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Unity is committed to helping all industries embrace the power of real-time 3D technology. To advance that mission, Unity has acquired Finger Food Advanced Technology Group, a professional services organization specializing in building industry-first solutions for global companies.

Over the last two years, we’ve made meaningful traction building on our foundation in gaming and extending our leading real-time 3D platform into industries such as media and entertainment; automotive, transportation, manufacturing; and architecture, engineering, and construction. Across all industries, businesses are realizing the significant impact and unique value of real-time 3D technologies to transform their workflows and create new consumer experiences. That’s where Finger Food comes in. 

Enabling real-time 3D technology at a new scale

Finger Food provides tailored solutions to some of the world’s leading companies, including Lowe’s, Enbridge, and Softbank Robotics, to solve complex business problems using today’s most advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, and robotics. 

Check out more of their work here: 


The organization will provide Unity’s enterprise customers with design, development, and deployment services such as interactive digital twins of real-world assets like manufactured products and buildings. Together Unity and Finger Food will translate shared tooling and services programs into repeatable solutions to make it a lot easier for companies across any industry to adopt real-time 3D without needing to ramp up internal expertise, retraining, or upending established processes.

Enabling real-time 3D technology is at the heart of what Unity and Finger Food do for their customers. We’re excited to welcome all 200+ members of the Finger Food team to join Unity and can’t wait to provide the solutions and services all businesses need to get their real-time 3D vision off the ground.

Today, industry leaders like BMW, Daimler, Lockheed Martin, ABB, Mortenson, and Skanska use Unity’s real-time 3D technology to increase productivity, drive deeper collaboration, and speed up time-to-market. The acquisition cements our commitment to creating and deploying scalable real-time 3D services and solutions to all industries.

The addition of Finger Food will accelerate Unity’s growth into industries that are eager to take advantage of real-time 3D technologies but lack the internal infrastructure or technical expertise to get started. Finger Food will join Unity Industrial, the division that ensures the development and deployment of scalable real-time 3D solutions and services to any industry or enterprise. 

Go to to find out more. If you’re interested in engaging with Finger Food, please get in touch with your Unity account manager.



23 replies on “Finger Food Advanced Technology Group joins Unity”

I find it more than a little surprising that the perception among some of the commentators is that games and B2B are mutually exclusive, when they patently are not. If an acquisition provides resilience and extensibility to core competencies, then, subject to purchase conditions, it can only be a good thing. The idea that Unity should have gone out and bought a games studio is myopic because any such purchase would have put it in direct competition with its customers – you. Buying a company such as Finger Food increases capabilities and unlocks revenue streams without setting up those potential conflicts, and demonstrates a refreshing degree of maturity and realism on behalf of Unity. If you have any doubts about this – go and take a look at Unreal and the huge amount of effort they’re putting into arch-viz and automotive. The world is changing – that much is certain – and now real-time is set to take centre stage in so many different walks of life. Unity clearly understands that, and also understands that in the near future – if not in fact already – real-time will be an absolute arms-race. This acquisition is clearly part of a multi-threaded strategy to protect against that and extend capabilities – and that can only be a good thing for all Unity devs.

Congratulations Unity!! Finger Food is an amazing company, as to some of the game coders here (I love Unity and I am building cool stuff with it) I believe that your amazing skills just got a huge increase in demand.

A lot of game developers seem very unhappy about this. But I am sure everyone will benefit from this capability. Unity has been pushing hard for using game engine tech for things other than games which is what will fuel AR/VR in the future. If you’re a game developer this should make you extremely excited. This means your skills will be of extreme importance to all types of companies in the future. The demand for your skills is about to explode exponentially!

Also, this gives Unity more financial muscle to keep imroving the core engine. Which in turn makes sure that the engine will be there in many years to come so your aquired skills will be still relevant throughout your career.

I could not agree more with this. It only increases the demand for these skills and truly drives these new technologies forward! I am very excited about the future of real time 3D.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is how your monthly license is spend in ridiculous new acquisitions that doesn’t benefits us at all…
@Unity, just sell yourself to Microsoft or Autodesk already so we can all move on to Unreal or Unigine…

People not understanding this acquisition and wondering why not another games company: Enterprise is also a massive sector for AR/VR/MR/VX, you just have to look at the attached video to see the sorts of clients throwing money at this. The tech has a big future and so does Unity in it. Any tech propelled by this sector and the massive amount of revenue from it also bleeds into the engine and back to games.

