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We’re excited to bring you Buried Memories Volume 2: Serekh. Concept artist Edvige Faini transports you to a laboratory of unknown location and nefarious purpose.

The Unity Icon Collective strives to democratize high-end asset production. With Buried Memories, starting with Volume 1: Yggdrasil, we hope to inspire creators to extend their own universe but especially to guide aspiring artists and others to observe, analyze and learn from the techniques of industry veterans.

What’s in the pack

The pack contains a fully lit environment consisting of two sections: the Service Area and the Main Chamber. It’s a modular sci-fi lab built from walls, floors, trims, scaffolding, other structural elements, and a multitude of props – more than 100 assets in total. The star element – the Arm – is fully rigged and comes with animation.

The character is sculpted and integrated into Unity using the highest standards. It’s fully rigged, with more than 100 animations integrated into a character controller.

The pack includes two music tracks that you can remix within any Unity project. You can use the individual audio stem files to create a subtle ambiance or full soundtracks. All files are exported in WAV, 44.1Khz at 16 Bit.

The story

Deep in a remote swamp lies an abandoned installation: Neuratek. Here scientists once conducted biotechnology experiments.

Researchers examined an artifact constructed from an unidentifiable material. The sealed container enclosed biological material not immediately attributable to any known species. Upon examination of the receptacle and its inscriptions, Minamoto and his team concluded that the organic contents are the scales of the Kirin.

Minamoto tried to replicate the Kirin’s genetic structure in one failed attempt after another.

His obsession led him to bind his DNA with that of the Kirin. Minamoto appeared to be on the verge of a breakthrough when the Event arrived.

The facility was abandoned, Minamoto vanished, and the beast awoke.

The concept

Volume 2: Serekh is an asset pack geared toward an action-adventure game. It gives you the chance to experience being a humanoid creature with legendary strength and powerful technological weapons.

“The package will be enjoyable for players passionate about the sci-fi genre and curious to try on the role of the monster beast troublemaker.” – Edvige Faini, Concept Artist

Serekh invites a discussion about humanity’s vulnerability in the face of technology and science and the extent to which we can push boundaries through enhancement interventions, especially genetic manipulation. What does it mean to be human in the future?

The creature

“It was challenging to think of how the character can be customized on a low-poly level. We ended up making a solid main body with replaceable features, such as horns, ears, tail, spikes, etc.” – Maria Panfilova, Character Artist

The Kirin is a creature that combines human and animal traits. The design of the body model allows you to replace or customize features. It can also wear the armor and use the weapons included in the pack.

“For shading, we worked with Unity HDRP mode. I used a Layered/Lit shader to tweak the color of the character using the mask texture.” – Maria Panfilova, Character Artist

The environment

“With modularity users can manipulate these Lego-style pieces according to their own vision. Similarly, with textures, we used as many tiling and trim textures as possible, so that users can create variations based on these basic elements.” – Liu Tianyu, Lead Environment Artist, Arts United

The pack includes decals for the environment that are convenient for adjusting the color and other details of the environment. For the transparent materials, the team used Unity High-Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) to achieve the final look, with features that allowed us to generate refraction and reflection.

“The idea was to create more detailed low-poly versions as an accompanying Snaps Prototype pack.” – Johaness Reuben, Level Designer

Animation and rigging

The Kirin has more than 300 bones, and the skinweight max influence was set to 4 to create a smoother process for animators. The creature has an auto movement function for the armor in MotionBuilder, which to avoid armor overlap with the body. To animate it more efficiently, the custom IK system has been set up for the beard too. Other models, such as the embryo arm, mechanical crane, pods, and weapons, are also rigged and animated.

“There is a setup of custom constraint for transfer the bones animation to Controllers and have the custom mirror constraint to mirror the whole animation.” Ng Boon Wei, Rigger

“Enjoy the set of 33 hand-crafted (not motion capture), lightly stylized movement realistic animations for the Kirin locomotion and some appealing animation. The animation pack consists of Pod, Mechanical Arm, and three kinds of Embryo animations. We’ve included the raw FBX file with high-end HIK rig so you can create your own custom animation.” Myles Yeo, Animator

The soundtrack

Volume 2 comes with two main music tracks, including a remix of one of them, created at Pinewood studios in 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound alongside the stereo mix to give you even more options. We’ve included a live mixer script so you can create custom mixes, and you have all the original audio files so you can mangle the sounds and tracks to your liking.

