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With the rapidly changing economic landscape, there is an unprecedented need for people to develop in-demand skills. That’s why, starting today, Unity Learn Premium will be available to everyone at no cost.

On March 19, we opened up Unity Learn Premium to the community, offering three months of complimentary access to this comprehensive source of real-time 3D learning content and live access to Unity experts. We could not have anticipated the economy and job market we find ourselves in today. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to millions of jobs lost globally, and with figures like these, we know that this has impacted the livelihood of many people in our diverse community. The need to gain new skills quickly is more important than ever for those looking for new opportunities. 

The response from the community has been overwhelming. Over 320,000 people have benefited from Learn Premium since we offered complimentary access. Clearly, Learn Premium is an important resource for our community, and we want to continue playing our part: today, we are announcing that Learn Premium will be accessible to everyone moving forward. By providing easy access to all of our real-time 3D online learning resources, we hope to bring you one step closer to reaching your goals.

Learning content to build in-demand skills

According to’s “State of Software Engineering” report, demand for AR and VR talent grew by 1,400% over the last year, while demand for gaming and machine learning engineers grew by 146% and 89%, respectively. Unity is an important and growing component of each of these roles, and mastering Unity skills is key for both keeping pace with and staying ahead of the job market curve.    

To get you started, we’ve highlighted some of the most useful Learn Premium content for job seekers and lifelong learners to develop these in-demand AR, VR, and AI skills. More than 350 hours of Learn Premium content are available on the Unity Learn platform, and our library will continue to grow as we add exciting new content and update our tutorials to 2019 LTS and beyond.     

Artificial Intelligence for Beginners: Learn the most popular AI techniques used for creating believable game characters. The course features hands-on workshops designed to teach you about the fundamental AI techniques used in today’s games. By the end, you’ll have a good understanding of how AI works, how it’s used in games, and how you can use it in your own projects to take your game environments to the next level.

ML-Agents: Hummingbirds: We’ve partnered with Immersive Limit to create ML-Agents: Hummingbirds, an intermediate-level course that teaches you how to implement ML-Agents Release 1 through exercises, code walkthroughs, and helpful discussions. Learn how to train neural networks to perform a challenging task —  getting hummingbirds with six degrees of freedom and complicated flight paths to their flowers. By the end of this course, you’ll have a good understanding of how you can harness the power of ML-Agents Release 1 to create intelligent agents and integrate them into your own Unity games and simulation projects.

AR/VR courses: To help you get started with the technology to create augmented reality and virtual reality experiences, we’ve compiled this list of our top AR and VR learning content that will teach you everything from AR/VR basics to how to create marketing apps and construction site tours with Unity.


Unity C# Survival Guide: This comprehensive guide to Unity C# can teach you how to code or strengthen the foundation you already have. If you are new to Unity C#, start at the beginning and proceed sequentially to get the best understanding of this object-oriented programming language. If you’re an experienced developer, you can skip ahead to the section that you’re most interested in mastering.

High Fidelity Game Visuals: Learn how to create AAA visuals with this intermediate-level course, where you’ll dive into the roles of character artist, environment artist, and lighting artist and learn the approach taken by each artist to deliver high-fidelity game visuals. You’ll then apply your learnings through creative challenges in a streamlined Unity Project. 

We’re excited to continue offering you access to all of this high-quality learning content and hope it helps you work toward your goals. Thank you for learning with us.

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I am very happy and proud of the articles posted by this website because they provide very useful information

Awesome news! There has been a shortage of tutorials for Unity on learning platforms, and this will def make the learning curve speed up. Thanks a lot!

This is great, however i have a question, some months ago i purchased a unity humble bundle which contained 1 year of unity learn premium that i havent redeemed yet because i didnt have time to fully dedicate myself to it and didnt want it to go to waste, and the thing is it expires in september, how does that work now if i redeem it, since now its free?
If anyone has some insight on this please feel free to reply


Same here, bought it from the humble bundle and was waiting for free time to start the subscription. I too would like to know what will happen when I’ll enter the code ?

