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Every release is a big moment, and we’ve spent months on this one polishing these new features to help you deliver great games and experiences. But we couldn’t have done it without all the users who provided valuable feedback during the beta. Thank you, your participation is essential!

Before we jump into the details, here are a few key areas of focus for this Unity 5.5 release:

New platforms, new opportunities

First, we keep on extending opportunities for creators to reach new users and new markets. In Unity 5.5, support for Microsoft Holographic (HoloLens) is no longer in preview mode, and that means you can now jump into exploring the future of augmented and mixed reality. We have also improved our In-App-Purchase feature with a codeless experience to take advantage of storefronts and added CloudMoolah.

Better tools for artists

We’re also working to make artists feel even more at home in Unity adding better artist tools. In Unity 5.5, we brought major improvements to our Particle System and Line Renderer components. Our Animation Window has workflow improvements and massively improved performance for faster, more reliable iteration. Then there’s the new Splash screen tool, which lets you introduce your brand at the start of your game with just a few clicks. We’re also introducing an experimental tool called Look Dev to ease the process of ensuring parity in materials throughout physically-based projects.  Looking to the future, we’re excited to introduce Unity Collaborate to everyone (Open Beta!), a simple way for entire teams to save and sync their Unity projects.

Performance improvement

Finally a lot of the new features aim to improve performance, so you can deliver the best experience to your users on all platforms. For example, we’ve added GPU instancing for Android and iOS, a new CPU Usage Profiler timeline view, and we’ve updated our physics engine to PhysX 3.3.3.

Time to dive into the details of what’s new in Unity 5.5, enjoy!

Microsoft Holographic (HoloLens) ready in 5.5

Support for Microsoft Holographic is now shipping with Unity 5.5. We also improved the workflow by bringing Holographic Emulation right into the Unity Editor. Developers creating applications for HoloLens will be able to prototype, debug, and iterate on design directly from the Unity Editor without needing to build and deploy to an actual HoloLens device. See the details in the Holographic documentation.

Codeless IAP and extended platform support

We know that managing In-App Purchase (IAP) across stores and platforms can be painful!
That’s why we’re on a mission to make sure you can focus on making great games, without missing out on monetization opportunities.

The new Codeless IAP feature makes it easy to port in-app purchases to multiple stores and automate the transaction flows in real time. In addition to Apple App store, Google Play, Amazon, Samsung, Windows Store and Tizen Store, Unity IAP is extending support to the CloudMoolah and Xiaomi (Coming soon) helping you to monetize in Asia.

Improved Particle System

The particle system has received a number of new updates in Unity 5.5.

A new Lights Module allows you to attach real-time lights to a percentage of your particles, and lights to inherit properties from the particles they are attached to. Now it’s simple to make your particle effects cast light onto their surrounding environment:

Here are some of the cool new effects you’ll get in the Lights module:

The new Noise Module enables you to apply turbulence to particle movement, with quality settings that allow you to choose between cheap and efficient noise or smooth high quality noise:

In this following example using the Noise Module, we added turbulence to particle movement creating erratic, jerky movement, or smooth, flowing movement:

Another example is how to easily add ribbonized trails to a particle system with the new Trails Module taking full advantage of the improved line/trail rendering capabilities:

The Trails Module features a range of useful settings to achieve various effects:

We have also made the Color Gradient system more flexible, allowing you greater control over your particle colors. Use it to select an explicit list of colors, each with their own weighting:


It’s now possible to send custom data into your particle shaders, such as their size, rotation and velocity. You can also send tangents to your shaders, allowing for normal mapping.

If you need more control and customization options, all properties in the main particle settings have now been exposed to script. And if you write your own shaders, we’ve added support for sending custom data to particle system vertex shaders.

Finally, we’ve also lifted the restrictions on how many Sub-Emitters you can add to your effects. It’s now possible to create as many Sub-Emitters as you need, and they can also inherit properties from their parent particles, such as color, size, rotation and velocity.

We can’t wait to see the amazing visual effects you create with these updated tools!

Faster iteration in the Animation Window

Our Animation Window has workflow improvements and massively improved performance for faster, more reliable iteration.