This acquisition is worrying because Unity takes a direction towards enterprise that is not going to bode well. I would not comment if an entire section with a massive bold text headline about this acquisition being a “turning point for Unity” had not been removed! It was there and now it vanished.
Which proves that the move is deliberate and welcome within the organization and that Unity wants to deceive its core audience and user base.
With such move and wide acceptance, it makes sense why increasingly people with no game development background are hired for key roles. This is a truly bizarre strategy that only someone who drove EA to the ground could lead you to.

Who drives your acquisitions? Fire them! If you cannot, then re-assign them where they can do less damage.
There is NO learning benefit and technological improvement from Enterprise applications. Their pipelines are outdated. their practices too, and their requirements far away from quality, performance, and innovation.
I urge you to stop these pointless, and really bad acquisitions of late, they are terrible and sad at the same time, and focus on getting your act together, making great game technology, this is what leads the sector forward, not enterprise junk tech.
If you want someone to push your teams and help you break ground, you should acquire a successful, high end VIDEO GAME studio. That is how your performance and quality would improve, and your workflow and pipeline improvement strategy would start being more purposeful, cohesive, and finally making sense.

You have to accept that the world is changing. Today game engines are not more only for developing games. In the future there is much more money to earn in areas like architecture, visualization, simulation and AI. Unreal Engines goes also this way. As long as Unity does not forget gamers this development could have a huge benefit for all users.

Tulius, I am not sure you understood what I am saying.
Furthermore, I am not sure you understand what made this “world” change necessary, and possible.

The world changed for AEC and Enterprise in general, *because* of the way games pushed technology. And it is Only and Always Media & Enetrtainment that push Graphics and Animation technologies.

So it is not me not accepting the world is changing, but someone in Unity not understanding who the enabler of change really is.

Having some consultants from the Enterprise world is a good thing.
It is good to hear these important users out.

Having an enterprise and marketing team guide your next steps, when they are in fact the last wheel of the tech train, often using the most absurd, unorganized and ridiculous workflows and pipelines, is misplaced faith to say the least.

I agree. Unity Technologies should really be more like Epic Games! If you don’t develop great games yourself you’ll never be a great engine developer! That’s the reason why Unity has these awful Asset Store Ads everywhere these days! The Asset Store seems to be the ultimate excuse.. and a really nice cash cow as well.

you clearly have a stick in your ass and have shown by your messages here you know nothing and Im wondering who pissed in your cornflakes?

All people who commented do more than extend personal attacks.
Be more like other people. Make your comment useful and relevant.

Proving, once again, that any word salad’s density is inversely proportional to the impressiveness and self explanatory benefits of a technology.

Congratulations Ryan and team at Finger Food, this is an amazing partnership that will serve Unity’s enterprise clients well.

Sigh.. another random acquisition that has nothing to do with the core tech. Aren’t you so desperate for IPO? If you want my opinion, acquiring an AAA game studio will help. You will desperately need it for self-verifications and it will eventually increase the value.

Instead of owning one, we are working with many great game companies on our game tech (like DOTS). We’re excited to share more about that in the future.

Unity’s mission also extends beyond gaming. The purpose of this acquisition is to accelerate the adoption of real-time 3d in those industries outside of gaming, such as AEC and automotive.

We understand your management and communication team suggest sticking with that excuse, but it really isn’t that great.

You just acquired a small team that does low quality and low complexity work, often focused on marketing goals, to help you improve your technology how do you think this is going to work?

It is like you are hiring an art director who can barely draw, to push your art team towards excellence. This is going to be disastrous.

I agree. Their first priority should be purchasing an AAA studio and making a popular game (like Epic did with Fortnite – albeit by copying PUBG) that can bring in money, improve the core engine AND make the engine more popular by displaying what it can do

Buying a AAA studio and actually making games will allow them to make a better development experience for game developers and also speed up their core feature releases (which are currently fairly slow and buggy IMHO)

Spending money on acquiring companies for Enterprise isn’t a bad thing and I agree it has financial benefits but it shouldn’t be their first priority until their core engine is at a certain stage

So is this another Unity acquisition where it’s gonna cost an undisclosed amount of money to even touch this stuff like the art tools you acquired earlier?

Honestly, this reeks of 4.x and earlier, where there was a massive swath of Unity features behind a pretty insurmountable paywall for a lot of developers, only worse because there’s no way of knowing how much access costs. We all know how those systems shake out. If you have to ask the price, it’s probably too much unless you’re pulling in major income from the engine.

Kind of bad news for all game developers, we wish you’d buy any gaming studio instead to evaluate the process of making them and see how usable new features like DOTS are.

You know, just like unreal does for 22 years…

They believe is too risky to invest in game studios…. Oh well then, perhaps we should not invest in gaming either?
In my book Unity is doing bad because It had become really huge and requires large amount of money to keep up.

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