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Announcing Unity Training Workshops. Get your team up to speed on Unity!

, January 30, 2018

Learn from the experts with the only Unity-authorized, in-person training.

Maximize learning and minimize downtime with in-person, on-site training at your office. Unity Training Workshops are available now for companies around the world that specialize in games, real-time 3D, VR, AR, immersive design, and more. Unity Training Workshops bring face-to-face, flexible, cost-effective training straight to your office.

Unity Training Workshops combine the best in quality, expertise, and convenience to increase your team’s performance — fast. Whether you want to get a new team up to speed, learn the latest features, or expand into new content areas like VR, we have a Workshop that fits your needs. Each 1-day workshop is led by a trainer experienced with both Unity and teaching, who provides invaluable 1:1 interaction with your team.

On-site professional development for teams

Whether you’re just getting started with Unity or looking to learn advanced skills, we have training to meet your needs. Our trainers provide real-time instruction that includes a hands-on project that teaches Unity skills as well as best practices for implementation. Set aside a distraction-free day to level-up skills for the whole team.

Each Unity Training Workshop:

  • Features 1 or more days of professional training
  • Can be held on-site at your office
  • Allows you to choose a day that fits your schedule
  • Accommodates 8-25 participants per day
  • Is available in most locations globally

Find the Unity Training Workshop that’s right for your team

Explore our catalog of Unity Training Workshops and choose the training that meets your needs. Choose from a range of introductory to advanced training covering topics such as:

  • Introduction to 2D Games
  • Introduction to 3D Games
  • Introduction to Virtual Reality
  • Coming in early 2018
    • Planning for Top Performance
    • Getting started with Design Visualization
    • Introduction to Automotive design visualization
    • Introduction to Visual Fidelity
    • Level up your Visual Fidelity
    • Unity Certified Expert Gameplay Programmer exam preparation

Don’t see the topic that’s right for you? Contact us about Custom Workshops. Custom Workshops include a needs assessment, custom training materials development, and workshop delivery by a Unity master trainer.

Learn more or contact us to get a quote on training that meets your needs.

12 replies on “Announcing Unity Training Workshops. Get your team up to speed on Unity!”

Aren’t you guys overdoing with all this stuff? I remember when Unity was just an engine people learn to use, now it seems you want to sell me a vacuum cleaner. Maybe is a suicide attempt?

Sure all this garbage start to steer me away from this engine, wish it would just be back how it was long ago.

There is Unity the engine company and there is Unity the Silicon Valley company, you can keep the engine and not pay attention to the rest

Not if you were a loyalist invested in what it does and where it’s heading, out of love for it and for making sure the engine continues to be a good fit in your future. Which is why I agree with Gonarch. It feels more like an identity crisis, or perhaps a state of panic on trying to find new revenue avenues. Unity is increasingly overreaching and leaving behind what it should focus on: The Engine. Instead we get a trillion Unites distracting core developers (how often has progress halted for weeks before and after each Unite to “prepare” and then “recover” in the past year?), PR talks and workshops, merchandise, short film hypes, a new embarrassingly broken Asset Store. Meanwhile the engine stagnates with the same long standing issues and unfinished systems (Input system, Terrain, nested prefabs, anyone?) and STILL has no appreciable performance gain over 5.6 despite all those new additions they even listed to us in a nice image the other day. Each thing that we get to read that has nothing to do with the Engine directly just adds to the frustration of working with Unity. No “these are the awesome features we added over the past year” image graphic like they posted the other day changes this, unfortunately, if you actually are a heavy user of it to see the direct differences. Currently Unity still is the best choice for us and don’t get me wrong, I love Unity dearly. But we’re concerned as well and unless Unity changes course we’re reconsidering the choice of engine or at least keep an interested eye out. I’m not against training courses itself by the way, it’s just that they weren’t needed in this form (we already got the Tutorial initiative, Documentation, paid customer support etc.) and it’s just another symptom of the bigger issue with Unity as a company at the moment. Ideally we’d like to see a change of management that makes better use of the resources they have available. Less talk, more action. Restore our faith in you. Make us excited again like we once were. Please!

Good point : Unite is very frequent and could be distracting the core team. But all the core devs don’t attend all the Unite, they stagger their presence, also they have 200 programmers now so the core team’s function is probably more managerial. I think that if core suffered from doing too many dog and pony shows, they’d let Ante know.

Wholeheartedly agree. Since unity 5 the focus has been on services instead of the engine, and thats why I am not a subscriber. If they focused on the engine I would pay for it, but since 5 it has gone downhill.

Im still very bitter about all the marketing and hype on 2017 releases when all the features are mostly broken or were outright lied about how they can be used (Timeline presentations anyone?).

Please please please start focusing on the engine again, a lot of us are actually very put off by the extras and less likely to give you revenue because of it, not more likely.

Absolute true. Unity is pushing me back from the Engine. Lots of marketing bullshit and a few interesting features in a year.

Unity Technologies has over 1500 employees. And it feels like 99% of the staff is doing nothing. New Input System? Delayed. Job System, Job Compiler, ECS? Delayed! New Terrain? It’s not our priority! Nested prefabs? 5 years of waiting and it will come in the future!
Where are smart sprites? New editor UI (it’s not a priority, but the editor looks like it from 2008)? Terrain system, prefab system, input system? What are you doing? Creating new ways to get some money from loyal users? Unity Training, Unity Teams, Unity Services, Asset Store. Are you focusing on developers? No. It feels like you’ve lost your focus on what is really important, Unity.

By the way, Epic Games has 600 employees, and they are improving their engine better than you. Maybe because they are creating games with it, not just another DEMO for marketing purpose? I bet you didn’t use inbuilt terrain system for the Book of the Dead. Start doing some GAMES with Unity and you will immediately understand WHAT IS WRONG WITH CORE ENGINE PARTS!

The main reason why I starting to be annoyed by you is that you can’t keep your promises and can’t deliver basic core features.
Unity is not ahead, it’s behind. You have no new technologies, you are creating features FOR YEARS. Why should you tease us with Job System in 2016 (!!!) and create it 2 YEARS LATER?

Even the Godot made really huge improvements. They’ve added visual scripting and visual shader editor within A YEAR. How long did it take, Unity Team, to create Shader Graph? What’s so hard? I think you just don’t care.

Would have been nice if you guys did a YouTube series with all of this information seperated by categories…but I guess that’s never happening now…

A lot of the information is out there, and Unity does put out some YouTube videos. I see what you’re saying about free resources, but I think this is more tailored towards a start up gaming company (or vet one making switches to Unity or whatever the case may be). If they need 1 on 1 help with a particular project and Unity will come in and train them and get them up to speed with their exact issues related to them.

Thanks John for pointing out our ongoing free training initiative. For those who follow us closely we are releasing free content on YouTube every week including short tutorials as well as hour long free, interactive online live sessions. We’re committed to continue these. The paid training is for folks who would like a trainer to come attend on-site and do hands on work with their team, something which there is a real, existing demand for (I say this as someone who has been asked to do these in the past with various well known, large companies). I understand that some of the commenters may not see the value of this for themselves but it’s worth noting that nowadays Unity is a large organization and we can (and do!) release new features, continue core development AND provide both free and paid training to our users who need it. These are not mutually exclusive concerns nor should they be. Hope that helps! – Matt

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