First, we added a new box tool in the Animation Window. This allows far simpler moving, scaling, and even ripple editing (“r” hotkey) of keyframes in both Dopesheet and Curves.

We also added the Clamped-Auto tangent mode in the curve editor in an effort to replace the current Auto tangent mode, which has a tendency to create curve overshoots when keyframes are near one another.  When you set keyframes to Clamped-Auto tangent mode, the tangents gradually become flat if a keyframe goes out of bounds.

In parallel, we’ve carried out a host of performance improvements under the hood, which speed up rendering in the Animation Window. See this demo video for more details.

Better Line Renderer Component

Unity 5.5 offers a major improvement to how Unity renders lines and trails: The LineRenderer, which renders a line between a specified set of points, and the TrailRenderer, which renders a trail behind a moving object, have both been upgraded to use an improved line drawing algorithm. Check out the difference in rendering from Unity 5.4:
55vs54lines copy

New Splash Screen Tools

The new splash screen tools make it easy to  add l your company, publisher and game logos as a splash screen (which appears when your project is launched). There’s a broad range of easy-to-configure options: Sequencing of logos, Made With Unity co-branding, background imagery, animation, and more.

Look Dev for asset visualization & validation (Experimental)

Look Dev is an HDR (high dynamic range) image-based lighting tool that allows you to check and compare assets through a viewer to ensure they are correctly authored for various lighting conditions.

Look Dev is designed especially for texture artists, modelling artists, lighting artists, art directors, outsourcing managers, and anybody else involved in the visual art style of a project who needs to perform asset visualization and validation.

Built-in to Unity, Look Dev eases the process of ensuring parity in materials throughout physically-based projects.


Look Dev is an experimental feature in Unity, see the docs for details.

To get you started with various lighting samples, we’ve created a pack of 7 LatLong 8192×4096 HDR images shot in different locations around the world. Check them out on the asset store.

Visual Studio Code & Unity

We’ve added support for Visual Studio Code on macOS and Windows. Once it’s selected as your external script editor, Unity will open your scripts directly in Visual Studio Code. And debugging is also possible via the VS Code Unity debugger extension.

Unity Collaborate beta available for all in Unity 5.5

All Unity 5.5 users are invited to join the open beta for Collaborate, a simple way for teams to save, share, and sync their Unity projects. It’s easy to use so the entire team can contribute regardless of location or role.


Join the Beta and be sure to leave us plenty of feedback on the forum!

Looking for others to collaborate with?  Remember that Unity Connect can help!  Find talent and experience to help you achieve your vision.  Get started by making a profile now.  

Of course, there’s more features and improvements..

As usual, the list of features and improvements is pretty long.   But before you jump to the Release notes, here are just a few more highlights:

  • The CPU Usage Profiler got a new high detail timeline view as well as a native memory allocation profiling view.
  • The Mono C# compiler has been upgraded to Mono 4.4, and now provides better performance and many bug fixes. Note that it is an upgrade of the C# compiler, not the full Mono runtime, but we feel that it represents an important step on the journey towards modernizing and improving Unity’s .NET experience.
  • WebGL 2.0 is now enabled by default in new projects, enabling improved rendering and visual quality in browsers that support the standard, on par with OpenGL ES 3.0. Although browser support is still experimental, we expect browser vendors to start supporting the upgraded standard in stable releases soon.
  • Linear Color Space rendering is now available on iOS and tvOS devices supporting Metal graphics API and Android devices with OpenGL ES 3.0 support.
  • GPU Instancing is now available for Android (with OpenGL ES 3.0 or newer) and iOS (with Metal).
  • Low-level graphics improvements: Depth buffer precision on modern graphics APIs has been greatly improved, particularly for large open game worlds. Native code plugins can access underlying graphics API Mesh and ComputeBuffer data. Graphics.DrawMeshInstanced has been added for manual rendering of instanced objects. CubemapArray support has been implemented and we increased the number of shader keywords to 256 (up from 128).
  • Unity’s Texture importer has been improved, with additional options to decouple texture format from compression, texture shape from texture type, and much more. For HDR textures, Unity now supports the FP16 format and BC6H compression.
  • Our physics engine has been updated from PhysX 3.3.1 to PhysX 3.3.3, and we added more performance metrics to the Physics profiler. The physics update brings more accuracy to all the physics queries. For example, this made it possible to resolve multiple cases where a raycast failed to detect (or, mistakenly detected) a hit against certain types of possibly scaled Colliders. On top of that, we added a flag that lets you specify explicitly whether a physics query should detect back-faced triangles or not.
  • The new PCM (persistent contact manifold) collision detection mode has been made default. Being compared to the older one that was based on the separating axis theorem (SAT), it tends to produce accurate contacts consistently over frames. What’s more, it doesn’t require all the contacts to be re-calculated every frame. As a result, the contacts buffers contain only actual contacts and use less CPU time to compute the contact feedbacks and depenetration forces.
  • New 2D Physics improvements have been added, including additional collision detection options, a new CapsuleCollider2D, and new properties for the Rigidbody2D physics component.
  • New selection highlighting in scene view: it now shows a selection outline instead of a wireframe. You can choose the color of the outline in the preferences of Unity, and it can be turned on/off in the Gizmos window.

