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You’ve heard us talk about bringing LiveOps to your game management, and at Unity, we believe in having a choice when looking for the right tools to fit your needs.

Today we’re excited to confirm that Unity has acquired ChilliConnect, the live game management services company. With the addition of ChilliConnect to the Unity ecosystem, we’re adding even more options for developers. ChilliConnect provides cloud-based game services to enable backend operations at scale allowing anyone to add online game features without needing to stand up individual servers. But that’s only part of it. Their full-stack toolkit includes LiveOps capabilities and real-time analytics, so building and operating a connected game becomes more of a reality.

A deeper look at ChilliConnect

ChilliConnect’s strengths lie in flexible backend services, powering a variety of solutions to help game developers of all sizes.

  • Game Services: Backend management tools that are proven to scale to millions of players, including a custom player account system, cloud coding mechanism, and cloud data storage (among other things).
  • Analytics: An integrated analytics dashboard gives developers an inside look at essential KPIs, such as Player Retention, MAU, DAU and more.
  • LiveOps: A toolkit in and of itself offering downloadable content, notifications, A/B testing and promotions.

What’s next?

ChilliConnect will continue to operate its engine agnostic services independently, but with the support and backing of Unity. We encourage everyone to learn more about them! You can learn more about ChilliConnect products here and if you have any questions or want to connect, please contact Paul Farley.

12 replies on “Unity acquires ChilliConnect”

Well, never heard of them before, but their services are looking good. Unity needed those backend service support since, well forever. Unity always struggled with backend services, I personly never find Unity backend services “good enough” I hope this union will bring a better experience to us, Developers.
Love you guys, keep it going.

As some said, ChilliConnect open my mind, but again it isn’t indie friendly.
They could offer a free plan very limited to a number of API calls. For starter indie developers using backend it is hard to archieve popularity to earn such a value for monthly plan value.

I’m looking forward to their DB integration which is what i want for custom data.

ChilliConnect is great and one of very few gaming backend who provide access to db to extend the platform. However their pricing is not indie friendly and thats why i had to choose another provider, i hope we can see improved indie plans after unity acquisition.

Never heard of them before, and they look interesting, but compared to what we use now, their pricing isn’t very competitive. Will keep it on the radar and see how things change in the future for them.

Oh finally (as most have mentioned below) ;D Chilli are some awesome devs. This looks promising without the need to rebuild the wheel after the UNET massacre.

Finally! Been wanting some backend stuff by unity themselves for a while now and this is great news! Will truly be beneficial to indies!

We have been working with CC for quite awhile now and am part of their realtime Beta. This is good news and we are looking forward to seeing how it shakes out.

Whoa, ChilliConnect sounds really cool! Of course I had no idea it existed before now… But still, cool! Anyway, what kind of in-UnityEngine support for these features are we going to have? Is all of this stuff just back-end and I’ missed the point of the article?

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