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New partnerships with Pledge 1% and Rare Beauty deepen Unity’s commitment to social responsibility

, October 22, 2020

Learn more about Unity Social Impact partners shaping two major initiatives celebrated at the Unity for Humanity Summit.

We’re thrilled to be joining forces in our shared commitment to social responsibility. You may already have heard about Unity’s exciting news at the opening of the Unity for Humanity Summit yesterday, and we hope you tune in for Day 2. 

Unity announced its first major initiatives since launching the Unity Charitable Fund, partnerships with Pledge 1% – the global movement empowering companies to donate 1% of product, profit, equity, and/or employee time to improve their local communities – and Rare Beauty, the cosmetics company founded by Selena Gomez aimed at reducing the stigma associated with mental health, addressing the epidemic of chronic loneliness, and helping to give people access to the resources they need to support their mental health. We have all joined forces to share this blog post about what we’re working on.  

Pledge 1% is a global movement that inspires, educates, and empowers every entrepreneur, company, and employee to be a force for good. More than 10,000 members in 100 countries have used Pledge 1%’s flexible framework to launch and scale their impact programs and donate 1% of either product, profit, staff time, and/or equity to a charity of their choice. In particular, Pledge 1% is helping many companies on the path to IPO pledge equity.

Rare Beauty is a mission-driven cosmetics company, founded by Selena Gomez with the goal of changing the unrealistic standards of beauty, specifically using makeup to shape positive conversations around beauty, self-acceptance, and mental health. 

We all share a vision that it is our collective responsibility to give back. 

Unity has partnered with Pledge 1% to join the thousands of companies from around the world who have committed to donate a portion of products, employee time, and/or equity to community causes. 

Rare Beauty and Unity are partnering to empower entrepreneurs and creators to improve mental health for underserved communities, a mission both organizations share. As part of the partnership, Unity and Rare Beauty are launching a separate Unity for Humanity submission category focused solely on projects that encompass themes of mental health. Unity is donating $50,000, which will go directly to the winning creators. The call for submissions in this category will open on November 16, 2020. Unity is separately donating an additional $50,000, which will go towards the Rare Beauty’s Rare Impact Fund, aimed at addressing the gaps in mental health services, with a focus on underserved communities. 

To learn more about Unity’s commitment to fostering social impact and change, please visit

To learn more about Pledge 1%, please visit or download the new CEO Equity Playbook today.  

To learn more about Rare Beauty and the Rare Impact Fund, please visit Rare Beauty.

10 replies on “New partnerships with Pledge 1% and Rare Beauty deepen Unity’s commitment to social responsibility”

speaking of social responsibility (you know like making engines, not PR):

will DOTS come out this century?!

Hi. Please stop virtue-signalling and wasting resources on “social responsibility”. The only responsibility you have is towards your users. Please fire your social-justice-warrior department and hire good programmers. Thanks

Unity for Humanity Summit is such a waste of money and time. The equity and diversity team must be bored. Fire all the employees involved with this and hire engineers in their places. Stop wasting shareholder money on shit like this, your shareholders and makers do not care about how socially responsible you pretend to be. We know Unity fires employees without cause with disabilities, so you have no moral right to pretend to be socially conscious. Get woke, go broke.

Iduno… Just make a really good game engine… I feel like the blog is like 5% actual useful information for making games and interactive stuff.

A cosmetics company that hides imperfections is going to help stop unrealistic standards of beauty? curious…….

Yeah maybe focus on being a great company in relation to its product and its users and less on being a ‘cool modern company’ in a way that just rings vain and hollow.

When did the pursuit of good stock valuation branch off in goals from making great products with value? Bah.

Unity has been going downhill in priorities for a few years now and its a bummer and if they dont course correct itll be their death long-term. In my view… But presumably most people in the power positions dont care about the long term.

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