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We have three core values that we live and breathe every day at Unity: Democratize development, solve hard problems, and enable success.  These core values transcend development and are the cultural foundation that Unity is built on.  It is through that lens that we make decisions that help and benefit our users.

We recently announced our official support for developers affected by the recently implemented United States travel restrictions.  Unity will be paying for and flying 50 developers affected by the restrictions to Amsterdam in June to attend our Unite event.  Unite is the place to unlock the full creative potential of the Unity engine, meet up and brainstorm with fellow Unity devs, experts, and industry leaders, and get a peek at what Unity will be providing in the future.

In addition to those initial 50 developers, we will be working with our partners to sponsor even more attendees. We want as many people as possible to have this opportunity; collaboration, no matter where you’re from, is a key component of enabling success.

In the coming weeks, we will be working hard to finalize all of the details for this program.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be the first to know once those details are announced.  We appreciate your outpouring of support and are glad to play a small part in ensuring the industry we love remains a welcoming one.

19 replies on “Unity Supports Developers Worldwide”

I don’t know why the Unity does not release their source code, despite being all with a single Direct3D which is made by Microsoft.

being that only the script, are the property of Unity.

And any Engine provides all your Code Editor, to notice the Plugins.

Very limited plug-ins only to render, you can also create your own programs with plug-ins, but the guys really want to use open source, I have my engine needs 3 GTX to run my movies. And if you need a license, comes fully the source code for the more experienced programmers to reduce the graphics both in the Editor and in the movies.

You already pay absurd for Unity and you still have to pay the source code.

In addition to not being able to cancel their subscriptions. Always with Unity every year sucking your money, playing games or not. Riding on the coast, without even having the decency to make a games on their own to make money. Not everyone is equal to Square Enix, Capcom. people who use their Unity Engine really is people who are doing on its own and has no money. And you’re all away in us posts.

Untiy is FAKE to me.

Equal to GameBryo 30 days trial.

Unity is evil to try and proxy revolt in league with the extreme left. Unity is speeding up the day when the borders in all countries are tightened down in the EU, if it survives, and nations everywhere. I’d almost guess that Unity has big oil money invested in it and has been ‘spoken too’.

In 2015 Estonia launched electronic citizenship ( Those that are affected by these law rules can become electronic citizen of Estonia and like that create legal company in Estonia, which is part of Europe Union. Since, EU registered company is in all compliance with US laws, you can have open all door from legal perspective.
I’m personally facing issue, that at this time from my country (Serbia) I cannot register merchants account to all stores, so I’m looking forward to this as well.
From countries (e.g. Syria), you still might need VPN to connects to some services in US, however, with this you will eliminate all legal problems.

Where did you guys got the impression that private companies don’t do politics? For sure it’s usually done in the cozy confidentiality of lobbies (look at ALEC and how much legislation they are the origin of if you only need one example). The whole system is rigged by private interest. At least in this very case Unity is openly stating its position and leaving it up for debate. No matter what side of the political spectrum we’re coming from, we can only be thankful that they take this public.

Unity pays taxes, so I support the decision to waste resources on politically motivated nonsense rather than bug fixing and product development. It’s your right as a taxpaying entity to do as you please, including taking a completely ridiculous position driven by hysteria and misinformation.

At least the forum moderators had the sense to shut this down. It’s a shame the blog editors didn’t have the same foresight.

I, for one, wish Unity would stay out of politics and political statements… In fact, I’m even considering moving to Xenko or Unreal because of it.

As much as I love Unity, I find this a complete hypocrisy, because Unity is IP-blocking all developers from Syria (Where I live at the moment) that I need to use a VPN in order to have access to Unity and all its related services including this blog.

Their server is US based (like most IT companies), so they have to follow the US law.
Or you’d rather have US Federal Police taking down their website ?

Well if UT would really care that much, they could change their server location to a non-US territory like their headquarters in Denmark.
Let’s be real here. This is just jumping on the hype-train. Merely a PR stunt.

UT has been giving a crap about people like Moonif in the past.
And now they suddenly announce, what good samaritans they are.

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