155 replies on “Unity 5.5 is ready for you”

Thanks Unity team… I’m filling my pocket with money with Unity3d since 2 years..
please have a visit in Pakistan too! or introduce some oppurtunities for students of Pakistan’s universities like Microsoft have an “MSP” (Microsoft Student Partner).. Why not USP (Unity Student Partner) also?

First of all, thank you Unity for giving me the chance to fulfill my dreams. Because of your team. I am now a indie game deveveloper, even I am a pharmacy graduate. Bytes Crafter vow into you. my own little game studio. One thing though, can you again visit the Philippines for game dev events. :D

Loading our scenes in 5.5 causes a Deadlock in the player. What is the best way to get someone to look at this?

I just downloaded to test new features and also to check compability with Oculus DK1 and that did not work. Throw no error just no image on Dk1.

On 5.3.2 got no errors, I can use DK1 without problem.
I know I need to upgrade just that 600 dlls just for testing purposes do not sound just right

ps no mames weee ps pinche oculus rift lo usaban los morros en la edad media pa guachar brujas, vale riata la vida asi we, apañate uno chido mas de hoy!

Nice new features … which I actually do not need :/
But: all my asset bundles showing up in screaming pink color.
It’s like the last update – I have to rebuild and reexport them all because of shader incompatibilities.
Will this ever be so in the future?
I have clients for whom I now need to upgrade all asset bundles – this takes a lot of time (and money) and I have to explain it.
This is happening now for the third time, slowly it becomes dangerous for my business. It’s time to look for a more stable alternative.

Is it possible to use that outline in game? or get the shader at least? (I’m supposing that the outline is a moddified version of the standard shader, which will come with nice performance)

Yeah they added that nice toonline selector but screwed up the existing toonlines I was using…

Nothing like upgrading and the two weeks of tweaking/bug fixing that follow…

I tried update (previous a backup) our current project,
everything looked same/better but upon play, half of the mechanim avatar animations are broken for the 2 characters involved…
No way to fix, their legs go into the chest…tried reimport, Translation DOF is already enabled for the avatar, tried everything…

Switched back to 5.4.3 for now, I use 5.5 for VR, is a great release !

After 21 months and 5 big updates since Unity 5.0, still no baked shadows from terrain trees. This is unbelievable.

Please let us UPDATE and not have to download an entire new version… so much wasted bandwidth. You think that would be implemented in Unity by now, kind of a 101 for EVERY other application out there.

Other than that good work, hope bugs gets worked out soon.

Congrats. You’re part of a 1% of the world that can simply download 1.5 Gigs without any proper thought. Keep your useless replies to yourself.

Unity really does need to rethink the update scheme. Some of us don’t want to wait 30mins to download an update that should only take 2mins max.

A better update system would be a simple program that checks what version of unity you have, which one you want, then requests the necessary files to addon/replace to the current setup from unity’s servers, then only install those. Kind of like Github’s polling system, but in reverse.

