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This week, save 50% on 400 of this year’s most popular assets to take your Unity project to the next level.

Looking to build wild landscapes from scratch? Want to create cinema-quality lighting effects? Need an Editor extension to save time on coding? This week, we’re offering big discounts throughout the Unity Asset Store on proven solutions that will help you get your project to the finish line faster.


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Key details:

  • 50% off over 400 of our most popular assets
  • Savings available now through midnight December 1 PST (GMT -8)
  • Daily Mega Deal: Save 70% off high-value assets, one each day for only 24 hours


Daily Mega Deals – 70% off

Every day during the Black Friday sale, from midnight to midnight, we’ll feature one high-value premium asset at 70% off – but only for 24 hours. Save up to $349 with these limited-time discounts.

November 25: Poly Art Forest Set – Save $100

November 26: Ultimate FPS Weapons Pack – Save $209

November 27: Urban Traffic System 2018.2 – Save $349

November 28: Puzzle Match Kit – Save $140

November 29: Desktop Trees Package (v7) – Save $111

November 30: World Maps Pro Bundle 2 – Save $104

December 1: HEROIC FANTASY CREATURES FULL PACK Volume 2 – Save $245

50% off our most popular assets

For the first time ever, we’re putting 400 of the last few months’ most in-demand assets on sale. These battle-tested pro-quality assets with great support will save you time while making your game stand out.


This powerful visual scripting tool has been a top-selling asset for almost as long as the Asset Store has been around, and with good reason. From start-up solo devs to AAA studios, Playmaker helps all kinds of developers create their projects more quickly. Playmaker powers some of the biggest games out there, including Hearthstone and Hollow Knight.

Playmaker is great for new Unity users, but it also powers AAA games by pros.


Amplify Shader Editor
A robust node-based tool that helps you create a shader that’s perfect for your project, even if you can’t (or don’t want to) write shader code. Drag-and-drop nodes, a huge active user community, and great documentation make the Amplify Shader Editor an easy win.


Aura 2 – Volumetric Lighting & Fog
New in 2019, Aura 2 brings the WOW factor to your project. Aura 2 is a state-of-the-art volumetric lighting and fog solution that harnesses rendering techniques used in AAA projects and big-budget animated films. Words alone can’t do it justice – check out this video highlighting some of the games using Aura 2.


Synty Studios
Synty Studios crafts complete world-building toolkits with lightweight stylized art models. For the Black Friday 2019 sale, some of their most popular asset packs are deeply discounted, including POLYGON – Nature Pack and POLYGON – Sci-Fi Space Pack.

If you’re making an RPG, packs from Synty Studios are perfect for prototyping and shipping your title. Check out POLYGON – Dungeons Pack and the new POLYGON – Modular Fantasy Hero Characters.


Assets for building realistic worlds

When it comes to projects with a real-world vibe, the Asset Store has your back. To prove it, we’ve put some of the most highly prized scenery assets on sale. Grab a few and get ready to make outdoor landscapes so realistic you’ll want to visit them.


Weather Maker – Weather System, Sky, Water, Volumetric Clouds and Light
Quickly add volumetric clouds and a full-featured weather system to your project, complete with sound. It’s the kind of thing that instantly elevates your prototype and impresses the heck out of anyone who sees it.


Forest Environment – Dynamic Nature
Go deep into the great outdoors with the new Forest Environment pack from NatureManufacture. This complete solution includes trees, grasses, plants, ground textures – just about anything you’d find lying around in the woods, plus shaders to bring it to life. Released this summer, this massive AAA-quality scanned asset pack has already become the secret sauce in standout games.


Vegetation Studio Pro
This one’s a twofer – grab Vegetation Studio Pro during our Black Friday sale and you’ll save big bucks on the tool, then save countless hours of work. The vegetation placement and rendering system spawns on terrain based on a flexible set of rules, controlled by both texture and polygon masks. Are you impressed yet? For new users, it might sound a little daunting, but the active Vegetation Studio community and the tool’s well-written documentation will get you pro-level in no time.

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midnight as in 12am on Dec 1st ? or 11:59:59 pm on Dec 1st ? AKA is the sale still on through December 1st ?
Honestly, how did this get past Web Editor(supervisor) ? Never use midnight because it means the day before to half of the world and the day after to the other half.

Seems like many creators in the sale have raised their regular price to create fake sale prices. For example anticheat toolkit was $24 a few months ago and now displays its regular price as $50 with a sale of 50% down to $25. Not a deal at all.

Hey! I missed the Poly Art Forest Set because I was unable to purchase it yesterday since I had a power outage. Would it be possible for me to get a -70% discount coupon for it please? Thank you!

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