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July 11- UPDATE: Unity 2017.1 has shipped. We have a complete getting started with Timeline & Cinemachine series.

Check the four sessions recorded at Unite Europe; we’ve compiled a playlist for you:

We would love to hear what you think. If you have any feedback, feel free to tell us in the Cinemachine forums.
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Unity 2017.1 is coming soon and we are excited to share a deeper look at some of the new Timeline and Cinemachine tools.

Timeline lets artists create cinematic content and gameplay sequences. Combined with the Cinemachine unique smart camera system, you can control shots like a movie director. From first-person shooters to third-person action adventures, you can revolutionize your in-game cameras with Cinemachine.

Here’s a demo of Timeline & Cinemachine that Adam Myhill (Head of Cinematics) and I presented at Unite Seoul:

And here’s an exclusive look at the new Cinemachine features coming with Unity 2017.1.

Try it for yourself by getting the Unity 2017.1 beta and adding the latest Cinemachine package to your project.

We can’t wait to see what you’ll create!

17 replies on “Unity 2017.1 beta feature highlight: Timeline & Cinemachine”

This look great!
Is this something that can be use on Unity iOS – Android?
Wonder how it will affect the framerate and the Build Size.

Unity 5.6 already take a 20 mb on iOS build. Not complaining, just curious.
For the framerate impact though, can feature like color tweeking be turned off?
Seems a lot to ask for little device.

Where are the project to download?
I could use to have a look at “Use Timeline and Cinemachine to mix gameplay & cutscenes” but there is no project link in the video!

Are those who just got the promotions with a new plus or pro subscription going to be stuck with featureless updates for a whole year, being locked in the 5.6.x versions path, or are they going to be treated with a free or at least cheap upgrade to the 2017.x versions? The bigger the drop from enthusiasm to disappointment for your clients, the harsher you will feel it too. Just a kind advice…

Very impressive! This adds a hole new dimension to Unity!

I Wonder if it is use full for 2d Scenes as well.

Frankly I think it’s an overkill, would have been better if Unity implemented a rock solid Tween Engine with Spline, Waypoint System and Visual Path tools, with smart Tween.Follow and Tween.LookAt functions with snapshots for Camera cinematics.

That would be very powerful in conjunction with Timeline to create cinematics and much more!

That way you have a solid base of long awaited features that are useful across the board instead of the highly niche cinemachine camera.

Jonney – Cinemachine does everything you mentioned and so much more. No need to be limited by an overly simple toolset.

Wow , I am from broadcast production to videogames, I feel very happy with this tools, because is very close to premiere, final cut or others film editors, I think open a lot of cinematic posibilitys and good workflow.

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