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Help us beta-test Unity 2017.3 and earn a chance to win a Mixed Reality headset

, November 10, 2017

Beta testing helps us find bugs, test out new features and make sure the end result provides a great experience for everyone. But the public beta also offers an exciting opportunity for you!

Not only do you get early access to all the new features in 2017.3, you also get to have your say and make a real impact in on the end product.

Having access to the beta also lets you get a head start on new features and test how your current project will fare if you update.

Win a Mixed Reality headset

To make things even more fun, and to show our appreciation, we have partnered with Microsoft to give three lucky testers a Mixed Reality headset from Acer (value $399).

Note that only original bug entries are eligible (in other words, entries that have not yet been reported at the time of submission and have been reproduced and acknowledged by us as a bug).



What to expect?

As with any beta program, you’ll have early access to features that are still under development. That means you’ll experience Unity as less stable than the final version. The beta test is currently expected to run until November 27 and several beta versions will be made available in that time. Please see this guide to being an effective beta tester to get off on the right foot.

How to join

It’s simple to get started and participate in the beta process. Simply head over to our beta testing section, read our guide and download the installer to get access to the 2017.3 beta.

We also encourage you to sign up for the optional beta tester email list below. Signing up will enable us to send you notifications when new versions are available, as well as tips on how to be an effective beta tester.

The beta release is available for free to all Unity users, including Personal Edition users. In the release notes section, you’ll find a complete list of all the new features, improvements and bug fixes included in the release.

2017.3 Beta Sweepstakes Official Rules and Conditions

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9 replies on “Help us beta-test Unity 2017.3 and earn a chance to win a Mixed Reality headset”

I am very negatively biased against this product – compared to Hololens it totally sucks – time and market will tell if I am right or wrong.

Perhaps you could motivate better the users to report new bugs by offering them 1 dollar per bug, in a “Donald Knuth” fashion – with reward check and everything.
For extra motivation consider offering 0.1 dollars to people that find bugs which persist or reappear. :)

When the new visual scripting tool will come out? I thought that it was planned for 2017 according to GDC.

1 – you repeatedly stated the question under two different blogposts on completely unrelated topics
2 – Visual Scripting is mentioned in the GDC keynote as one of the focus areas for 2017 and beyond. There is absolutely nowhere stated that it will be part of 2017

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