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Asset Store May Madness: How we select top assets for our sale

, April 30, 2018

Thousands of highly-rated assets will be discounted in the Unity Asset Store’s May Madness sale, which started today and continues until May 11. The sale will include 100 top assets at half price, one daily offer of 70% off, and thousands more at 30% off. But we wanted to make sure that, in addition to large discounts, every asset offered adds a lot of value to your project. So what criteria did we use for determining which assets to feature?

We looked for a few specific qualities in selecting the top assets to feature. First of all, they had to be popular. In other words, not only have they sold well, but the assets on sale have also received high ratings and positive reviews including, in particular, from new users.

Finally, we included assets that have proven to offer great time-saving value, helping users to prototype or complete projects quickly and easily. For example:

UMotion Pro reduces development time by allowing you to animate with any type of 3D model right inside Unity and tweak it in Play mode.

The Space Scene Construction Kit enables you to create unique space scenes in Unity with a single mouse click.

Vegetation Studio uses your terrain’s texturing and a set of procedural rules to make spawning vegetation in your scenes fast and performant.

To see all of the assets currently on sale, click here.

One daily 70% off deal for each day of the sale

In addition to the thousands of discounts available during the sale, for each day of May Madness, there will be a 24-hour sale of one select asset at 70% off.

The first big deal is Cinematic Temporal Anti-Aliasing PC & VR, which gives you next-gen offline render quality in real-time — with a single click. To save $136.50 on this asset, order CTTA now.

With a single click, CTAA enables all Unity users to achieve next-generation Cinematic Render Quality results in Real-Time! Reduce and eliminate Aliasing from Specular highlights and bright pixels especially when using post effects such as Bloom or Depth of Field including Aliasing on alpha tested edges. Being a temporal (Time based) process, new pixel data is gathered from past and extrapolated future frames for final reconstruction based on velocity information. Performance is approximately equivalent to standard FXAA.

Be sure to look out for more 70% off May Madness assets each day from now until May 11. These daily deals will be for some of the largest discounts we’ve ever had. (The average discount is over $110 each!). You can get alerted to each day’s sale item by following the Asset Store on Facebook.

22 replies on “Asset Store May Madness: How we select top assets for our sale”

High ratings, positive reviews and with no doubt offers great time-saving value, ok, only I can to say that Gameflow amply meets these criteria. Really thinks that Playmaker or Bolt are better than Gameflow in facts of time-saving? just give it a try and you will see that the boxes and arrows are not all in visual scripting.

Consumers need competition on the asset store. A new and superior asset to an existing equivalent high selling asset may never gain traction if the latter is promoted in sales like this. It would be good if you could offer more curation, so take a look at any new rivals to a high selling plugin and give that a equal discount as well if you think it’s worthy competition.

hmmm nice but often Assets are only available for Windows…. that is not cool!
Often you can not see nor read in the description that this asset is only testet on cheap windows…
I don’t get it also why you can’t give back a asset if it doesn’t work…. also why did Unity not test the asset before it goes on the Store like Apple does??? I think it’s against our European Consumer Rights what Unity here does….

I can’t find the “Deal of the Day” which should be 70% off. Where is that one listed?

Thanks for the response Andrew, but I purchased Unity Plus when Bolt was the freebie. I have not even downloaded Bolt because I’m a programmer and enjoy the ability to write the C# code myself. Wish there was a way to have gotten Gaia instead.

you are publicly inciting people to buy stuff to LIVENDA which has been proven to be high quality scammers with their previous products (SSRR) and their null support when things went bad. There are several reports for these developers/publishers and Unity so far seems to do nothing but PROMOTE them in their first page as quality devs?? this smells really fishy and I’m really losing my faith in Unity these days because of this clear “grab the money and run” movements from the asset store team or whoever is in charge of these decisions. In my opinion, instead of protecting your customers you are trying to give them to the wolves

Also why anyone would even think of buying TAA in the first place when we already have it for free and with source from Unity Post-Process Stack??

I develop Touch Console Pro which is a 5* rated asset that doesn’t sell at high volumes. I do appreciate the sales – but as others have said, by focusing on assets that already sell well you’re not really helping people discover new assets. By having sales on hundreds or thousands of assets at once it really diminishes the value of the sale for the individual developers.

The old style sale where you had a 24 hour feature for a single asset was worth so much more financially – I could make a year’s worth of purchases in a day, I’ll be lucky to get a handful of extra purchases with this form of sale.

I actually don’t like the criteria you use for this. Just because something sells well doesn’t make it worthy of bein promoted. In fact Just the opposite, The best selling items are probably already the most well known. You should really focus on highlighting good but lesser well known assets, because there’s a lot of good stuff on the asset store, it’s just a lack of exposure that prevents people from knowing about it.

In fact I feel sad every time I go to the asset store and the ‘Top’ list of assets is always the same tired things, day after day, year after year. I know people are adding things all the time, where is that showcase? (New items list is a joke, it only gets updated rarely and it’s certainly not showing *everything* new)

When you say it ends on May 11th, what time and which timezone are you using? In the past I have had things in my cart only for the sale to have already ended because I’m in a different time zone – this is a worldwide site guys and girls!

Also, could it be Bob that you totally missed the point of my comment. With your logic, when this blog post says until May 11, it would mean last day sale was on would be May 10, which obviously isn’t true.

This blog post had: “Be sure to look out for more 70% off May Madness assets each day from now until May 11.”
where the email I got said: “From today until May 12. We’re offering 50% off top assets, and 30% off thousands of other great titles.”

I can read the staff comment on this blog just fine and for all I know, it could still be either day now as they’ve mixed the info so far.

Why in the world would you feature and promote anything by Livenda? Especially something that expensive. They have repeatedly been unsupportive to customers and have been booted from the Unity forums in the past.

But with anonymous daily deals, it makes little sense to buy assets now. The best value proposition is to wait for the last day(or day before last to avoid last day rush site lag), to see if what you wanted to buy would be up for 70% discount and if not buy it for 50/30%.

I completely agree.
Or at least email newsletter subscribers the 70% off deals at the beginning.

The 70% discounts are available for only 24 hours each. At midnight PST the deal will switch to a new one, and those assets (12 of them, total), will only be discounted for that day, they are not part of the broader sale.

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