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The Unity Hub is here and ready for public release! We are thankful for the great community engagement which resulted in a quick and successful beta cycle.

As a quick recap, the Unity Hub is a connected desktop app designed to streamline onboarding and production processes for all users. It’s the central place for accessing the Unity ecosystem, and managing your Unity projects, licenses and add-on components.

Here are the key features that ship with Hub 1.0:

  • Unity Editor management
    • Discover & download multiple versions (beta/official releases)
    • Custom installation location
    • Add Editor components post-installation
  • Centralized Unity project creation
    • Project templates
    • Add Asset Store packages
    • Modify project build target
  • Access to Getting Started & Tutorial projects
  • Account & Entitlement management
  • Linux support (beta)

Future of the Hub –  Sunsetting the Launcher & Download Assistant

The next big release of the Unity Hub is already in early development with key features being shaped by community feedback. Hub v.1 will continue to receive new minor feature updates and fixes in parallel with the upcoming beta release this fall. We are also working on an interface redesign that will enable the Hub to evolve and support the key part of your Unity workflows.

To help deliver on those plans and make sure the Hub offers the best experience possible, we plan to sunset (deprecate) the Launcher and Download Assistant by the next major Unity release.

Have questions or want to stay in touch?

Come say hello to us over in the Hub forum – your support and feedback are essential to the decisions we make. We look forward to hearing from you.

22 replies on “Unity Hub v1.0 is now available!”

thanks for the Hub, I really REALLY enjoy it. It makes project management and most importantly editor management so much easier.

One feature I would love to have is setting up a default (template) project that will be used, where I can already have the correct folder structure and Plugins we need.

But really the hub is just awesome.

One thing I forgot: It would be neat if you could download any old version of unity from the manager and not having to manually download it from As sometimes you need to rework older projects and need a specific version.

We work on enterprise computers with limited install rights. We can install any application we need to but launcher applications which handle the installation often causes problems (Adobe CC for example).

I want to use hub for managing everything but find myself not using it as I can’t download and install Unity versions through there. Sometimes when we run the hub wit elevated rights we can force an install but it seems inconsistent and unreliable. Is there anything that can be done about that?

I started using Hub as soon as I saw it was available in beta and it has been really handy. Being able to see what versions I have, and what the latest release is, is a big upgrade.

One thing I would really appreciate, is when I download a new version of Unity, to have the option for Unity Hub to duplicate my latest project for use in the new version. Or maybe, the first time you open an old project with a new version of Unity, it asks if you want to duplicate it. Would be even better if it was all done in the background.

One more thing, I feel like the learn tab is out of place. It doesn’t fit into the category of projects and installs, and many people will not need the learn tab after having used it once or twice. Would be nice to put it to the side somewhere, or eliminate it, or give the option to customize and reorder the tabs that are shown.

A “Select All”/”Unselect All” would be a nice addition when having to select the components we wish to install. Might I also suggest a feature where it remembers what you selected for the previously downloaded version?

Last time I asked there weren’t clear plans as to how this would work for consoles packages, is this better sorted out now?

I haven’t tried it yet. I will.
I have a question: Can the hug manage different Unity Serials?
Eg, its a pain to work now since when I develop with Nintendo Switch I use thier own serial, then develop a little for PS4 and then the main Unity with the subscription serial. Al these cases need me to return the license and submit a new one every time. Can somehow add a serial in each installation of Unity so that and be able to change them in the hub so that we forget about them?

Great start with the core features! I started using it a couple months ago, in Preview, and it quickly became a permanent part of my workflow. Looking forward to the upcoming features, too.

Nice that this is finally out of beta, but disappointed that there is still no link to the release notes next to each install option…

Is there an ETA on when it’ll be possible to manage projects from the hub? Specifically deleting them so I don’t have to just manually go to the folder and do it that way.

Downloaded it and set it up for all my unity instances. That’s awesome!

Since it’s called “Hub” I was expecting more. Maybe in later versions Hub can digest syndicated content (such as Unity Blog)?

Since this is replacing the old approach I do hope Unity will improve on two things:
1) Allow Hub to download older point releases, atm you can only download for example 2018.2.8f1 but if your project is frozen at 2018.2.4f1, you can’t access this version through launcher. Separate installers are a must for this reason alone, so I do hope we at least get full binary installers still even if download assistants get removed.
2) Put a refresh button on Hub. Now when new release gets out, it takes hours to arrive to Hub unless you manually close and reopen the Hub. This isn’t as big issue as the first one, more of an annoyance when you see new version fixes some issues you’ve been having but you have to trick Hub finding the release. Additionally Hub releases have systematically been behind the announcements so I do hope Unity will update the Hub lists same time with announcements in the future :)

Yeah, wanted to make a comment about your first point myself but then read someone was faster :)
It would be really great to get all official releases listed, not just the latest of each major. Maybe make it a toggle to show all vs latest. (Generally it feels like the Hub is missing one or two settings ;) ).

It is mentioned that there is Beta support for Linux but I cannot find the download of Unity Hub for Linux 1.0.0 anywhere. When will it come out?

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