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As a community, you are passionate and welcoming, and want others to succeed. That’s why there are so many courses, tutorials and resources to help you. If you learn best in a structured and methodical way, then I recommend you explore the offerings from our Authorized Learning Partners. This post explains four popular offerings – all done in collaboration with Unity – including courses for beginner game and VR developers, and for experienced Unity developers who want to learn augmented reality (AR) skills.

Unity Education has collaborated with a number of the top learning companies such as Udemy, Pluralsight, and Udacity to ensure you learn up-to-date, industry-standard practices on a structured learning pathway. So whether you’re starting out in Unity, a Unity professional looking to upskill, a hobbyist or a job seeker, read on to see what’s available.

Getting your beginner game on

For those of you taking your first steps into game dev, consider The Ultimate Guide to Game Development, which we collaborated on with Udemy. This online course, with over 13 hours of video content, provides the basics of 2D and 3D development in Unity, including scripting in C#. You’ll even get a certificate of completion to commemorate your foray into game development.

This is a proven starting point, with over 10,000 students enrolled and becoming proficient in Unity game development. This course is also available in Spanish and Portuguese.

Learn Unity A-Z by building a game

If you’ve ever dreamed of creating a game from scratch, then our Unity Game Dev Course: Swords and Shovels, made in partnership with Pluralsight, is for you. For a $12 monthly subscription, you work at your own pace to create an entire game, Swords and Shovels, which will teach you essential game development skills across the entire workflow.

For those who have already mastered fundamental Unity skills and are looking to get to the next level with step-by-step game-dev learning opportunities, we will soon be offering intermediate-level Swords and Shovels courses, so stay tuned.

Enter the world of Unity for VR

The VR market is booming, so now’s a great time to get up to speed on Unity, one of the top tools for building virtual reality experiences. To enable this, we have partnered with Udacity to deliver a Virtual Reality Nanodegree that is dedicated to those new to both Unity and building virtual reality projects. This degree covers all aspects of Unity VR development, from the basics all the way through to optimization.

And with Udacity collaborating with such innovators as Google VR, Vive and Samsung, you can be sure that you’re on your way to becoming industry-ready with such relevant, up-to-date learning content.

Be an AR innovator

AR is turning heads and changing the mobile landscape overnight. Unity’s built-in Apple ARkit support, plus our partnership with Udacity, mean you can quickly get started developing an AR app for iOS. The Learn ARKit online course has everything you need to become proficient in building AR applications and mastering this in-demand skillset.

Additional authorized courses coming soon

Watch the Unity blog for more in-depth learning offerings coming in 2018. Whether you’re interested in XR specialization, game development or design experience, the Unity Education team – in collaboration with our partners – has got some great courses for you!

Did you know?

The Unity Education team also offers in-person training, workshops, and certifications to accelerate your learning and make your career journey as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

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It would be great to have authorized courses on full shader programming in Unity. It is a very scarce topic and it’s a super important aspect of a game.

Thanks for the response Rachel; yeah, closest is Chile – surprised they don’t at least have Peru tbh. Well, I want to get certified, so I’ll just have to leave the wife and kids and and go let my hair down, I mean.. ahem.. study, in Chile for a few days.. bummer :D

I agree a roadmap covering content and hard dates.

I’m thrilled about Sword and Shovels, so much so I burned thru the first 10 course over a weekend and have been waiting several months for more content to drop.
I already had a subscription to PluralSight but would be put off subscribing and the content taking three or more months to update.

I don’t mind paying for well presented, well thought, deep courses. I hope this education push means more to come for beginners and intermediate and I’d love to see a truly advanced game dev course as well.

Thanks for the feedback and I’m glad you had a great experience with Unity Game Dev Courses: Swords and Shovels thus far. More content is coming but I can’t share our roadmap just yet.

how about to make a road map what courses and topics will you cover ? i won’t buy something i don’t know what topics are comings

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