential to keep to form a partnership with a company that exclusively does escrow services. This way Unity keeps building community, engine, and engine tooling while someone else does what they do best.

Just my $0.02

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