“This track and mix not only stands on its own but can be remixed and used in a wide variety of scenarios. Some of my favorite mixes are actually the minimal ones with, say, just the drones and minimal melody lines!” Nathan Cleary, Music Composer

The FX Sounds

This series has pushed the team to record new and unusual sounds that lend themselves to customization for your unique creations.

“In a cool little jeweler’s workshop that uses a lot of traditional machinery, I captured a range of unique effects – from small slick machine sounds to big mechanical noises – with different types of microphones for layering and depth.” – Sophia Leader, Sound Designer, Pinewood

We are offering different layering and lengths of the foley assets, so you can use ready-made assets fitted to the animations or insert separate sounds for more flexibility. The sounds integrated into the pack will allow you to create your sci-fi/ fantasy game or project easily.

Prototyping asset packs

Snaps Prototype packs are sets of themed 3D models built with ProBuilder focused on making prototyping 3D levels faster and easier for both beginners and experienced developers. Snaps prefabs are built to real-world scale but are designed to “snap” together when used with ProGrids.

You can start prototyping your sci-fi/fantasy game and customize, add your own fidelity, or swap the Snaps Prototype assets for the high-end models included in Buried Memories Volume 2: Serekh.

The journey continues

Our tools are designed to make it easy for anyone to create a project. We want to share the art and work of the industry masters to inspire your creative journey. AAA quality is in your reach. You can look to the work of the Unity Icon Collective as an instructional resource to guide you in realizing your vision.

Stay tuned for future blog posts revealing more about the creative process and the production behind Buried Memories Volume 2: Serekh.

Download Volume 2: Serekh now to start creating!

Technical requirements: 2018.3 or 2018.4 LTS and HDRP. The pack will be updated to support future Long Term Support (LTS) versions of Unity and 2019 in Q3.

Contents of the pack:

  1. High-fidelity character model with easy-to-customize body parts, armor, and a weapon; more than 100 animations to mix and match in the animation controller to create unique animations
  2. More than 100 3D models of environment and props built in a modular way, with some animations, to allow creative freedom and scalability
  3. VFX for mood and tone (atmospherics) of sample scene
  4. SFX for character animations, select props, and ambiance of the environment
  5. Custom composed music that is crafted in audio layers to allow the creation of multiple alternate mixes within the editor
  6. Low-res prototyping version
  7. Hi-res concept art

Download Buried Memories Volume 2: Serekh now to start creating your own projects. Let us know if you have any questions. We’re here to help and to listen, and we would love to see your creations!

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with loaders and trucks and piles of ore.
I don’t understand how to do this: lift ore from pile of ore with wheel loader and put it in truck and truck moves and dumps it on another place.
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Looks cool! I would have loved to see how that creature is causing mayhem in the lab with some over-the-top real-time environment destruction.

Still? Again? Really?

At least you realised that maybe $250 is a bit steep for something nobody’s going to be able to get practical use out of due to how specific the assets are.

You clearly don’t understand how valuable something like this can be as learning material. There aren’t many fully fledged environment projects out there that allow you to take a proper look under the hood and tear things apart to see how everything is made. If one was trying to get into environment art, then something like this could be crazy useful to see how environments can be approached in Unity — especially since the pack uses HDRP which still lacks proper documentation and example projects. The blockouts can be really valuable as well. And they said it themselves, it’s an instructional resource. When you add everything else in the pack together really the value you can get out of this is really easily worth the price.

The pack can also act as an example for studios of what can be achieved in Unity, and how its systems work together in a more complete project, which can be useful when a studio is trying to see if Unity fits their needs.

I’m personally glad Unity are doing these demos, it’s nice to see some high quality learning material on the store. What I’d love to see accompanying these demos is some long video sessions on how this stuff is actually made in Unity, à la Epic.

hi Teachers
i want learn this course like as this asses Burrie Memory for render in mine project my game Unity
i want lean course
sorry i’m not good English

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