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We’ve got an amazing Mega Bundle to start your year. 

After everything that’s happened in the last 12 months, one New Year party just didn’t feel like enough. So we’re celebrating Lunar New Year with all of our users by offering an awesome Mega Bundle sale to help everyone get started on that next project. Save up to 96% off on a curated collection of 20 assets, including time-saving tools, world-building systems, GUIs, shaders, and more in our Tier 3 Mega Bundle. Get over $800 worth of assets to build up your library for only $29.99 or less.

Offer valid for a limited time only and expires on February 26, 2021 at 23:59:59 pm PT. Taxes and service charges are not included in price. No substitutions or rainchecks. Offer not valid for prior purchases. Other restrictions may apply.

Tier 1: Get started for $9.99

Our first group of assets includes three great additions to your library. PBR Material Bundle Volume 1 contains over 400 PBR materials, perfect for customizing your projects with high-quality detail. We’ve also included Loading Screen, an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop solution for creating loading screens for your project.



Add modding support to your project with the Roslyn C# – Runtime Compiler, which enables runtime loading of assemblies and C# scripts using the Roslyn compiler.


Tier 2: Get even more for just $19.99

Get all of the assets above, plus we’re adding six more must-have packages, including the mammoth POLYGON – Knights Pack collection of medieval-themed low-poly art assets from Synty Studios. We’re also throwing in the Top Down – Fantasy Forest and Japanese Alley art asset packs so you can explore different styles and aesthetics in your projects.



This Mega Bundle also includes powerful art tools like Shader Weaver, a node-based shader tool that specializes in 2D, sprite, and UI creation, and Bio IK, a high-quality inverse kinematics solution that’s beloved by Asset Store users.


And in the spirit of spring cleaning, you’ll love how Asset Cleaner PRO helps you clean up your projects by removing unused files, and much, much more. This is something most of us badly need.


Tier 3: Get everything for only $29.99

For the giant Mega Bundle, you get everything from the two smaller tiers, plus another 11 high-value packages of get-stuff-done assets.


In the 3D art department, you’ll find Little Heroes Mega Pack, Low Poly Vegetation Pack, and Oak Forest Environment, plus  Polyverse Skies • Low poly skybox shaders and textures, which is the perfect tool for low-poly projects, to help you create skies that match the rest of your game.



UI Particle System adds 3D particles to UI objects, helping you to drastically improve the visual quality and overall player experience of your game. Cartoon FX Remaster is a recently updated version of one of the most popular packs on the Asset Store, designed to provide instant polish to any toon-based project.


If spending days or weeks designing UI isn’t your idea of a good time, you’ll be pleased to get your hands on GUI PRO Kit – Casual Game, a massive pack with over 2,700 PNG files to take some of the heavy lifting out of designing a good-looking UI.


Inject a bit of energy into your asset arsenal with Everyday Motion Pack –  maybe you don’t need a humanoid “Saying No” animation today, but when you do, you’ll be happy you have this, along with nearly 200 other common action animations. For 2D animation, Puppet2D simplifies the process. It’s an advanced 2D skeletal animation tool with professional features and solid publisher support.


We’ve also included Paint Craft, a drawing and coloring book engine. Why? Because it’s awesome, and when you want to add this kind of functionality to your project one day, we want you to come back and thank us. It also works on mobile devices.


Finally, for the brave adventurers looking to make an epic RPG, we have uRPG – Singleplayer RPG. Brought to you by the publisher of uMMORPG, this package includes the systems you’ll need to make your own RPG. Start off on level 50 and beat the boss faster.

You made it this far? That’s cool.

The Lunar New Year Mega Bundle is available now through February 26, 2021 at 23:59:59 pm PT. Check it out now!

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Not too sure about this one. Might be a decent addition to my asset library, but nothing I could directly use. Material library would be worth it on it’s own if they were substances, but sadly they’re PNG’s.

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