They do a full upgrade so that you can easily go back and use an older version if like many replying here, you have issues with the new version…

U can download a separate updater..

So far an amazing update and truly an early Christmas gift!

There’s quite a bit of vitriol in the above comments, but I just want to say that after spending a bit of time with this update there is a lot to love here.

Keep on being awesome and looking forward to what you have planned in the future!

Every time a major release happens it’s full of bugs or performance decrease happens which only get fixed by another 4-5 months in later sub versions,effecting our release datelines.

Please unity improve your internal processes, as its not a free software we are paying for it and in return getting broken major release every time since 5.X series.


Would you mind elaborating on your experience? I’m currently in development with a game for a 300-level CS course. We’ve been using 5.4.0f3 with Collab. I’m super new to the community and I’d love to not waste a Saturday looking up bugfixes and refactoring code. Thanks!


I’m happy that the particle and trail has been improve!
About shuriken in the inspector, the wireframe display option is missing, how can I show particle wireframes now?

The particle system for explosion prefabs on standard asset is broken or what ? i don’t know, i like the explosion prefabs from previous version.

And the wheelCollider system, what’s new? Something fixed? What is done or is it being made new in the wheelCollider system?

No one forced you to download the beta version…or do you mean this release version is a ‘beta’??

Seriously though, even game companies are releasing their games in beta. Game engines have become so complicated they need a wider range of testing.

Shader problem!!! , Mobile/VertexLit or standard shader combined lightmap changed all black on opengl emulated mode
5.5 has many problems and bugs, why so early released without fixing bug?

You should definitely say below in interviews for development jobs and any new team you join. You will be a massive hit :)

‘Could you folks watch this video of Romero? He explains amongst other things how they wrote nearly bugfree code…bugs are inevitable, it’s the result of bad work process’

Important points for me:

– Like the outline selection

– you wasted dev time on the splash screen (anyone who has a basic understanding of Unity’s animation tools can make much more dynamic or similar splash screens to the one Unity just added)
– why do I have to re-download a new version of Unity every time? why can’t we just update???? (Like seriously, it’s annoying)

– Honestly you fixed the line renderer so I can forgive the other stuff… particles look cool too

I still dont see support for Vertex Colors on mesh verts.

A guy did make a version of the standard shader with it.
But every time you have a new release you break it again and its months before he fixes it.

Seriously its not that hard, he even gave you a head start.

I tried fixing the last time it broke but I just get a stream of error messages.
He fixed it, but now you broke it again.

defaxer wont be around forever.

Yes, I know, you’re going to ignore this because new features that nobody uses are more important.

How do I update? I went to help -> Check for Updates, but the program said I’m already up to date (I’m not, v. 5.4.2f2).

Just head to here and download it :)

The update check in the Editor is just going to send to you that page on the website when the new version is available anyway. (Someday we’ll do something smarter than that, but not today).

Hey guys what happened to quality control? 5.5 has a broken Cloth GUI and some booleans are now floats which makes no sense at all. And the Android build performs worse than what 5.4.3 gave out. 5.4.3p2 crashes when trying to make an Android build, 5.4.3p1 makes non working builds and has the MonoDevelop highlights totally broken… Uuuh!

Extremely urgent.. Please HELP…

Cannot build WebGL in 5.5..

