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GDC is always our favorite time of year at Unity. It’s a chance for us to connect with creators, customers, players, and partners from around the world. 

Unfortunately, this year, after much thought and deliberation, we have made the difficult decision to pull out of GDC 2020. While we did not make this decision lightly, the current conditions with COVID-19 (also known as Novel Coronavirus) present too much risk. We take our employees’ wellbeing very seriously. We do not want any Unity employee, partner, community member or developer to compromise their health and safety unnecessarily.

We’re advising all employees to refrain from traveling to GDC. We will no longer have a physical presence with a booth, but will instead showcase the great GDC content we’ve been working towards online. Expect more details in the coming weeks.  

The Game Developers Conference has always done a fantastic job in uniting the games industry. We look forward to showing our support at next year’s event. 

24 replies on “An update on our GDC 2020 plans”

I wanna contact the guy called ZombieGorilla because he banned my account for no reason.i’m tryna unban it, so if someone can help me, i really appreciate it.

You should give those paid assets for free because some people don’t even have money to buy them.covid 19 wasted our money and still fu**in with the world.

Unfortunately, the Indies Lounge will also be cancelled at this time. We are currently trying to update our content to reflect that, thanks!

I just heard of 2 cases in my country this morning. Very sad and frightening.

However, I hope to see just a summary of the content in a Youtube video or even a basic written summary.

Totally understandable, one thing I will miss is the roundtables, any chance of those going digital somehow?

Totally understandable. And it would be an exciting moment to have those sessions live on youtube. For everyone :-)

The health of your employes is important but not the health of your users?, free users (almost) need pay to get de dark UI editor theme and not suffer eyestrain.

Wow – This comment’s inappropriateness is an order of magnitude greater than I’ve ever seen on a Unity blog post. Well done.

Man.. that’s a bit sick comment given the context and looks like you might need help for more than just your eyestrain.

No he is right.
You can’t argue to take care of your employees health while in parallel purposely choose to let access to a health related feature only for user who pay…

It has been ask for years and I bet the difference between dark and light theme is just some boolean value in some class.

Kinda hypocritical.

Smart decision. A giant open conference with people from all over the world like these are just asking for infection rates to increase.

Also, nice to see you posting once in a while John, would be great to see you get more active in the forums a bit, it was nice having people from top management interact with us (other than joachim who is always active). That sort of communication went a long way!

That said I totally get that you are running a company and probably too busy to check in on the forums :)

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