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In our Unite Now blog post a few weeks ago, we announced that Unity would not be hosting a physical event this year. Instead, Unite 2020 will be completely digital. Since that post, we’ve received a lot of questions, so we wanted to take a moment to bring everyone up to speed on the details we know today. 

Unite 2020 will be a digital-only event (in late September/early October). 

We are working through various creative solutions to deliver the content our Unity community loves, like speaker sessions and hands-on learning. We’ll also maintain some of the key ingredients of in-person Unite events, including our Expert Bar, “meet the devs,” and networking, and new experiences will be added. In true Unity fashion, we will collaborate with our partners and the community to help deliver this content. 

Unity will sponsor non-Unity events, but will not physically participate in any of them for the remainder of the year

Unity will still sponsor industry events in 2020 and support sponsorships with digital content and experiences, including our Unite Now platform.

We will consider executing in-person Unity events when these are deemed safe and appropriate

This includes things like Developer Days, sales hospitality meetings, VIP dinners, and thought-leadership events. We will continue to add smaller virtual events to meet these needs until we get back to our normal state of event programming. 

We know there is no perfect replacement for in-person meetings, events or experiences. We believe that by focusing on digital direct channels and engagement, we’ll be able to continue supporting communities and building rapport with industry events and organizations, our customers, and the community. 

Check back often for updates. We look forward to staying connected with all of you. 


11 replies on “Unity 2020 events update”

Crazy that there will be no physical presence for the entire year.

Honestly, I think this could be a good change. So many of these events are planned as ‘physical first’ events, when it makes more sense to plan them digital first, to reach the largest audience and oftentimes the audience that needs it most. And now they will be, hopefully this trend will continue when physical events start back up.

Would be nice to have a few small episodes before September, which seems so far away. Like maybe an hour episode a month. But you guys are busy, I’m sure, so best of luck!

Stay safe Unity team!

Mitchell, what you have said goes against the recommendation of what amounts to a near consensus of medical experts. Aside from the fact that the current pandemic doesn’t just affect the elderly, many carriers are asymptomatic, while others don’t tend to show symptoms for up to two weeks. It’s not just about “serious health conditions,” but stopping the spread of a highly contagious virus.

You guys are from Denmark, just look at the data from Sweden – unless you are in a nursing home there is negligible risk from this virus. You should just continue these events as normal and suggest that anyone with a serious health condition not attend.

Hey there Mitchell! We are a global team, spanning over 30 locations around the world. We want to take the best precautions to protect the well-being of our employees– as well as our users! Our plans take into consideration the suggestions of our local government and is subject to change accordingly.

I think thats a really irresponsible way to look at this. Its about not spreading it further. A big event like these would be be a major potential spreading site and its very responsible of unity to make the decisions they have since covid happened. People are dying, its not a matter to be taken lightly. You can be reinfected meaning it could rise in areas you are talking about, and if you look at the latest news and figures it IS rising there. Stay safe.

I want to watch everything from you. I don’t even know if I’m already registered here.

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