I can’t build my game for WebGL on my laptop or my desktop. I keep getting this error and Il2cpp.exe stops working. Exception: C:\Program Files\Unity 5.5.0b11\Editor\Data\il2cpp/build/il2cpp.exe did not run properly! UnityEditorInternal.Runner.RunManagedProgram (System.String exe, System.String args, System.String workingDirectory, UnityEditor.Scripting.Compilers.CompilerOutputParserBase parser, System.Action1 setupStartInfo) (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/Editor/Mono/BuildPipeline/BuildUtils.cs:98) UnityEditorInternal.IL2CPPBuilder.ConvertPlayerDlltoCpp (ICollection1 userAssemblies, System.String outputDirectory, System.String workingDirectory) (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/Editor/Mono/BuildPipeline/Il2Cpp/IL2CPPUtils.cs:250) UnityEditorInternal.IL2CPPBuilder.Run () (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/Editor/Mono/BuildPipeline/Il2Cpp/IL2CPPUtils.cs:113) UnityEditorInternal.IL2CPPUtils.RunIl2Cpp (System.String stagingAreaData, IIl2CppPlatformProvider platformProvider, System.Action`1 modifyOutputBeforeCompile, UnityEditor.RuntimeClassRegistry runtimeClassRegistry, Boolean developmentBuild) (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/Editor/Mono/BuildPipeline/Il2Cpp/IL2CPPUtils.cs:39) UnityEditor.WebGL.WebGlBuildPostprocessor.PostProcess (BuildPostProcessArgs args) (at /Users/builduser/buildslave/unity/build/PlatformDependent/WebGL/Extensions/Unity.WebGL.extensions/BuildPostprocessor.cs:560) UnityEditor.PostprocessBuildPlayer.Postprocess (BuildTarget target, System.String installPath, System.String companyName, System.String productName, Int32 width, Int32 height, System.String downloadWebplayerUrl, System.String manualDownloadWebplayerUrl, BuildOptions options, UnityEditor.RuntimeClassRegistry usedClassRegistry, UnityEditor.BuildReporting.BuildReport report) (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/Editor/Mono/BuildPipeline/PostprocessBuildPlayer.cs:186) UnityEditor.HostView:OnGUI()

Everything was perfect before updating to 5.5.0 from 5.4.2

There seems to be a bug with baked lights, only on existing scenes though.
when i baked my lights, for some reason one of my surfaces was fully lit by the baked directional light.

The update does break already baked lightmaps, but this was different. A re-bake fixed those issues, but it didn’t fix this surface being completely lit despite being being other surfaces.
I changed the directional light to another light type, then back to directional and the issue was fixed!

Hello, I’m getting little trouble with the remove of “Mesh.Optimize()”, that is obsolete in this new version.
Witch alternative do we have now on the 5.5 version?


I’m happy that the particle and trail has been improve!
About shuriken in the inspector, the wireframe display option is missing, how can I show particle wireframes now?

Do we look like your testers? You wrote “Unity 5.5 is ready for you”. I don’t see any alpha/beta phrase in it.

Bug reports are a thing that all developers are encouraged to use, not just testers.
Word of mouth < Bug Report

Word of mouth is typically more useful when suggesting changes you don't know how to implement yourself.
Bug reports give Unity team all the needed details about errors to fix them.

Don't expect results when you don't participate.

Disappointed that nested pre-fabs still haven’t been included. This is the one feature I’ve run into problems with repeatedly messing with my workflow.

I guess this makes me “boring” compared to all the spiffy particles and such, but I’m excited about the new line rendering. Thanks, team! It’s an improvement I’ve wanted for a long time.

Beware to other devs: Light baking does not work anymore for mobile builds in 5.5. It will lay out the light map but in the editor everything is close to pitch black. There doesn’t seem to be any word when this will be fixed and apparently was a problem throughout the 5.5 beta but no one paid it any attention. This is a huge kick in the face to mobile developers.

theres a fix to this its been a problem for a while just check the answers forum I dont exactly remember the fix but ive found it plenty of times.

Same issue here. Baked lights are dark, even with the maximum intensity.
If you could find again the answer forum’s link about this, it would be awesome!

It is surprising to see that the product of so high level has no support of such simple functions. It the same not an elephant, truth? Just make it… PLEASE!

