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Sound Design and Music – Buried Memories Volume 1: Yggdrasil Icon Pack

, April 4, 2019

The Unity Icon Collective brings together top industry talent to produce high-quality content straight to the Unity Asset Store. Today we dive into the unsung heroes who help build atmosphere, tension, and narrative to any project with the art that is sound design and music.

Sound Design

The Sound Design and Foley has been done by the team here at Pinewood Studios who work in both games and film.  We wanted to take the mechanical, robot elements of the Seeker and combine those with organic layers for the materials and accessories they have acquired in their search to become more human.  Servos, motors, and metallic foley elements were recorded in the theater along with leathers, cloth, and cables.

For the environmental assets, we used material from Steve’s recording trips to Iceland and Sweden for the wind, trees, and birds, accentuated with foley for leaves and foliage.  Other elements included contact microphones placed on radio tower’s supporting cables (from the Hellissandur tower 412m tall). The recordings from these capture the otherwise unheard sounds of giant metal cables flexing in the wind and have an alien, otherworldly quality we used for the Seedbank.

To create an additional drone layer to these assets, we investigated the old folk songs associated with the Yggdrasil tales and processed and blended some of these eerie chants with the more realistic environmental assets. There is a hidden message among the ambience that tells your story as it plays.

Being able to share a variety of material from all of us here in Creative Audio at Pinewood with the Unity community is really exciting, we can’t wait to see the amazing projects that they get used for!


The music includes a blend of European instruments, such as live violin performed by Patti Rudisill and live cello by Andrew Dunn, cinematic elements and a storytelling structure to support the scene including three distinct sections which convey the story of the native people of Yggdrasil – their creation, uncertainty, and eventual demise.

The track has been carefully written by composer Nathan Cleary to be able to function not only as a standalone piece, but also to be able to be remixed within your Unity project with the use of the individual audio stem files.

In addition to the full track/mix, you can create sub-mixes for a variety of uses and gameplay scenarios from subtle musical ambiences for exploring scenes to the fully fleshed track. All files are exported in WAV, 44.1Khz at 16 Bit.

If you’d like to hear more from Nathan, Patti & Andrew, follow the links below

Nathan Cleary | Patti Rudisill |Andrew Dunn

Sneak peek of Volume 2!

NEURATEK: Location Unknown – In the middle of a quiet, life-less misty swamp, lies an abandoned facility where a group of genetic scientists and researchers used to conduct experiments of genetic manipulation through biotechnologies and recombination of DNA techniques to resurrect an ancient life form.

All in the pursuit of eternal life.

5 replies on “Sound Design and Music – Buried Memories Volume 1: Yggdrasil Icon Pack”

I feel like the full song is mixed poorly. It just sounds like a bunch of files thrown in together and they didn’t level the stuff together. I appreciate the violin but the raw violin sound does not mix well with the chosen electronica sounds for this track.

I like the idea, make content to market unity’s graphical power, while at the same time encouraging asset developers to do high quality content.
The communication is still lacking though, in the first pack what is the content ? All I see is a character, some rocks, a door and some trees (I guess it also comes with a track with stems also).
For being sponsored content to promote unity the price is just crazy high (specially for a blind purchase, since you don’t even know how many assests you get). They also released a Asian Urban asset, they say it’s modular, but the buildings are prebuilt.
Just bad communication and bad pricing for official products IMO.

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