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Unity ranks top of the charts in the Singular 2019 ROI Index

, February 27, 2019

The Singular 2019 ROI Index is in, and Unity ranks as a top-performing ad network for mobile marketers on iOS and Android globally. Let’s take a look at the report highlights and dive into our approach to user acquisition (UA) and how we enable marketers to grow their game business.

The report

The Singular ROI Index ranks the top-performing mobile media sources on iOS and Android by 30-day return on investment (ROI), and leverages the largest set of cost, revenue, and fraud data in the industry. It has become one of the go-to sources for industry-wide data to arm mobile marketers with the insights they need to drive the most revenue at the lowest cost for their app.

User acquisition is essential for growing apps and games, but finding quality users at scale while getting the most out of marketing spend can be a challenge. Often marketers will look to multiple partners to achieve their goals and ensure return on ad spend (ROAS). Knowing this, the Singular ROI index tells us one primary thing: Where do advertisers generate the best returns on their marketing investment?

How did we rank?

Globally, Unity ranks right next to Google, Facebook, and Apple Search ads.

Global ROI Rankings

#3 Android

#4 iOS

Gaming ROI Rankings

#3 Android

#3 iOS

Other Highlights

#3 EMEA Android Regional Ranking

#3 APAC Android Regional Ranking

What we are excited about

In its report, Singular noted, “Apparently it’s a very good thing to be the core technology behind half of the world’s games. Unity’s advertising engine continues to be a strong one for gaming publishers.”

“Forged in gaming,” Unity has always strived to understand game developers and put in place the features and services for them to succeed. Our UA solutions enable advertisers to find the highest quality players, which ensures that their marketing dollars work for them in smart and strategic ways.

Over the past few years, we have focused on four major components to set our advertisers up for success: tools and dashboard functionality, machine learning algorithms, advanced buying methods, and ad unit innovation.

Enabling marketers to win

While industry trends come and go, we believe these four components are the foundation for successful UA campaigns. We want to ensure our advertisers have the services, features, and insights they need for their daily operations while being supported by Unity’s ongoing commitment to innovation and customer success.

Advanced buying methods like Audience Pinpointer, our machine learning-powered solution, help advertisers find the players most likely to have value beyond the app install based on either D7 Retention or D7 ROAS, and dynamically pay the right price to acquire those users. Dynamic bidding that is automatically adjusted at the individual user level (based on advertisers’ campaign goals) means smarter UA spending.

Determining the right creative content to effectively reach the right audience takes some trial and error. Our approach to ad unit innovation is experimentation and continually improving and testing our ad units to find the sweet spot for optimal results. This might include new end-card layouts, experimenting with video lengths or new ad units.

What’s next

2019 will be an exciting year for Unity as we evolve our User Acquisition suite to the next level. We’ll continue investing heavily in the four major components mentioned above, but we’ll also build technology that allows advertisers to reach significantly more scale. This, in combination with our advanced buying methods, will allow advertisers to ramp up their UA campaigns while continuing to meet their ROAS targets.

We’ll also be investing more heavily in creative, bringing more automation and tools to generate creative, and more advanced ways of determining which creative works best for each user.

Ready to kick-off a campaign and take your app to the next level? Head to our Getting Started guide.

8 replies on “Unity ranks top of the charts in the Singular 2019 ROI Index”

Can’t download report from provided url, requres a company email, and doesn’t accept public email adress. wtf?

As a mobile developer, this is sounds great. Most people don’t like paying for games but are happy to watch a few ads instead for a reward or two and giving people a way to support without paying anything is nice.

It is a sad thing to see that gaming to these people means just shoving ads to kids/middle aged people who don’t know any better.
I’ll stick to playing real games on Windows and Consoles, not these ad infested malware.

I disagree , is not “gaming for these people”, mobile markets and therefore mobile game developers often are based on ads and IAP cause not everyone likes to play on their pc or console and most of mobile games (90% apps on google play) are free to download. The developers are suposed to work for free for you? When offering ads to the user we can sustain our operations giving you the choice to play without any cost and many offer a minimal price to get these ads out of your sight, very often at under 5% of the cost of a console game Believe me, i’m such a PCGMR, but your opinion seems quite unfair to me.

This way of thinking is exactly why ad infested “games” don’t contain much value other than addictiveness. Alto’s Adventure is a nice reminder that if your goal isn’t to “keep users engaged with recurring purchases” but rather make a good experience for the players, you can actually make so much more. Limbo as well, a PC and XBOX game, was picked as one of the top games for months, even though it was 5$. Look, not all of us think this way, and while I don’t like it, I understand why. People have different focuses on platforms.
However, for Unity to brag like this for what is basically advanced gambling and excessive advertisement, coupled with data that few people know where it goes, I do think it raises concern.

Please do not conflate cheap derivative shovel-tier games that are little better than adware with games made by independent developers just trying to make a living. Including ads in your game is a great alternative to releasing your game with a price, and in an age where mobile users have come to expect their apps to be free, it is basically a requirement at this point if you want to see any return on your development time and effort at all. (Unless you are Nintendo or Square Enix, of course.)

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