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You asked for it – and we delivered. We’ve been eagerly mixing, mastering, and magicking for your drag and drop delight. We are delighted to introduce our brand new Creator Kits for absolute beginners.

We’ve produced three kits: A puzzle game, an FPS and an RPG. Get a brief introduction to each game genre and learn the basics of Unity without writing code. The kits offer beginners a good way to create your own game in under an hour before embarking on something with a broader scope like the Game Kits.

Play around with the Puzzle Kit – think of Rube Goldberg, Mouse Trap or Pinball and play around with our 3D physics-based puzzle game. Grab a spoon, a seesaw, funnel, and a paddle, and see if you can get the incredulously shiny silver marble to run smoothly down your marvelous machine.

If you’re itching to practice your role play, we’ve brought you a 2D RPG complete with a conversation system, quests, a collection of characters for your scintillating storylines — and fully animated chickens. We want to see your storylines, and this Creator Kit makes it super slick to get going.

Now for the big one. Doctor, I’m afraid you’ve been miniaturized. You’ll have to go in and blast the deadly germs from the INSIDE. Try not to destroy the red blood cells, and everything should be fine. In our 3D FPS Creator Kit, you can create an entire system of juicy insides including the Stomach room, Brain room, and Heart room all connected with snapping drag and drop fleshy corridors to run through and save your patient.

Check out our beautiful Creator Kits on our brand new Learn site.

Let us know what you think on the forums: Puzzle Kit, FPS Kit, RPG Kit.  

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How do we get the Karting Template if we’ve already been using Unity for a while please

hey unity can I make a pixelated 2d games using Creator Kits and the concept of a pixelated 2d game that I am talking about is a game made With unity its called PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist: if you know what I am talking about

I haven’t had time to dig into these yet but they seem very helpful. I’m grateful to Unity for making tutorials like these as Unity has seen many updates since I started using it back in the 3.x days. Are these kits made with DOTS in mind? I know stuff is still changing rapidly on that front as well but if you made these kits to work with that you would help a lot of people out with the paradigm shift transition. IMO that would be the best way to teach new people data oriented building. Once again, thanks!

Hi Dan, these are not made with DOTS, for introductory content for absoloute beginners of game development, we’re sticking to monobehaviour.

It seems like unity has a disconnect between teams. I’m all in for the idea of basic construction kits, so beginners can easily start and advanced users can modify, but take for example the 3D game kit and the (still in progress) new standard characters, it seems like a waste of resources, and have 2 different projects (that have to be maintained or dropped) that share mechanics (third person/platforms), or the FPS sample and now this FPS kit (I know the FPS sample is for HDRP testing and networking, but still).
Also seems like some of the packs try to be a complete framework, which make it harder to be “plug and play” for other projects (I thought the 3D sample lite did a good job on it).
It looks like Unity is trying to give users a lot of content and show off, (BotD, Megacity, FPS sample, many kits, fountainblue), but at the end of the day it’s not really useful to us regular users if it is a one use type of asset (or stuff like megacity that only works with an old beta build).
I think Unity could do much more with the same resources, if they straighten their priorities.

Hi, The Game Kit and now these Creator Kits are made by the same team, we had a lot of feedback about the Game Kit size and length of time to complete, complexity and a lot more. We’ve taken all that feedback and refined the idea, the Game Kits are still available and maintained for those who want that larger experience.

Projects that we publish accross Unity are for different users and purposes, the Game Kits & Creator Kits are for a more gentle introduction to Unity and game development with no code, they’re used heavily in Education. The Standard Assets Characters are really to provide default character controllers as a starting point. And demos such as Mega City are heavily requested to us to release so that we can provide examples of bleeding edge tech we’re working on.

Are these only going to be available for a limited time window like the karting, platformer and team sports game templates?

The Karting and 2D Platformer Micro-Game Templates are not going away and will be continually updated! =)
The Team Ball Game one will no longer be an option to select from the Hub starting in early August but it will be made available in the Asset Store (with support only for 2018.3).

These are great for new developers. I cant see myself using them but if I was a new developer starting unity now, it literally has never been easier to learn with stuff like this.


Make some kits that are sort of system kits for more advanced developers, like a kit for pathfinding AI, a kit for octree type collisions, a kit for mesh material painting, and other systems that unity developers often have to write for more complex projects and could easily be cut and paste solutions.

But these are great!

Hey Isaac, great suggestion, we’re discussing it as a team. Do you think it would be beneficial to teach how someone can take, use and repurpose the tools we’ve Included in projects like these?

Absolutely! That would surely be very beneficial to a range of users I am sure! Most of the time a lot of us are only looking at how to uplift a particular system and put it into our own project anyway, so that would actually probably be more beneficial than most of the learn content on here! :D

Yes, absolutely! Document these systems properly, and emphasize to developers how they can modify them. So in the example of a pathfinding kit, you could explain the different heuristics and how one might add their own. I agree this would be immensely helpful, and that there is a big need for more modular example packages for advanced developers.

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