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Unity is expanding its presence in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry with the acquisition of VisualLive, enabling customers to achieve optimal efficiency and cost-savings.

Unity is used in AEC to transform every stage of the design, build, and operate lifecycle, from design to preconstruction to the jobsite. Solutions like Unity Reflect connect all project stakeholders, regardless of platform/device, model size, or geo-location to create real-time collaborative environments, which facilitates faster, more impactful decision-making. To further our strategic growth in the AEC industry, we’re excited to announce the acquisition of VisualLive, a technology company enabling the AEC industry to reduce costs and increase efficiency by visualizing and collaborating in augmented reality (AR).

Today, VisualLive works with leading companies from architecture to sustainable energy. By adding VisualLive to our AEC portfolio, we are increasing collaboration between the field and jobsite and changing how design review, construction planning, field inspections, and facilities management are done.

Bringing AR and real-time 3D to the jobsite

The current process of jobsite walkthroughs for construction and facilities management is fraught with human errors and the promise of reality capture, the process of replicating the physical world and putting it into virtual reality (VR), is time-consuming and expensive. 

VisualLive brings building information modeling (BIM) data into AR to overlay on a jobsite, preventing costly mistakes. Using VisualLive’s Autodesk Revit and Navisworks plugins or web uploader interface, users can push large BIM and computer-aided design (CAD) model files to AR in just one-click and view on mobile, tablet, or HoloLens headsets. 

“We’re incredibly proud of the rapid growth and market adoption of VisualLive products by the AEC industry since our founding in 2017,” said Saeed Eslami, CEO and Founder of VisualLive. “VisualLive has excelled in creating a software solution that works on multiple devices to enable field workers to overlay CAD/BIM models onto the jobsite in AR within a few minutes to review the design, validate against the existing conditions, verify install completion, create reports, and collaborate with the rest of the team in real-time. Together with Unity, we can expand the platform’s capabilities and scale globally.”

VisualLive applications are currently being used in all stages of the project lifecycle, such as design review, coordination, construction planning, fabrication quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC), install verification, field inspection, and facility management. 

Getting started

At the moment, all VisualLive customers will continue to get the same support from VisualLive that they have always had. VisualLive employees will join Unity from the company headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Want to try VisualLive? Go to to find out more and request a free trial.


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Ohh i see the Unity new directions and moving away fronm its roots, so no chance they improve navigation based on navmesh at all.
Maybe its time to switch to Unreal which is always focused strictly on gaming and not try to wear many hats like Unity.
Pity, oh well time to abandon ship.

I read this article and immediately thought to myself, “how many comments before someone complains about an unrelated thing?”. Seems I didn’t have to scroll far.

Unity has long since moved into other industries, this isn’t something new. They advertise it loud and clear on their website:

These are all different teams, so saying that this is somehow neglecting your issue with navmesh navigation is beyond dramatic.

Yeah yeah different teams while so many blogs about those new solution while zero improvements to the Navmesh alone in years so where is that team??

How would this impact the ability for the navmesh guys to fix issues? As mentioned already they are literally seperate teams.

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