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How to create & publish a multiplayer game with Sinespace  

, March 29, 2019

Unity Asset Store partner, Sinespace, is a virtual world platform for developing & publishing multi-user games, apps, and experiences including MMOs, action, racing, casual, and social games. This blog focuses on how to build an FPS using the Sinespace SDK & free Build Kill Repeat templates.

Who is Sinespace?

Inspired by virtual worlds depicted in novels like Snowcrash and Ready Player One, Sinespace enables you to build and WYSIWYG preview inside the Unity editor — and then upload, share, and promote your content in a shared 3D world.

The SDK available here includes hundreds of components and tools for building multiplayer scenes, games, vehicles, characters, clothing, etc. It’s a unified solution for Unity developers who want to rapidly develop and publish their multiplayer games, or sell game items in a shared virtual world space with an established userbase. Developers can even upload and sell assets from their existing single-player games, or leverage them in new multiplayer games.

You can collaborate with other developers and players in Sinespace’s public servers, or build your own stand-alone project using the end-to-end Sinespace toolchain. (More on Sinespace’s website and on its blog.)

The map editing and inventory tools built into the Sinespace viewer mean that developers can enable players to modify anything they designate as editable. Players can then come together to create endless hours of unique gameplay.

In the FPS tutorial detailed below, players can design their own maps, laying out traps, health, weapons, and enemy spawn points.

Before you jump in, be sure to check out Sinespace’s BKR level design contest, with $5000 awarded to the most creative map — winner selected by game developer veteran Erik Wolpaw (Half-Life 2, Portal 1 & 2, Team Fortress 2).

Creating an MMO/FPS in Sinespace

In this video tutorial series, you’ll walk through the steps of building and deploying a multiplayer first-person shooter in Sinespace, using the Build Kill Repeat FPS template system created by DotEnterprise Studio, featuring an array of open source component including NPC enemies, weapons, ammo systems, safe zones, and quests.

These components are also separately available on GitHub, MIT-licensed, and free to use or sell for any purpose as the basis of your own projects.

The last two videos focus on the economy in Sinespace. Developers can create and upload games and other content to the Sinespace public servers at no cost, and can sell completed games, DLC, and in-game items directly to players through the in-world store.

Finally, you can learn how to build your own stand-alone, separately branded projects using Sinespace on a white label basis.

Next Steps to Learn More

The tutorial series takes you through an FPS game’s entire set-up process; individual video links below, and you can find more information for each video in their description or on the Sinespace wiki.

Basic Deployment

Set-up your project and lay out its core components, including gameplay items, player items, player lobby, spawn points, weapons and ammo.

Customizing Gameplay

Adjust and enhance BKR components to create unique gameplay, including NPC layout, physical hazards, and story-based quests.

Publishing your game

How to monetize Sinespace-based games through in-game item sales and DLC sold on Sinespace’s public servers — and an introduction to games deployed on standalone, developer-controlled servers.

If you have any follow-up questions for the Sinespace team, join the official Discord server or explore the developer documentation and forums.


3 replies on “How to create & publish a multiplayer game with Sinespace  ”

Why is Unity pushing this stuff? this is a weird implementation using lua scripting and other things. it makes no sence to me.
It seems to use awkward JSON serialization which is just crap for gaming. I I don’t know what to say unity.

I know your own multiplayer package is in shambles, HLAPI/LLAPI broken an soon officially depricated.
The new unity multiplayer project is ultra alpha and already terrible for what is there, it will not scale, it is bad, and slapping jobs on it doesen’t make it magically scale guys!

Unity and multiplayer, is like another car crash waiting to happen. but don’t rely on these guys to do it for you.

Hi Maxim, I’m one of the devs at Sinespace – we’re not a replacement for a low-level networking framework! We’re a virtual world SDK. Think more a MMO where you can upload the content, think turning the Unity editing experience into a massively collaborative thing.

We do use Lua for scripting – versus C#, but that is mainly because we have users accessing content developed by arbitrary people – we need to sandbox the language, and .NET/IL/C# lacks a good sandboxing mechanism at present (Code Access Security was a good try, but no longer supported) — ultimately, we don’t want people messing with files on your computer because you started using something someone uploaded.

Awkward music, built for asset flipping and this gets featured in a blog post? How about putting something valuable in the blog post and not an entry that is an Advertisement from a partner!

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