I tried over and over to sign up for this unlimited version, but I am apparently in an error loop. Please fix this.

Thank you so much! I am poor, but I try to teach my children in programming! We are very happy that premium content will remain free! We need a lot of more time because we speak only very little bit english. Google-Translate is our best friend :-)

This is great to see.

Is there anywhere we can go to request or recommend courses?

I would like to see courses added on things like unit testing in Unity.

This is wonderful. I’m spending a lot of time on Unity Learn since the quarantine.
I take advantage in case someone from Unity is reading this :
The Artificial Intelligence for beginners course, you’re talking about is really excellent but I’m having a problem because of a resource file missing here (there’s a file but it’s not the right one) :
Can anyone fix it ?
Thanks again for the opening of Unity Learn for everyone.

I have spent the entire quarantine studying and now I know I have more time to continue educating myself and continue using unity as the main tool .. also the courses have been great and the code live event has been phenomenal … thank you very much unity for helping us improve day by day .. I am sure that this effort will be reciprocated greetings.

Thank you Unity, many other companies could learn a lot from you. In the long run this will be a far more profitable decision.

Awesome! 👍

I think it’s awesome that it’s free permanently. But, as a reality check, this was always free.

It was only when Unity briefly turned it into ‘Premium Learning’ and then immediately gave everyone free access because of the quarantine. And then made that free access permanent. So, it’s still a gift, but you never really charged for it to begin with, so a bit of creative marketing mixed in.

I don’t think that’s accurate. Unity started their Learn Premium service a year ago around June 27, 2019. So, it was around for a bit before they made it free because of the coronavirus.

This is accurate. It used to be a nice catalogued section of their site. They packaged it as a Web 2.0 giant icon for sale service with less functionality and harder to find tutorials and tried charging their users for it. That service was in place LONG before 2019, they just monetized it at that point.

“Around June 27, 2019″… that’s a pretty specific date. What would you have to write to get rid of the ‘around’… June 27, 2019 at 12:32pm PDT?

Very nice but why require account login when the content is free? Just let people access it immediately with the voluntary option to login for progress tracking.

jejeje… “on demand skills”? (or “help! stay with unity and ignore the new powerful unreal 5”?) Interesting.

Thanks Unity, this is amazing.
No matter how you try to help the community, there are SOME still whining about things, so I hope you don’t pay much attention to the toxic comments and keep up the good work.

This is great news to those that didn’t already have it. I just hope Unity can publish a complete series on Shader Graph that properly explains nodes/assets/concepts for complete shader beginners. What’s there currently is more geared towards “steps to follow to get this particular effect” rather than “these are the concepts and what the nodes do”.

Already a student plan holder, having a licence to unity Pro . But now I guess that doesn’t matter anymore. I appreciate the decision of making it free completely.

Already a student plan holder, having a licence to unity Pro . But now I guess that doesn’t matter anymore. I appreciate the decision of making it free completely, but wasn’t it supposed to be like that anyway.

Am I the only one that remembers this was entirely free to begin with? It wasn’t until you added the unmanagable Web 2.0 interface with giant icons and reduced search and categorization that you decided to start charging people for the tutorial service. Since then, it has been all but abandoned by the community. Acting like this is an act of charity now is far from the truth of the situation. You are a greedy company and you should have kept the learning of individuals using your products free from the very beginning. Just as you should stop buying third-party studios in cities, and undermining them, while charging them licensing fees. Sort your plans out and think things through for your users instead of just trying to be so greedy all the time.

Ao true Lloyd. Not to mention outdated and not working tutorials (Tutorials of assets that are not in store for years anymore) Oculus tutorial was broken from one week after release etc.
of wish i gave examples of in my comments about other blogs in the past. Wish never got posted. So surprised to see your comments are approved.

Phenomenal decision, education should be more affordable for everyone. A rising tide raises all boats.

Thankyou so much! I have benefited so much from Unity Learn! I’m so glad that it is still an open platform! Looking forward to learn more!!

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