This is basically a really great place for Unity. Well done. Now about dynamic fluid surfaces…

Very unstable for me at Mac OSX Yosemite! I can’t really work on my project anymore.
Heck, I might need to try to repair my Windows partition – and I really don’t want to.
Unity Editor just hangs randomly, especially while changing the scene to a scene with a big script (it has 3000 lines, but it was working great in other versions, has no errors too). It can also hang while simply changing a string variable via button on that scene. Maybe it behaves that way on other scenes too, not sure yet.
Please Unity, try to fix it. I can’t even send Bug Report, as Unity Bug Reporter crashes before it starts, every time.
So – no errors, but Unity hangs infinitely in seemingly random situations while in play mode… I need to force it to shut down, no other way. :(

Because I can’t edit my own post here – UPDATE:
I’ve deleted whole Unity folder, installed fresh one. It didn’t help with crashes, but it helped with messed up windows, like RagDoll Opening insted of Lightning and Occlussion Culling not opening, just giving errors in red. It didn’t happen before, in previous versions of Unity though.
So in my project, I noticed I had Profiler running. I disabled it. Then I switched layout to default, because I’ve remembered Unity crashes on Mac when saving your own layout (you need to re-open Unity almost always), and having your own layout produces some other weird bugs. Now, without Profiler and in default layout, Unity is running ok for about 15 minutes now. Previously it crashed after a few seconds or a little more. It was happening in a heavy new UI based scene with one script being large, about 3000 lines, no errors though. There are of course other, smaller scripts.
I can’t send you a Bug Report, because Bug Reporter crashes for me on Yosemite instantly (sic!) :). So hope that helps.

So good! Awesome that the Mac version is available at the same time. :)

What is the name of the 2D feature that allows you control over the z-index based on a sprite’s y-position? Is that implemented yet? Or a part of the 2D experimental builds?

Great improvements. Specially the particle system. Sadly, most of us dont have a clue how to make a particle effect in first place, so.. lol.

Sounds like a great release, congratulations team :)

Glad to see WebGL 2.0 finally coming out of the woodwork.

About this line: Graphics: Added bool SystemInfo.usesReversedZBuffer to be able to know if the platform is using a “reversed” depth buffer.

So since this is a system/platform flag, it’s all or nothing? What if I wanted reversed depth buffer to improve shaders, but also have increased precision towards the near clip plane for other situations (such as collision detection using shaders where far accuracy isn’t as important). Can’t this be a flag on the camera instead?

Granted, this could be easily fixable in the shader, but I’m just throwing this thought out there :)

This is great, just everything, but…… my excitement is for the native integration of Vuforia in Unity!!!!!!

Ok, is it just me that I’m having trouble building on android in this new version? The app crash seconds after it runs :(

Awesome update, it improves and adds a lot to the engine. A little side-question, though: what’s the current state of Unity for Nintendo Switch (as far as you’re able to discuss publicly)? The Roadmap has it tagged as “In Development”, but is it targeted to 5.6 or later? Expected for the console’s release or some time after March?

Awesome update! Been using the beta for some time now and it’s been great. One question though, during a recent keynote, there was mention of an update to the video-texture functionality and I haven’t seen anything about that mentioned since. This would be pretty huge for mobile VR (mixing pre-rendered complex backgrounds and live-rendered interact-able objects could allow for greater scene complexity). I know there are solutions for this in the asset store, but a built in feature would be wonderful. Do you have any updates on that?

I’m touching myself tonight……

On a serious note! I’m glad my company is using Unity3D to ship products alongside in house game engine.

If anything you are a role model of middle-ware done right!!!

Yeah, I am curious about tilemap as well. Experiment 3 just came out for the 2D with all these (probably unnecessary) features that I will probably never use.

I wish they would just pick the most useful features of the 2D experimental and release already. I just want the bare minimum 2D features to get the job done.

Awesome job Unity. I’m very excited about the particle improvement, physx improvements, and upgraded compiler. Great work!

Just my feedback: Unity Collaborate is not a good use of your time!!! I feel like it’s not smart to try to compete with Git or other Version Control Systems!

What I am most excited about: Networking and a true Server Authoritative with Client Side Prediction on Rigid bodies is my single most desired feature.

I believe in you Unity!

Have you given it a try? I’ve used early versions of Collaborate for several small projects, and it’s really handy to have a no-frills version control out-of-the-box, especially with Cloud integration.

Not sure how that would scale up to a big multi-team production, but for simple use cases, it’s quick, sleek and right in your face so there’s just no excuse not to use version control, even for students, hobbyists or very small studios who might have previously relied on the “I made a backup on Dropbox” kind of version control.

