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The Chinese Room goes behind the scenes of their exceptional game and gives a hint of what the future may hold for Ivan Ivanovich. 

In the final Creator Spotlight for this season, The Chinese Room takes us on an exciting expedition into the development of their hit Little Orpheus, which IGN called “one of the best things to come out of the Apple Arcade so far.” In this technicolour, side-scrolling mobile game, players join not-quite-Hero of the Soviet Union Ivan Ivanovich on an impossible voyage to the center of the earth as he explores lost civilizations, undersea kingdoms, and prehistoric jungles – while saving the world in the process.  


As part of this Creator Spotlight, we’re thrilled to dig into the development journey behind the fantastic tale of Little Orpheus and what’s coming next for this award-winning studio. Davai! 


Behind the Game: Little Orpheus

Join host Mike Geig as he talks with the award-winning team that created Little Orpheus. They dig into the challenges of developing a title for mobile for the first time, making a game at the same time as building up a new team, and what’s coming next for Ivan Ivanovich. 


Tech Talk: Developing for Apple Arcade

In this deep dive into their development process, The Chinese Room’s lead programmer Louis De Wet shares lessons learned developing their first Apple Arcade title. He details various aspects of development, including technical decisions and optimization, as well as how the studio empowered their artists and designers and gave them (almost) free reign while keeping their workload manageable. 


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Oh my, I really loved Dear Esther and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. Jessica Curry did a wonderful job on these soundtracks, and the stories are the most touching ones I’ve ever exprienced in video games. I believe they’ve been a success in these new ways of experiencing video games.

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