Funny you say Collaborate is not worth their time, seeing as you’re excited for Networking updates. As the Network programmer in my team of 20, I don’t know how I could possibly develop without Collaborate. Testing a networked feature is as simple as pulling down, and running a build. No longer do I have to build and run on a single computer, and no longer do we have to muddle around with all the different types of source control.

Sure there’s a few things that could be improved upon, (such as reverting to older commits), but that’s beta for you.

“Depth buffer precision on modern graphics APIs has been greatly improved, particularly for large open game worlds”
Could you clarify what do you mean with modern graphic APIs? could you be more specific?

Please also improve unity ads . Because it appers 2- 3 times whole of the game. Then after giving rest to game for some hours then the same behaviour occurs

Is the source for the shader used for the selection highlighting available anywhere in the additional downloads?
Would really like to replicate the effect in-game!

I really want to see the Standard Shader support sub surface scattering and Bump mapping (as an alternative to normal maps)

Does anybody know if Unity still keeps loading while showing the new splashscreens or does it pause the loading progress and just add up to the loading time?

The splash screen is shown while the first scene is loaded asynchronously however this is not the case for all platforms at the moment but it will be in the future.

Not at the moment but it has been implemented and will be be in a patch in the near future. No ETA yet though.

Umm, the “Player Settings” -> “Rendering Path” dropdown field is gone. Where can i set this now? (except the override for each camera of course)

I love a lot of these but I still believe that there are some major improvements that can be made that would go above and beyond all of these… combined. The day that I can parent a prefab to another prefab would literally be the best day of my development life. Or paint the nav-mesh instead of letting whatever messed up algorithm is currently being used do its best and create dozens of folds. Or better yet allow for multiple sizes of a nav agents ( I thought that I saw this was on the timeline, so maybe they already added it. I thought that it was supposed to come with this update. )

But keep it up Unity, I’m becoming more and more impressed as the updates come.

For the Navmesh stuff, you can take a look at a preview of what we are doing – support for multiple different agent sizes and more control over the navmesh generation is already there.

I know that’s not the same thing as it being in an official release, but provided the feedback we get on this preview is positive, we’re pretty close to shipping it for real.

Thanks, Richard! This is a very exciting feature for me, and I hadn’t see it until now. Following thread and will try to get some time to experiment with the code.

Forgive me being noob on this or I just want it a bit clearer,
what’s meant by The Mono C# compiler update, does this mean unity now supports a newer version of .NET ?
Highly appreciate the answer.

Are those great 2D tools I’ve seen on youtube already in unity?
The tilemap, and those tools that create the texture depending on the shape of your object. (don’t know how to call them :) )

The tilemap isn’t quite ready for an official release yet – but keep your eyes on the 2D Experimental Preview builds, we’re expecting to drop the Preview 3 build very soon!

Note that we’re not planning to drop all the 2D features into the main release at the same time – we have already landed some of the smaller features (like Sorting Groups) into the lineup for 5.6.

So if understand correctly Tilemap is not even planned for 5.6, right?

Can we use 2d experimental build for tilemaps only (and somehow export maps to stable unity) or it will not be compatible and we have to do entire project in experimental build?


Experimental means what it sounds like. We have already seen some pretty massive changes in previous experimental builds, and making sure that your data is upgraded correctly is not something the team focuses on during the experimental phase. So if you build on top of the experimental previews now, we can’t guarantee that your content will just smoothly and automatically transition into Unity once the Tilemap system lands in the product for real. It might, if you get lucky, but I wouldn’t bet a project on it.

That said, just because we aren’t going to write that upgrade code doesn’t mean you couldn’t do it yourself – perhaps you could use the Tilemapper API in the experimental builds to export your data to ScriptableObject or JSON, allowing you to build on that preview for now while making sure you’ve got a safe way to upgrade when it’s time to switch to a stable build?

Please just release what is necessary to build a 2D game and not incorporate useless features no one will use. I mean really, this should be out of experimental preview by now. Did you guys hire newbie devs for the 2D development???

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